Sacrificed by Curiosity Ch. 08


I wasn’t all that surprised to find that I was being taken back to Donatien’s mansion in the suburbs. The Jamaican hustled me into the stone-vaulted chamber and over to the corner where I’d seen a young man hanging from a hook in the ceiling during my initiation ceremony. This time, I was the one who was hanging from the hook with the leather straps around my wrists. The Jamaican untied my legs and stripped off my sweat pants so that once more I was naked.

I looked into the center of the room, and there was Doug, strung up where I had been fastened during my initiation to male sex. He had been beaten even more after they had taken him from our home and had been lashed as well. Blood dribbled from welts across his torso and legs, and I assumed that his back had been lashed as well. But he stood there, glowering, defiant, not yielding to the coven.

As before, the room was full of studly men of all ripped body styles, dressed in their red leotards with bare crotches and butt cracks. The room was hushed, as Donatien stepped out of the smoke-enshrouded shadows. As before, he was naked except for the leather straps peeking out of the hair on his chest. But, upon reflection, I saw that he wasn’t as naked as before. His cock now was encased in a thick leather-strapped sheath, with silver studs dotted around the leather. His smile was as devilish as ever.

Donatien strode up to in front of me and back-handed me from both sides across my face. My head snapped back, and I could feel blood in my mouth.

“You’ve been very naughty,” he said to me with a malevolent smile. “Very inventive—and I admire you for that—but very naughty. Not only haven’t you accepted my invitation to join the coven yet, but you also subverted one of my best men.”

He leaned into me with his face, took my head between his hands, and gave me a deep kiss on the lips, making sure that he’d sucked my cut lip before he disengaged. I jerked my head out of his grasp, and arched back from him. This brought our pelvises into contact. Donatien reached down with one hand and encased our cocks together. I felt rough leather and cold studs on the tender flesh of my dick. His other hand went to the small of my back, and a long, elegant finger pushed down between my exposed butt cheeks. His mouth went to my nipples, and it was impossible for my cock not to respond by engorging. He was rubbing our cocks together and gently stroking them as one. His finger entered my ass and rotated around, causing me to gasp.

“Ah, I remember how sweet your body is,” he whispered to my lovingly. “Thomas has reported that he took you many times earlier this evening, and that he found each position and fuck invigorating and highly pleasant. I feel you and he are going to be very good friends. So, tell me, are you melting at the prospect of being regularly serviced by our Thomas? Are you ready to join the coven now?”

“No, never,” I hissed at him. Donatien’s teeth bit down on the aureole of one of my nipples, and I let out a little scream. He lifted his head and gave me a look of deep disappointment.

“Never say never, my friend,” his whispered in a throaty voice. “At least don’t say it in haste. Perhaps you should get some sense of what is at stake.”

He then moved behind me, his torso closely touching my back. His cock came between my thighs, the head pushing at the root of my dick and my ball sac. The rough leather and studs gently rocked back and forth along my perineum. He took my head in both of his hands again and turned it to where I could see the trussed up Doug directly.

As I watched, the giant Jamaican, Thomas, reappeared in the room. From another corner, an equally giant, but thinner, Asian man appeared. Both were completely naked except for a sheath encasing bağdatcaddesi escort their cocks. Light glinted off these apparatuses.

“Rhinestones,” Donatien hissed in my ear. “Very pretty, but also very sharp.”

The two men circled Doug, like sharks. He gave them a defiant look.

“What . . .?” I started to ask.

“Shhhh,” Donatien hissed at me. “You were quick to say no. Both for his own sin and for your flippant response to my repeated invitation, you’ll see just how careful you need to be and how carefully you need to consider your words when it concerns the coven.”

“No, please,” I cried. “It’s not Doug’s fault. Not any of it. I tricked him.”

“Regardless, he chose to stay with you.”

Doug lurched in surprise, and his face showed a sudden grimace of pain, as Thomas approached him from the rear. The Jamaican had one hand on Doug’s belly, and the other was hidden behind Doug’s back, but I had little doubt that Thomas was positioning his massive cock at Doug’s asshole. The Asian approached Doug from the front, and, upon a command from Thomas, the chains on Doug’s wrists pulled his body up and those on his ankles pulled his legs up into the air. Both the Jamaican and the Asian had their pelvises under Doug now, their massive dicks poised to strike, and were arching their backs away from him.

Tears came to Doug’s eyes, as the first inch of the two cocks entered his ass. Thus far, most of what had entered him was exposed dick helmet, and he’d been doubled before. Nevertheless, rhinestones must already be cutting at the rim of his ass. He set his jaw, though, determined not to scream.

I screamed for him, however, as Donatien stood close behind me, his arms wrapped around me with one hand playing with a nipple and the other gently stroking my dick. I could still feel the roughness of his stud-covered cock running across my perineum, but I felt shame at Doug’s and my respective predicaments.

“Give our Doug a little bit of the rhinestone razzle-dazzle,” Donatien commanded in a booming voice. A bit more of the two cocks disappeared up Doug’s ass, and now he involuntarily screamed. Rivulets of blood ran down his inner thigh.

“No!” I cried. “What do you want from me?”

“Tell me you accept the invitation to my coven,” Donatien said in a hoarse voice.

“Yes, yes,” I cried.

“Yes, what?” Donatien hissed.

“Yes, please let me in the coven,” I said loud enough for all to hear. “Please, I accept your invitation.”

“You realize that that would mean you could no longer have sex with Doug, don’t you? Doug has forfeited his rights to be in the coven.”

“Yes, yes, whatever you say,” I answered. “Just let him go.”

“But you want to tell me why you so easily give up a relationship with Doug, don’t you?”

“What?” I moaned.

“You want to tell me that I give you a much better fuck than Doug does, don’t you?”

“What? Oh, yes, yes.”

“Yes, yes what? I want everyone here to hear it.”

“You’re a much better lover than Doug,” I said. “You are and will always be the master.”

“And so, what do you want me to do to you now?”


Long, slender fingers went to my balls, and I could feel the pressure. Not pain yet, but the promise of pain.

“Fuck me! Fuck me now,” I cried. “I can’t wait for you to get inside me.”

And then he was pushing into me from behind with an already-generous cock, further thickened now by leather straps and silver studs. He pulled my pelvis back, and I arched my torso, and my eyes went to the floor, as Donatien’s cock plowed up my ass. I had been stretched so much so recently by a bigger Thomas that I could accommodate the assault, but the studs did a real job on my prostate beykoz escort and ass walls. I grunted and moaned without reservation, which pleased Donatien greatly. I was reverifying his position in the coven with his adherents.

I looked up at the sound of repeated screams from the center of the room. More inches of the rhinestoned cocks had disappeared into Doug.

“Let them rip!” Donatien commanded.

“No-o-o,” I wailed.

“Halt!” Donatien rescinded his earlier command.

“Doug’s life for your total willingness,” Donatien hissed into my ear. “My men must see that you truly want me.”

“Yes, yes,” I moaned back. I’ll do anything if you don’t kill Doug.”

“Untie this one,” Donatien ordered, and my hands were immediately unbound. Donatien pulled out of me and came to stand in front of me.

“Kiss me. Kiss my passionately,” Donatien whispered to me, and I did as he directed. He led me over to the low-slung altar, sat on the edge, and told me to make love to him. I started with another kiss on the lips and worked my way down his hairy torso with my tongue and licked the insides of his thighs and the helmet of his cock that protruded from the leather casing and sucked his balls. After a few minutes, he rose from the edge of the altar and had me sit in his place. We kissed some more and played with each other’s nipples, abs, and bellies.

“Look like you are enjoying it,” Donatien whispered. I spread my legs wide then, arched my back, took his sheathed cock in my hands and guided his cock back into my asshole. There was an intake of breath around the room at the demonstration of my submissiveness to the master. He pumped me for some time, eventually bringing my torso up to his lips and tonguing my nipples again. He guided my cheek to his; we were both facing Doug, still shallowly impaled on two rhinestone poles.

“Ruin him!” Donatien commanded the posed Jamaican and Asian. Stretch him and cut him up so he will never be of use to anyone again. But don’t finish him. Let him live.”

“No, you promi—!” I screamed, but Donatien brutally took my mouth in his and stepped up the rhythm of his deep stud-encrusted fuck.

“Shut up!” he hissed in my ear when he took his lips off mine. “Protocol calls for death. You are saving him. I can still change the command.”

“Show them you want it,” Donatien whispered in my ear. “Change of position; you fuck yourself and show them you love it.”

He pulled me off the altar, sat on the edge again, and I climbed into his lap, facing him, and descended on his cock. He pushed my torso toward the floor briefly to show to all that he was in to the root, and then, on his command, I rose up and down on his joy stick and rotated around it, until I felt him tense. With a powerful lift, he pulled me off him and into the air above him, and his cock shot off in a powerful arc that hit me in the belly. Then, he rose from the altar, laid me on its top and sucked my cock until I came.

Standing above me, his voice rang out. “Enough with the renegade. Take him and clean him up as best you can and then toss him out in the street.” Then, as they released Doug and he slipped to the floor, Donatien turned back to me and said in a voice all in the room could hear, “I can’t accept you as a regular member of the coven. But you belong to the coven now. When I call, you will come and do what you are told. You may have Doug back now; I have no use for him. But you will never again have sex with him. I doubt now that you will ever want to.”

He started to walk away, and then, almost as an afterthought, turned and spoke again. “Have no fear that we will forget you. I’m sure that Thomas would not let me forget to call on your services often. And, oh, that reminds caddebostan escort me. Thomas got his reward, but I almost forgot Shao-chuan. You must thank him for being so careful with Doug.”

I was lying, exhausted, on my belly on the altar top. I looked over, in horror, as, with a big, evil grin, Donatien waved his hand between the Asian monster and me. The Asian grinned and walked toward me, his blood- and rhinestone-covered man meat still very much at attention.

For the briefest moment, I thought that Donatien was going to double cross me and let the Asian tear up my insides too. But when he reached me, the Asian pulled off the rhinestone sheath and climbed up on the altar top, pulled me up onto my knees, and crouched behind and over me. He pushed my cheek down on the altar top with one beefy hand and swiftly entered my ass with a long, not particularly thick cock. But his cock was like a slithering snake, attacking my insides from all angles at once, playing a tattoo on my ass walls and prostate. He rose up onto the altar in a standing position, then, forcing me to come up on my forearms for support, and pile-drived his tube down into me. He was giving me long, deep strokes, and his hose was snaking around in my ass on the way in and out. Thomas had come to my front, now minus his sheath, and forced my mouth onto his cock. The gathered coven was getting quite a performance, and I had to restrain myself not to show that I was enjoying this plowing a thousand times better than what Donatien had done to me.

After only a few minutes, Thomas stopped face fucking me and the Asian let me come back down on my knees. He rolled his pelvis up on my butt and let his hose push up and down in me as well as in and out. While he was fucking me, the Asian’s hands were flying all over my body, finding pleasure points I never knew I had. Thomas was up on the altar top now, The Asian’s cock pushed down to the lower end of my ass canal, and I felt the Jamaican’s cock entering me above the Asian’s. I screamed and grunted something fierce for the room at large, but I was blessed with extraordinarily flexible ass walls and had been doubled before. I could bear this, knowing that Doug had suffered so much worse.

Their dicks were like pistons working on counterbalance, keeping me filled to the limit and rubbing against each other in ways that must have given them a great more pleasure than they’d been able to get in Doug’s ass with the sheaths they had been wearing. At one inward stroke, I’d be stretched with Thomas’s thick dick augmented by the Asian’s flexible hose, and at the next stroke, the Asian’s hose would go for depth, as the ass walls received a brief respite from Thomas’s stretching. Donatien appeared at my head, gave me a big grin and kissed me deeply, as the two studs pumped away at me. Thomas gave a little cry, exclaimed in French, and bathed my insides and the Asian’s dick in cum. With a noisy slurp, he slowly withdrew his tool and disappeared from the altar. The Asian, nearly as exhausted as I, pulled me over onto my side, with my butt spooned into his belly and side split me in much the same way that Doug loved doing. I almost cried at the realization that I might never be able to enjoy Doug at all in this way again, that this punishment had, indeed, ruined him for sex. The Asian was massaging my muscles all over the parts of my body that he could reach, paying particular attention to my pecs and dick.

I couldn’t help myself. Before the Asian was finished, I was lost in his embrace, participating fully in the act. Being reduced to just one attacking cock came as a great relief. I was vigorously kissing him and enjoying the ginger taste of his mouth, when he pulled the helmet of his dick to the surface of my hole and spread his hot, burbling cum between my legs. He had managed to time our ejaculations almost simultaneously by coordinating the stroking of my cock with the timing of his own orgasm. I had almost forgotten that this same cock was tearing up the insides of my lover only a half hour earlier. Almost.