Mature Neighbour Ahana Fucked Me

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Ana Armas

There was a lady who lived next door to us. She was pretty hot and had been the subject of my fantasies on and off for a while till something happened that made me obsessed with her.

I was 18 when she moved in next door to us. We got introduced early on as I was asked by my mom to help her bring the boxes of her stuff up to her house as they caught up over tea. Her name is Ahana, and I still think back to that day trying to remember as vividly as possible what she was wearing.

She must have been around 30 back then, all I remember is that she was about 10 years younger than my mom. She was wearing a purple t-shirt and black pants (I think) and sometimes when she bent over to pick something up, the brown skin of her lower back became visible. That’s all I needed back then to jerk off to and as soon as I had helped her put the boxes in her house I went to rub one out.

Over the next 4 years, I would rub one out to her many hundreds of times. I thought her lacy underwear that was sometimes visible in the balcony, her waist in a saree, the base of her left boob visible through the gaps of the buttons in her shirt, the cleavage visible when she leaned forward, her boobs pressed against me when we hugged briefly, her shorts riding up her buttcrack when she was done working out and I thought a few times I heard her moans through the walls but I was never sure. It was enough to get my motor running though.

She lived on her own and my mom constantly asked her when she was going to get married and she always replied that she was happy on her own and wasn’t really looking for that. She had a fair share of male visitors but I could never tell whether they were friends or boyfriends. Except one, who was a long term relationship she told my mother about, but that was over in a couple of years.

Physically, her boobs were beautiful and she had an inviting ass, but for 4 years she was just one among my many fantasies. Then four years later, one day something changed.

My mom had gone to visit my dad and care for him because he was a bit ill and I was home alone. As a 22-year-old, I was perfectly fine taking care of myself, but my mom asked Ahana to look in on me from time to time.

After about a week of this, during which I think I had masturbated every day, some days twice since I had full reign of the house, I heard the moaning (at night, past dinner). I decided to investigate. My bedroom wall was attached to Ahana’s living room because we shared a balcony. Not close enough to jump into but sometimes we would throw things across. So, that was a dead end.

I went into my bathroom and the moaning was clearer but I still couldn’t see the source. I could see Ahana’s bathroom window but it was shut and the light was off. Another dead end.

I went into the guest room and I could already hear that it was louder and clearer here. The indistinct sounds came through as ‘oohs and mmms’. The voice had a husky quality to it, I honestly didn’t think it was Ahana at this point.

I went to the window and pulled back the curtain a bit, it changed my life. Ahana was on her bed topless, her boobs were shaking as she rubbed her pussy under her white cotton panties. She had propped her back up on some pillows and I could see her face and boobs clearly from a side profile.

Her left hand was on her boob squeezing it and playing with her nipples, her right hand was furiously rubbing her pussy under her panties. Her moaning was punctuated by muffled moaning as she put her fingers in her mouth to renew the wetness and went back to rubbing herself.

Her eyes were closed clearly imagining some sensuous or dirty act. But they flew open and she froze for a second. I was frozen too afraid that I had been discovered or that she would realise the windows (and curtains) were open. But she jumped off the bed and scrambled under her mattress. She emerged after a few second holding a lime green toy. I think my eyes almost popped out of my head.

She threw the intimidating looking thing on her bed and rolled her panties down before kicking them off. For a few seconds I had an uninterrupted view of her hairy pussy (I imagined I saw a pink line in between the bush, but I’m not sure). She put the toy in her mouth and shoved it in a couple of times almost seemingly to warm it up.

I thought my cock was going to explode, i pulled it out and began to stroke it (slowly, because I was afraid I would cum immediately).

She then put it on the side table and went into her bathroom. She emerged with what I thought was shower gel (but was probably lube) and she put some onto her hands and rubbed it onto the lime green dick (it was kind of smooth and curved, didn’t look like a dick).

She put the pillows under her lower back and laid down. She rubbed the toy on her pussy a couple of times and then she put her left hand in her mouth and slid the toy in a bit. The sound that escaped her was haunting sound that never left me. It was sort of like a ‘hnnnnghhhhh’ but so fucking bonus veren siteler hot.

She began to slide it slowly in and out but she seemed to be building up. As she did her left hand progressed down her body fondling her boobs, feeling her hips and finally rubbing her clit. As she sped up, I could her soft, sharp, murmurs, from her that I interpreted as ‘fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck fuck…’

I couldn’t help myself and came all over my hands and got some cum on the curtains too, but Ahana wasn’t done. When she pulled the toy out of her pussy, she grabbed a belt, not a thin one, a thick leather belt that I don’t think she ever wore. She made a loop in it and attached one end to a loop on the wall she put the loop around her neck (I was kind of afraid but in hindsight, the hook would never have taken her weight). Then she put one leg on the bed and after relubing the toy, slid it back into her pussy. Then she leaned away from the hook so it was sort of choking her, she had one had on the belt and another thrusting away away at her pussy.

‘Guh!Guh! Guh!’ I heard with every thrust. Her eyes were huge and as (I think) she came they sort of went out of focus and her leg buckled. She let go of the toy and freed herself from the belt. It jung limply on the wall as she removed the dick from her and slumped on the bed. She went to the bathroom in a while but I was rooted to the spot just reliving what I had seen.

She came out in her nightie, and as she went to get her bottle of water on the side table, she looked at the window, mortified, I could see the comprehension dawning on her face. She walked the window and shut it, looking around at my window and then the ones below to make sure none of them were open before drawing the curtains.

That was it. I was obsessed.


Up until I had seen Ahana spasm in pleasure as she fucked herself with a lime green dick, I had only fantasised about her in multiple positions like a pornstar. Now that I had this image of her in my head, it took over my life. I checked the window multiple times a day, some times hours on end just staring at the curtains through a dark room when I knew she was home, hoping for a glimpse, to no avail.

When Ahana did come over to check in on me, she seemed usually cheerful and asked a bunch of questions. I don’t think I did a good job of hiding the fact that I was seeing her in my head licking a toy before sticking it in her pussy.

She even enquired if I was okay ‘You seem a little bit lost? Are you okay? Do you miss your mom?’ but all I heard was ‘Fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck….hhnnnnghh’

I had to actively try to not look at her boobs or check out her ass for fear that she would catch me, some times I’m sure she spotted a glimpse. She can’t have thought too much of it because she would always come back and check in.

A little more than a week later I heard the moaning again, surprisingly I wasn’t waiting by the window when it happened, but I rushed to it. The curtains were drawn so I couldn’t see anything but I was sure it was her. I sat there and jerked off hoping that she would open those curtains and sate my thirsty eyes. But nothing of that sort happened.

A sort of recklessness gripped me though, I sat there for a while gathering courage. Then I stepped out of the room, and then out the house. I went over to Ahana’s place and rang the bell.

No answer, about half a minute passes by, and I rung the bell again. I waited for about a minute and just when I turned and almost opened the door to go in, she came to the door.

Framed in the door was this beauty, she wore a pair of yellow boxer shorts and a white t-shirt. I could see sweat glistening on her forehead and neck the hair on her forehead was sticking to her skin.

‘H-Hey Chris, is everything okay? What are you doing here? It’s past 12’, she said breathlessly.

I apologised for waking her up, and told her I guess I just had a nightmare.

She beckoned me to her and said, ‘Come here, are you okay? Tell me what happened.’

I went closer to her and said, ‘I fell asleep in the guest bedroom by mistake and in my dreams I heard some thumping sound like someone was outside the window and trying to break in and it woke me so I looked outside to check and there was nothing there, so i thought I’d check if you heard or saw anything. Ahain I’m sorry if I woke you Ahana aunty.’

She glanced towards the window and said ‘No, I was in the middle of something so I didn’t really but I’m sure it was just a nightmare. Come here you.’

She gave me a hug, and I don’t know if she felt my dick but I felt her boobs, she definitely wasn’t wearing anything under the shirt. Her nipples brushed my chest and when we let go I think I saw her neck was a bit red too.

‘Are you okay, do you want to come in for a minute? Get some water?’, she asked

I said no, I’d be fine and I headed back home muttering a hurried thanks.

‘Okay, bedava bahis good night. Call on me if you need anything, and please for heavens sake drop the ‘aunty” she said and then hung back for a second and closed the door.

I headed straight for the guest room hoping that she would open the curtains to take a look at our window and I’d get a glimpse of some action but it hadn’t worked.

THE NEXT DAY, she came over in the morning and checked in on me. I said I was fine and apologised again. She headed to work and I headed to college, but when she got out of the lift I had another spurt of recklessness, I went back up after she was out of sight.

I grabbed her spare key from my parents’ room and went into her home. I went over carefully to her bedroom, I lifted the end of her bed as I had seen her do then I realised there was a cubby hole in there so I lifted the door and there it was the lime green smooth dick with a sort of sworl like black handle and a base. I picked it up and sniffed it, nothing. It was clean, with a pang of disappointment I put it back. There were other things in there too, one that looked like an egg with a tail and a tiny black bullet like thing.

I picked them up and examined them all. They all felt and smelt clean, I put them back and went towards the bathroom and jackpot, it was her dirty laundry.

On top of it, probably freshly rolled off were her black panties. I picked them up and they felt damp, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. I plunged my face into them and felt my cock rise in my pants. Fuck me, the smell of Ahana’s pussy filled my nostrils and intoxicated me. I fumbled in her bathroom cabinet for lube and ended up using moisturiser.

I rubbed one out while sniffing her panties and came in them, but I did a terrible job of it as I leaked some cum and it fell on her shorts as well. I wanted to clean them but my clouded head said to leave it so I did.

Never had I felt before that being late to college was so worth it. I felt like I was losing my mind, but I would have to say something to her. I was in love with this woman. I wanted to fuck her.

When the high subsided, I had a small voice at the back of my head telling me that I was fucked if she found out and she was bound to suspect something. I had left cum stained panties and shorts in her apartment. Fuck.

That tiny alarm had me in palpitations the whole time till I got back home. Ahana brought me some steak from a place I like because she felt bad for me. We ate together at my place and all seemed okay and I had gotten away unscathed.

I lay in bed thinking of all the possibilities this opened up. Could I make a move? Was 13 years too much of a gap? Would she think I was flattering her? Would she tell on me to my mom?

Too soon, it couldn’t be, was she doing it again? I could hear moaning. Fuck, it was definitely her. I wasn’t imagining it. I could hear it again. I checked the window again, curtains drawn and shut, fuck.

I don’t know what came over me, surely she wouldn’t leave the door open, she even uses the chain. But I had to try, so i grabbed the keys and stepped out.

I put my ear to the door and I was right she was moaning in there. Could I take the chance? I slid in the key as softly asI could and turned it slowly. I pushed it slightly and her voice was clear as day.

‘Ungh,ungh,fuck me,ungh,ungh,unghhh…’

I suspected for a second that she was in the living room but a quick peek told me she probably wasn’t. So I pushed a bit further and the chain wasn’t done up – lucky me.

I closed the door behind me and softly walked towards her room. Her voice was making me so hard, ‘Mmm…haaahh.. Yes yes yes, fuck yes’

Oh my God this woman would be the death of me. Her bedroom door was closed of course, this was the big question, would I have the balls to go in? Fuck she was so loud, her whole house was filled with sounds of ‘Aaanh,aanh,aanh…’ and more muffled moaning. If I open the door, she would know, the door was right opposite her bed, she would know in an instant.

I steeled myself and pushed the door open slightly. She didn’t notice but now the I could hear the quiver in her voice. I couldn’t see her from the slight sliver in the doorway, I opened it a little further and the sight that greeted me what magnificent. She had her face pressed against the headboard, ass in the air and was fucking her pussy with two fingers.

My eyes stayed glued to her asshole that kept winking every time she plunged her fingers in and out. It also took me a moment to realise her voice was muffled because the toy was in her mouth. The room was filled with the smell of her sweat and something sweet like perfume.

I heard a sound a bit like retching and I saw her pulling the toy out of her mouth. She flipped over and put it aside, taking another toy that looked like an egg with a tail and covered it in lube, she slipped it into her pussy as she moaned. ‘Fuck me’ I heard her say deneme bonus and then she must’ve pressed something because I could hear the egg vibrating and she hummed ‘hmmmmmmnnnn’ along it punctuated by grunts and spasms.

I knew I was going to be found out if I stayed so I tiptoed away and left with that image to last me a while. When I went back, I stood at the window staring at hers with my cock in my hand and I was startled by some movement. Ahana was at the window and she had drawn the curtain back.

I was sure she wouldn’t see me, I was standing in the dark, except I wasn’t, I had forgotten to turn off the light. She was staring right at me, so I ducked behind and let the curtain fall.

Fuck, after all that to be caught with my dick in my hands.


I thought I was fucked and Ahana was going to tell my mom but nothing changed the next day. I ran into Ahana in the corridor again and she didn’t even mention it.

That night when I returned, I didn’t dare go to the window again.

But for a third night in a row, I heard moaning and like a rat being led by the pied piper I went to the window. I made sure I was in the dark and peeped through the curtain. Ahana’s windows were wide open, the curtains were drawn back and she stood there in a bright blue pair of lacy bra and panties.

She reached behind and unhooked her bra, looking right where I was standing. She leaned into the glass holding her tits. Misted the glass and wrote in it ‘COME’. Then she stepped back, turned around and rolled down her panties giving me a glimpse of her ass and pussy.

She turned again towards the window, closed it, and just before she could close the curtains she tied a handkerchief around her eyes.

I snatched the keys from the table and rushed out. My heart was thumping in my chest. I opened the door, and the silence in the house was absolute. I walked towards the bedroom and pushed it open. Ahana was on all fours on the bed, her ass pointed towards me. At the edge of the bed was the lime green dildo, the egg, and another black toy that looked like a large bullet.

I closed the door behind me and the blindfolded Ahana shivered slightly.

‘Safeword: Colonial’, was all she said.

I don’t know if she knew I was a virgin but I wasn’t sure if that was the time to say it. So I walked towards her and put a finger on her asshole. She flinched. I smacked my hand on her right cheek.

I then put my finger on her asshole again, this time she didn’t move. I understood the rules of the game (I thought).

I took off my shorts and t-shirt, knelt on the bed behind her and pulled her up so I was cupping her boobs from behind and my erect penis was nestled in his ass cheeks.

Then I moved to the other side and kissed her till her lips were pink. Then I teased her lips going for a kiss and pulling away. Kissing her neck and licking her ears. I put one hand on the small of her back and the other on her ass and drew her closer and kissed her again as my dick felt the heat of her pussy.

I pushed her onto the bed and as I had seen her do, put her thighs around her neck and kissed her around her vagina teasing her with my tongue. With my right hand I grabbed the bullet like toy, it had a button at the base and it vibrated when I pressed it. Rubbed my fingers over her pussy till I felt some wetness and licked her clit while I slowly inserted the toy in her. The moans I had heard from across the window was now in the room with me.


I started to pick up the pace of my licking and only stopped to ask if this was good, Ahana nodded and said, use the green one. So I removed the bullet dildo and grabbed the big green one. I slid it into her mouth and felt her slightly choke on it before withdrawing it, then I slid it into her pussy.

I turned her onto her side and put one of her legs on my shoulder. I held her shoulder for support and thrust the green dick in her.

‘Aaaaahh…ggghhh…aaaahh fuck Chris…. Fuckkk’

I kept thrusting and moving my hand down to her boobs and fondling them or holding her hip or thigh while doing so.


I withdrew the green dick and put her on her back I pushed both of her legs back and started to lick her pussy. I think I got a bit carried away and slipped two fingers into her. Her warm pussy was so wet and the smell of it intoxicated me I was fucking her with my fingers and ever time my finger would thrust in, it would be punctuated with a ‘hunh’.

As I kept licking and my hand kept thrusting, in her ‘hunh… hunh…. Hunh.. hunh..hunh..hunh hunh hunh hunh hunh’ she toook of her blindfold. I looked up into her eyes and thrust faster. She was somehow on her upper back with her knees folded near her boobs and I had one hand holding her there and the other was plunging into her pussy.

‘Hunh hunh hunh hunhhunh aaaaaah fuccck’

I wanted to fuck her but I was so nervous. I asked her to get off the bed and get on her knees. As she did, she took my dick and started to lick it. In my eagerness I held her head and shoved my dick in her mouth. She didn’t push back but stayed there for a while and then pulled back only to go again. I thought I was going to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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