Naughty Nurse

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Carrie Swenson drove to the private hospital where she worked, wishing she didn’t have to. She and her favorite fuck buddy had been in a hot and heavy make-out session when the call from the head nurse came on her direct phone line ordering her to report to the hospital for special night duty. She had to take the call and report as ordered, even though the man had been going down on her naked body with his very talented mouth. She was extremely aroused from that and everything else they had been doing, but now there was no way to satisfy her sexual needs, and she didn’t expect to find a way.

Technically, Carrie could have refrained from answering the phone, but that would have been contrary to all her training as a nurse, and she never really considered just ignoring it. For the same reason, she also would not refuse the order to report to the hospital for special night duty. The patients there had to be her first priority, even though that sometimes interfered with her personal life. So, out of a strong sense of duty and professionalism, Carrie put on the bra and panties her friend had just removed from her — the scarlet ones he liked so much — with a clean uniform over them, and set out in her car. As she drove, the horny nurse wondered what it was about, but knew she would find out when she got there.

“Hi, Maggie,” she greeted the charge nurse when she reported to the nursing desk. “What’s up?”

“You sure are lucky, Carrie. You’ve been assigned to private duty, and do you know who the patient is? Pete Sterling!” She said the name as if she were one novice telling another that God would be staying in the convent.

The name seemed familiar, but Carrie couldn’t place where she had heard it. “Who’s that?” she asked.

Maggie looked aghast, as if she couldn’t imagine anybody being so ignorant. “He’s just the greatest football player in the world. He’s the quarterback for the Comets, and he hurt his knee in the game this evening, so he’s here overnight for observation. Tomorrow, we’ll do a lot of tests to see how bad it is, and he’s been assigned a private room and a private nurse — you — for tonight. Do you realize, most women would kill for a chance to spend the night watching over Pete Sterling?”

Carrie was apparently not one of that vast majority, because she would have much preferred to have stayed home so she and her equally horny and talented “friend with benefits” could have finished what they started. Instead, she was stuck with a special assignment that looked like very dull duty. Not wishing to rain on anybody’s parade, and believing her personal life was none of Maggie’s business, she decided against mentioning that.

“Okay. Well, lead me to him.”

Maggie thought it strange that Carrie wasn’t more eager to tend to such a fine young man who was so handsome and important, but she led Carrie to the private room where her patient for the night was resting comfortably. He was reading a magazine with the head of the hospital bed raised. It was one of the largest beds available, and must have been wheeled into the room especially for him, because most of the single rooms are equipped with the standard sized ones, for ease in cleaning and moving the patients around for bathing and while administering treatments.

“Mr. Sterling, this is Ms Swenson, who will be your private nurse for the night. Carrie, this is Mr. Sterling.” Having done her part, the charge nurse went back to her station.

Carrie had no interest in the patient as a football player, but he was otherwise quite appealing to her. First, he was a patient, although not with any kind of life-threatening disease or injury, so she was concerned with his well-being. In addition, she saw a handsome young man, with short dark hair and rugged features. He was lying under a light covering, so she couldn’t get a good look at his physique, except that she could tell he was tall and not at all fat and she was aware that, as a professional athlete, he would probably be in excellent physical condition. A thought began to form in her mind about how she might be able to alleviate her extreme horniness.

“How do you do, Mr. Sterling?” she said. “I hope your injuries don’t turn out to be serious.” She was still carrying her purse, and she set it on the chair where she expected to be sitting during her night’s vigil.

Pete Sterling was very interested in his private nurse, because she was in her mid-twenties, tall, with a pretty face, long, dark brown hair and a very nice figure. “Hi, Carrie,” he greeted his beautiful and alluring companion. “Why don’t you call me Pete? Everybody else does.”

“Very well, Pete. Are you comfortable? Is there anything I can get for you or do for you?”

“Thanks, no, I’m fine. In fact, I’m not even really hurt, just a twisted knee. The coach and GM are afraid of losing their meal ticket, so they had me brought here.”

Actually, there was something the comely nurse could have done for him, and it would have been much appreciated, but Pete thought kaçak iddaa it prudent to avoid making any mention of it or even thinking about her body if he could. That was hard to do as he watched the zaftig dark-haired beauty moving about the room doing the things she thought needed to be done to make him, as a patient, as comfortable as she could manage. Her red and white uniform was made of thin material, and it clung to her succulent hips and ass like…he decided he’d better not think about that, because he could feel his cock starting to grow hard. Normally, right after a game, he and some of the other young, single players liked to get together and enjoy a night of wild sexual debauchery with a few football groupies, but that was not going to happen that evening, at least not for him.

Carrie had also missed out on something similar to what her patient had been deprived of, and her arousal hadn’t declined during her drive to the hospital or from anything she had done since arriving. The room was well-lighted, because Pete had been reading before her entrance, and the bed cover right over his crotch resembled a tent. Out of curiosity, she walked closer to him to see if he really did have an erection, although she wasn’t sure what she could do about it if he did.

She did know what she wanted to do about it, given the chance, and Carrie moved closer, smiling in a way that was not very professional. At least not her profession. As she approached, the embarrassed man tried to use his magazine to cover his stiffening cock, which served only to emphasize what he had been thinking about. The horny nurse, confident of her own sex appeal and the privacy they enjoyed, put one hand on his nearer leg and bent toward him as her other hand unfastened the two top buttons on her uniform.

“Are you sure there’s nothing I can do for you?” she asked, in her sexiest, most sultry voice, while spreading the lapels of her uniform dress to show her bra and as much of her cleavage as she could.

It was obvious to Pete what the voluptuous nurse meant, but he was unsure what to say in response. Carrie was sure what he wanted, and it was what she wanted too, so she smiled, tossed the magazine aside and pulled the bedcovers down to expose the semi-hard cock that was protruding through the fly of his hospital issue pajamas. She smiled again, but more lewdly, when she saw how big his erection was, and how it was becoming bigger and harder under her gaze. Carrie bent over and took it into her mouth for a few strokes, until it was more erect and had almost reached its maximum length and girth.

She straightened up because there were some things that needed doing before she and her patient could start with what they both obviously wanted. While walking over to the door to lock it against unwanted intruders, Carrie busied herself unfastening the rest of the buttons of her dress. When she returned to the side of the patient’s bed, she peeled the sleeves of the tight garment off her arms, let the dress slide to the floor and scuffed out of her shoes, leaving her body clad in long, white stockings and her bright red bra and matching silk panties. Once again, she bent over, opened her mouth and started stroking the big cock between her lips.

Carrie had no intention of sucking the man off, at least not right away; it was her pussy that was most needful of the attention of his hard cock, not her mouth. With a few long, slow strokes, the object of her desire was fully erect and standing rigidly upright, and it was obvious his sexual desire was every bit as strong as her own. The eager nurse backed off then, quickly removed her bra and pushed her bikini panties down to the floor so she could step out of the wispy garment and moved it and her dress out of the way. Carrie would continue wearing her nylon stockings, because she liked the way the slick fabric felt against her skin while fucking and knows many men like the erotic sensation too.

Before straddling the young athlete, she went to her purse and removed one of the plastic packets containing condoms. As a nurse, Carrie has seen enough of the ravages of AIDS and STD’s that she wanted to take no chances with either her life and health or that of the man who was holding his stiff cock upright in anticipation of her continuing what she had started. When she returned to the bed, Carrie pulled the sheet all the way down, unsnapped the waistband of Pete’s pajamas and pulled them out of the way too, while smiling at the big cock that was obviously available for her. After using her mouth again to get the head and shaft wet enough, she carefully rolled the condom into place.

Pete watched eagerly as the sexy, virtually naked nurse prepared his cock and climbed onto the bed straddling his legs. Her breasts were large, with big, dark pink nipples that stood out. Fashion designers and some misguided Hollywood moguls might have called her fat, because she has a truly womanly figure, one he would be able to hug without feeling her ribs. Best of all to look at kaçak bahis was her pussy, clean-shaven except for a small section in the shape of a heart just below her mons. Beautiful though it was, with ivory skin and dark pink lips, swollen with her lust, and a clearly visible clit, even better was the scent of her arousal. The strongest aphrodisiac in the world for men, her juices glistened from those lips and their fragrance called to him in the earthiest way possible.

When she stopped moving forward, that gorgeous pussy was right above his crotch, and Carrie was holding her lips apart while lowering her body until they contacted the tip of his cock. Pete was not very accustomed to the position the nurse wanted to use, but he had become a successful quarterback by being able to adjust to new situations, and he knew what to do next. He rubbed the head of his cock in her wetness to spread the natural lubrication while she waited. Seconds later, her pussy moved still lower, and she sighed happily as the hard mushroom shape wedged into her wet, pink hole.

Their fucking already felt great to Carrie, and it hadn’t even really started yet. She cooed happily as currents of intense pleasure throbbed out from where the head of Pete Sterling’s thick cock was stretching open her needy love hole, with the promise of greater joys to come within seconds. She stayed in that position, reveling in what was already happening to her, before lowering her sexy body enough for two more inches of his shaft to be imbedded where she wanted it.

Pete was having a terrific time too, much better than he would have had with the groupies. Those girls would be basically kids, just barely older than San Quentin quail, and maybe even younger than that, but the woman engulfing his cock with her pussy was a beautiful, full-grown woman who knew what she wanted. He reached out for her succulent breasts and, while continuing to impale her pussy on his cock, she leaned forward so he could gently take one of the beauties in either hand. They felt incredible, big and firm and vibrant and obviously completely real, with rigid pink nipples. Once his whole cock had disappeared inside her dripping pussy, she leaned forward and placed her hands on his shoulders to help her move on top of him, and her breasts felt even better to him when she pressed them against his mouth.

While Carrie remained in place, her pussy twitching around his cock, Pete’s tongue stroked her nipples, which were so erect he could feel the tiny ridges and the pebbly texture of the areolas. He switched his mouth between the twin beauties while the sexy nurse raised her pussy from him, paused for a few seconds and slowly lowered her body until she had once again enveloped his large, erect cock.

“Mmmmmm, that feels wonderful,” she murmured. “But put your hands on my bottom and pet me there while I give myself a nice, slow ride on this great big cock of yours.”

Pete was more than happy to place his hands on those voluptuous ass cheeks and stroke the soft, smooth skin while his mouth continued to pleasure the lady’s breasts. Those succulent hemispheres felt infinitely better than the footballs that had filled his hands that afternoon, but he quickly saw there were more than just tactile delights to be gained by fondling her ass. The next time she lowered her body to impale herself on his long, thick shaft, he pressed down with his hands while thrusting up with his cock. Their bodies came together with a satisfying wet “smack,” while the plentiful juices from her pussy spattered onto both of them.

Everything about the fucking he was doing with his sexy private nurse was great. He reveled in the visual delight of her creamy white body, the aroma of her aroused pussy, the sensation of her rigid pink nipples against his lips and tongue, her soft flesh under his hands and the texture of her stockings against his thighs. But, as Carrie slowly moved back and forth on top of him, what her pussy was doing for his cock was by far the most delightful. The muscles there and the rocking movements of her lush body promised to slowly bring him to a tremendous climax. Every time he thrust up into her, he grunted softly, and those sounds were starting to turn to moans of bliss as that event drew closer.

The fucking was equally wonderful to Carrie, and just what she needed. Pete’s hands were strong but soft, and she could feel her ass tingling under their caresses. His mouth was making exquisite love to her breasts, but best of all was what his big cock was doing. Her pussy was crammed full, and the long, thick shaft was massaging her many sweet spots the way she loved, and she knew her mounting orgasm would be one of the best of her life. Even the muscles in his shoulders felt good under her hands.

There was really no need to talk, but Carrie felt she had to say something anyhow. “I love that, Pete. I love what your cock is doing for my pussy.”

“That’s good, because your pussy is the hottest and the juiciest place it’s ever been.”

This illegal bahis was flattery, but not by much. Pete Sterling had been a star quarterback through high school and college and into the pro ranks, and the sexiest girls and women had been easily available to him all that time. However, they all had the hots for him as a star athlete and a celebrity, and having sex with him was a way to gain status and to pay some kind of homage to him because of who he was. The hotsy moving slowly back and forth on top of him with his cock buried deep inside her pussy seemed to not even know about his football prowess. She just wanted to fuck, not to know whom she was fucking, and she was doing a fabulous job of it.

Carrie wasn’t flattering her partner at all. His cock really was doing incredible things for her pussy, but she knew how to make it even better. Until then, she had been moving up and down atop him and taking his hard shaft directly into herself, with hardly any contact against her clit. This had given her immense pleasure as it crammed her full, and had been bringing her slowly to a climax, but she knew the time had arrived for her to cum. She moved her body slightly lower on him so those two most sensitive organs could begin massaging each other, first as his cock was engulfed and again when she raised her body and released the stiff shaft.

Pete immediately felt the difference and realized Carrie must be ready to cum. He was too, so he continued caressing her ass with his hands and pushing down on her cheeks while he rammed his cock up into her pussy. He had seen how her movements were becoming more erratic above him, as she swayed to and fro and from side to side, and he could hear her moans of joy that were starting to end in whimpers. He was enough of a gentleman that he wanted Carrie to fully enjoy her orgasm before he reached his own climax, although he would not have been so considerate if she had been one of one of the groupies he more often frolicked with.

He was also concerned with her safety and of his own. Although her ass had been a great place to stroke with his hands, he moved his grip to her hips in hopes he could keep her from falling to the side as her movements atop him became more erratic, even escalating to pitching and tossing. The nurse’s sounds of joy were louder too, and he hoped the walls and door of the hospital room were thick enough to muffle her voice and keep concerned staff members from investigating the strange noises.

She knew her orgasm was imminent too, so Carrie started moving faster, while trying to stay on top of Pete. That wasn’t easy to do, because her responses had become wilder as she gave herself over to the pleasure of having his big cock repeatedly massaging her clit. As the horny nurse thrashed about on top of the quarterback, she felt how his hands had moved to just above her hips, which helped, but she was still aware of the possibility of falling off him and to the side before she reached her goal of a powerful orgasm.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Carrie whimpered, in time with her bouncing back and forth and the cock driving in and out of her pussy. “Oh, yeah!” she cried out joyously as her climax started to overwhelm her.

She was no longer holding Pete’s shoulders, but her upper body fell forward, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, while her body swung from side to side and her pussy bounced up and down, engulfing and releasing his cock. He kept driving the thick shaft up into her, and relished her loud sounds of joy while she was cumming. His own climax was on the verge of erupting, and he would continue fucking the hotsy after she reached her orgasm.

Less than a minute after she started cumming, Carrie cried out again, even more ecstatically as she climaxed. After that tremendous burst of joy, she sagged forward, and Pete held tightly to her hips and kept driving his cock in and out of her pussy until his own climax welled up from within his body. He sighed and grunted and shot a big wad of cum into his condom, but didn’t stop. For almost another minute, he fucked the acquiescent pussy, ejaculating twice more, before he was through. He and Carrie lay together quietly, their arms around each other, until she felt the need to speak again.

“That was wonderful,” she whispered into the ear that was inches from her lips.

“Yeah, it was. But, I know how it could have even better,” he whispered back.

“How?” Carrie knew of two ways, and hoped Pete had one or both of them on his mind.

“I would have liked to have eaten you out first.”

Carrie raised her head and grinned lewdly down at the handsome face below her. What he had mentioned was one of the two ways their coupling could have been better. “You still can, you know.”

Pete grinned back at her. He was not at all into cream pies but, since he had been wearing a condom, that would be no problem. “No I can’t. You’re lying on top of me and facing the wrong way.”

She quickly rectified that situation by rising from him and removing her pussy from around his cock. After carefully peeling off the condom, Carrie wrapped it in a paper towel and put the packet in her purse to be disposed of later, along with the wrapper from the condom.

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