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Peter On The Prowl

🏳️‍🌈 A three part series by Josh Terrence 🏳️‍🌈


Author”s note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Chapter Three — A Satisfied Boyslut 🏳️‍🌈

The mood at my brother”s house was pure eroticism as I looked him up and down. It was a minimum day at my school, but Caden had a full school day. So when I arrived at Jason”s place, we were alone for two hours. As soon as I came inside, he took my breath away and I had to stifle a moan.

The first thing that caught my eye was his outfit — he was dressed for the gym, and there was a noticeable patch of sweat drenching his shirt and his hair. Even hotter were the gray sweatpants he had on, which framed his plump buns perfectly and showed off his tighty whities. He usually wore boxers around the house, but wore briefs when he went to the gym. The outline of his large package was making my mouth water and filling my chest with electricity as I soaked it in. Plus, I just knew his tighty whities were sweaty, and probably smelled like his musky balls and butthole.

“You look really hot today,” I said with a break in my voice, feeling my rear end tremble with excitement.

“Oh yeah?” he said with a knowing tone and a smile. When I slowly nodded, he said, “You look hot too, cutie.”

“Thanks Jason,” I blushed, then I looked at his package and realized it looked like a pipe wrench in the front of his sweats. “Your dick looks so juicy.”

“Thanks buddy, I just got back from the gym,” he said while I licked my lips. “You feel like sucking it today?”

“Yes please,” I answered with a hopeful smile. “Do you think I can ride it, too?”

With that, he knelt down and cupped my flushed cheeks, then he leaned in and treated me to a deep kiss that made me moan. With his tongue stirring in my mouth, he slipped his hand up the front of my shirt and rubbed my torso, letting his pinky dip into my belly button and running his fingertips across my ribcage.

Encouraged by his exploring touch, I ran my small hands all over his sweaty chest. I loved how I could feel the warmth of his firm body through his moist shirt. His hand moved around my ribcage to my back, then he slid it into the seat of my pants and grabbed a handful of my right buttcheek. His fingers were trapped between my jeans and my tighty whities, so he slipped them through the leg opening to access my eager entrance. When he made contact with my pucker, I moaned boyishly in his mouth and sighed.

He broke our lip lock, then he asked me, “How did it go last night? Did you get your wish?”

“Yeah, we took a ride and parked,” I told him, feeling his middle finger burrow into my moist, hungry asshole. When his finger slipped in, I said, “We went all the way.”

“Oh yeah?” he said with a sensual inflection in his voice, twisting his digit from side to side. As the sinful sensation washed over me, he asked, “You got this worked out?”

I bit my lower lip and nodded through a whimper, then I said, “I got worked out at both ends.”

“How was it, buddy?” Jason asked me, as I slid my backpack off my shoulders so we could move things along.

When my bag hit the floor behind me, I cooed, “It was so good. I want to see him everyday now.”

With that, he moved in and we fell into another deep French kiss while he finger fucked me. Without breaking our kiss, he pulled his digit from my hole and out from the seat of my undies so he could stroke my boy pussy through the white fabric. I felt a naughty sensation grab me when he pressed the end of his finger up to my hole and pushed the seat of my underwear up my ass, then started a luscious side to side twisting while I moaned through our tongue tango.

Finally, neither one of us could wait another moment. He pulled his finger out and practically yanked my pants and undies down. As soon as my hairless little boner sprang loose, he grabbed me by the hips and spun me so I was facing away from him. He roughly pried my ass cheeks apart and splayed my crevice. I felt his hot breath pouring over my hole, then his mouth engulfed it and his tongue made contact. With a growl that was so powerful it made my buns vibrate, he ravenously ate my ass.

As the pleasure started to fill me up, I moaned lasciviously and ground my hips back against his face. His 5 o”clock shadow was scrubbing the soft skin in my crevice, making my butt cheeks burn sweetly while his tongue took seemingly endless laps against istanbul travesti my pucker.

When he abandoned the rim job, he swatted my bare butt and I scrambled into the easy chair so I could hold onto the backrest and present my rear end for fucking. He grabbed my hips and lifted me up so my shins were resting on the arm rests. I moaned wildly, then I raised my hips so that my ass was pointing right at him.

With another fierce growl, he roughly ran his middle finger back and forth across the outside of my hungry entrance while I let out guttural moans of arousal. I watched with bedroom eyes as he pulled his fat cock out of his sweats and tapped my tailbone with it, then he pressed his thick glans up to my anxious hole and entered me. As soon as I had the top half of his manhood up my ass, I pressed my palms flat against the back of the chair for leverage and pushed back with my hips. With a moist, prolonged crackle, my 13 year old boy butt swallowed the rest of Jason”s shaft while I writhed with need.

I felt his hands come to rest on my waist, then he started to thrust and I was in paradise. His long, deep strokes transported me to a state of sheer ecstasy in no time flat, then kept me there for the duration of our fuck. A thick fog set in all around me and it felt like I was shrouded in warm, soft blankets. Bands of sexual pleasure were traveling through my frame like torrential rainfall, and every once in a while I”d experience the thunder and lightning of anal rapture. Every time it happened, I knew what it meant. It was a sure sign that I”d been satisfied, but then the cycle would repeat itself and it would happen again. Then again. And again.

When my big brother finally pulled out of me, I collapsed in the chair and my eyes came back into focus. He was stroking his big dick in front of my smiling face, so I instinctively wrapped my lips around it so I could suck it. In no time flat, I was swallowing his length over and over, frantically deep throating him while he held the top of my head with his left palm. My eyes started to water and I could feel it swelling in my throat as he fucked me there, and I loved it. I reached out and ran my fingertips through his thick, wiry bush of pubic hair while I cupped his balls with my right hand.

I moaned hotly when I felt them starting to pull tight. My head was spinning wildly and my little dick was standing straight up, pressed hard against my bald pubis while my little nuts sizzled in their sack. Flashes of heat were attacking my boy package over and over while my toes curled tight. My wide opened asshole throbbed against the seat cushion and my eyes were fluttering when my brother”s cock jerked roughly in my throat, then my reward was delivered buffet style.

With a loud groan and a sharp hiss, Jason”s seed heaved forth and my after school snack was served. Hot cum shot forcefully against the roof of my mouth, then it practically power washed my teeth and flooded my gum line. Before I could swallow, my nasal passage started to burn and I coughed a little, then I sealed my lips tight and collected the rest of his offering in my mouth.

With his dick still throbbing between my lips, I cast my devoted gaze up at him and swallowed his delicious load while he panted and exhaled over and over. I spent a luscious afterglow sucking and licking up and down his shaft, then lovingly kissing his balls while he petted my face. I was glowing like a lightbulb as I worshiped his shaft with my lips and tongue, planting grateful kisses and nuzzling it with my cheek.

“You all set, buddy?” he asked me through a deep breath. When I nodded, he helped me up and said, “Let”s go lay down and cuddle for a little bit, okay?”

“Okay,” I sighed, then I waddled to his room with my jeans puddled around my shoes.

When we got there, I sat on the bed and he took my shoes and pants off for me. When I was finally nude from the waist down, he crawled into the bed and I curled up with him. With a loving smile, he collected me in his arms and held me close while I recovered from our intense sex. We shared a final kiss on the lips, then my brother slipped his middle finger up my ass and fell asleep.

With a glazed over smile, I reached for my phone so I could browse nearby grindr profiles and get myself laid again while my brother slept soundly. 🏳️‍🌈

“You sure about this, kid?” the gruff old man asked, and I nodded eagerly from my spot on the bed. “Once I put it in, I don”t think I”ll be able to take it out until I finish.”

“It”s what I want, mister,” I assured him, pulling my legs all the way back to present my boy pussy for fucking. With a casual shrug, the man placed the head of his slender 5 incher up to my hungry entrance and slipped in, then he sighed with a smile while I beamed with joy.

“You”re so hot and silky, kid,” he said, his gravelly voice a perfect match for his cluttered facial hair and the aroma of booze that was pouring off of his breath.

His bedroom was littered with beer cans and empty bottles of cheap wine, and his bed was a mess. Part of the fitted sheet had kadıköy travesti come loose before he ushered me to his room, but I paid it no mind as I dropped my pants for anal sex with this stranger, his son and his grandson.

When he was buried all the way up my ass, he gave me a tender smile and petted my face. I could tell he wanted to kiss me, so I returned his tender look, then puckered my lips. For my efforts, I was rewarded with a wet kiss and a lot of tongue that I moaned around while he ground his pelvis into my ass cheeks and taint. While I was still enjoying his tongue, he started to move his hips, then he froze and I knew he was breeding me. We broke our kiss and he pulled out, then he called out, “Michael! It”s your turn!”

I looked to the opened door just in time to see his son, who looked to be about 40, walk into the room with no clothes on. The old man stepped back while I held my legs in place for Michael, who slipped his similarly sized rod up my butt and rabbit fucked me for less than a minute before breeding me. When Michael pulled out, a cute 19 year old guy walked in and took his turn loading my boy pussy up with cum while I moaned lasciviously.

When the cutie pulled out, I sat up and sucked all three of them clean with a naughty smile before hiking my school pants. Before I left, I madeout with the old man on the couch and even made a play for his cock. When it didn”t stiffen, I treated myself to the joy of eating his ass while Michael and his son watched the show and madeout with each other.

My elderly stud”s rear end was hot, sweaty, and littered with black and gray hairs. The sharp aroma was powerful, and quite pleasant as it rolled into my nose in odorous waves. It tasted sinful as I greedily tongued and sucked on his stink laden pucker.

When it was time to leave, I ended my tasty feast and kissed my senior beau goodbye. With hot sperm running out of my winking hole, I got his number and enjoyed another deep French kiss with him. When our tongues disengaged, I locked lips with Michael and was treated to a mouthful of wet, delicious tongue.

We broke our kiss and I turned my attention to his cute son. I stood between his thighs and French kissed him while I fondled his hard package. In the middle of our romantic moment, his cock jerked and he moaned boyishly in my mouth while a rope of teen sperm glanced off my forearm. When we broke our kiss, I smiled affectionately at him and slurped his seed up with a contented sigh.

Filled to the brim with the magic of gay romance, I thanked all three of my hosts before departing. With hot cum dripping down my leg, I hurried to the bus stop to greet my nephew Caden so I could walk him home and spend an hour in bed with him and Jason. 🏳️‍🌈

The cold morning air was biting against my bare torso as I slipped out the back patio door. I”d opened my eyes just after 4am, awakened by a horny swell that had taken hold in my young body. I got up to pee, then tried to soothe my craving by anally masturbating in my room, but it wasn”t enough. So I took a chance and got on grindr to find a hookup.

Truth be told, I was in the mood for any gay encounter I could find. I would have been happy to suck a dick or give a handjob if it was offered. I would have even been satisfied to find a guy to fill my mouth with tongue for a brief moment. I was just in the mood for some hot, horny action and would take what I could get. Luckily, I found someone who wanted to cum in a hot, tight rear end. And happily for me, he chose my rear end to breed.

Since it was still dark outside, I agreed to meet him on my back patio. I slipped into a pair of sweatpants and stealthily made my way through the sliding glass door, where the smell of a smoldering cigarette filled my nose. I smiled at the random top and slid my sweatpants down to my thighs, then I held onto the banister and watched over my shoulder as he flicked his cigarette away and grabbed my hips.

I felt his thumb and forefinger push my buns apart, making my pucker stretch deliciously while the cold morning air invaded my boy cunt. I bit my lower lip and sighed when he used three fingertips on his other hand to rub my hungry asshole, then he brought his fingers to my mouth and I lustily sucked on them while he probed my crevice with the end of his dick. I felt the slimy tip touch the fluttering lips of my poop chute and responded by pushing back with my hips while I sighed dreamily around his fingertips.

Finally, he pulled his fingers from my mouth and grabbed my hips. I reacted by spreading my feet apart, then pushing out with my hips a little more. Taking my signal for what it was, my anonymous lover proceeded through the green light I was giving him. He tightened his grip, then he pushed forward and my anus expanded. Seconds later, his glans pushed through my entrance, then his hard, horny rod slid all the way up my ass. I had to suppress a moan, but couldn”t resist the urge to grind my gay bubble butt around so I could feel his pleasure stick move around inside me. Encouraged by my aroused gyrations, he started thrusting. bakırköy travesti I sighed so deeply that a small puff of steam escaped my mouth, then I felt the pleasure signals erupt all over my body. My hard nipples were burning and the hair was standing on the back of my neck as he treated me to the gay experience I was craving so badly.

Out of nowhere, he froze and I felt his dick throbbing against my taint, making it pulse while he unloaded his potent seed up my butt. Realizing I was being bred, I smiled over my shoulder through half opened eyes and whispered, “Thank you.”

He gave me a wink, then reached out and ruffled my messy hair while I purred with satisfaction. When he pulled out, I hastily knelt on the cold concrete and sucked his trophy clean, then I moaned softly and pulled off with a grin so I could put it away for him. He helped me to my feet, and much to my delight, he leaned down and treated me to a generous mouthful of tongue.

I could feel my still throbbing anus contracting as my chest filled up with passion, then he cupped the back of my head and dipped my body back. Out of nowhere, an orgasmic eruption ripped through my 13 year old frame, sending me into orbit while my little boner danced around and my legs quivered. The aura of his kiss felt intense as it overwhelmed me, especially when it dawned on me that I”d just anally climaxed with nothing but a tongue in my mouth.

When we broke our kiss, I gazed up at him through glassy eyes and sighed again. My sweats were still bunched around my knees and my boy bits were out, but I was engulfed in a haze of carnal heat as I smiled at his face.

“Same time tomorrow, kid?” he asked, and I nodded with a dreamy smile.

With that, he slipped out of the patio and I pulled my sweatpants up. With my rear end serviced and seeded, I slipped back inside and went back to bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I fell asleep, dreaming the dreams of a contented gayboy.

🏳️‍🌈 The End🏳️‍🌈

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