Locking Up the Library Ch. 02

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Sophia and I sat in a dark corner booth in one of the towns more discreet bars. We had walked straight here from the library, I was still tingling all over my body from the amazing experience between the bookshelves. I kept glancing over to her and noticed her grinning whenever she caught me looking.

We had been sitting for a while, drinking, chatting, getting the feel for each other. It was strange but pleasant feeling returning to planet Earth and talking to someone who a few minutes before had brought you to mind shattering orgasm in a public Library.

Sophia told me how she was planning on working at the library for a while until she had enough money saved to travel through Asia and I told her about my plans of hopefully acing my finals, getting my degree in Literature and not completely ballsing up my minor in History. Then we talked about the movies we liked, the celebs we absolutely couldn’t stand and the ones we liked a bit too much for our own good.

“Ellen Page, in a sauna with a strap on? Oh you perv!” Sophia laughed as I told her one of my fantasies. Her laugh was so refreshingly open, nothing fake about it or controlled, she just laughed, it was wonderful. “But yeah, I wouldn’t mind watching that.” There was that grin of hers again.

Our feet kept touching under the table and soon so did our hands. I kept looking at her, smiling, she was so gorgeous and sexy to look at and all the drinks and our topic of conversation were bursa escort getting me a bit worked up.

“Your turn Sophia, who’s your current celeb fantasy and what would you do to her?”

She leaned back on her seat and pondered the question for a moment before leaning forward again and whispering:

“Kristanna Loken, making out in a swimming pool and then fucking on a blanket under the stars.”

I leaned closer to her and whispered “Wow, that is really hot, just so you know Sophia, I’m picturing that right now and…” I couldn’t finish the sentence as our faces had gotten so close, our lips couldn’t help themselves but to touch. It was just a brief kiss, but it was enough. Sophia leaned back and said:

“Hey Rachel, how would you feel about going for a little walk with me?” She winked while licking her lips. I couldn’t help but bite my lip. We quickly paid our drinks and the barkeeper wished us a good night, I was pretty sure he knew what was going on. We waved and stepped out into the night air.

We took the long way back to the campus because I wanted to spend more time with her and because I knew the way led trough a little secluded forest. We walked, I blushed with joy as she took my hand and we kept walking a little further. We stopped as we came upon a little bench I remembered. I bit my lip and looked at her.

“Uh oh” she said, grinning again, “I think Rachel is up to something.”

“Maybe” I took a step towards bursa escort bayan her and kissed her. Sophia kissed me back, we were hungry for each other, but this time I wanted to be in charge. I pushed her down on the bench and straddled her, she placed her hands on the top of the bench and let me have my way with her. I kissed her hungrily again, sucked on her lower lip and pulled it back before moving in again, sliding my tongue between her lips. She was such a sexy kisser, my hand started to move over her breast, squeezing them through her blouse, playing with the remaining buttons. She moaned as lost patience and just ripped the blouse open, completely ruining it, but she didn’t care. I bent down to kiss her neck, I bit it and she loved that. Her hands immediately let go of the bench and dug themselves into my hair, pulling it before releasing it again so I could kiss her neck again, bite her ear and then move down to kiss the curve of her breasts.

My legs still capturing her so she couldn’t move, my body rubbing against her, feeling her desire. I couldn’t help but sliding my fingers between her lips, biting her ear and whisper: “Lick them!”

Her tongue worked wonders and I moaned, closing my eyes and just enjoying the sensation of her tongue swirling around my fingers. After a little while I told her to stop and I pulled my wet fingers out of her mouth and let them disappear down her skirt. She arched back as I touched her clit, she was wet and escort bursa ready for me, I loved how she felt under my fingertips and started to rub her clit in slow circles.

There was fire in her eyes, she loved every moment of it. I kissed her again and couldn’t help but to sink my teeth into her neck, biting her hard while starting to rub her faster. She moaned so loud, rational me would have been worried about getting caught, but worked up me was in the zone, I didn’t care about anything but sliding my fingers inside her and fucking this gorgeous woman.

Slowly I let my fingers move inside her and she screamed with lust. I put my other hand over her mouth, sliding two fingers inside her to keep her quiet. That only drove her wilder, she bit my fingers, god how I loved it.

Her hips were moving faster and faster, she was pressing her pelvis against my fingers, letting me slide deeper into her, fucking her, I bit her ear and moaned “I want to make you cum Sophia, cum for me.”

She groaned and I fucked her harder, deeper, wilder until I felt the shockwaves pass through her body and she moaned and arched her back and sank down on the bench, breathing heavily.

My fingers appeared from under her skirt and I licked them clean. “Mmmm you taste so good Sophia.”

She laughed, still exhausted. “Oh god, that was…, god, what a few drinks can bring out in a nice girl like you.” I kissed her grinning lips. “But my blouse is a complete mess, I think you have to bring me to your dorm so I can borrow a shirt from you.”

I took her hand and pulled her up. “No problem, I can’t wait to show you my dorm, I’m pretty sure we both could use a shower.

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