Office Assistance Ch. 04

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Group Sex

Jack had dozed after their post breakfast romp. Emma lay beside him for a while just looking at him, feeling sated both physically and, she just realized, emotionally as well. With his eyes closed, his rhythmic breathing, his white hair completely wild and his naked body splayed out over the bed he looked so peaceful. Emma could not help but just let her eyes wander over him and drink him in.

She rose from the bed as gently as she could so as not to disturb him. He did move a little but his breathing returned to the same steady pace in a moment. Silently, Emma blew him a kiss then turned away. She realized she had not seen the rest of the second floor and thought she would look about a bit. Emma had no other clothes than what she had worn to the office on Saturday morning, so she just padded around wearing Jack’s shirt.

Further along the hall was another bathroom that obviously backed up to the one off the master bedroom. Then another, smaller bedroom with twin beds and a dresser. At the end of the hall she could see another bannister on her right, obviously the stairs leading to the third floor. Straight ahead was a solid wooden door, the same type and color as all the wood work and doors she had seen on the first and second floors. The door was partly open.

Quietly, she pushed the door open fully and stepped into the room. Floor to ceiling bookshelves lined three of the walls. The built in shelves were of a richer, darker color and different wood than the floors or woodwork in the rest of the house. Two oriental rugs covered the majority of the wood floor.

What captured Emma’s attention was the bow front window. On the fourth wall a space about 8 or 9 feet wide was spanned by an arc about 4 feet or so deep at its apex. More than half of the arc contained a curved, glass window that had to be 5 feet square. On either side were much smaller, double hung windows with stained or painted glass. Looking through the huge window across the street Emma saw the bow fronts on each of the brownstones opposite. This small part of the room projected out over the front entrance, suspended like a pulpit above the sidewalk and street below.

The hardwood floor was not covered in the semi-circle of the bow. There was one worn leather arm chair, a small table with a coaster and a book, and a curved reading lamp over the chair. Emma felt something hard to describe flow through her. It felt like calm had just enveloped her, reassuring her that all was good. She smiled as she determined that she was imaging Jack sitting in his chair reading. It was that image that brought the feeling of serenity. How comforting it would be to be in this room with Jack ensconced in that chair?

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you get up.”

Emma nearly jumped out of her skin, gasping in surprise. Jack’s hands came to rest on her shoulders, warm and strong.

“I wasn’t trying to surprise you. Sorry.”

“It’s OK,” she smiled, moving up on tip toe to kiss him quickly. “I was exploring the rest of the floor. I wasn’t snooping, really.”

Jack just chuckled softly. “I know you weren’t. Don’t worry. What do you think of this room?”

“I love it!” Emma gushed. “By far it’s my favorite room in the house. Well, second favorite,” she added shyly.

“It’s mine, too. I do use it as my home office.” He pointed to the desk and chair in the corner. “It’s where I spend most of my time. I read here, watch TV here and that couch has provided many restful hours of relaxation, which some people refer to as naps.”

Without either of them realizing it, Emma had slowly backed her way toward Jack, and Jack had slowly drawn her in. Until they were now standing with Emma encircled by Jack’s arms, his cheek resting beside her head soothed by her silky soft hair, their bodies joined from legs to shoulders.

“Jack,” Emma began hesitantly, “I’m a little scared.”

“Of me?” Jack started to pull away but Emma grabbed his arms and pulled them tighter around her.

“No, no, oh god no. I know I’m repeating myself but, I could really get used to this and… and I… well…”

“What? What’s bothering you?” Jack asked calmly, his lips uttering the words into the tresses behind her neck.

“I’m afraid that that I’m falling very hard for you and that if this doesn’t go anywhere or you need to be free as you were before it will be so hard for me.” She fought back the tears that were trying to reach her eyes and throat.

Jack gently guided her to the window, she felt him disengage from her and sit in that armchair. He softly called her name, “Emma”.

She turned to see him holding his arms out wide beckoning her to him. She sat on his lap and folded herself into him, feet drawn up from the floor, hands at her chest and her head on his shoulder. She felt him kiss her head so tenderly and his arms wrap around her once again.

“Oh my little girl. I didn’t know just how much I wanted you, just how much I needed you until yesterday. If I had my way we’d be moving far too fast. halkalı escort I can’t tell you how strongly I know I need you in my life. I’m only afraid that I’ll smother you or overwhelm you and chase you away.”

Her finger reached out and touched his chin. “You couldn’t do that if you tried, Daddy.” She spoke delicately, her eyes looking up hopefully at him.

He smiled a soft, warm, full smile. “Daddy needs his little girl as much or more than she needs him. What would be a Daddy’s purpose without his little girl to love, protect and care for?”

“Jack, do you really mean that or are you just playing along?”

“I’ve been thinking about it and I think I like the idea of being a Daddy. I didn’t think of using that term but I know I’ve felt like I want to protect you, care for and make things the best they can be for you. There is one, small, or perhaps not so small, wrinkle I’d like to throw in.”

Emma felt her heart about to burst with happiness when Jack’s statement about a small, or not so small, wrinkle staunched those feelings. Bravely she asked, “What is it?”

“How would you feel about me being, well ‘in control’ of you from time to time? I don’t mean hurting you or doing things to you out of spite or meanness. I’m talking about telling you what to wear from time to time or teasing you or making you a little bit uncomfortable, you know pushing your envelope a little?”

Her happiness returned and was joined by its cousins, excitement and arousal. On hearing Jack’s words her nipples stiffened and her nethers tingled. ‘I’m terrible,’ she thought to herself. ‘A dozen years or more without sex and now this man is arousing me just by speaking dirty thoughts.’

“I think I’d like to try that. Especially, if it makes you happy, Daddy.”

“Yes, little girl. The things I’m thinking about I hope will excite both of us.”

“Like what?”

“Well, I figure you probably can’t necessarily do this tomorrow so, beginning Tuesday you are never to wear pantyhose again. You will either be bare legged or you will wear stockings. It’s you choice as to whether you wear a garter or those self stay up kind but either bare leg or stockings. What do you think about that?”

Her giggle told him all he needed to know but it was lovely to hear her response in words. “I think I would like that a lot. I think I like the sexiness of the idea and the specialness of garters and stockings rather than a cheap pair of pantyhose. And you are mistaken, sir. It just so happens that I will be able to comply with your, instructions? requirement? As soon as tomorrow!”

“Well, well, well, my sweet Little Girl, isn’t that lovely.”

She could feel him swelling beneath her.

The remainder of Sunday was a quiet day. It was raining on and off throughout the day so outside appeared gloomy and dank.

Emma found a book she liked on the shelves and sat on the couch, still attired in Jack’s shirt. Leaning her back against the armrest so that she could see him as he worked at his desk. With a blanket over her legs she felt as comfortable as if the two of them had been this way for years.

When he had completed his work, Jack retrieved the book from the small table and sat at the other end of the couch. He lifted Emma’s feet so he could sit and then replaced them in his lap. He idly caressed and played with them as they read. Emma loved his touch on her though eventually the attention and the situation began to reignite the smoldering embers still glowing inside her. Looking over the top edge of her book at him engrossed in his book she used her right foot to explore his lap.

Once her toes found their objective she began to stroke him with her foot. She smiled behind her book as her play made him swell. Shifting his eyes from the page to her he couldn’t be sure if she was reading or not. He suspected she was not. Reaching under the blanket he snared her left foot and lifted it to his mouth. He proceeded to suck her big toe completely into his mouth.

She couldn’t fight it. A moan escaped her lips. She never expected the feeling of sucking on her toe would arouse her, and wasn’t so much the sensation as it was the who, the where and the how. First, it was Jack, he was special, unique, and made her feel, well, cared for. Second, she felt so comfortable in this room. Third, she liked the way he just did things, things like this, things that he wanted to do.

She assumed that he derived some pleasure from sucking her toes, based on his comment last night, but she further supposed that he was also doing it for her. He was not only introducing her to something he enjoyed but also offering a new experience for her to weigh and determine if it was to her liking.

As he slipped her second toe in to replace the one there his tongue swirled around it. Fuck, he actually looked sexy with her foot to his face, her toe between his lips and that pleased with himself look in his eyes.

“Starting taksim escort to like this, aren’t you Little Girl? You like Daddy sucking your toes. In fact, you like Daddy’s mouth on any part of your body. Daddy can make you excited with his mouth anywhere, can’t he?”

“Yesssss, I like your mouth Daddy. You look sexy sucking on my toes.” She started to squirm a little.

“You have such cute feet. I think that will be another ‘requirement’. I want your toes to always be polished. No chips or peeling, always fresh and pretty. I like reds and pinks the best. You may try any color you like but if I don’t like it it’s off the list. Got it?”

“Yes, Daddy. I like having my toes painted so I’ll be happy to keep them pretty for you.” This was going very nicely. He was telling her exactly what he liked. He was assuming the dominant role and yet he had admitted how vulnerable he felt. She loved being in the room with him, even when his attention was elsewhere. She really loved how his attention returned to her. And she was pleased that she could arouse him, as the hard cock beneath her still playing foot attested.

Jack released her foot and sat forward with his knees spread wide. “I want you to come stand right here in front of me,” he told her, pointing to the rug between his feet.

She quickly complied. No sooner was she in position than she felt his hands on her thighs. They moved slowly but firmly up under the shirt, over her hips, her waist, her ribs and then met in the middle without ever touching her breasts. She let her head lean back, taking her body with it as she stretched into his hands as they glided back down over her stomach, split to circle behind her to the small of her back and then up the ladder of her spine, pushing her straight upright again. They travelled across her shoulder blades under her armpits (Oh god, she hadn’t checked for stubble! Did she shave yesterday morning?) and then barely grazed her boobs before descending over her hips again.

Jack seemed to be staring at her crotch, not looking up at her once. His hands slid over her knees to her shins. He had to lean forward a little to reach her ankles and she could feel his breath flutter the shirttails in front of her sex. He massaged her calves a little. She wanted to scream at him. ‘My cunt is burning! Please touch me there!’ He seemed ignorant of, or unconcerned with, her increasing need.

Now he was running fingers lightly up and down behind her knees. She hadn’t felt sensations there in ages. She forgot how that spot on the backside of her knees seemed to be connected to her nipples and her pussy. ‘But he seems to have figured that out by himself, the son of a bitch!’

When his fingers trailed over the smooth, taut skin behind her knees Jack felt her body twitch. When he made a second pass she twitched again. ‘Ah, my Emma, your body has secrets! It’s going to be so much fun discovering them and playing with them.’ He saw her hands move and guessed, correctly, she was fighting the urge to touch her breasts and nipples. ‘So much fun,’ he thought.

His fingers danced up the back of her thighs and passed over her ass like butterflies. Once more he rode the skin over her hips this time continuing until he met the top edge of her courser pubic hair.

Looking up at her now he asked, “Tell me Little Girl, are you wet?”

Biting her lip in frustration all she could manage was, “Mmm, hhmm.”

“What was that? I didn’t understand.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Keeping his smile hidden he asked, “Yes, what”?

‘Oh, that bastard, he’s dragging this out,’ she thought. “Yes, Daddy, I’m wet.”

“Are there special places you would like me to touch, Little Girl?”

‘What’s the male equivalent of a prick tease? A cunt tease?’ she wondered. She wasn’t sure what she could say or not say. She didn’t know whether certain words were off limits. They were just starting. She spoke truthfully. “I’d really like you to touch my nipples and my pussy, Daddy.”

His smile was so reassuring. She relaxed despite the uncontrollable need. “You know, I haven’t taken a shower today. Neither have you come to think of it. I think we should take a shower together.” He rose, forcing her to step backward. He took hold of her hand and led her down the hall to the bedroom and into the bath. He turned the shower to hot and let the water warm.

Jack moved behind her, reached around to her chest and with all the speed of sloth he unbuttoned his shirt, one agonizingly slow button at a time. “Anything on your mind right now?”

She couldn’t hold back. “”You’ve got me hotter than asphalt at noon in August and all you want to do is take a shower. As you teasing me like this on purpose?”

His voice was right in her ear. “Absolutely I am. That’s my entire plan. I want you begging for it. You don’t understand what this is doing to me. My cock is trying to rip through my jeans in an effort to get to that perfect cavity between your legs. My şişli escort mouth is watering to surround and suck on those swollen nipples. This is killing me as much as it is you. But that will make all the sweeter when I take you.”

Emma groaned, rubbing her head back against his chest and searching for his hard on with her hands.

“Unh, unh, unh. Keep those hands to yourself for now, Little Girl. Now hop in that shower and get the water to your liking. I’ll be in to wash you.” He grabbed her wrist and moved her hand away. He swatted her ass with his other hand as she stepped toward the shower. Her little yelp was mostly from surprise than any pain from his hand.

She adjusted the temperature of the stream and then turned. Through the open door she watched him pull off his t-shirt, then unbutton and unzip his jeans. He bent to push the jeans over his knees. When he straightened his cock was hard and pointing right at her. God did he look good to her, even if the thoughts in his head were evil.

Stepping in and closing the door Jack pressed his body against Emma, his cock sandwiched between her hip and his groin. He moved them both into the flow. When her hair was wet he poured the shampoo and began to massage it thoroughly. Once rinsed he poured about half the bottle of conditioner onto her head and tried to work it through her long locks. Emma stifled a laugh at his inexpert application of the conditioner, but it was sweet.

Grabbing a bar of soap he ran it in circles over her shoulder, down her arm and underneath. Seamlessly switching it to his other hand he did the same on the other side. He was standing behind her and his erection was wedged into the top part of her ass crack. He circled each breast with the soap and then placed it back in the dish. His hands moved under each breast, then cupped them and moved up and over the nipples to the top where they circled around to below and repeated the process.

“Have I told you what particularly lovely breasts you have? Damn, I’ve seen Playboy models who don’t have boobs as nice as yours.”

“Liar,” she retorted, “they’re saggy and old.” He was driving her crazy with the brief passes of his hands over her nipples and his just too light pressure.

“I’ll have you know, Ms. Richardson, and you may accept it as fact, that I am somewhat a connoisseur of the female mammary, having personally viewed thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, during my online research. Yours are not saggy at all. They are full, well shaped, lovely, enticing, alluring, fabulous, luscious breasts.”

Her only response was to grab his hands in hers, mash them against her boobs and then squeeze his thumb and forefinger on her nipples. She moaned loudly in relief and delight as the sensations rippled through her. At least he got the message. He was now pulling, twisting and pinching her nipples in a most satisfying manner, letting them slip through his soapy fingers only to recapture them. He scissored her nipples between his first and middle fingers while he squeezed her breasts in his strong hands.


He had the soap again and spread it all over her abdomen and back. Replacing it, his hands roamed everywhere slipping easily over her soapy skin. As he washed her ass, his hand moving freely between her cheeks she suffered momentary embarrassment but then the feeling of his hand there turned it into an erogenous zone. Finally, his soapy fingers massaged her pubic hair and then her pussy. His hand rubbing over her clit and labia pushed her to an orgasm before she knew it.

She would have collapsed to the floor if Jack hadn’t maintained his hold on her. She was lost in paradise for a period of time as the excitement flowed through her.

She recovered and turned to face him. “You’re pretty good at this physical thing. You sure you haven’t been practicing?”

“I read a lot,” he answered smugly.

“And don’t forget your online research,” she teased. “Now it’s your turn, bend down so I can wash your hair.”

“Why don’t we divide and conquer, I’ll take high and you take low.”

A wicked smile formed on Emma’s face. “Yes, Daddy.”

As soon as Jack’s hands were lathering the shampoo in his hair she pounced, or rather grabbed. Both her soapy hands went straight to Jack’s semi-erect dick and commenced to stroke him. He was hard before the third stroke. Now using one hand on his cock and the other washing his balls Emma’s touch was tantalizing. As her fingers passed over his asshole he felt an extra jolt through his system. A couple more passes and he’d explode for sure. He hurried to try and rinse the suds from his hair so he could stop her hands.

As he bent his head under the water Emma reached behind him and began to wash his buns. Before he knew it her hand was washing between his cheeks while the other continued to stroke his cock.

As he withdrew his head from the stream he growled, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Both hands stopped their movement. “Well you told me to get the bottom…” She couldn’t contain the giggle.

He couldn’t even pretend to be upset. He threw his arms around her and pulled her tight to him. “That’s not fair. You know what your little giggle does to me. Now please stop washing my penis or it’ll be wasted.” He kissed her as the water flowed over and between their bodies.

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