My Best Friend

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Though I don’t see this ever happening, I don’t swing this way, occasionally this fantasy runs through my head

I am really out of sorts today. My problems are weighing on me big time. I don’t want to feel this way now because my oldest best friend is coming to visit. I haven’t seen her since high school and I’m looking forward to catching up on everything she’s been doing for the past 30 years. We’ve kept in touch through letters and emails. Helped each other through rough times with husband problems. We’re both separated now and finding guys that are decent isn’t easy for either of us. I just can’t wait to sit and have an actual conversation with another adult face to face. Door bell, she’s here.

We talked for hours on end and by the time we stopped it was alot later than expected. I offered to let her stay the night instead of driving tired. She gladly accepted and we got ready for bed. The only place for her to sleep was to share my full size bed. Not a problem, neither of us snores or rolls around, so there was plenty of room. We said good night and went to sleep.

Something caused me to wake up. I had this wierd feeling something wasn’t right. I opened my eyes and my friend was lying close to me, looking at me with her hand on my ass. “What’s the matter?,” I asked.

She said, “Not a thing, I just izmir escort couldn’t resist touching your firm ass.” Now I’m no prude but I’m straight as hell, and I thought she was too. “Have you ever been with a woman?,” she asked.

“No,” I said and tried to shift myself further away.

“In case you didn’t know, I’m bi, and I really could use some loving tonight,” she said. I was speechless, never had she mentioned this to me in all the years I’ve known her. She leaned closer to me.

Next thing I knew she was kissing me. I wanted to pull away but something kept me from doing it. She backed her face up and with a smile said, “That wasn’t so bad, was it.” Actually it wasn’t bad at all. She kissed me again and this time I felt myself respond and started kissing her back. Her hands explored my body as we continued to kiss. I wasn’t sure what to do next. Should I touch her? Strange sensations were coursing through my body.

She took my hand and put it on her tit. I never touched a woman’s body but my own and to have my hand on her tit sent tingling sensations all over me. She undressed herself then helped me undress. She began kissing my tits and asked me to carress her ass. Her ass was firm in my hands and feeling her suck my tits was exciting. She pulled my head to her chest and alsancak escort I gently took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked lightly. She moaned softly as she squeezed my ass with both her hands. She indicated she wanted me to lie down on my back and positioned herself for 69. Now what was I going to do, I didn’t know if I could lick a womans’ pussy. She acknowledged my hesitation and told me to just finger her if that would be easier. I gasped as she started licking my pussy. Her tongue felt so good flittering all over every crevice and in and out of my hole. I started finger fucking her and rubbing her clit. This wasn’t too bad. She was licking me more intensely now and I started to moan. “What the hell,” I whispered to myself as I thrust my tongue into her wet hole. She let out a gasp this time and we licked each other to multiple climaxes.

She laid down next to me and kissed me again. “Do you have any toys?,” she asked. I told her I have one dildo. She told me to get it. I returned to the bed with my thick 9″ cock shaped dildo. She smiled when she saw it and asked me to lie down again. She had me raise my legs as she positioned herself to use the dildo on me.

“Do you want it all right away?,” she asked.

“No,” I said. “A little at a time till it gets lubed from buca escort my juices.” She inserted the head and pulled it back out. She continued this a little further each time till it was all the way in me.

“Now what should I do with it?,” she asked.

“Fuck me fast and hard,” I begged. As she thrust that dildo into me she was also licking my clit again. Damn if I didn’t orgasm intensely and as she pulled the dildo out I could feel my juices run out of me. She quickly licked and sucked them up.

She turned and handed me the dildo. “My turn,” she laughed. She got on all fours and asked me to do her doggie style. I slid the dildo into her, hoping I wasn’t going to hurt her since this was new to me. She moaned in pleasure as I pulled the dildo in and out of her. I did this with one hand as I fingered her clit with my other. One more temptation staring me in the face. Her firm ass. I couldn’t stop myself from kissing and nibbling it, I even licked her rim. She came in one huge orgasm. I pulled the dildo out and her juices oozed out of her. I did the same thing she did to me and quickly licked and sucked the juices from her pussy.

I laid down next to her and we kissed softly for a little while, holding our bodies tightly against each other. Our legs entangled, we fell asleep in each others arms.

When we woke in the morning we kissed, got up and dressed. She had to leave right away. When she left we smiled at each other and waved good bye. As I walked back in the house I knew I’d never, ever do that again with another woman, but I wasn’t sorry that I became the most intimate of friends with my best friend.

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