Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 08


This is one of my first fictional works and may not be great in the eyes of others. I’m willing to learn but from the perspective of women and women only. Since I cannot claim to know what lies in the minds women…especially the dominant woman, I cannot effectively provide the best written stories. I seek feedback from ALL women, but greatly encourage opinions and guidance from the dominant woman in writing future stories or even forming an interesting relationship in which a story may spur. Please contact me by email since I don’t access this site often. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Just as I was walking into the living room to relax, watch TV, and try to take my mind off Misty’s body, she walked through the door. It seemed that every time I saw her she looked more and more radiant than the time before. As I looked upon her scantily clad body, wondering how she could wear much less without being naked, I saw a look of exhaustion on her face. Thinking quickly in order to keep her from seeing my probing eyes, I asked if she’d like another foot massage. Her eyes lit up and a smile played across her gorgeous face.

She responded, “That would be wonderful. You’re so thoughtful. I know I usually have to ask, but this time will mean so much more since you offered. Follow me and I’ll be glad to let you.”

She strolled eloquently to the couch with me close behind watching her every move. Quickly she flopped down on the couch and I started sit next to her and lift her legs when she pushed me away. I looked at her with confusion because I thought she wanted a massage.

She simply stated, “I really don’t feel like stretching out today sweetie. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind getting on the floor and massaging them that way, would you?”

My answer was simple enough. I kneeled obediently to the floor and removed her lace up sandals. In a crazed lust, I began massaging her delicately perfect arches in earnest. From the sounds she was creating I was sure that I was doing a great job. Hearing her vocally express herself was turning me on beyond belief and I could even begin to feel them invade my core. Just 18 yaş porno when I found myself craving the next one, everything went silent. I panicked and stopped my massage immediately.

After only a moment Misty chimed in with, “Aw…do some more sweetie. Go ahead and massage my foot. I know you want to.”

Starting again with her massage, her moans followed only a second later. I found myself entering that same headspace and wanted to hear more of her moans of pleasure. Just as I crossed that barrier once again, she stopped. Like before, so did my massage. She told me to continue my massage the same way as before word for word and I did. This same thing happened about another 20 times or so with her breaking me out of my trance just as I entered it. I entered this longing to hear her moans type trance quicker each time until I was in it almost immediately from the moment I touched her foot again.

It was this time that things changed though. I entered this lightheaded trance, with a desire to please her and hear that I was, and remained in it for several minutes before she stopped her wonderful sounds of pleasure. When I stopped massaging her foot she didn’t make a sound for a moment before speaking.

“Aw…do some more sweetie. Go ahead and kiss my foot. I know you want to.”

Not really acknowledging the change consciously, I bent down to kiss her foot. The moment my lips made contact with her foot she moaned that wonderfully addictive moan I wanted so much to hear. She only moaned once this time and then her silence ate me inside until I kissed her foot again just to hear her moan. Eventually I was placing kisses in immediate succession to keep the sounds emanating from her throat. After a few more minutes of this worship and she pulled her foot away with a flat comment.

“That’ll be enough! You may continue it more tomorrow the minute I walk in the door. Right now I’m going to get ready for bed.”

With that she stood up and went to her room. The difference this time though is that she came back out a short while later she was wearing a very short silk 3d porno robe and once again in her lovely high heel sandals. As this vision strode back in, her robe sway slightly enough for me to see that she had lace panties on underneath and by the way her robe fell open, it hinted enough that I felt she had no bra on supporting her perfect breasts. She sauntered back over to the couch and sat back down lifting her robe past the curve of her sculpted ass and revealing a taste of heaven. At that moment I felt another twinge of pain shoot through me as I was reminded of my predicament and began to curse Brandi under my breath. Misty had been looking down at me and chose that moment to speak once again.

“What are you thinking about?”

I did the only thing I knew to do. I lied, “Nothing really.”

“Please don’t lie to me. I can tell in your look that something just crossed your mind. If we’re ever gonna get closer, you will have to be honest with me, do you understand me?” She placed her hand under my chin and lifted it to make eye contact before repeating, “Now, what are you thinking?”

“I was thinking about Brandi.”

“I see. So you were thinking about her luscious body, soft voice, and her delicate hand stroking your itty bitty cock for you. Is that it?”

I moaned in both a pain from the chastity device and pleasure from the images Misty was creating in my mind.

“Well…yes and no. That does put a lovely picture in mind, but before I say more, may I ask when she’s coming back here. I need to confront her about something.”

“Oh…it’ll be a little while before she can make it back. She’s awfully busy. She just left for a 3 year tour of the exotic islands on a modeling shoot. You don’t have to worry though. You can use me to masturbate to. In fact, I bet you’d like to pull out and stroke your inch worm now for me wouldn’t you?”

Still in absolute shock at my newly realized situation, I didn’t catch Misty had taken my shirt off as she then helped me to stand.

“Come on now…what are you waiting for? Pull tiny out there and give him a few wanks for me.” Standing Porno 64 video there a moment too long unmovable, she continued, “No? Well here then, I’ll do it because I’m a little horny and know how much you enjoy it when I’m touching your cock.”

I regained enough composure as she started undoing my belt to fight her efforts.

“Come on now. This will be a lot more fun for me if you stop fighting and accept what’s happening to you.

“Misty, please stop. I can’t do this!”

With the biggest puppy dog eyes I’ve ever seen she pouted, “Why not?”

“I’m really just not in the mood.”

“You sure that’s the reason?” taking her hands away from me

“Yea…I think I’d rather just lay down for a bit.”

She continued to look up at me with those eyes with the exception that they now had a slight knowing twinkle as she said, “Well…ok…if you’re sure, but will you at least lay out here with me and keep me company?”

I hesitated for a moment to think about it as Misty came to her feet. I finally started to respond when she walked around me and brought her hand to my face and played her fingers across my lips and under my nose. Taking a whiff of the scent playing under my nose made me stay silent as I went lightheaded.

“There, you recognize that scent don’t you, my pet?” Misty whispered in my ear from behind

I nodded

“And you want to smell more don’t you?”

Again I nodded

“So if I let you lay your head in my lap and smell more, you’ll stay out here in my presence won’t you?” whispering even lighter as she licked my ear lobe.

As she did that last move, I fell to my knees. She came back in front of me and sat back down on the couch. She looked at me with a conquering smile before she leaned forward and spoke again.

“I’m so glad you’ve learned your place so quickly and as much time as you’ll be spending on your knees in the future, for now go ahead and lay right here and put your head in my lap.”

I crawled up to the couch and lay down, placing my head in Misty’s lap. She felt so warm and inviting as she turned my head toward her exposed panties. I had no choice but to breathe her scent in deeply as she cooed me on to do just that and to relax. Even though I hadn’t really been sleepy, I felt myself drifting off while she caressed my face and talked evenly to me. All the while she had been watching TV.