Sammi’s Stupidity


This includes gender change, non-consent sex, straight sex, and lesbian sex. If any on those offend you, please skip this story.


It was really kind of stupid how it all happened, or maybe I was pretty stupid for letting it happen. I had my masters degree in chemistry, but with enough student loans that I couldn’t afford to go for a doctorate. I was a decent chemist, certainly good enough and smart enough for the doctorate, but if the financial support isn’t there, it isn’t there.

I had a decent foundation in biochemistry, so when a small pharmaceutical research company needed a chemist, I applied for and got the job. With only a masters, I wasn’t going to get high level jobs or the pay that goes with them, but it wasn’t bad, certainly enough to pay my monthly bills and start to pay on my student loans.

The company had a program where any employee with three or more years tenure with the company could get tuition money for a degree related to their work. That meant if I could hang in for three years, they’d pay for my doctorate in chemistry, so long as I did it part time and evenings. As it turned out, there was a state school nearby that would take part time students in doctoral programs.

Without that additional degree, I’d be basically a flunky, albeit a decently paid flunky. So I was looking at three years service to qualify and another two or three years work to get the degree, and after that I could get at least half again or double my current salary. Since I was already working in my chosen field, it seemed worth it. Little did I know that my stupidity would cost me what I’d never wanted to pay.

We had a number of experimental compounds, some of them used for animal testing by some associated labs, some for human testing, and some just to see what they’d do. We synthesized small batches of these drugs, and a certain amount of them would have to be destroyed either because they were outdated, flawed, or because they weren’t needed.

One of my tasks was to see to the destruction of the drugs that we needed to dispose of. We had a small incinerator that we used to thoroughly destroy them. I spent a few hours each week, incinerating bad or surplus drugs. Most of what we produced, I had no idea what the purpose was. Another of my tasks was to assist in the production of some of the drugs, under the supervision of one of the “real” chemists.

My life and work were both pretty simple. I was Sam, an average guy, mid-twenties, about 5’9″ and 150 pounds, kind of a nerd, but not bad looking. I had a girlfriend, Diane, blonde, about my age, 5’5″ and 110 pounds, with a kind of cute face, comfortable shape and b-cup boobs. Diane had a brother Rex, who was something of a wild child. I wasn’t sure what all he was into, and didn’t want to know.

One Wednesday evening, Diane and I were out having a few drinks, when Rex joined us and started chatting. Rex seemed very curious about what I did, and the company I worked for. Diane went off to the restroom, and Rex really started on me.

“Dude, you mean they just destroy a bunch of that shit?”

“If it’s contaminated or no good, we destroy it.”

“You never destroy shit that’s still good?”

“Sometimes, we do if no one needs it.”

“I’ve got one bitching idea, man.”

“What do you mean?”

“Could you steal some of that shit instead of destroying it?”

“Look, Rex, I could get my ass fired for that. Besides, we aren’t doing any pain killers or anything you could get high on.”

“Not looking to get high, bitch.”

“I’m not interested in stealing any drugs for you anyhow.”

“You got student loans?”

“About sixty thousand, and I need this job to pay them off.”

“I might be able to make it worth your while, dude.”

“Forget it. Not happening.”

“You have one drug XD-42, and I’ll pay you five Gs for each pill.”

“I’m not stealing you any narcotics.”

“It’s no fucking narcotic, you little cunt. It’s an experimental treatment that hasn’t been licensed for human trials.”

“You’re crazy. I’m not sure I could get away with it, even if I wanted to, and I don’t want to.”

“What if I could find enough buyers for enough pills to pay off your student loans?”

“Most drugs take a long treatment and a lot of pills to do anything useful.”

“One of these would take care of one’s person’s problem, permanently.”

“And what exactly is this drug supposed to do?”

“The less you know, the better. But for the bitches who need it, it’s worth every penny of five Gs, just for one.”

“I don’t think I can do that.”

“Think about it, dude. If you can get some of that shit, I know I can sell ten or twelve of them at least.”

About that time, Diane came back to the table, and Rex dropped it.

The next day, when I was at work, I checked and didn’t see any XD-42 slated for destruction. In one sense I was relieved, if I couldn’t get it, I wouldn’t be tempted. I wondered if I could really get away with stealing some of those pills. It was not something we produced a lot of and Kurtköy Fetiş Escort we seldom destroyed any. The last destruction date for that had been three months earlier. If I was lucky, we wouldn’t have to destroy any and I wouldn’t have a chance to steal it, even if I wanted to.

Every now and then, Rex would ask me about the XD-42, and I could honestly tell him there was none being destroyed. About a month after Rex first inquired, a batch of a dozen XD-42 came up for destruction. Under supervision, I transferred them to a locked area where we’d keep the stuff until Friday, when we normally would destroy it.

I looked at the pills and they looked a lot like antihistamine caplets, just about the same color and size. I found myself wondering if I could really get away with it. Sixty thousand was pretty damned good, about two thirds of a year’s pay, certainly enough to pay off my loans.

They were in a standard small pill bottle, and normally under the watchful eye of one of the senior folks, I’d open each bottle onto a conveyor that took them to the incinerator. The drugs were always handled by two people, even transporting, and the locked area took two keys, held by two different people. My only chance would be to get a similar bottle, fill it with similar looking pills, hide that bottle on me then switch bottles, hide the real bottle on me and dump the phony drugs on the conveyor.

As it happened, Rex asked again about the XD-42, and I had to tell him the truth that there were twelve pills slated for destruction.

“Dude, you gotta do this for me, and even more for yourself.”

“I don’t know if I can. I’d lose my job if anyone found out, and I’m not interested in helping someone get high.”

It won’t get anyone high, it will cure a medical problem they have.”

“It’s crazy, and I don’t know if I could even successfully pull it off.”

“Dude, you’re smart, you can do this and get away with it.”

“Rex, I’ve got someone else watching me, the whole time I do this.”

“Find a way. Consider it a service to the people who need this treatment.”

“What is it treating?”

“I told you, the less you know, the better. I’ll go ahead and pay off your student loans — sixty thou for twelve pills. If I give you the cash, it might tip someone off.”

“What if I can’t get them?”

“Don’t fail, or there’ll be hell to pay.”

I was behind on the loans and my cash was tight, so I really needed for him to pay them off, before the amount skyrocketed. I wasn’t happy about it, but figured I could manage to get them somehow. I got one of the standard pill bottles, and put a dozen antihistamines in it.

Friday arrived, and the time came to destroy the drugs. Two other people opened the area where it was all stored — I don’t have either key, they don’t trust me that much. They watched as I transferred the drugs from the secure area to a locked cart to transport them. I had one of the cart keys and Kurt, my supervisor for the destruction had the other one.

Kurt and I took the drugs to the incinerator. Once we got there, I opened one lock and Kurt opened the other one. Kurt watched closely as I began to empty the cart, dumping pills on the conveyor and bottles in the hopper for later reuse. As I emptied pill bottles, Kurt got a text that distracted him slightly. When he did, I had put my bottle of antihistimines in the cart, and put the bottle of XD-42 with the empty bottles. I took out the antihistimines and emptied them onto the conveyor and put the empty bottle in the hopper.

As I emptied each bottle, I’d announce the drug being destroyed. Kurt was distracted just long enough to not realize that I’d done the switch, and was able to see the fake pills going to be incinerated. Kurt checked off the XD-42 drug on his list. We only had a few more to go after that, which I did without a hitch.

After I finished, Kurt checked to see that the cart was empty, then checked my pockets to make sure I hadn’t hidden any pills or bottles on me during it all. At that point, from Kurt’s point of view, everything was copacetic, so he let me return the cart to its area and take the hopper with the empty bottles to another area for reuse.

Once I was out of sight of Kurt, and in a blind spot for the security cameras, I took the bottle with the XD-42 and pocketed it. There was a security camera also in the destruction area, but I tried to shield what I’d done from the view of the camera, so there should be no evidence of what I’d done.

The drug destruction was always one of the last things I did on Friday. And I swear it was hard to keep from shaking as I finished up and left the building. The guards at the entrance and exit had seen me bringing the antihistamines in that morning, and I’d explained I’d been having some allergy problems and might need them.

The same guard who’d checked me in saw me as I left. He checked my bottle and saw it still had twelve pills in it.

“Hey, Sam. You didn’t take any of your allergy medicine today?”

“I got busy and didn’t Kurtköy Gecelik Escort think about it, particularly since I wasn’t having any problems.”

“I don’t know, Sam. You’re flushed, sweaty, and shaking, you might just need to take one of those bad boys.”

“I think I’m going to be okay.”

“Sam, you still have to drive home, if you had an accident on the way, I’d feel terrible.”

“It isn’t necessary, besides I don’t have any water to take it with.”

“I’ve got a bottle of water I haven’t even opened. I’d feel a lot better if you took one before you hit the road.”

“I couldn’t take your water. What will you drink?”

“I get off in about thirty minutes, I’ll grab a bottle before I leave.”

“I really don’t think I need it.”

“Dude, I really think you do, and what’s the harm even if you don’t? Why wouldn’t you take it?”

I was scared shitless that he’d get suspicious and realize I had the XD-42 instead of the antihistamine. I took his bottle, opened it, then took one of the XD-42, popped it into my mouth and washed it down with the water. The guard smiled, patted me on the back, and wished me a good weekend.

I went to my car and tried to catch my breath. I was supposed to go right to a nearby bar and meet with Rex to get him the pills. It was only a couple of minutes away, and as I drove, I started to feel funny. I wondered just what in hell XD-42 did and how it would affect me.

I was feeling strange as I got to the bar, went in and sat down in an out of the way booth with Rex. I handed him the bottle with the other eleven pills. He opened it and counted them, then looked at me.

“I thought you said there were twelve of them.”

“There were, but the guard got suspicious as I was leaving and I had to take one.”

“You stupid bitch, tell me you didn’t.”

“I didn’t have a choice. What do those things do anyhow?”

Rex sat open mouthed, as waves of something began washing over me. He put the pills back in the bottle, grabbed me, helped me to my feet, and got me quickly out of that bar and to his car.

Rex drove me to my place as I sat there quite out of it. It felt like my body was morphing somehow — expanding in some ways, contracting in others. It wasn’t truly painful, but not comfortable either. He got me to my place helped me in the door as waves of whatever the drug was doing just rolled over me.

Rex sat me in one chair as he sat in another. He sat quietly, as the changes rolled over me. As the waves subsided, I spoke, though my voice sounded funny, higher pitched.

“What was that stuff? What did it do to me?”

“That shit does a chemical sex change.”

“I don’t understand. What does that mean?”

“That shit changes a dude to a bitch.”

“Are you saying…?”

“You are now a chick.”

“No! I need another one. I need to change back. I can’t be a woman.”

“This pill works one way only — changing from male to female. Taking another one wouldn’t change you back.”

“What can change me back?”

“That drug doesn’t seem to work right.”

“I can’t stay like this.”

“Got no choice, bitch — except maybe dying.”

“What in the hell am I supposed to do?”

“Learn to live as a woman. Look bitch, you took the fucking pill. No one forced you to.”

“I was afraid I’d get caught stealing these for you. I never wanted to do this to begin with.”

“Look, Sammi, I got folks who have paid for this shit, waiting on me to deliver it. Now you’ve shorted me a pill that I paid you for.”

“I didn’t have a choice.”

“You should have fucking palmed the pill and only pretended to take it.”

“So what do I do now?”

“Well bitch, you got to pay me back.”

“I don’t have the five thousand. I’ll get it for you, but it’ll take me time.”

No, bitch, you start paying me back now.”

“How am I supposed to do that?”

“Take off your clothes.”

“What? Are you serious?”

“You heard me, take them off. Now! Or you’ll wish to hell you did.”

With shaky hands I began to unbutton my shirt. I looked at Rex, pleadingly, and he had a face of stone. I pulled off my regular shirt and had a tee shirt under it. I looked down and could see the nipples on my boobs standing up.

“Please don’t make me do this.”

“Take it off and quit stalling.”

I pulled my tee shirt over my head and saw my c-cups boobs for the first time. I looked at Rex, who had a very hard smile.

“Nice. Keep going. Take off those fucking pants.”

I unbuckled my belt and opened the top button on my slacks. I looked at Rex, who looked impatient. I unzipped the slacks and stood to take them off, kicking off my shoes to do that. I reached down to pull off my socks and saw that the crotch of my underwear was wet. Was I getting turned on by this? It was hard to believe, but it seemed to be.

“Now the underwear. Do it, bitch.”

I took off my underwear and my bush was wet. Rex took my arm and led me to the bed, then pushed me down on it.

“You aren’t really Kurtköy Genç Escort going to do this are you? I’m really a guy — I’m dating your sister.”

“You ain’t a guy any more. Now spread those legs.”

I let my legs fall open as Rex quickly took off his clothes and climbed in bed with me.

“Can’t I pay you some other way?”

“Well, I could pimp you out to other guys and let them fuck you to pay it off.”

“Oh God, no. Please don’t do that.”

“Then shut up.”

Rex began groping my boobs. In one sense I didn’t like it, but the terrible thing was that it felt damned good. As he played with my tits, I began to moan and move my hips. It was involuntary — my body was reacting even though my mind was rebelling.

Rex got on top of me and put his cock at the entrance to my pussy. Slowly, inch by inch, he slid his prick in me until I felt his balls slapping me and his hips tight against me. Rex began fucking me, slowly and leisurely. I was plenty wet down there and as much as the male part of my mind hated it, my body seemed to love it.

Before I knew it, I was fucking him back, and soon came to my first orgasm as a woman, about the time Rex shot a load of cum inside me. Without realizing it, I had wrapped my arms around him. I started to move in for a kiss, when I was brought back to reality by Rex laughing.

“Damn, bitch. I didn’t expect you to get that much into it.”

“I hated it.”

“Right, that’s why you fucked me back and were about to kiss me.”

“I wasn’t…”

“Sure you were, but for now, you’re just my whore, fucking me to pay me back, and who kisses a whore?”

“So I’ve paid you back?”

“You should be so lucky as to get five Gs for a fuck. You’ll be paying me back for a while.”

Rex pulled his cock out of me, and my pussy already seemed to miss it. He climbed off and began to put his clothes back on. I lay there, terribly conflicted. I enjoyed the sex — but I hated the idea of having a guy fuck me. Now, it seemed, he was going to be back for more. How much more I wasn’t sure, but it didn’t sound like it was going to be over soon. As I thought about it, I could feel my pussy getting wet again. My mind might hate fucking him, but my pussy and boobs seemed to love it.

“So what am I supposed to do now?”

“Learn to live as a woman, bitch.”

“How do I do that?”

“Tell you what, I’ll ask Diane to come over and help you.”

“Diane is going to see me like this?”

“Sooner of later, unless you never see her again.”

“I am so fucked.”

“Well, Sammi, you just might be — after all Diane does like girls too.”


“Sit tight bitch. I’ll send my sister over. Don’t go crazy quite yet.”

Rex pulled out his phone and called Diane, as he began moving to the door.

“Hey, Sis. Your boyfriend is now your girlfriend. Stupid cunt took one of those pills. Changed him to her. Come over and see her. Maybe you can calm her down.”

With that, Rex walked out the door, closing it behind him. I was hoping maybe he was lying or that this was some sort of fucking hallucination. I wept, which was strange in itself, since I don’t think I’d cried since I was a child.

I don’t know how long I sat there, but I was still there when the bedroom door opened and Diane stood there. I didn’t know if I should cover myself up or what. Diane walked over, knelt by me and took my hands, looking me straight in the eyes.

“Sam — Sammi, we’ll get you through this. I swear.”


“You need to get cleaned up. Do you need to pee too?

“I guess I do.”

Diane led me to the bathroom. My legs were shaking as I started, but by the time I got to the toilet, I was doing better. Of course, I had no prick to aim while peeing. I had to sit to pee. I had a little trouble learning how to direct the stream of pee, but I managed well enough, finally. As I finished, I started to get up again, and she sat me back down and handed me some toilet paper.

“Honey, now you need to wipe after you pee.”

“This will take some getting used to.”

“We need to clean you up. I don’t like my women this hairy.”

Diane shaved my legs, then my armpits, and then shaved off my bush.

“That’s much better, now wash up.”

I showered to wash off the funk of Rex fucking me. After that, Diane took my hand and led me back into the bedroom.

“Well, Sammi, we need to get you some bras and panties, at the very least.”

“So now I’m Sammi?”

“Sammi with an ‘I’, makes more sense now than Sam.”

“Shit. What happens when I show up at work as a woman? They’ll know I stole at least one of the pills — and took it.”

She got me a clean pair of boxer briefs, which still didn’t fit that well, along with a clean pair of jeans. She had me put on a heavy tee shirt under my other shirt to kind of hide my nipples.

“Okay, Sammi, you took some antihistamines to work for your allergies. When you were destroying the drugs you realized the other guy would find your pills and think you’d stolen something, so you threw them in with the empties, and when you accidently knocked the other bottle in there, you grabbed the wrong bottle of pills.”

“They’ll ask about the rest of the batch.”

“After you changed, you were so distraught, you flushed the rest down the toilet without thinking.”