One of My Students

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Everyone in my story is over 18.


I was walking through town on a Saturday alone as my wife was in work and I saw one of my students. I decided to keep going and only respond if she said hi to me first. In the corner of my eye I could see she clocked me going into a shop. She and her friend were waiting outside the shop just to say hi. This student was fairly short, skinny with beautiful blonde hair and big green eyes. I was used to seeing her in uniform but today she had on tight jeans which showed her bum perfectly and a crop top revealing her stunning waist line.

I asked her how she was doing and she looked mesmerized that I was chatting to her about real things like an adult. Her friend who want half as pretty left leaving me and my student. She told me that she was waiting until 6pm for her mum so she could get a lift home as she had no money. At this time of year in England it was dark by about 4pm. I asked if she wanted a lift home as my car was close. She accepted my offer and we talked belugabahis giriş until we got to my car.

It had been a while since I had a hot blonde in my car I told her, she blushed as she put on her belt. She asked where I lived and it turned out to be round the corner from my house.

She asked to see my house. I knew this was inappropriate but also I knew where this could lead. I said yes and we went to my two bed semi.

I showed her around and she looked amazed by the little things. I saved the bedroom for last. I told her about the bed and how it was so comfortable and I motioned for her to try it. She lay back on it while I admired the perfect view on my bed. I lay next to her on my side while we talked more. We then looked into each others eyes while our lips very slowly closed the distance and kissed. It was a loving kiss while our hands explored each others body. Her hand on my waist and mine around hers. I pressed my growing erection to her mound. She looked into my eyes knowing belugabahis güvenilirmi what she wanted but not knowing how to get it.

I took her top off showing her small breasts in a plain white bra. I always thought white underwear made blonde girls look like angels. I took off mine and her soft hands touched my chest. I took off her bra and started kissing again while feeling her small soft breasts in my hand. She let out little moans as I rolled her little nipples under my fingers.

I then took off her jeans and let her undo mine. She was unsure and fumbling but she got them off showing just my boxers. She took them off fast and my erection sprung out. At the same time her eyes widened.

I moved her small hands to my shaft as my fingers worked to her pussy. I felt how wet she was slipped two straight in. I wasted no time in bringing her to her first orgasm from another man. She clearly didn’t know what to do with me as her hand had hardly moved from my hardness.

I belugabahis yeni giriş decided that she was all warmed up for me anyway so I got on to of her. She looked at me happy from her climax but then that changed to worry as she saw what would have to fit inside her.

My cock was at her entrance now and I told her not to worry. I pushed my tip into her tight pussy and stayed for a moment until I pushed had way. She felt tighter but I gave her time to adjust to me. I kissed her lips and moved my tongue into hers as I fucked her no deeper than half way.

Soon her hips started to meet mine and I pushed deeper into her. After about 5 minutes I pulled out and she moaned in disappointment. I slipped two fingers into her and pleasured her to climax. I then put myself back into her and fucked hard.

I could feel myself ready and I told her I was going to cum. She made no protest to it being inside her but I thought she probably didn’t get why it was an issue.

I released my load filling her fully. She raised her hips and locked me inside her. I embraced her lovingly and kissed her soft neck.

I pulled out and took her to my shower. We kissed some more and then she got dressed. She told me she’d walk home and so I kissed her goodbye and told her I’d see her in school on Monday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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