Nightly Scheduled Workout Pt. 02

Big Tits

Rhea and Alexa moaned into each other’s mouths as I sped up my pace on both ends. Alexa was making it increasingly difficult for me as she felt me getting closer to release. She would use her body to control the amount of thrusting I’d be able to enjoy, by moving herself away whenever I tried to ram into her. I wanted to cum but also didn’t want to, so I had mixed emotions from her actions.

That’s when Alexa asked me a question. “Do you want to cum inside of me?” She was in a delightfully teasing mood and knew that it was a huge turn on for me. I raised Rhea’s hip enough to speak. “Yes!” Much less speak, I groaned my answer out of pleasure.

Alexa took it a step further while controlling the pacing of our sex. “Beg for it.” She called out my name and that was the only jolt I needed to respond fervently. I begged her to let me cum inside of her pussy and continued doing so as she moved her hips even faster. Rhea stopped me from speaking any further and placed her pussy back onto my mouth. I stuck my tongue in as deep as possible trying to make her orgasm. I wanted to take control any way I could and slid my fingers across all the fluid along my face. Lathering them in a layer of saliva.

Before I blew my load into Alexa, I held out long enough to initiate my plan. I slapped Rhea’s ass several times, enough to show a tinge of red. Using both hands I spread apart her butt cheeks and lubed her hole. Rhea turned her head, but I didn’t notice nor care to stop at this point. Before she had any chance to protest, I eased a single finger knuckle deep into her bum. She squealed out a louder yelp of euphoria. I wanted to ease my way in but, Alexa wasn’t making that decision easy for me. She was going full speed intent on accepting my entire load into her tummy.

It Bostancı Türbanlı Escort didn’t take much thrusting to be able to fit two fingers fully into her rear and at that point I couldn’t hold back anymore. Rhea rubbed her clitoris to the hastening of my thrusts and had arched her back an absurd amount from the sensation. Rhea’s legs tighten around my head, but not to the point of discomfort as I had lost count of how many fingers were penetrating her from behind.

Alexa’s cries of bliss superseded ours as she came first with us following right behind. Both of them were glistening from sweat, panting to catch their breath. Alexa had stayed connected with me until my dick finished pulsating inside of her. She got off and laid beside me as Rhea seized the chance at my penis. Rhea greedily changed positions, immediately slurping up my dwindling erection. Alexa had the same giggling smile she showed earlier, from seeing Rhea’s actions. Alexa kissed my lips lovingly and this was the first time I tasted her scent mixed in with Rhea’s. I couldn’t get enough of how skillful her tongue maneuvered in my mouth.

I thought I couldn’t go on anymore, but my body firmly disagreed. Both of their actions brought my withering erection back to life. Rhea’s persistent sucking turned into fuller and longer motions along my shaft as it regained its size. “I made the right choice with her.” Alexa said then moved to my ears to continue softly. “I hope you enjoy my decision.” She tugged gently with her lips teasing my ear as she pleased.

My mind was completely melted, losing the ability to think straight a long time ago. Alexa had me exactly how she wanted, and I was delighted with the outcome.

Rhea twirled her tongue across the sensitive tip of my Bostancı Otele Gelen Escort penis making it twitch consecutively. Once she was satisfied with the girth she got up and rode me in the exact same position as Alexa. It almost felt like she was competing against her. She didn’t have the same teasing foreplay that Alexa used, but that didn’t take away from the way her vagina felt like it was continuously squeezing tighter. My cum was ready to burst out and I couldn’t believe how great it felt to be in her.

It took me a while to realize through my lustful state. Rhea was using her magic to one up Alexa by altering the form of her body. More specifically the reason why she was growing tighter by the second. She was creating a perfect sleeve for my cock, one that was made for it. This was too dangerous as I’d blow my load any second now at this rate.

I took initiative by getting up and forcing the vice grip of her vaginal walls to let go. Then flipped her backwards to take her from behind. Now I was able to have much better control over pacing and angle. Rhea’s pussy convulsed as her juices squirted outwards from an intense orgasm. It was time for payback as I did the opposite of slow down. I thrusted as deep and fast as possible enough for sweat to begin dripping down the side of my face. All while Alexa was ravaging my body with her adept tongue play.

It took a lot longer to release this time even though I wanted to, so I went with it and kept up the pace. Part of me enjoyed watching Rhea go mad from my dick as I continued the anal foreplay I started earlier. This time directly dousing her opening with my saliva. Rhea didn’t have the energy to resist anymore nor did she want to at this point. I gently slid my thumb in and Bostancı Ucuz Escort stretched her hole enough to insert several other fingers. Rhea pushed down against the bed as she squirmed and braced herself within the sheets. She squeezed both hands and abdomen unable to endure anymore. I couldn’t either and during the moment of climax my hands were thrusting just as fast as my hips.

The floodgates let loose as I discharged a massive stream of semen into her womb. I stayed inside her tightened hold until she eased up and released me. Alexa didn’t miss the chance to tease me some more and fit my entire penis into her mouth. She gobbled and slurped up any excess cum that trickled out, making sure not to miss the chance to tease the tip of my penis some more. Once satisfied, I enjoyed the sight of her going up to Rhea who rolled over onto her back in a mess and didn’t let any of my cum, dripping out of her pussy go to waste. Only silent moans escaped Rhea’s bated breaths. Alexa was a fiend when it came to my cum and made sure to suck until there was no more spilling out.

I settled into a comfy sleeping position on my back and pulled my pillow forward to rest my head on. The sheets were a mess and didn’t want to bother straightening them out since I was too hot currently. I was too physically drained to care about all the sweat and was close to passing out. Alexa made her way to my right side and cuddled in closely to do the same. Rhea took her time and eventually did the same crawling up to my left side. They were so cute when taking turns kissing me. I internally promised to myself that I’d always protect them and quickly fell asleep soon after.

I awoke to the subtle fingers tethered around my morning wood. Rhea and Alexa alternated between licking and gagging on my dick. It didn’t take long for them to get me to finish. My cum spread all over Rhea’s face sliding down her lips and cheeks. Both of their hands released my throbbing erection as I enjoyed the steamy make out session between the two of them.

*Writer’s Notes: Okay well, thats it for now. Hope you all enjoy.