Marriage Counseling – the Groom

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My wife is a licensed marriage and family therapist, Dr. Evelyn Thoroughgood. She is in her later forties, and she is a real looker. Evelyn is tall, but not much over medium height, in great shape, with a pixie-cut short blonde hair (sorry, it’s dyed), and very shapely legs.

I am in my early fifties, and I also work hard at keeping the ole bod in fit condition. A few years ago, I retired early and have been working with my wife in her therapy office.

Full disclosure – Evelyn and I have dabbled in the high-end swinger community, not in our city, but elsewhere. Mostly it was to satisfy me. Before we married, I had enjoyed arranging threesomes with married couples who wanted a “larger male” for the wife. I enjoyed doing this so much that Evelyn let me continue to make arrangements to fuck the daylights out of other men’s wives.

But back to our business.

In the course of her practice, my wife sees women and men for counseling on personal matters, and she also offers couples’ counseling both in long term marriages and in pre-marriage situations. This story is about one of her young pre-marital counseling clients.

Evelyn told me that she is often surprised by how little newly weds or pre-wed couples know about basics of living together, how to plan for living as a couple, and even about sex. That is, they know the basics, but they often lack important details about the opposite sex.

One night while I was laying pipe for my doctor wife, slowly pistoning in and out of Evelyn’s pussy, I asked, “What if a couple needed sex education lessons? We could pull out a chart, explain how things work, and then demonstrate how to please your mate.” Evelyn chuckled and sighed as my cock entered her slowly. I kept it up the talk, describing in detail what we might do as she lost control over and over.

Soon after, Dr. Evelyn told me that she had a young couple coming to see her that had been referred by a local minister. This was unusual because churches usually offer their own pre-marriage counselling. Evelyn had been in touch with the couple by email and phone, and she had looked them up on Facebook. From their photos, they were young, attractive, and, in the words of their minister, in need of basic and frank information.

Maddie and Gary came to see her for their initial visit, and indeed, my wife said they were cute and adorable and innocent. They had discussed the overall plan for counseling, and agreed to meet with her several more times, both together and individually.

Evelyn asked me if I would help counsel Gary since it might work better for a man to speak frankly with him. Then my wife winked and said, “I’ll be there for any assistance or demonstrations you may require, sir.” We talked about this all week, sharing ideas and getting me ready to do the counseling.

When Gary arrived for his one-on-one counseling with me, I greeted him in my white lab jacket. He called me “doctor,” and I did not correct him. I led him down the hall to the office, “Please step in,” I said.

Gary looked around at the comfy chairs, the desk, and a sofa. I sat behind the desk and motioned for Gary to relax in a chair. Our office suite includes another room that had been used by a medical doctor for exams, and also a bathroom.

“Well, Gary, how are you today?” I asked.

He smiled and nodded, “Fine.”

Gary was about six inches shorter than my six feet, and he was slender. He looked younger than his nineteen years. I took out a notepad and began asking questions about his past, his childhood, relation with his parents, and that sort of thing.

Then I asked, “What about sex? What about your sexual experience?”

Gary blinked, “What do you mean?”

“Well, are you experienced?” Then I continued, “I’m only asking so that we can help you as you enter into marriage with your lovely bride Maddie.”

He hesitated and then told me a long story about how he first learned about the birds and bees, when he first noticed that he could masturbate, his longings for girls – I think he was glad to have someone to talk with about all this. Obviously, he could not say these things to a minister. He spoke in veiled language that made me wonder if he had every had sex with a women.

I stopped him and asked, “Have you fucked a girl?”

Gary sat bolt upright, hesitated, then said, “Well, not really.”

“Okay then,” I said, “Then we’ll get you ready.”

I had the feeling that his admissions and our exchange were making him trust me. And that, of course, would be his undoing.

I reached to the bookshelf and took down an illustrated book about male and female sexual anatomy, opened it to an illustration of the female parts, and said, “Let’s go over this together. This is the vagina, also referred to as a pussy and Ankara escort lots of other names.”

Gary moved his chair forward and looked down at the illustration.

“You’ve seen women naked?” I asked.

Gary hesitated, then said, “Oh sure, as a kid playing doctor with the neighborhood girls, and I saw my mom naked now and then.”

“How curious were you? How did you feel seeing pussies?”

He bit his lip, “To tell you the truth, I love it. Even seeing my mom made me wonder how they could all look so different.”

“That’s very natural, Gary,” I assured him. “It’s true, there is a lot of variety in the appearance of pussies, just like there are very big differences in the sizes of male cocks.”

He was blushing as talked so frankly. I pointed to the drawing and said, “These are the labia.” I went on to identify other vital parts, then I asked Gary to point to them as I repeated the terms. We did this a few times, and I wondered how all this was affecting his pecker.

Then I said, “This is just a drawing, and there is a wide variety of how this looks on different women.” I laughed, and said, “Of course, you’ll just need to know how it looks on one lucky lady,” and he laughed with me.

“You have seen Maddie naked?” I asked.

Gary was trusting me now and willing to tell me anything, “Well, I know we’re not supposed to, but we have sort of played with each other.”

“Played?” I asked.

“Well, she’s seen my privates, and I’ve seen hers.”

“Did you touch each other?” I asked.

“Yes,” he answered.

“What did you do?”

“Gosh, we just felt around,” was all he could bring himself to say.

“Did you fuck her?” I wanted to know.

“Oh no, that’s only after marriage, isn’t it?”

I just smiled and thought to myself, “Should I go ahead with our plans to seduce and debauch this innocent couple?” “Hell yes!”

“Gary,” I said, “We think it will be valuable for you to have some real-life experience with this. And at that moment I called out loudly, “Dr. Thoroughgood, would you please come in.”

My wife entered the office, also wearing a white lab jacket over her blouse, with a skirt, and black heels down below.

“Gary, we want you to have the full benefit of our service. Please step into our exam room.” All three of us entered the exam room with its doctor’s examination table and two side chairs. Gary and I sat down.

“I’d like to ask my wife, I mean Dr. Thoroughgood, to let you identify these things we’ve been learning on her body.” I nodded to Evelyn, “Dear, if you don’t mind, would you come over here and remove your panties?”

She stood in front of our client and unhooked her skirt, letting it fall down to the floor, and I must she looked extra sexy in her business clothes, minus her skirt. Her white panties fit snugly, and her heels caused her back to arch just enough to push her pussy mound forward revealing a little crease at the center.

“Go ahead,” I instructed Gary, “You may pull her panties down so that you can identify what we’ve just discussed.

Gary looked nervous and uncertain as his shaking hand reached forward to a spot just below her navel. He used one finger to pull my wife’s panties downward, but he kept looking at me for approval. I nodded as the young groom stretched my wife’s panties downward. Her pubes came into view, very well trimmed, then Gary saw her slit, freshly waxed.

“That’s right,” I encouraged, “Now point to the pubic mound.” He did.

“Now, how about her vaginal lips?” He pointed.

“Take them all the way down so we can see the rest.” I told him.

In a moment, Gary had removed my wife’s panties to her ankles. Standing there in front of him, Evelyn’s pussy was on display. The little gap between her legs revealed the folds of labia that were now subject to Gary’s gaze.

All the time, we both pretended that this was all part of routine counseling and training for clients.

“Doctor,” I said to my wife, “please come over here and lie down.”

Evelyn laid back on the exam table, pussy-up, and I motioned for Gary to come over.

“Dr. Thoroughgood, would you please let your legs relax a bit?” I asked.

My wife let her legs separate slightly so that we could look down and see her on full display. I could practically feel Gary’s heart beating outside of his chest. He looked wild-eyed, and I reassured him, “This is part of routine counseling for newlyweds. Don’t be shy.?

I suspected that his cock was fully locked and loaded.

Gary and I stood across from each other, leaning slightly forward over the good doctor’s mid section. I parted my wife’s pussy lips with my fingers, “See how the lips fold and move?” I asked Gary. “There are two layers here and numerous wrinkles.”

Gary Ankara escort bayan leaned over further to get a better look. Had he ever seen a mature pussy up close? Had he ever seen one so well groomed?

“Dr. Thoroughgood, would you please allow us a bit more space?” I asked. She parted her legs, and I asked Gary to locate her clitoris.

“This may be the most important part,” I said. “Remember how to find it from the drawing?”

Gary just looked, but I said, “You can touch.”

He carefully let his index finger every so slightly touch my wife’s pussy and very gently glided through her juicy wetness until she jerked on the table. “That’s it!” I said.

I spread her lips wider to show him exactly where her clitoris was hiding. Then told him, “Okay, now that you can see it, touch it again,” He did, and Dr. Throroughgood flinched again.

“It’s like a little electric shock to her,” I explained. “Now try once more.”

Gary was getting the hang of it and flicked her clit upward then downward, each time causing her to respond.

“Gary, that is how you know you’ve found it, by the woman’s reaction. Some women cannot take it for long because of the intense feeling there, so be gentle.”

Gary nodded.

“You’ll be married soon and will be responsible for giving your wife pleasure. The next time you do this, it will be on Maddie. You’ll be finding her clitoris. It may not be exactly as easy to find as Dr. Thoroughgood’s. As you can see, hers was easy to find and it is easy to see.”

Gary was staring at my wife’s pussy.

“Let me show you the best way to handle clitoral stimulation. Watch.”

I moved to the foot of the exam table and secured a grip on each of my wife’s parted legs. Then I leaned over and let me tongue touch my wife’s pussy lips, dipping deeper as I moved up and down.

I pulled back for a moment to tell Gary, “This is the tenderest way to stimulate the clitoris. Now watch carefully as I touch her there.”

My gentle tongue licks continued, slowly approaching her button, circling around it. All the while Dr. Thoroughgood gripped the sides of the table and spread her legs wider. Gently, I toyed with her clit as Dr. Thoroughgood’s breath came faster.

I stood up and said to Gary, “Are you watching carefully?” Come around to the other side of the table so you can see better.” Then I continued with to tease my wife’s clit as the young man watched.

“This may be the best way to please your new wife,” I said, “Tell me her name again.”

“It’s Maddie,” he replied.

“Yes, Maddie,” I said, “If no one has ever done this to her, if Maddie has not had a tongue caress her pussy like this, then be careful. There is a possibility that she may become too aroused and scream.”

“Oh?” Gary replied.

“Yes, in fact it’s not uncommon for all women to become so aroused that they shout and scream when properly handled like this. And I’ll tell you a secret.”

Gary leaned in to listen.

“If you prepare Maddie well enough in this way, when you do fuck her she will have much more pleasure and satisfaction.”

He looked at me with interest, then he looked back at my wife lying in full professional attire, but with her pussy open for him to see.

“Just watch,” I said to him as I resumed pleasuring my wife. In moments she was raising her hips up, struggling a bit to keep my lips and tongue in contact with her at exactly the right spots. And then came the sighs, the breathing.

I stopped abruptly. “Now Gary, you can just bring Maddie to an orgasm in this way and let her release her feelings, or you can stop when she’s close to a climax and make her wait. That intensifies the outcome. Watch.”

Dr. Thoroughgood had relaxed and come down from her near-climax, but it only took a few moments to bring her back to the edge.

Again, I ceased. I looked at Gary and nodded. In ten seconds, I resumed until Evelyn started to shout, “Please, please!” I stopped, counted to ten, the blew only on her clitoris. Just my breath caused her to tremble. Of course, I knew that being watched by a stranger was having an effect, too.

We played out this little cat and mouse game several more times. Then I said, “Okay Gary, it would be mean to deny her a complete finish, so this time I will continue until she is satisfied.”

As Dr. Thoroughgood’s breath came more rapidly and her moans and near-scream became louder, I ceased licking for shorter and shorter intervals until finally I felt she had reached her summit. She was out of control as I administered the coup de grace final laps to her tender spots. I drew back as Gary and I watched her exhaust herself in pleasure.

We let her lie on the table to recover as I walked to the sink and washed her pussy juices off my Escort Ankara face and hands. As I tried them with a towel, I told Gary, “Now, this is just a routine lesson that we offer to clients when we feel that instruction is in order. I hope you understand it in that way.”

He nodded, but I was sure his cock was bursting and his sexual imagination was on fire. It was the perfect time to tell him, “Now, the last thing we need from you today is a sperm sample.”

As if all this hadn’t been enough of a surprise, he looked dazed and asked, “A sample?”

“Yes, part of the service is an analysis of your ability to have children in your marriage, and this is how we check you.”

I smiled, and continued, “In fact, if Dr. Thoroughgood doesn’t mind, you can take this sample cup and do it right here.” My wife nodded in agreement.

“So go ahead and remove your trousers.” Staring at my wife’s exposed and very aroused pussy, young Gary began to undress. I spoke, “If you need help with arousal, be my guest and take advantage of Dr. Thoroughgood’s compromised position.”

In other words, he could have fucked my wife if he wanted to. But our young client was too shy. He lowered his briefs to expose a very erect five-inch pencil dick. It was the standard issue model, and a bit skinny. It was the kind of dick that couldn’t hurt a fly. Had he inserted it into Dr. Thoroughgood, she wouldn’t have felt a thing.

I handed Gary a lubricant, but he didn’t need any. He was quite juicy from his own leaky cum.

“Gary, I hope you understand, but not only do we need a sample, we also need to assess your ejaculation velocity.” With one hand nursing his pecker, he looked at me with a puzzled look. “EV is the relative strength of the ejaculation. The stronger the force of the ejection of sperm, the more likely you can foster a pregnancy.” I was lying, but what the hell?

As I expected, Gary was on the edge, and it only took a minute or two for him to blast off as his eyes lingered on my wife’s spread legs. The cup received a few of his jism spurts, but several shot off in all directions. My guess is that he was extra-stimulated by all this, and he probably released a higher than average flow at a much higher EV.

I left the room and let the doctor and her patient take their time to recover. I could hear talking as they slowly dressed. Evelyn told me later that Gary had expressed interest in the look of her pussy. Gary told her, “All I ever saw on my mom and some other girls was just a mass of curly hair down there.” He complimented her on how her vulva and labia looked – the new words he’d learned.

She explained waxing to him and told him that many tanning and hair care salons offer the service. She even offered a referral if Gary wanted his bride to be groomed and Dr. Thoroughgood even offered to speak with his future wife about it when she came for her ono-on-one counseling session the next day.

Poor Gary, no doubt he was whiplashed by the session and by his public masturbation in front of strangers. All he could say was, “Oh, I forgot she’s coming to see you tomorrow,” as he watched my wife step into her panties and pull them up snug, hiding the pussy lips he had been touching just a few moments ago.

The door to the exam room opened, and my re-dressed doctor wife and young Gary walked into the office. I rose and extended my hand, “Gary, it has been good to visit with you today. I hope you will take these lessons with you and they will lead to a long and happy marriage.”

Gary looked a little shaken. I’m sure he enjoyed every single moment of our instructional services, but was he starting to think about his future bride’s appointment the next day?

Anticipating his anxiety, I said, “This was just the start of our counseling services to help you and Maddie. We’ll see her tomorrow, and then we’d like to see both of you again together. Our services don’t end once you’re married. In fact, we’d like to see you both for a follow up session after your honeymoon.”

Gary nodded.

Dr. Thoroughgood added, “Yes, tomorrow I will spend time with Maddie and help her with any questions she may have, and we will get her ready for your marriage, your marriage night, and all the days to come.”

Gary seemed reassured by her words.

As for me, my cock had been hard for the past hour and eager for discharge. As soon as Gary left, Dr. Thoroughgood and I returned to the exam table and played hide the sausage until we both were spent.

At home that night, I asked Evelyn, “How do you think it went today with Gary?”

She said, “I adore working with such an innocent and inexperienced young man. Don’t you? I was over the moon when he pulled down my panties, and his soft touches when he tried to find my sensitive parts were divine.”

“What about that skinny dick?” I asked.

“Ha, that was a hoot. His wife won’t have any trouble with that one.”

I smiled, “No, she won’t have any trouble with one that size, not after our session with her tomorrow.”

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