PEI Trip

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I sang along to the radio as I crossed over the Confederation Bridge on my way to a work conference on Prince Edward Island, windows down as I revelled in the freedom from my daily grind from work as much as the fresh sea air. The fact that the weather was beautiful and I was making my first trip to PEI was also a significant factor in my joy as embarked on what amounted to a mini-vacation on the company dime.

Within an hour I reached my hotel in the wonderfully-named town of Summerside. My grin was ear-to-ear as I checked in at the front desk, and then my way up to the clean and well-lit room where I would be sleeping for the next few days. Eager to enjoy the last few hours of warm sunlight for the day, I quickly changed into a purple halter and beige skirt, determined to make the most of the unseasonably warm weather. With my hair high on the back of my head in a loose ponytail and my sunglasses on my face, I practically skipped from my room and headed out to take in the town.

I found Summerside to be bright and welcoming, if small and a bit touristy for my tastes. I walked the waterfront and perused some of the downtown area shops, smiling at passers-by and blushing as I caught the occasional guy checking me out. As the sun finally began to set, I watched it sink below the horizon from my hotel room balcony, basking in the last fleeting moments of its warm glow. After as few more minutes on the balcony, with the cooler night air and ocean breeze beginning to raise goose bumps on my skin, I headed back into my room.

“What now?” I asked, surveying my room, hands on my hips.

I bit my bottom lip lightly as my heady mood turned my thoughts decidedly unladylike, and in mere moments I found myself growing wet and horny. Nothing a hot shower can’t fix! I thought to myself as I peeled off my top and stepped out of my skirt before bending over to remove my panties and then taking off my bra. Letting my hair down, I walked to the bathroom, and started the water running.

The heat and water pressure felt wonderful on my body, stiff from hours in the car that afternoon. As I felt the tension melt away, I let my hands wander, caressing my own body up and down, mimicking foreplay as I pinched my own nipples and squeezed my tits gently. Traveling down further, my right forefinger soon found my clit, and within moments I was moaning and gyrating under the hot downpour of water.

It was nearly an hour later before I emerged from the shower, my skin pink and slightly wrinkled with wetness, but my sexual desire far from satiated. Knowing there was only one cure to my feverish desire, and that it most certainly was not “more cowbell”, I pulled the hotel robe around me and sauntered across the room to the desk. Unpacking my laptop, I logged onto the free hotel wireless, scanning through emails until I found the name I was looking for.

I began to type, deciding on a simple and friendly email, without holding out too much hope of a timely response. I tickled my pussy lips unconsciously with my left hand as I typed:

“Hey hun! How are you? I happen to be in town and was wondering what you were up to?”

I let the pressure of my fingers increase along with my pleasure, and began to lean back and close my eyes as I approached yet another orgasm, turned on by the naughtiness of my attempted booty call. Before my eyelids could flutter bursa escort shut, however, I saw an email flash up on my screen. Thinking it must have been a coincidence, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that he had written me back already, and clicked on his email in anticipation.

“Hey sexy!” he replied, “I’m doing great! I’m not up to much at the moment… did you want to get together?”

I could almost hear the too-good-to-be-true tone of his voice in the email as I read it, smiling to myself as I realized I was about to make his night, and in all modesty maybe his year.

“I was thinking maybe you could come over and give me some hard cock…” I typed in coquettishly, picturing his eyes bugging out of his head as he read my response.

I didn’t wait long for his response, which flashed up almost instantly.

“What hotel and room number?” he asked, and which I assumed signalled his acceptance of my offer.

I sent him the information and then busied myself tidying the room, and slipping back into my halter and skirt, though this time sans underwear. I sat anxiously on the corner of the bed, and nearly yelped with excitement when I heard his solid knock on the door.

I stood and walked to the door, aquiver with anticipation as I opened it and greeted him with an enormous grin.

“Hi hun! Great to see you!” I gushed. “Come in, I’m really glad you’re here!”

“Its good to see you too!” he replied as he walked in and surveyed me up and down. “You look absolutely incredible.”

“Thank you.” I said, blushing. “You look very handsome yourself.”

I found myself drawn slowly towards him, as if by a magnetic force between our bodies. Unable to think of what to say next, we both simply followed our instincts and soon found ourselves standing nose to nose, our lips brushing softly across each other. I felt the bulge in his pants against my stomach as my tits mashed against his chest. I pressed tightly against him, letting out a contented sigh as our lips locked together and our tongues intertwined. He was an excellent kisser, and I soon lost myself in his embrace our hands began to wander each other’s bodies.

I moaned into his mouth as I felt him squeeze my breasts through my top, and bit his lip lightly in response. I ran my hands up and down his strong back, giving his butt a squeeze and enjoying its toned feel. He paid me back in kind, lifting me into him by my ass so that I stood on my toes, our pelvises pressing into one another as he moved his lips down to kiss my neck. I gasped with pleasure as he kissed my neck and shoulder, and lifted my arms high as I felt him tug my shirt upwards. It was his turn to gasp as my tits bounced free of the halter, unadorned by a bra, my nipples already hard as if begging for his lips and tongue.

A gentleman, he immediately obliged, sucking my nipples gently into his mouth, tonguing them softly, flicking and teasing them until I moaned and thrust my chest towards him. I busied my hands in undoing his belt and fly before plunging my hand into his pants and grasping his hot, hard cock in a firm grip. I squeezed it in a pulsing motion, enjoying its stiff rigidity while he kneaded my breasts in his hands in conjunction with his sucking. With regret I broke away from him, dragging him along as if his cock were a handle until he was positioned in front of bursa escort bayan the room’s couch. Letting his pants fall to his ankles along with his boxers, I pushed him gently down into the seat before dropping to my knees between his legs.

I eyed his cock hungrily, as a predator eyeing its prey. Looking up into his eyes, I told him in no uncertain terms that I planned to give him the best blowjob of his life, and that I wanted to taste his cum when the time came. He nodded, unable to form words, but swallowing loudly as he watched me intently. Still staring into his eyes, I leaned a little closer to his cock, gripping it by the base before suddenly spitting a sloppy, wet glob of saliva onto his head. He groaned as I used my hand to slather the spit around his crown and down his shaft, stroking him slowly so that he could hear my wet hand sliding up and down his length.

Leaning in and breaking eye contact, I slid my lips over the tip and began to bob my mouth up and down his shaft slowly, moaning as I tasted his precum. I took his dick ¾ of the way down, over and over, working my hand in time with my mouth, twisting it slightly as I moved up and down on his hard, pulsing tube.

“Oh my god Lucia.” he exclaimed. “That feels so fucking good.”

I pulled my mouth back, making eye contact again. “Yeah baby, you like that?” I asked rhetorically. “I love sucking your fat cock!”

He groaned again as he watched my open my mouth, spilling another copious quantity of saliva down over his rod, slathering it all over his cock and balls so that they glistened with wetness. A mischievous gleam in my eye, I leaned in so that my tits came up on either side of his soaking shaft, and use my hands to push them together, enveloping him in my heaving bosom. He let out a long moan, growing in volume as I, ever so slowly, began to bounce myself up and down on my heels, making his head pop out of my cleavage on each down stroke as I fucked him with my tits.

“Jesus Christ.” he exclaimed. “You dirty girl. Fuck my dick with those big tits.” he urged.

Egged on by his intensity, I bounced faster as he began to thrust himself into me revelling in the feeling of his dick sandwiched between my mounds. Sloppy sounds filled the room as I drooled onto my own chest to keep his cock and my breasts well lubricated. I heard his breathing grow more ragged, as he held me by the shoulders, fucking furiously up and down, watching as his head appeared each time from its crevice. I moaned and threw my head back loving the feeling of his rock hard shaft sluicing up and down between my tits. I pinched my nipples and felt myself grow dripping wet, my pussy juices flowing down my inner thighs until I could smell my own wetness. I whimpered, desperate for my own release as I felt him getting close.

Unable to restrain myself, I leaned back away from him, much to his confusion. His dismay was short-lived however, as I stood before him and dropped my skirt to the floor. With deliberate slowness to let his throbbing member cool down, I sauntered beside him and adopted all fours on the couch facing away from him, my ass waggling level with his face. I looked back over my shoulder, pouting at him.

“I need you to fuck my pussy.” I moaned huskily. “I need to feel your big hard cock inside me, pounding my pussy. Make me cum on your dick.” bursa bayan escort I begged.

Unable to form words yet again, I heard him growl with desire as he positioned himself behind me. I quivered with excitement as I felt him slap his cock on my ass cheek a few times, and I whimpered in response, pressing my ass forward towards him, trying to entice him into me. He didn’t make me wait long, and I suddenly felt his fat head spreading my lips as his wet dick began to press inside me.

I bit my lip to stifle my scream as I felt him slide inch after inch into me with an agonizing slowness. As he buried himself to the hilt inside my soaked pussy, a long, low moan escaped my lips and I began to gyrate my hips against him, trying to keep him as deep as possible inside me. He grasped me by my love handles as he attempted to grind himself still deeper into me, and I began to gasp for air myself.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I yelled as he began to thrust home repeatedly with a slow, hard rhythm. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

I heard him grunt as he did his best to maintain his composure while he fucked me at a growing pace. I rocketed towards my orgasm as I felt him begin to slam home into me, faster and faster. I felt his balls begin to slap my clit as he fucked me, and I pushed my ass backwards in time with his thrusts my screaming nearly drowning out the wet banging sound each time his hips drove forward into my ample ass.

I buried my head in the cushions in front of my, tilting myself for more clitoral stimulation and trying to control the intensity of my screams so as not to disturb my neighbours any more than they already were. I felt myself approach my peak and utterly lost control, grinding and pulsing myself on his shaft as he let loose one last powerful assault on my pussy, hammering home over and over as I climaxed, biting into the couch cushions as my every muscle in my body seized in overwhelming ecstasy. As I finally began to come down from my high, I felt his legs tremble behind me and knew he was about to reach his own explosive finish.

I leaned forward, allowing his sloppy cock to fall from my pussy as I heard him gasp behind me. Hurrying, I practically fell off the couch, collapsing to my knees as he rose to stand in front of me. I immediately thrust my mouth onto him, unable to fine tune my motor skills and instead simply fucking his cock with my mouth as if to simulate my pussy hole on him.

“*Guck* *gluck* *gack*” I gagged as I took him as deep as I could bear over and over.

“I’m gonna fucking cum!” he announced to my moans of encouragement.

I braced myself, knowing that his load, so valiantly and desperately held back while he fucked me to my own orgasm, was likely to be massive in quantity and velocity. Still, it caught me off guard when he suddenly exploded into my mouth, his thick white cum blasting into the opening of my throat like a fire hose. I gagged hard and then struggled to swallow as he pumped shot after shot of salty semen into my gaping mouth hole. I felt lines of it escape my lips dripping messily onto my tits and thighs as he leaked what remained of his built-up load onto my tongue. I moaned in contentment as I felt him begin to soften between my lips, feeling his legs shake as the pleasure became too much for him and he staggered back a step, his cock sliding out of my mouth with a splatter of cum that fell onto the floor in front of me.

Smiling with a mouthful of cum, I swallowed audibly and visibly for him, moaning my appreciation for his satisfying offering.

“Thanks for cumming hun. I needed that.” I crooned as his smile spread to match my own.

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