Payson’s Wedding Ch. 02


The next morning, Becky and I walked into the jewelry store a few minutes after it had opened. The older man who owned the store looked at us with a funny expression on his face. We approached him hand-in-hand. Becky, with her Hispanic heritage, was wearing jeans, a white blouse that draped over her giant breasts in the most alluring manner, and white cross trainers. Her thick black hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She looked beautiful and radiated confidence. I wore a pair of snug-fitting, white shorts that were a blend of cotton and spandex. They had a very short inseam and lacked buttons, zippers or pockets of any kind. I was completely bare beneath the shorts and the outline of my dainty penis was right up front for everyone to see. The shirt I wore was a short sleeved, soft-yellow dress shirt. It was just long enough to meet the top of my shorts. If I raised my arms, my pale stomach would peek out. I wore brown dress shoes with ankle length socks. I looked like a sissy and we were both fully aware of this fact.

When we’d stepped up to the counter, Becky introduced herself while I stood beside her, holding her hand and looking at my feet. She reminded the jeweler of the rings we’d brought in to have sized for her finger. He quickly recalled the project and informed us that he was preparing to begin the work the very next day. Becky told him she was thrilled he hadn’t begun working on it yet. She smiled and told him we’d had a change in plans and that I would be wearing the engagement ring and wedding band.

I bit my lip and looked up at the man behind the counter. When our eyes met, the humiliation of moment began burning in my stomach. The older gentleman couldn’t stop himself from grinning while his eyes slowly wandered over my body. My face and chest grew warm as I flushed with embarrassment. Becky did nothing to rescue me from my moment of humiliation.

Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, the man invited me to have a seat at a separate, nearby counter. While I climbed up on a stool, he left the storefront for a few moments to retrieve my future engagement ring and wedding band from his safe. Becky stood directly behind me and let her fingertips drift up and down my sides. Leaning down, Becky first licked my earlobe before whispering three simple words, ‘Say your name.’ I moaned while my back arched, in a very soft voice I whispered, ‘Payson Martinez’.

The jeweler returned with my rings in his hand. After laying a velvet pad on the countertop, he set the two rings out and grinned while taking my hand in his. In a deep voice, he told me that the rings were going to look very nice on my small hand. He apologized to Becky for implying they would look much better on my hand than hers. Becky wasn’t at all upset and agreed with him wholeheartedly.

He began by slipping my left ring finger into the engagement ring with its huge diamond that I would soon wear. It was far too big. After setting it down beside the wedding band, he picked up a large hoop containing many sizing rings. After trying several, he learned my skinny finger was a petite five and a quarter. While still holding my hand, he told me that he’d never encountered a young man with such a small finger. Holding my hand in his and staring into my eyes, he stated that if ever there was a boy who should wear a diamond on his finger, it was me. He told me my hands were more delicate than most of the women he’d measured.

I squirmed on the stool while this man confirmed what Becky and I already knew, I was a sissy. And very soon, I would be a sissy bride. My penis was throbbing beneath my little shorts and the humiliation of the encounter was beginning to make me feel light-headed.

He turned his attention to Becky and told her the rings would be ready early the following week. He suggesting bringing me back to test the fit. And he also hinted about a pair of earrings that were due to arrive in the next day or two that would look very nice with my engagement ring. He grinned and told her that I’d need to get my ears pierced if I hoped to wear them. Becky told him she planned to have my ears pierced eventually and loved the idea of earrings to match my engagement ring.

And then IT happened. Before I had a chance to react to Becky’s plan to have my ears pierced, a shiver shot up my spine when that mature gentleman took my hand, raised it off the velvet mat and kissed it. I saw stars while my little penis throbbed wildly. Becky eventually helped me down from the stool while prompting me to thank the jeweler for his help. When I stood on my feet, Becky reached around my body and while I faced the jeweler and thanked him, she used the index fingers of both her hands to trace the outline of my little erection beneath my tight shorts.

He had a grin on his face that made me shiver and bite my lower lip. I glanced down when he moved to adjust his cock and nearly moaned out loud when I saw the unmistakable bulge of his large hard-on. He spoke in a deeper Kurtköy Anal Escort voice than he had been using. He looked right into my eyes and told me he couldn’t wait to see me when the rings were finished. I stood there looking into his hungry eyes until Becky spun me around, laid her open palm on my bottom and guided me out of the store.

As we passed out of the jewelry store, I covered my very stiff erection with both of my hands. I waddled along until I was seated in the car and Becky closed the door behind me. I sat in the car watching Becky walk around to the driver’s side. I briefly considered lowering my shorts and playing with myself. But I knew that would displease my fiancé. Instead of masturbating, I squirmed in the seat and concentrated on not touching myself.

After Becky had sat down behind the wheel, she drove us out of the parking lot toward the bridal supply store. Without even looking at me, she said, “Our jeweler wants to fuck you. Payson Sweetheart, does it turn you on to know a grown man wants to put his cock in you?” I opened my mouth to answer her when she cut me off, “Remember, you promised you’d always be honest with me. No more secrets, lies or half-truths.”

I squirmed in my seat and blushed from head-to-toe while I confessed, “Yes. It did turn me on to know he wanted me. He kissed my hand and I liked it a lot! No one has ever done that before! I swooned!!” I giggled and squirmed in my seat. My back arched and my little penis throbbed while I asked, “Becky, did you see his bulge before we left? He was hard and he was huge! I made that happen, didn’t I?”

She grinned before saying, “Yes, Sweetheart, you made that old man very happy today. I bet he hasn’t been that hard in years. And I thought it was sweet how he kissed your hand.” Becky reached over and laid her warm hand on my bare thigh. In a soft voice, she said, “You must know that old man wanted to kiss you in more places than the back of your hand.”

I writhed in the seat beside her. I begged her to take me home. I was too horny to go to a bridal store. I just wanted to be taken home. I didn’t think I could handle being measured and browsing through gowns. Becky smiled warmly and told me she’d take me home right after we visited the bridal store. She loved the idea of me being so horny in public places.

All too soon, Becky parked the car right in front of the bridal store. I whined softly and told her I didn’t think I could go in there. I straightened my back, lifting my bottom off the seat to focus her attention on the front of my snug-fitting, white shorts. My little erection was pressed against my body and its outline was plainly visible. My little balls were smushed off to either side of my penis and anyone who cared to look would immediately know how excited I was. There was even a small moist spot near the squishy head of my penis!

Becky leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Her tongue dove into my mouth and slithered over my teeth to dance with my own tongue. After pulling her lips away from mine, she looked down and laid her hand over my dainty erection. In a soft voice, she asked, “Payson Sweetie, are you trying to convince me to strip you naked before we go into the bridal store?”

Squirming in the seat and breathing heavily, I whined, “No!”

She kissed me again, bit my earlobe and said, “If you keep whining, that is exactly what I will do.” She then opened her door and came around to my side. I rose up on my rubbery legs and used my hands to keep my little erection hidden. Becky pinned me against the car, kissed me once more and gave me a very stern warning. “If you even try to cover your sissy bump or give me any trouble at all, I won’t hesitate to take you over my knee and give you the spanking of your lifetime in front of everyone inside this store.”

Biting my lower lip, I shivered as a fresh wave of shame rose up inside of me. I knew she wasn’t joking. She had embarrassed me countless times in public. She often spoke down to me and asked me very personal questions right in front of strangers. And this wasn’t the first time I’d been brought out in public dressed like a sissy. I hated to be embarrassed in public, but Becky knew the more she humiliated me, the hornier I got.

She had given me dozens of spankings, but they were always behind closed doors and she always had a reason. The only person who knew about those spankings, besides Becky and I, was my mother. Becky made me report to my mother after every spanking I’d ever received. And my mother wasn’t sympathetic at all. She believed I deserved every spanking Becky gave me.

Although Becky wouldn’t admit it, I guessed she also told her own mother about my spankings. And I bet her mother, Constanza, told her father, Javier all the shameful details of my punishments. Every time we visited her parents, Constanza always acted like I’d just gotten a spanking and she felt sorry for me. Her father rarely spoke to me, choosing Kurtköy Yaşlı Escort instead to ignore my existence. The only exception to their usual reactions to my presence occurred on a weekend the four of us had gone to the beach. Neither Javier or Constanza could take his eyes off of me when I appeared wearing the girl’s white C-string Becky had insisted upon. I was terribly embarrassed to wear that tiny excuse for a suit, but after seeing the reactions from my future in-laws, I was reminded that Becky always knew what was best for me. Both Constanza and Javier couldn’t stop staring at my mostly bare body. That C-string was a wired suit that only covered my little penis with a swatch of thin, white spandex. It wrapped back up to between my cheeks with no straps at all. It somehow clung to my body like a spring and never fell off. It was by far, the least amount of clothing I’d ever worn in public. And it was very obvious that my future in-laws were both appreciated how I looked that day.

I earned my most recent spanking when Becky noticed I’d missed the bowl when urinating. I laid face-down and naked over her wide lap while she disciplined me with a spanking long enough and hard enough to bring on real tears. During that punishment, Becky decided to implement a few rules with regard to my bathroom usage. I would need to ask her permission first and I would no longer be allowed to stand while urinating.

Becky took hold of my hand and led me toward the doors of the bridal store. Wave after wave of shame and embarrassment washed over me. With every step I took, I blushed deeper and began to feel dizzy. When Becky reached out and opened the door for me, I whimpered softly while stepping into the store. All around were mannequins wearing gorgeous, white wedding gowns. I whimpered softly as my little penis flexed beneath my snug short-shorts.

A classy-looking woman in her 40’s approached us with a professional smile. She introduced herself as Mrs. Murphy. She held out her hand and Becky shook it. After looking down at me and the way I was dressed, she didn’t even offer to shake my hand. The woman asked how she could help us. I nearly fainted when she asked that question. I looked up and saw Becky glance down at me. She grinned before explaining the special plans for our wedding.

“We’ll be getting married later this summer. And very recently we decided to have a…” She glanced back down at me before looking back to Mrs. Murphy. “…a non-traditional ceremony. You see, I wear the theoretical pants in this relationship. Because of this, we’ve decided I should wear the tuxedo during our wedding. That would leave my little princess here to wear a gown. He has such a cute little figure that I’m sure he’ll have a wider selection of gowns than I would when considering my size. Do you think you can help us?”

The woman listened carefully to all Becky said. Several times, she glanced at me and smirked. I was blushing and feeling dizzier than ever. My little penis was as stiff as a pencil and the moist spot on my shorts was growing. A few small groups of women were in the store and we’d attracted their attention, but they were trying to be discreet with their staring and eves-dropping.

Mrs. Murphy assured Becky she would be able to find the perfect gown for me. She asked Becky if she knew my size. Becky smiled and told her that was one of the reasons we’d stopped in that day. She wanted me to be measured. The woman led us toward the back of the store. She had me stand on a small, raised platform. She stepped away and returned with a giggling girl about my age after leaving to get a tape measure. Mrs. Murphy began measuring all the appropriate places on my body while the girl noted each measurement on a tablet. My penis was really enjoying all the attention, but I was utterly humiliated.

While they worked, Becky explained that we would be browsing that day. She told them we wouldn’t be making any decisions; it would be bad luck for her to see me in my gown before I appeared on the aisle. All three women smiled and looked at my blushing face. Becky explained that I would return with my mother in the near future. She told Mrs. Murphy and the girl that my mother was very excited to help her baby-boy choose the perfect gown for his wedding.

Everyone was giggling or openly laughing at me standing on that platform. When very suddenly, the woman looped the tape measure around my hips and ‘accidentally’ drug her fingernails across the bump of my throbbing penis. I squeaked in a high pitch and quickly lowered my hands to cover myself.

Becky’s eyes narrowed as she scowled at me. In her scary voice, she said, “What did I say I would do if you misbehaved while we were in here?”

I began to sob and felt a tear roll down my cheek while I uttered, “You, you, you said you would spank me.”

Her expression didn’t change, nor did the tone of her voice, “Is that what you want? Do you want me to lower your shorty-shorts, Kurtköy Zenci Escort take you over my knee and spank your skinny little ass until you scream?”

I began to openly cry and squealed, “No!”

She sneered at me and said, “This is your first and last warning. Don’t make me punish you in the middle of this store.”

I threw my arms up and laced my fingers behind my head. I wasn’t going to make that mistake again. I stood there sobbing, trying to get a hold of my emotions while Mrs. Murphy went back to work measuring my body. But after being scolded by Becky, the woman became more touchy-feely than she had been. She fondled my butt cheeks, drug her fingernails up the insides of my thighs, she even measured the length of the bump my erect penis made under my shorts. When she called out ‘Three and a half inches’, everyone snickered and stared at my growing moist spot.

Once I had been measured and my dress size noted at a four. Becky took my hand and helped me down from the platform. After I stepped down, Becky cupped my butt cheeks in her hand and said loud enough for everyone to hear, “I’m very glad that you chose to behave yourself.” I whimpered softly and wiped the last few tears away with the back of my hand.

Becky laid her hand on my lower back and guided me along as we followed Mrs. Murphy through her shop. She led us to a semi-private area and had Becky and I sit side-by-side on a little couch. The couch was surrounded by racks of gowns. They were all snow white and the most feminine items of clothing I could possibly imagine. The reality that I would soon wear one of these gowns and be walked down the aisle with my mother continued to sink in. Everyone who was of any importance in my life would be there. The excitement and shame of what I’d promised to do became a little more real in my mind. And it made my little penis throb so hard.

Becky wrapped her arm around my narrow shoulders and held me close while Mrs. Murphy gave us a lesson on wedding gowns. She pulled out one gown after another pointing out each gown’s silhouette, neckline, sleeve design, waistline, skirt style, and train. Seeing and feeling the materials of the many gowns left me feeling dizzy and short of breath. Both Mrs. Murphy and Becky watched my reaction to each gown they presented. It was easy for them to learn which gowns I liked the most.

I’m sure Mrs. Murphy saved the best gown for last. When she pulled it out from the rack, I gasped and squirmed close to Becky. It had a fitted, corset bodice which was beautifully decorated with rhinestones and other sparkly things. The skirt was floor-length and flared out like a bell. It had big, cap sleeves and I would wear lacey gloves that would end above my elbows. It was a gown straight out of a princess story.

Becky squeezed me against her and spoke to Mrs. Murphy, “It looks like my little sissy has found a gown he likes. Please keep that style of gown in mind when he returns with his mother.”

Mrs. Murphy promised she would. And as Becky and I rose up off the couch, Mrs. Murphy pointed her long, manicured finger at my erection. In a very professional tone, she said, “When his mother does bring him back, please ensure he wears appropriate underclothing. I will not allow him to try on anything if he’s leaking like that.”

Becky looked down and saw the large-ish moist spot on my tight shorts. She cupped my butt in her hand and asked Mrs. Murphy, “I completely understand. Do you have any suggestions on what ‘appropriate underclothing’ would be for my little sissy?”

Mrs. Murphy raised a finger and tapped it against her chin. After a few moments, she said, “Perhaps a panty with a panty-liner positioned in the front? Or, if he would remain erect through the process, as he did today, you could put his little peepee in a condom. As an alternative, if you are so inclined, you could put him in a diaper. He seems to prefer large, fuller skirts, so a poofy diaper wouldn’t distract from the silhouette.”

I cringed and my hips ground backward. My penis was throbbing so hard. I was so embarrassed that Mrs. Murphy would suggest I wear any of those things. But the diaper was the worst! I immediately knew that would be the solution Becky and my mother would choose. Very soon, I would return to this store and I would be wearing a diaper! I felt very dizzy and a little sick to my stomach. But my little penis had never been so stiff.

Becky only glanced at my flushed face before speaking to Mrs. Murphy again, “Those all sound like perfect solutions to this little problem. I’ll discuss them with his mother and together we’ll make a final decision. Thank you for all your help today.”

Mrs. Murphy looked me over from head to toe and then spoke to Becky, “It’s not a problem at all. I honestly have enjoyed my time with the two of you. And I’m sure when he returns with his mother, we’ll have another unforgettable time together.”

I shivered and pressed my body against Becky’s side. My little penis was throbbing against her thigh while I buried my face against her giant, soft breast. She wrapped her arm around my back and held me while she finished chatting with Mrs. Murphy. We left the store with Becky’s hand cupping my butt, guiding me toward the car.