Party Time for Jimmy and Mary

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Public Sex

Jimmy, a six foot four inch, one-hundred ninety-five pound all star receiver on his senior year high school varsity football team and Mary, last year’s head cheer leader who stood five feet six inches tall and weighed one-hundred twenty-five pounds had been dating for several months. Having graduated from high school, they intended to enjoy as much of their last summer together a possible before going off to college in the fall.

They were both fantastically good looking. Jimmy sported rock hard muscles, coal black hair that never appeared to be out of place and dark olive skin. Mary was toned but still had her feminine softness and a flawless complexion. She had thick shoulder length auburn hair that she normally wore in a swinging pony tail and a figure consisting of a thirty-six inch bust, full firm “B” cup breasts, a twenty-four inch waist and thirty-two inch hips. They were a beautiful couple and had been king and queen of their senior prom.

Their dates had mainly consisted of all the normal stuff such as going to movies, bowling, miniature golf, hanging out at the beach, etc. Every chance they got, which wasn’t often, they made love and those opportunities came in strange places.

This particular weekend both his parents and hers were going to be out of town for various reasons and they were looking forward to some alone time. Their friend Mike and his fraternal twin sister Lynn had invited them and a group of their other nineteen year old friends to a party at their house since their parents were also going to be away.

Mike played basketball on the varsity high school team and this fall would be going to college on a full athletic scholarship. He stood six feet eight inches tall and was a lean two-hundred ten pounds of solid muscle. His sister was just the opposite at five feet two inches tall and a slim one hundred five pounds. Both had dark brown hair and eyes. He kept his head shaved but Lynn’s hair fell all the way to her cute little butt. Her tits topped out at the upper end of an “A” cup and since she rarely wore a bra, her nipples usually could be observed through her thin tops pointing in the direction of her travel.

Lynn’s boyfriend Bob was a musician. He graduated a year ahead of the rest of the group and supported himself by playing lead guitar in a small band in town while attending the local community college. He was medium height and weight and sported long blond hair worn in the old hippy style.

Mary was all for the party but Jimmy was reluctant. His desire was to spend the entire weekend alone with her. Mary’s sweet pleading and promise of later reward won out and so party time it would be on Friday night with Saturday and Sunday reserved just for the two of them.

When they arrived at Mike and Lynn’s place around seven PM the party was just getting started. Mike and his girlfriend Jenny greeted them at the door. Mike gave Jimmy a firm hand shake and Mary a bear hug. Truth be known, he had a crush on her. Jenny gave each of them a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She was a stunningly beautiful girl with strawberry blond hair and stood five feet six inches tall with medium build except for her “D” cup tits.

Eight couples had already arrived including one of Jimmy’s team mates Larry, the quarterback on last years’ football team and his girlfriend Donna who had been on the cheer leading squad with Mary. Larry stood six feet three inches tall and weighed two-hundred twenty pounds of well toned muscle and had dark brown hair. Donna was the tallest of the girls at five feet ten inches, weighed one-hundred twenty-five well proportioned pounds and sported firm “C” cup breasts. She wore her hair a medium length and color wise it matched Larry’s.

Amy, another attendee, had also been on the cheer leading squad with Mary. She was five feet five inches tall, weighed one-hundred fifteen pounds, had a dynamite figure and flaming red shoulder length hair. Amy’s boyfriend Jake was the nerd of the group. He stood five foot six and weighed about one-hundred fifty pounds fully dressed. He was destined to spend the next few years at MIT on a full academic scholarship. What a hardship! He was a really nice guy and even the jocks liked him.

Mike thanked them for coming and escorted them to the makeshift bar where he drew them each a cold beer from the keg he had talked an older friend into providing for the party. Nether Jimmy nor Mary had ever consumed alcohol in any form and were not sure about trying it now but to be polite they each took a cupful and sipped. They found it to be rather nice and refreshing on this hot summer evening.

They moved around the room sipping from their cups and making small talk with the other party goers. Soon they realized they had a bit of a buzz on and were giggling at little insignificant things people were saying. They decided to slow down on the beer and spend some time dancing to burn off the effects of the alcohol.

They danced with each other as well as with halkalı escort their other friends. While dancing to a slow song with Mike, Mary felt him getting a little carried away with his hands. He slid one hand to her hip and gave it a gentle squeeze. Mary reached behind her and moved it back to her waist, playfully slapped him on the arm and whispered for him to behave. Jimmy was dancing with Jenny at the time and saw what had happened. He returned the favor by grabbing both of Jenny’s butt cheeks and giving them a visibly firm squeeze causing her to rise to her toes and made sure Mike had a good view. After that Mike refrained from any further grab ass with Mary.

As the evening wore on everyone became a little more inebriated. Even Jimmy and Mary were indulging more than they should. Around midnight everyone had tired of dancing and wanted to just relax. Mike poured each of them a fresh beer and they all gathered on the patio next to the gigantic back yard pool. The group sat around nibbling chips, chatting and sipping their beers while doing a little light petting. Music was playing in the background but no one paid much attention until Donna stood up and began slowly undulating in front of the group to what everyone soon realized was the sound track from “Gypsy”.

She appeared to be lost in a dream state imagining she was the star of that movie as she glided back and forth across the patio moving to the music and running her hands up and down her slim frame. She was wearing a yellow flowered cotton sun dress that fell slightly above mid thigh. Every time her hands moved up to cup her breasts the hem of the dress lifted to where it came teasingly close to exposing her panties.

As her dancing progressed she began pushing the dress’s thin spaghetti strap crossing her right shoulder until it fell down her arm. She turned sideways to the group, looked at them seductively and licked her naked shoulder. She repeated the same movements on the left strap then turned her back to the group and reached for the dress’s zipper. While sexily wiggling her ass to the music, she slowly pulled the zipper down. With each inch of travel a little more of the unblemished, smooth, tanned skin of her back came into view. She gyrated her firm hips back and forth in time with the music as the zipper descended to her tiny waist.

Everyone sat spellbound with mouths hanging open in awe wondering what to expect next. The upper portion of the dress fell to her waist. She leaned forward and pushed it over her hips allowing it to drop in a heap at her ankles. She stepped out of it with her left foot and using the right, kicked it to Larry. It landed in his lap. He folded it neatly and laid it beside him where Donna had been sitting.

She stood before the group in just her strapless, white lace push up bra and matching bikini panties. She turned her back to them and held the bra in place with her left hand and forearm while reaching back with her right to unhook its clasp. She demurely glanced over her shoulder and blinked her long lashed eyelids at her audience as the clasp popped loose then slowly turned to face them. Still covering her breasts she teased the group by slipping the bra from under her arm and allowed it to dangle from her hand for a few moments before tossing it to Larry. He caught it as it hit him in the chest and placed it on top of her dress.

Donna turned so that her right side faced the group, stood on tip toes and raised both arms high above her head as though she were reaching for the moon. The profile view was amazing. Her firm “C” cup breasts stood proudly against the light of the TiKi lamps and the silhouette of her puffy areolas and extended dark brown nipples confirmed her excitement.

She turned back to face her audience giving them a clear view of her beautiful orbs and toned flat tummy. The portion of her breasts below the nipples appeared an almost milky white compared to the dark tanned portion above them. Obviously she had not been tanning au natural. She cupped her breasts in her hands and raised them to her lips and licked each nipple leaving a shinny trace of saliva on them which sparkled reflecting the light of the torches. She released her beautiful breasts and jiggled them from side to side. The boy’s and surprisingly many of the girl’s eyes follow their movements.

Donna and the rest of the girls looked at their boyfriend’s crotches and observed distinctive bulges of varying shapes and sizes. The girls also felt their panties becoming moist, some to a greater degree than others. Donna watched the noticeable shifting and adjusting the guys were doing to make their situations more comfortable and by her devilish smile everyone could tell she was enjoying her power over them.

She continued her performance by standing back up, squeezing her breasts together and rolling her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. She freed them and slid her hands nişantaşı escort down her torso, across her pubic region and down her thighs. When she reached her knees her upper arms were forcing her breasts together forming a fantastic fleshy valley of cleavage. Again she looked up to observe the guys squirming and licked her lips as she gave them a devilish smile.

She allowed the group this view for a few moments then stood up and hooked her thumbs into the waist band of her panties. The guys were practically shivering in anticipation of her next move. She shifted her hips back and forth in time with the music as she turned her back to the anxious spectators. Bending over she tantalizingly slid the frilly garment over her tight, firm, heart shaped butt and down her long slim legs. When they reached her ankles she stepped out of them and spread her legs giving her friends a clear view of her fur covered puffy nether lips and the copious amount of moisture gathered there. She reached between her thighs and spread her puffy outer lips to reveal the thin inner ones, her engorged clitoris and her vaginal opening. She looked between her legs and watched the reaction of the group for a few seconds before standing back up, turning towards them and snapping her panties to Larry. They hit him squarely in the face. He caught them in both hands, closed his eyes and inhaled deeply before giving her a knowing smile and depositing them onto the pile of her other things.

Her nicely trimmed, dark brown, curly bush of pubic hair formed a perfect equilateral triangle at the apex of her thighs and was highlighted by the milky skin her bikini had hidden from the sun. They all admired her beautiful, sexy body as she paraded back and forth before them.

Even in the dim light of the TiKi torches large circles of moisture could be seen on the fronts of the guy’s pants and Donna was pleased that they had so obviously enjoyed her show.

She took a few bows and accepted several rounds of applause before approaching each person and placing a soft warm kiss on each of their cheeks. After kissing each of the guys she placed one of her breasts on each side of their face and allowed them to feel the softness as they shook their heads back and forth. A couple of them were quick enough to capture a nipple and suck it before she could back away. She then moved to Larry and after rubbing her pussy across his tongue settled onto his lap. They embraced and shared a very sexy, passionate kiss before she finished her show by giving him a fantastically erotic lap dance.

The other couples hugged, kissed and the girls attempted to copy Donna’s lap dance for each of their boyfriend’s pleasure. After the lap dances they waited as Donna dressed then everyone thanked Mike and Lynn for a very wonderful evening including the impromptu strip tease and departed for their homes.

On the way Mary caressed Jimmy’s thigh, crotch and still semi hard cock through his pants before unzipping them, reaching inside and extracting it into the warm night air. She stroked it to fullness and licked at the generous quantity of sweet, salty pre-cum accumulated at its tip. Jimmy drove with his left hand and slid his right under Mary’s dress and into her tiny bikini panties. He found them and her pussy to be soaked. He smiled and thought to himself that she must have enjoyed the show as much as he had. All the way to her house where they intended to spend the rest of the weekend she kept sucking on her favorite toy and he fingered her sensitive little clit.

They barely got the door closed and locked before clothes began disappearing from their bodies. They practically ran up the stairs to her bedroom and jumped onto the bed. Mary took hold of Jimmy’s rigid pole with its thick, pencil sized, pulsating veins running around it from base to tip and guided it to her glistening, hot opening. She locked her ankles behind his thighs and in four powerful strokes Jimmy’s ten inches of thick man meat were buried balls deep in her sweet love tunnel. As they fucked like wild animals Jimmy watched her beautiful full breasts sway up and down her chest. Rapidly they brought each other to an almost simultaneous electrifying orgasm. Afterwards they lay in each others arms kissing and stroking each other tenderly as their bodies recovered. Exhausted, Jimmy spooned her and they drifted off to sleep.

Jimmy woke to the smell of something fantastic coming from the direction of the kitchen and wandered toward the aroma. Along the way he found his boxers and stepped into them. Mary was in the kitchen wearing a frilly, transparent, pink robe and was preparing ham and cheese omelets. He noticed orange juice, jelly and toast were already on the table as he pressed himself against her back, put his arms around her and sneakily slipped his hands into her robe to cup a firm, soft breast in each of them. She turned her head, placed a warm, moist kiss on his lips şişli escort and told him to behave, pour each of them a cup of coffee and go sit down. She scooped the omelets onto plates and placed them on the table. Their bare feet played under the table as they ate. Resisting all temptation to immediately run back to bed they washed, dried and put the dishes away before heading back up stairs retrieving discarded clothing along the way.

The next order of business was hygiene. Jimmy had packed an overnight bag with his tooth brush, razor and other necessary grooming items. After brushing their teeth Jimmy shaved then joined Mary in the shower. The warm water felt wonderful flowing over them as they soaped and scrubbed each other. Mary paid considerable attention to cleansing Jimmy’s cock and balls while he concentrated on her pussy and breasts. She covered his cock with soap and slid one hand up and down it while cupping his heavy balls in the other and gently rolling them around in her palm. He sucked on one of her excited nipples while soaping the other then rinsed it and switched sides. His other hand was busy cupping her fuzzy little pussy and sliding his fingers through the folds and over her clit. After satisfying themselves that each was more than sufficiently clean they used the hand held shower head to rinse away all traces of soap then climbed out of the shower and assisted each other in drying off with big, soft, fluffy, white towels initialed “His” and “Hers”.

Jimmy scooped Mary into his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He playfully tossed her onto the bed and as she landed with a bounce she grabbed his arm, flipped him onto his back and jumped on top of him cowgirl style. They shared a few moments of light fondling and kissing before she felt his cock stiffening against her pussy. She lifted herself slightly and kissed her way down his body dragging her breasts across his hairy chest and hard six pack abdomen as she went. When the bulbous tip of his cock hit her chin she raised her head, looked it over and lovingly covered it with kisses. Oh how she loved his big beautiful cock and demonstrated that love by stroking up and down its thick shaft while sucking on its tip and licking the highly sensitive area just beneath as it became fully erect. She moved lower and lapped at his heavy balls sucking one after the other into her mouth while continuing to slide her hand up and down his burning hot cock.

Again she cupped his hairy balls and returned to sucking his cock until she felt it pulsate against her tongue and cheeks. She knew he was close to an orgasm so she released him from her warm moist mouth. She kissed and licked her way back up his body and planted pre-cum tasting kisses on his lips.

Jimmy rolled her onto her back and began his own journey down her body hesitating momentarily at each breast to savor her double eraser sized, dark pink nipples and transform them into hard little points of sensitized erectile tissue with goose bump filled areolas surrounding them.

He slowly progressed down her soft firm tummy then grazed her pubic hair with his warm breath while pushing her knees to her breasts. He kissed and licked the inside of her thighs and each cheek of her cute little ass before returning to her fuzzy pussy where upon he spread her puffy outer lips with his thumbs and discovered a full inch of her little pink clit protruding from its hiding place under its protective hood.

He immediately surrounded it with his lips, sucked on it and licked its tip sending waves of pleasure through Mary’s entire body. He inserted one then two fingers into her sopping vagina, raked the tips against her “G’ spot and pushed her to the edge of orgasm several times without allowing her to finish. Her body trembled with need and finally he gave her gash a flat tongued lick before kissing his way back up her body. His mouth joined hers and she savored the taste of her own juices on his lips and tongue.

He flipped her onto her tummy and pulled her hips into the air so she was resting on her shoulders and knees with her tight round butt inclined towards him. He pressed against the inside of her thighs suggesting she spread them to allow him better access to her hot, wet opening. She gladly complied and opened herself to him.

Mary shivered in anticipation as Jimmy rubbed the swollen purple crown of his burning cock up and down her moist slit. She wiggled her ass and pushed back attempting to fill herself with his steaming hot cock that she so desperately needed. He drew out her torture for as long as he could then as she rocked back towards him he pushed forward and the long sought after penetration caused her to release a throaty moan from deep in her chest. With all the lubricating moisture they were producing he was able to sink his entire monster deep inside her in only four powerful strokes. Mary moaned again as he bottomed out inside her.

They held still for a moment while she adjusted to him and he leaned forward to cup a breast in each hand. While softly massaging them and gently pinching her nipples he began sliding his rock hard cock in and out of her with a rhythm he had previously found brought her the most pleasure. The rippled muscles and velvety vaginal walls of her pussy stimulated his excited cock close to orgasm.

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