Nervous Reunion Ch. 03

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Julie awoke a short time later. She reached out her arms, looking for him. She was frantic for a second, until she saw his silhouette sitting in a chair in the corner. He was sitting there, intently staring at her. Julie drew the sheets up around her body. The air made her a little chilly. She arose and slowly strode over to him. “What are you doing over here? I missed your body next to mine,” she said.

“I just wanted to watch you sleep. You looked absolutely beautiful lying there. I didn’t want to disturb you,” he replied.

Julie bent down to offer a kiss. The warmth returned to her body once her lips met his. But as much as she wanted to continue the kiss, she pulled away.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I need to clean up a little before we continue,” she answered. Julie knew it was silly, considering all they had done, but she always liked maintaining some semblance of order about herself. She walked over to the bed and picked up his shirt, sliding over her head. The smell on his collar, a mix of his body, his cologne, and her perfume, sent a tingle along her spine. She positively loved that aroma.

A myriad of thoughts were running through Julie’s mind while she cleaned up. She had to admit the sex was the best she’d ever had. “Wait a minute. We haven’t even done it yet!” she thought. A smile escaped her lips when the warm washcloth rubbed against her swollen folds. “God, that feels nice,” she thought with a sigh. When she opened her eyes after a few moments of stimulation, she jumped with a start. He was standing right behind her, staring into her eyes through the mirror.

“Are you trying to do this without me,” he asked.

Julie blushed. “No, I, uh, was just… I was cleaning up a little, and I got sort of distracted.” She tried to turn around and face him, but he held her in place. Without warning, his hand brushed her hair aside as his tongue found her neck. He firmly held her by the hair as his tongue probed every inch of her skin. The other hand brushed against her nipple through the shirt. Julie knew the familiar signs of arousal and practically begged him to take her right there.

He continued to hold her tightly as his tongue found her earlobe. “Your ears are on fire!” he exclaimed. All Julie could do was offer a groan as she submitted to him once more. Her once-clean leg suddenly felt wet again with the dribble of her juices. About this time, she also felt his hardening member against her backside. She instinctively rose up on her toes while he bent down slightly. With the deftest touch, she guided him across her lips, drenching him with her natural lubrication. He rocked his hips back, bringing his head to her entrance. Her nimble fingers gently guided him. Julie felt a slight tremble of a small orgasm as he finally penetrated her. He only had the head inside, but the feeling of the initial contact between his hardness and her softness sent her over the edge. Julie let out a long moan as he pushed further inside.

Julie absolutely loved the feel of him breaking that barrier for the first time. He had the girth to spread her open just enough to elicit the perfect amount of pleasure. She could feel the heat increase bakırköy escort as his hips pushed against her. By now, her nipples were hard as rocks. Julie pushed her hips back to milk him for everything he was worth.

Breaking free of his grip, she turned her head and met his mouth. The pounding going on between them was intensified by the pounding of their tongues. He tasted sexy, if that were possible. Hell, at this point Julie believed anything was possible. They were beyond soft touching at this point. As he continued to thrust, she heard and felt his moaning.

Julie reached her hand around his back, her fingers grabbing his muscular butt. As her hands grabbed it, he pushed even further in – exactly as she wanted. The sounds coming from his mouth told her it would not be much longer before he came. He countered by sliding his hand from her breast, down across her belly, and finishing between her legs. He used his amazing fingers to massage her hood. Her third orgasm of the night was creeping up like a freight train.

The sweat was dripping down her back, lubricating their bodies as they glided over one another. He began to swell inside of her. Julie’s muscles, stretched as they were, had almost reached their limit. She no longer cared as they achieved a stunning rhythm. Her breathing quickened, the shallow breaths pushing him closer to the breaking point. In unison, they were almost screaming together. Julie clenched her teeth as the sudden wave hit her. She felt him pumping deep inside her, exploding as she came. The feeling of him coming inside her made her orgasm that much more volatile. His scream of “Oh, God!” made her wish those few seconds would never end.

As he continued to slowly stroke inside her mere moments after they climaxed together, she began to come down from the high. She reached around for his head, her hips still bucking with his. When he finally pulled out, Julie immediately turned around and threw him against the wall. Her tongue found his, passionately kissing him as never before. The fatigue crept upon them, and they collapsed together in a sweaty heap upon the bathroom floor.

A good ten minutes later Julie pulled herself up and stumbled to the bed. He followed her, since neither of them wanted to spend the rest of the evening on the bathroom floor. By now Julie was completely numb. They crawled into the satin sheets and drifted off to dreamland, contently smiling at the magical night they shared.

Something perked Julie’s senses as she awoke. Light streamed through the outside edges of the windows, alerting her to the arrival of the morning. She saw before her a light spread on the table and her lover setting the table for breakfast.

“Perfect timing,” he beamed.

“I’m not sure I can eat much,” Julie murmured, still trying to reconcile the previous night’s activities.

“Oh, I think you’ll enjoy this,” he smiled. Julie knew that smile meant something, and the devil on her shoulder told her to find out.

Feeling invigorated, Julie walked over to the table completely nude. She stood before him and asked, “So what did you have in mind?”

“Well,” he replied, “I thought beşiktaş escort we might eat in or even ‘eat out’.”

She knew exactly where this would lead. “What would you like to start with?” she asked.

He reached for a strawberry and brought it to her lips. As she reached for a bite, he pulled it away. “Not just yet,” he playfully warned her, ignoring her mock pout.

The strawberry ran over Julie’s lips, the coolness of the fruit contrasted nicely with the heat emanating from her mouth. She managed to give it a few flicks with her tongue. As the chilled fruit drew the warmth from her face, Julie softly moaned. Sometimes stimulation was best done without the stampeding. She opened her eyes when he withdrew the strawberry, but it returned to her mouth having been dipped in sweet cream. He dangled it in front of her lips, allowing a drop or two to fall on her chin. Julie anxiously lapped up as much as she could, and when she could wait no longer, she bit into it. The flavor flooded her tongue as a small shiver shot through her back, causing a wiggle.

Julie opened her eyes again, and watched him as he stared at her. His eyes pierced her own as she continued to suck, strawberry juice dribbling down her chin. He pulled the strawberry away and passionately offered his lips. After a night full of wonderful smells and tastes, Julie was particularly enjoying his tongue along with the strawberries and cream. Their tongues danced around each other’s mouths, but she was struck by the power of his mouth. She could feel his jaw flexing as he paid attention to every detail of the kiss. But the kiss ended before she would have preferred. He pulled away to reach for more food, because breakfast was just beginning.

He picked up a fork from the table and grabbed a piece of the waffle. He dipped it in the warm syrup and brought it to her. On the way to her lips, he accidentally left a few drops of syrup on her legs. She giggled when he paused over her breast, letting the syrup tickle her nipple while it dribbled along the curve of her breast. He finished by sliding the fork into her mouth. He tried to pull away, but Julie playfully clamped onto the fork, letting him suggestively slide it from her mouth.

His chair pushed back, he knelt and placed his lips on her thigh. Julie felt his powerful hands on her leg, one cupping her calf, the other massaging her outer thigh. Yet another moan escaped her lips. The texture of his wet tongue as it lapped up the sticky syrup weakened the muscles in her legs. He covered her leg, soaking up every drop he could find. Julie laughed as he worked his way through the crease at her hip. “He made sure to get it everywhere,” Julie thought, extremely pleased with his cleaning ability.

Julie reached down to tousle his hair, twisting her fingers through his locks. He responded by sliding his hand back toward her rear and giving it a forceful squeeze. He began the journey upward, following the trail of syrup that matted the soft hairs on her skin. Upon reaching her breast, he used only the tip of his tongue to clean the syrup from the underside. Julie’s other hand grabbed the back of the chair. The beylikdüzü escort hardness of his tongue on her soft flesh invited deeper sensations.

He allowed his lips to gently brush against Julie’s nipple. But his hand was not idle. It crept from her calf to her inner thigh. The anticipation was growing once more for both of them. Julie unconsciously spread her legs a little, allowing his fingers to stimulate her sensitive skin. By now his full mouth was on her breast, his tongue dancing circles around her nipple. She felt his touch on her folds. Julie let go of the chair and brought her hand over to meet his. She guided his hand as he let the slickness envelop his finger. He left her breast and resumed the kiss they had abandoned earlier. The chair was creaking as Julie’s hips began rocking to rhythm of their hands. But as before, he pulled away just when things were getting good.

“Why do you keep pulling away just when things get good?” Julie asked, more than a little annoyed at being brought close to climax without the big finish.

“I want to see you play with yourself,” he said with a raised eyebrow. Julie was a little unsure. While she knew her way around her own body, she wasn’t used to an audience.

Julie slid herself down in the seat and propped her leg on the table. He sat back, ready to enjoy the show. Already in a state of arousal, Julie brought her hands to her nipples. Her fingernails traced lightly across her breast. She let her inhibitions go, closing her eyes and letting he head fall back. Julie continued to arouse her swollen nipples with light touching. She paid particular attention to the small bumps that sprung up. By now her breathing was picking up the pace, and Julie’s hands began to knead her breasts. She was softly pinching her nipples when the moaning started.

“I want you to drop your hand lower,” he commanded. Julie paused long enough to lock eyes with him. Her left hand continued to massage her breast while her right slowly snaked its way down her body. Far from tickling, her hand was leading her toward an unbelievable orgasm. Julie didn’t realize how sensitive her belly button had gotten until she passed it. She backtracked with her fingernail to give it a little extra attention. His gaze never left hers, and Julie knew this was only turning her on more.

Finally her hand reached her engorged lips. Julie started by running her finger up and down one side and then the next. She deliberately avoided plunging directly in, partly for his benefit. Julie wanted him to approve of her show. Next she toyed with her hood, tenderly nudging it from side to side. She continued playing with his senses for a few minutes. When neither of them could stand it any longer, she stroked her middle finger down the center of her slit, leaving a string of juice trailing from her fingertip.

At this point he rose from his seat, his eyes never leaving hers. He didn’t touch a single hair on her body as he bent over to kiss her. Julie’s rhythm increased as their tongues mixed. A couple fingers were deep inside at this point, furiously driving her towards a climax. She was finally pushed over the edge when she felt his hand pinch her other nipple. Her screams were muffled by his mouth. She broke the kiss, gasping for air. He helped her up, placing a robe around her flushed body. The chills were racing across her body while she came back down to earth. Without question, it had been the single most erotic experience of her life.

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