Nothing is Random

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Big Tits

This is my third submission; it’s a bit different than my last couple of stories. I have a lot of ideas flowing right now, life imitating art or vice versa, I am not sure which.

Thank you so much to everyone for the input on my writing, it is much appreciated.

And a BIG thanks to my inspiration, without him I would have only blank pages.


It had been a crazy week and now that Friday had finally arrived I was in the mood to do something fun with maybe a little crazy thrown in. I was going to go to a local bar with some friends to get my buzz on and maybe hook up with a random. I dressed carefully in a short black skirt that nicely hugged the curves of my ample ass and a hot pink baby tee that clung to my 36C breasts and offered just the right amount of cleavage. My bra was lacy and black and matched my thong panty. I felt sexy and was determined to let it show. To let go some of my inhibitions, at least for a night.

I planned on getting drunk so I was riding with friends, Mark and Elizabeth, who had been dating for several months and, in my opinion, made a super cute couple. We made small talk on the way to the bar and I felt excited, like something fun was going to happen I just wasn’t sure what. “I have a good feeling Jenn, that you’re gonna meet someone tonight!” Gushed Elizabeth, while Mark was parking the car.

“We’ll see I guess,” I answered hopefully but unwilling to jinx myself by being overly confident. We walked into the bar which was semi-crowded but full of good energy. Most of the tables were occupied, as were most of the bar stools, but we spotted an empty booth near the back and rushed towards it before someone else snagged it. Britney was singing about wanting to go and a raucous group of girls were on the dance floor laughing and singing. We settled in at the table and I ordered a rum and diet coke when the waitress came over.

Immediately I felt my gazed being pulled towards the bar and that’s when I saw him. He appeared to be alone but I couldn’t be sure. He was sitting on a bar stool, turned around staring up at one of the large screen tvs on the wall directly over our table. He had dark hair that was messy in a cute guy way and almond shaped eyes of a color I could not determine between the distance and the dim lighting. He was wearing a blue v neck sweater that showed he worked out and a dark pair of pants. I felt like I knew him from somewhere and kept looking at his handsome face to try to figure out out. He must’ve sensed my staring because his eyes left the tv to meet mine and I blushed and looked away; when I dared to move them back I found him still gazing in my direction.

I offered a friendly smile that he returned before averting my eyes and going back to whatever it was that had captivated him on the television. I felt strange and the excited feeling returned. My drink came and I gulped it quickly, then grabbed Liz and pulled her to the dance floor. The new Justin Timberlake song, ‘Suit and Tie’ was playing now and we got a little silly dancing and singing. I saw Mark watching Liz and felt a little stab of envy until I looked over and saw the guy from the bar with his eyes trained on me. When Mark came out to the floor to grab Liz, I decided to be brave, so I sashayed over and hopped up on the stool next to him.

“Hey,” I said, “You’re cute, what’s your name?” I was shocked at my own audacity. I guess the liquor had kicked in. He smiled however and I felt relieved.

“Thanks,” he said shyly, “My name’s Joshua, yours?” He asked, looking me up and down appraisingly. He must’ve liked what he saw because he smiled again and looked me in the eye.

“Jennifer, but everyone calls me Jenni.” I suddenly felt nervous and a little aroused.

“Jenni…” He repeated casually, and I liked the way my name sounded in his mouth. “What brings you here tonight?” He asked me.

“Stress relief, ” I admitted, flagging down the bartender and ordering another drink to illustrate my point. “Did you want something? My treat!”

“Nope I’m driving. I’m only here to chaperone my cousin istanbul escort who’s visiting from L.A. Her and her idiot friends wanted to get drunk and my aunt will kill me if anything happens to her. That’s them…” he motioned towards the dance floor and the group of girls we had seen when he walked in.

“Awww, that’s nice…” I said, reaching out to touch his arm lightly and watched as he rolled his eyes but smiled and blushed a little.

“Yeah, that’s me…” He said, derisively, but with a sly smile. “Are you here alone?” He asked casually, but his stare betrayed his tone. His eyes were stuck on mine it seemed. Up close I could see they were a golden brown and quite mesmerizing. Swallowing, I looked away as I felt my heart rate increase.

“Nope, I’m with them.” I gestured to my friends who were wrapped up into each other on the floor, swaying to a slow song.

“Oh, I see, fifth wheel, huh?” I must’ve shown something on my face because he immediately backtracked and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that…” before his voice trailed off sheepishly.

“Well, basically…they wanted to get me out of the house and I wanted to have fun so here I am.” I explained, “No worries, it is what it is.”

“And are you?” He made eye contact again and shifted his legs towards mine. “Having fun I mean.”

I stirred my drink with the straw and looked up at him again. He was so cute! “I’ve had worse times,” I quipped sarcastically, “Dentist appointments and DMV visits, you know…” I then giggled nervously hoping he was fluent in sarcasm.

“And sitting in traffic or on an airplane next to a screaming baby, right?” He replied, playing along with a smile.

“Absolutely! But no, really I am having fun. I never go out anymore and I never meet anyone who’s interesting to talk to like you.” I felt a heat overtake my face from my admission but I didn’t care. His face lit up a little and I saw his eyes trail down my face to my cleavage before coming back up to meet my eyes, a new, hungry look staring at me.

“Couldn’t agree more! Plus you’re easy on the eyes…”As he spoke the flattering words, I felt my body responding to his energy and suddenly I wanted to kiss him, but did not want to seem insane so I restrained myself and ordered another drink. Probably not the best plan but what the hell.

We sat and talked while I finished my next drink and took turns giving each other tidbits of our lives. I felt so warm and comfortable talking to him, a feeling I hadn’t had in so long and it appeared he felt the same way. Our hands kept touching and our legs would brush up against each other’s and every time I got a little more tingly. I was feeling flirtatious and buzzed so my normal reserved personality was in hiding. I was giggling like a schoolgirl at everything he said and I kept finding ways to keep the conversation going. I was so into him that I didn’t notice that Liz had come up behind me.

“Hey Jenn-i how’s it going?” She sang gleefully and I knew that: a: she had been drinking and b: that she was watching (and probably analyzing) my interaction with Joshua. “We’re gonna…go, do you think you can find a ride?” She said this quite loudly and (Ohmygod!)she could not possibly have been more obvious. I sighed and started to speak but before I could he spoke up.

“I can bring you home, no problem, I’m nice, remember…” he said earnestly and with a smile that made me smile.

“Are you drunk? A murderer? Write your name and phone number on this napkin and I’m going to call it right now so I know you’re legit!” Liz was neither shy nor tactful but was a fierce protector. Joshua seemed amused by her and took it in stride.

“I’m not drinking at all, I’m the designated driver and, no, I’m not a murderer.” He explained as he wrote his name and number as requested. Liz immediately took her phone out and called the number he wrote. On cue he was pulling out his phone from his pocket and showing Liz her own number lit up on the front.

Satisfied, Liz gave avcılar escort me a hug and whispered in my ear to “go for it” before scampering over to Mark so he could escort her drunk butt to the car. I wasn’t exactly sober myself, I suddenly realized, and I was getting a ride home from a virtual stranger who I was extremely attracted to. This might be the interesting evening I had hoped for. “Sorry about that, she just wants to make sure I’m ok…” I attempted to explain, but he put his hand up to stop me.

“Of course she does, you don’t know me, it’s all good. I’m gonna go get my cousin and get us out of here. It’s almost one and I’m ready for bed.” I think he stressed the last word but with my current mental state I couldn’t be sure. I watched him walk across the room to the table that his cousin and three of her friends had commandeered and as he leaned down to talk to her. They exchanged a few words back and forth and he came back alone. “They’ve got a ride home with one of their brothers. I know him so I feel ok about it. Are you ready?” He seemed anxious to leave and I was on the same page.

“Yep, let’s go.” I replied, standing up and grabbing my purse. He came over to me and offered me his arm and I took it, hesitantly at first but then a little more firmly. His arm felt strong and secure, two things I needed at the moment. We walked out of the bar to the parking lot and he guided me over to his car, a silver Lexus, and over to the passenger side. He then thought for just a second and then pushed me up against the side of the car and kissed me long and hard. Initially startled, I quickly recovered and kissed him back. I felt his hand roaming my body, finding my breast and then my nipple, rubbing just enough to wake my body up. He then pulled back and looked at me.

“I don’t usually do this but I thought I’d take a chance and you, well, I couldn’t resist,” he said, looking again at my breasts and then my legs and back up to my lips before coming in for another kiss.

“It’s ok.” That was all I could manage as we made out, hands roaming bodies and the temperature rising between us.

After a few minutes he stopped again and said, “Come on, get in…” as he opened the door to his car and held it open until I was safely ensconced inside. He then securely closed it and walked to the other side and got in the driver’s seat. When he was in the car I immediately reached over to start rubbing his leg, feeling extremely turned on and more than a little naughty. I ran my hand up and down his leg, towards his crotch but not too close and repeated my motions, getting closer each time. Finally I started to rub the hard-on I could feel developing through his pants. I looked up at him and he had leaned back in the seat and had his eyes closed as I continued rubbing. I could feel his cock getting harder and I wanted to get closer. “Should we go to your place?” I asked, still slowly moving my hand up and down the bulge in his pants.

“Ummm, ok, are you sure?” He asked, trying to spit out a complete sentence, but struggling as his breaths were coming out hard and fast with arousal.

I leaned over to kiss him, keeping my hand in place, hard and with a lot of passion to show him my intentions. Our tongues danced furiously and when we parted and I said “Yep, positive. If you want to that is, and maybe we can think of some entertainment for the drive…” I finished devilishly.

He smiled and looked at me as though he wasn’t sure I was serious, then looked back ahead and started the car. He turned on the radio to play some soft contemporary music and backed out of the parking spot he was in. I made a move to unzip his pants and then grabbed for the button. He willingly adjusted himself to help me obtain access to my prize and I eased his cock out of his pants. I rubbed it up and down the shaft several times, loving how it felt in my hands, soft and smooth and just the right size. I then leaned over to lick the tip, tasting the pre-cum that had begun to pool there. He gasped but maintained focus on the road. şirinevler escort I wanted to pleasure him, but I also wanted to live so I thought it best to take it a little easy on him until we were at his house. I moved my mouth down further, keeping the suction light while using my tongue to lick the base as he slid down my throat.

“Mmmm, that feels great,” he moaned, and I continued what I was doing, moving a little faster now but still controlling my motion as he carefully drove. I brought my hand over to join my mouth, wrapping my thumb and forefinger around the base and jacking him off slowly as my mouth continued moving. I was starting to get really into it, I loved sucking cock and I loved feeling it get harder in my mouth and I really loved when I knew he was into it. When I felt him getting close to losing control I slowed down again to let him recover for a few seconds and then began again. I did this several times and each time his breathing got a little harder and I knew he wouldn’t last much longer and, as luck would have it, it was just as he was pulling up in front of what I presumed to be his house and into the open garage. Glad to finally not be moving, I decided it was time to go for it and gave my full attention to his cock and now at making him cum in my willing mouth.

I sucked a little harder, a little faster and a lot deeper and felt his hands come up to grip my hair before he finally let go. I felt the hot juice shoot from him and into my throat and I swallowed it quickly and went back for more. Twice more he shot cum into my mouth before he pulled out of my mouth and looked over at me sheepishly. “Wow. Just wow.” Was all he could muster and a bright smile overtook his face. “Let’s go inside so I can return the favor.” He opened his car door and hustled over to my side so he could open my door for me. “Aren’t you a gentlemen?” I teased, again grabbing his arm, wanting to feel him close to me and not trusting my ability to walk straight.

“Of course.” was his reply as he escorted me into his house. We walked into the living room and he offered me some water, which I thought was a good idea, and waited on the couch as he went to grab it. When he returned with the water, he sat down next to me and handed me the cup. I took a few quick sips before placing on the coffee table and reaching again for him. He turned towards me at the same time and kissed me, pushing me back against the couch, his hands instantly going for my breasts, pushing up under my shirt to massage them through my bra. He tugged at the hem, pulling it up and I raised my arms to allow him to remove it. He then went for the clasp on my bra, releasing it, and my breasts so he could fondle them with his hands, making me moan as my nipples reacted to his touch, tightening and forming the tight buds that were so sensitive.

He kissed down my neck, sucking lightly at each side before reaching my right nipple with his mouth and lightly gripping on the outside with his teeth as his tongue stroked the top. His hand found the other nipple and his fingers lightly pulled and twisted at it. “Oh my god, that feels amazing,” I managed to get out between my moans. I had been known to have orgasms from nipple play alone and I felt seriously close as he continued working on them, switching back and forth with his mouth and hand, building me up to a strong climax but I wasn’t ready to let go yet. He seemed to sense this and brought his hand lower to slide it up my skirt to massage my hot pussy through my panty. He could feel how wet I was and didn’t hesitate to reach into my panty and find my clit quickly, starting to rub it as his mouth continued to work my nipple. He then moved his fingers lower, to my hot pussy and put two fingers up and into me. He shoved his fingers in and out and his thumb came to stimulate my clit as he roughly finger fucked me. His mouth was still working my nipple and when he started tapping on my g-spot with his fingers, it was enough to send me over the edge. I came hard and my body convulsed in pleasure as the waves of the powerful orgasms overtook my body. He kept his hand still for a second and when he felt the first wave subside, slowly started moving until I was cumming again, harder than the first time.

“Fuck!” Was all I could say when the power of speech returned. I giggled, as was customary for me after I came like that.

To Be Continued…

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