One Step Too Far Ch. 04


I had heard of the Marquis Rockwell from the other girls, but only in passing. None of them had been with him except in conversation at one of Alex’s parties. He was proper and old fashioned, he used french pomade to slick back his hair and he looked like a european cowboy. He never spoke to me and I figure he didn’t care for my somewhat non-prim ways. I laughed too loudly perhaps. He was said to have a kind of special party every year, in a different place around the world and by chance it was at Alex’s this year. It sounded exciting and I tried to get Alex or Ms Garvey to at least give us a hint of what the party theme was but everyone was tight lipped.

Alex seemed on edge. We haven’t yet slept together. I want to but thought perhaps he has another girl somewhere which was fine for me. He would come from time to time after work and I love listening to him tell me about work or some adventure he’s had in the past. He’s fascinating and I love how he runs his fingers through my hair and allows me to give him little pecks on the cheek and put my head on his lap. Sometimes I wake up and he would be gone but I can still smell him. A couple times I looked at him for a hint. I would bite my lip and touch him in a slightly more intimate way but he gently pulls my hand away and continues talking. I could see him steal glances at me so I knew he was turned on. Maybe.

The day before the Marquis was to come with his entourage Alex seems particularly on edge. He can’t look me in the eyes. I didn’t force the issue, after all I’m sure he had his reasons. I was walking him to the door holding his hand softly and telling him about my silly day when he suddenly turns and holding my head in his hands kisses me deeply. My hands fall to my side and suddenly he pulls back. Without looking at me he apologized and left. I was in shock and my whole body was leaning into his passion and I had a hard time sleeping that night but finally I doze off into a dreamless sleep,

When I awake, Ms Garvey has just laid the clothes I am to wear and heads off to get Fenny hers. I bounce off bed, finally able to see the finery we are to wear. To my surprise it isn’t some diaphanous or regal outfit but a kind of a tight leather bodice with a leather collar and red velvet sleeves and a short leather mini with brown tights with leather trims.. Footwear is a tightly fitted knee high soft leather boots. They are surprisingly comfortable and I can feel the ground with my toes through the boots. The look is kind of sexy medieval archer?. I am just finished figuring out the leather ties when Ms Garvey comes in and helps me tighten here and there so that all the leather strings were tight and my tiny little asian breasts got a little perkier lol.

At 9am, a windowless carriage with a single horse came and pick Fenny and I up. We giggle on the way over. It seemed exciting but also odd and mysterious. Was it going to be a day in medieval court? The carriage is going into the backwoods of Alex’s property. After 10 minutes we stopp. The door opens and someone dressed as an old fashioned page lowers the stairs for us to come down. I can see the Marquis,sitting easy on a regal horse. I remembered his fondness for horses and he looks dapper and in charge with red jacket and top hat. I can hardly contain my laughter. There were other men around him, all dressed in formals and in top hat. I don’t see Alex. Here and there I saw perhaps five or six women, all dressed like Fenny and I. Each woman is given a small knife and a small water satchel. Ah, so we were going on some kind of expedition or hunt. Are we going to get horses? I don’t care, a little running would be good exercise.

A bugle sounds and things came to order. I could see Alex sitting glumly in the distance. A page near the Marquis stepped forward. He spoke loudly and clearly. “Hear ye hear ye. Today we shall proceed with the game in the manor of the Marquis Rockwell. The rules are simple. One cannot capture more than one. One cannot capture one that is his own.” I look at Fenny,who also looks confused, what was he talking about? “Each runner will be given a 15 minute head start. There are 8 runners today. If the runner can make it to one of the safe zones marked in yellow, Pendik Sınırsız Escort she will be allowed to exit unmolested. If she is not found by 8pm, she will be allowed to exit unmolested. Is that understood? Each runner has a knife which she will be allowed to use in any way. For the lucky hunter who captures a runner, he will be allowed to use her in any way fit for this evening.”

I turned to Fenny and she and I both realize at the same time what the Marquis game is. We are the hunted! I look at Alex who looked at me. He was trying to tell me something with his eyes but I didn’t have time to interpret. I looked around at the men who were making final preparations. I see the Marquis and he’s looking at me directly. He has a menace I don’t trust. I don’t actually remember the bugle sounding the start but all at once I’m running as fast as I can. I am in summer shape and I pass the other girls easily as we run into the woods. I keep looking back to guide Fenny who isn’t in great shape but she goes off in another direction.I turn and run into a stream, entering and exiting as i’ve seen in the movies. I use the knife to cut into the thicket and duck into a large patch which could not be seen from the top. I am panting from the run, my tanned skin glistening. My heart is beating and I try to listen.

I headed up a small rise to get a better vantage point. I can hear a lot of activity about 100 years to my right. I kept my head low and peered through the thicket. I see the first girl caught and hogtied. I keep silent and backtrack as the hunter’s compatriots catch up and congratulate him. I stay low and jog for a mile in the direction of a high stand of trees. I figure if I can get up one of the trees I can nestle in one of the large branches and wait things out. I was thinking like Alex would, how to take the best offensive position by taking defensive position and using the terrain to my advantage. Alex would be proud I thought. I laughed to myself about a stupid schoolgirl thought of him now wanting to make love to me. I find a ravine high enough to hide my frame. It is very quiet and the sound of action gets softer until all I hear are birds and rustling leaves in the wind.

I can make out the stand of trees. My feet are wet but I feel good, like a superhero almost, in fitted bodice and the leather skirt is actually good, it doesn’t impede my running. I look back and no one is following, no horse could be that quiet. I turned the corner and…

The marquis is standing there. No horse. No second. No top hat, just his prim white hair coiffed as usual. He wears riding gloves.. I look around and see his horse 100 yards away. He had a sneer painted on his face, like he knew what I was going to do. I dropped my water satchel and slowly pulled my knife from the sheath. If i can incapacitate himI can still get to those trees. They will find him in a few hours after I am safe. He looks at me coldly. Like I was prey. “I don’t want to hurt you” I try to yell as if he can’t speak english but the words come out unconvincingly. He is walking toward me slowly, laconically. I can feel my damp tights on my feet, I can feel the heat of my fear. “I don’t think that knife will help you little one” he says plainly. I lunged with my knife and he parrys easily grabbing my knife hand. He is fast for a middle aged man and lean. He twists my wrist and I drop the knife.

He makes quick work, holding my wrist with one hand, removes a length of rope with the other. I swing at him and he grabs my hair with his other hand, deftly ties my hands behind me. I am still struggling, doing anything to get away. His hair comes un-coiffed and it’s long silver hair to his shoulders. I can see I am not so easy for him, he is grimacing. No way he’s going to do whatever he wants and I spit at him and kick at him, landing a few. He shakes his head and shoves one glove into my mouth, tying off with a handkerchief.

Finally I exhaust myself and he ties me to a tree, standing in damp boots. He’s standing back a safe distance and lights a thin long cigarette. He’s breathing hard but he’s in no rush now. I try to look wild and unappealing. “Little one, you were the one I wanted, you have fight Pendik Suriyeli Escort in you, but I must break you.” My tights are ripped and smell of wet leather. He’s a good 3-4 inches taller. He finishes his cigarette and pulls off the handkerchief. I look at him defiantly, determined to not be what he wants. Without taking my eyes off him I say, “sure, come and get it,” and I pee into my mini-skirt, down my tights with a stream going into my left boot. The smell of pee wafts over. Instead of getting angry, he sticks the glove back in my mouth, laughs and walks to his horse. I’ve won! He gets on his horse and rides over slowly to say goodbye.

But instead of saying goodbye he moves his horse closer and closer so I have to turn my head from its closeness. To my shock, the horse starts peeing, first in front of me but slowly the hot torrent comes up my leg. I start to scream through the glove in my mouth as the stream travels up my waist, breasts and into my face and into my mouth and into my hair. Finally the horse is finished and I stop writhing, still dripping in pee. The Marquis is smiling. I’m totally humiliated and suddenly not so confident. He gets off his horse and inspects me.I’m dripping. This time it’s I who can’t look into his eyes. He lifts my chin up with his remaining gloved hand and removes the horse pee covered glove gingerly. “Oh little one, they didn’t tell you about me did they? I don’t like spoiled brats” I try to defend myself but all around is wet, salty and foul and so I’m silent. I try to look at him with defiance but I know he’s broken me. While holding my chin still, he shakes my head a little so I know to look him in the eye. The other hand rips my panties and tights. “Bite me and I will punish you dearly” and I know he means it. He uses his gloved thumb to lever my mouth open and I open wide, I don’t want his punishment. He inserts two fingers, moving them in and out and I know to suck on them. I want him to know I am eager to follow instructions. “Oh good girl, good girl” he says and reaches down between ripped panties and inserts both fingers deep in me, lubricated by spit and pee. I cry out. I look at him scared, but he nods yes, crying out is ok. He inserts his gloved thumb deep into my mouth as he pushes the other fingers deeper into me. I look at him obediently while feeling his fingers knowing what to do.

I come as a woman so hard I almost do bite his finger. But his gloved thumb is so far down my throat I can’t bite which is fortunate, I don’t want to hurt him, I don’t want to be punished. I come a couple more times and the final time he pulls his finger out so I can scream and scream, gasping for air. Two fingers became three inside me. I was a mess of my own snot and pee. My leather bodice has amazingly held up. He removes his fingers from inside me and lets rope loose as I collapse to my knees. He lights up another cigarette as he fastens my hands to the back of my booties. He removed his handkerchief and ties up my hair, still damp from horse pee. “Look up little one, up. Do you have any more fight?” I shake my head no. He lets me have a pull on his cigarette and puts it out with his boot. Slowly he undoes his belt and pulls out his cock. “Look up and don’t be a snobby little rich girl ok?”

I accept his pee on my face, opening my mouth wide to catch his stream. It happened so fast, I am broken, I haven’t my will anymore. His cock is hard when he pushes it in my mouth. He starts slowly but soon is moving quickly and he shoots one load, and then another. He staggers back, “show me” and his eyes are still alive with nastiness. I’ve swallowed first load but I open my mouth to show that I have his second load, putrid and soapy still coating my mouth. He’s overcome and nods yes and I swallow what’s in my mouth.

After a spell and he’s rested and opens his eyes. I was still scared and have stayed on my knees looking down. He moves the tie so my hands are tied in front. I’m led to a stream where he fills his top hat with water and pours hatloads over my head over and over. I stand quietly accepting his kindness. Then he rides his horse slowly with me walking silently in back to the start area. Four of the women have been caught Pendik İranlı Escort and being prepped by the various crews for later uses, only I had been taken on the course. Fenny is still missing but I hardly register. At least I am clean. Troughs have been filled with fresh hay and horses are fed. I am loosely tied to a post.

I was going to hold up my hands to have them untied but thought the better of it. Which was smart. The marquis looks down on me kindly. He reaches into one of his satchels and brings out a sort of short metal rod with a leather harness. “You’ve earned this little one” he says as he inserts the bit into my mouth. I instinctively close my mouth but he is firm and I reluctantly accept the bit which is attached by the harness and tightened so I can’t close my mouth. When I try to turn to him, he flaps the reins and my head naturally goes back to looking front ward. Even though I am his, the harness around my blouse is an odd feeling as are the eye flaps that prevent me from looking to my sides. He wraps the reins around the middle horizontal fence post and I stand looking away from everyone.


He approached me from the back. I tried turning my head but the reins prevent me from looking back. He slapped my rump hard and my legs go straight in attention. I understood this is how he wants me and I’m proud to be a quick study. He pulls my tights and boots off a leg at a time and tosses them. He wipes me down with a towel and fits me with a thick leather g-string with a hole in the back and front for my clit. He reaches into his bag again and comes out with some high heels, but they are missing the heel. The toe part is shaped into a hoof. He taps each leg and I step into the toes, which puts me immediately into a totter. He laces up each heel firmly and I stand there as I can see desire. I try to look but he says, “little one, i’m sorry you can’t see this, only feel it. I”m stepping back and forth to keep balance and he shortens the reins so my mouth is almost touching the horizontal post. I am bent over naturally and I keep trying to look back to no avail. My hands are tied tighter to the lowest horizontal post. I could have worked my hands free but I have no fight.

I can feel a small crowd gathering in back of me. Me tottering. The Marquis calls over and a man steps through the crowd, his second. The second puts his hand on my naked ass and I move here and there. He runs a finger up and I instinctively raise my ass up. He laughs. The crowd laughs. “I take care of mine little one, be still, i’m here” says the Marquis. Another man steps up on my left side, the Marquis on my right side. I can’t move my head from the horizontal post but I start to struggle a little, it’s one thing to satisfy the Marquis, but this wasn’t part of the rules, was it? The man on my left grabs my left leg and holds me still. The Marquis on my right, squirts some lube on his fingers and inserts them, making my right leg shoot back. “Sorry” the Marquis tells the second and grabs my right leg and holds it down while working the lube which is warming my insides and I struggle against the bit, which just makes it tighter.

I yelled when the second went in. He is bigger than the Marquis and I fight, starting to panic. But the lube had done its job and I started to feel my pleasure with feet in horse heels, held down by two men and a tight bit. If that weren’t enough the Marquis starts cooing to me, telling me to be calm. He starts to stroke my clit with his lubed hand. I closed my eyes as the second comes and then bite down hard on the comfort of cold metal as I come hard while the second is still coming. We all stood there for a moment, exhausted as the second’s cum drips down my naked leg onto my hoof heels.

Lucky the Marquis did not offer me to any of his other seconds. I was not allowed to take my hooves off but am given a clean bundle of hay to curl up in. The bit is loosened and it actually feels comforting to have the harness on. I fall asleep easily even as some men come and leer and try to reach over the paddock to touch my hooves or pull on my reins. The Marquis shoo them away. At some point I am half awake and aware Alex has come in with concern and cleaned the bits of hay off of me and carries me back to my room where I reluctantly allow the bit and hooves to be removed as I feel them a part of me because of the Marquis. Ms Garvey baths me and clothe me in the most wonderful sheerest diaphanous lingerie I’ve ever worn, luxury delivered by the Marquis with thanks.