Madame Molly


Madame Molly ran a house with dolliesWho knew how to give men their jollies She was a beautiful and sexy broad She had the men and women awed When out she cameHer smile was an infectious flame Men from far and wide Wanted to bury their cocks inside Madame Molly could flirt, taunt and tease There was no other woman like her who knew how to please She stripped slowly, seductively Büyükesat Escort and with grace As men her body with their eyes would trace When all was off, only the pasties were leftShe’d let the men take them off with hands so deft Then Molly began undressing themRunning her hand up their limb By the time she reached Beşevler Escort the topTheir hard cock would make the button pop Unzipping their pants, their cocks sprang freeWhile Molly was busy on her knee Soft touches, and kisses From this expert misses The men would moan and buck Before they knew it, they’d Cebeci Escort yell “let’s fuck” Molly rode them, like a bucking BroncoAfter all she was the head Madame honcho Her tits would bounce As their cock she’d pounce The Madame knew how to ride Back and forth, up and down, with so much pride The faster she moved The more his thrusts improved Til she felt his cock twitch”Cum now my lover”, she said in her high pitch He’d lose control with a jerkThis lady made fucking seem like easy work Every night was magical and a treat All the men knew she was sweet under the sheet They kept the Madame busy and booked A sex goddess she was and good she looked So if you go to her little town Look her up, you’ll leave with a smile not a frown