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For Sarah size is important, she enjoys me flaunting and using my thick, nine-inch erection. She has a magnificent size-fourteen ass on a size-twelve body with thighs to match. She loves being teased and licked. Around once a month she loves having a second man to pleasure her while I enjoy watching and perhaps joining in. To be fair to me we sometimes share another female which we both enjoy.

Sarah is of French descent, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from my me, bi-sexual, though she didn’t need a great deal of prompting. She often reminds me, “I am to please and be pleased sexually. And I love having sex with an audience.”

We are currently staying at an exclusive swingers resort. A week earlier we filled in a form outlining any sexual preferences we would like while staying there.

I was pleased and instantly turned on when I read Sarah’s choices. “I want to be the centre of attention when I flash my big ass cheeks in a tiny g-string by the pool. And I want to cuckold my man with a younger bi-sex couple around fifteen years younger than us. I want to be pleasured by both of them.”

“Are you comfortable wth that baby?,” she asked, knowing I would be. “What preferences are you going to list?”

“I want to cuckold you while you watch me flaunt my cock for another couple before they blow me. Perhaps a fifty-year cougar and her toy boy? Are you comfortable wth that baby?,” I asked, knowing she would be.

“And I have lots of other kinky preferences on my wish list I want to happen while we are staying there. You know me well enough to guess what they are,” she smiles at me.

“So do I baby. Is that a promise?,” I reply knowing that we are both going to play out some of our sexual fantasies with new people we are going to meet soon.

After lunch on the first day we were soaking up the sun by the pool. Sarah was topless resting on her elbows with her magnificent ass cheeks highlighted by a tiny g-string as I oiled her body wearing just a skimpy jock strap.

“Is my ass the center of attention?,” Sarah asked a few times as people walked slowly past ogling it. And again as she strutted around the pool.

“Yes baby, there are people watching out of their windows as well.”

“We watched you two by the pool this afternoon. You had our full attention, you are a very exciting couple,” Jan told us over dinner that night. She is sitting alongside me, with Sarah sitting between her and her man.

“My man Jon had a roaring erection watching you oiling Sarah’s ass from our window. He oiled my ass while we both watched. We were both fantasizing about the size of your cock in your tiny jock strap. We also read your wish list,” she smiles with a hand on my cock as she kisses Sarah at the same time. I was pleased to see Sarah returning her kisses as Jon had a hand on her leg.

“We are a younger bi-sex couple around fifteen years younger than you. Would you like to cuckold your man and be pleasured by both of us?,” Jon asks Sarah as we sip coffee. He is kissing Sarah’s neck as Jan continues to tongue kiss Sarah with a hand on my now semi-erect escort cock.

“Yes, I would. Make it exciting for us, very exciting. Our room in ten minutes.”

“This is for both of us, you have always wanted to watch me cuckold you. So enjoy,” Sarah tells me as we wait for our guests.

“I love being licked and teased. And I love sex with an audience,” Sarah smiles as they close the door. She has changed into killer heels, a simple black, very short silk blouse that highlights her magnificent thighs and barely covers her ass.

“Enjoy baby, this is for you,” I whisper as I remove the blouse and remove my shirt and trousers.

“Wow, oh fuck,” Jan and and Jon whisper in unison as they take in Sarah’s body and I remove my jock strap and they undress each other.

Jan, a blond, has a good feminine body, beautifully trimmed jet black pubic hair and larger tits than Sarah. Jon has taut male body, a good ass and a larger than average erection. The combination of three naked bodies has me fully erect as I play the part of the cuckold.

Just as I hoped Jon is on his knees licking and kissing Sarah’s ass cheeks as he slides her g-string off while Jan is tongue kissing her.

Sarah is very much in control as she stands with her back to the wall, legs apart. “I love being licked, my cunt and my nipples,” she whispers as Jan watches Jon kneel and grasp her ass cheeks as he runs the tip of his tongue along her inner thighs, then her wet cunt lips.

“And my nipples, that is so good. Double pleasure,” Sarah moans as Jan licks and sucks her nipples in turn.

“Are you enjoying me cuckolding you baby? Are you?,” Sarah teases as she holds my gaze while she watches me tease my erection with a fingertip.

“You know I am,” I mutter as Jan and Jon swap positions and ogle my erection.

“That is so good, so fucking good,” Sarah moans as Jan has her ass in her hands as she arches her body forward to soak up the pleasure of her tongue sliding along her cunt lips.

Jon is licking and sucking Sarah’s nipples as Sarah has one hand on his erection and the other pushing Jan’s head into her cunt.

Sarah takes the initiative and leads them to the bed. She is flat on her back with a pillow under her ass with Jon’s arms wrapped around her glorious thighs as he licks and sucks her engorged clit.

I always know when Sarah is really enjoying her sex. “Fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt,” she is moaning, much to my pleasure. An extra turn on for me, and Jan and Jon.

Jan is behind her and leaning over her as she licks and sucks Sarah’s nipples. Then still leaning over her they are passionately tongue kissing as Jan teases her wet nipples with her fingertips.

“Fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt, I love it, love it,” she is moaning as her body tenses before she orgasms. Once, twice, then another.

Jan and Jon change positions as Sarah lays on her side. “Love your magnificent ass, love it,” Jon tells her as he licks and kisses it and places one of her hands on his erection.

“I want to make you squirt Sarah while your man watches. My lady lovers tell me I good at it, very good. And I love izmit escort bayan men watching me,” Jan tells Sarah as she slowly slides a finger into her and commences licking her.

Sarah and I like to think we are well experienced at oral sex. These two are fifteen years younger than us and incredibly good at it. I always get a buzz watching another man (or woman) worshiping Sarah’s ass. This time is sexual magic as the man’s partner is licking and kissing her cunt lips while sliding a finger into her as Sarah is giving him a hand job.

Sarah is multi-orgasmic and likes to have a number of small orgasms before she has a huge one and squirts.

Jan has Sarah on the brink as she expertly curls a finger into her very wet cunt while Jon is watching on as he continues licking and kissing Sarah’s ass cheeks. Then Jan inserts two fingers into Sarah. Jon and I are watching as she curls her fingers to find Sarah’s g-spot.

I have watched Sarah squirt many times, sometimes with my help, sometimes with the help of other men or women. Always a buzz, especially the verbal reaction. “So good, so fucking good,” she moans very loudly as she squirts and watches Jon masturbate. “That was sexual magic,” she whispers.

“It was, wasn’t it?,” Jan tells her as she offers a towel.

“We also read your wish list,” Jon tells me as he ogles my throbbing erection while I tease him by running a finger tip along it. “You wanted to cuckold Sarah while she watched you flaunt your cock for another couple before they gave you a blow job. Perhaps a fifty-year cougar and her toy boy? Are you comfortable with that Sarah?,”he asked as another couple appeared. “We would be.

“This is Margo and Jim. They seduced us on our first night here. And they were very good,” Jon tells us he helps them undress. Just as I hoped Margo is a voluptuous size-14 with a magnificent ass. Jim is a slightly effeminate, pretty boy with a good body and ass and it is obvious why Margo is attracted to him. His thick erection is almost as big as mine.

“You wanted a blow job from a a fifty-year cougar and her toy boy while your lady watched. Shall we proceed?,” she teases as she runs a hand along my erection and I run a hand over her ass.

“You are even bigger than my man. And rock hard,” Margo whispers as she commences sucking my erection. “Would you like Jim to lick and suck your nipples while I suck your cock? He is very good.”

Without me answering he is licking and sucking my nipples while his lady is sucking my erection. Margo was correct, he is very good.

“Some more Sarah?,” Jan asks without waiting for an answer as she tells Sarah to put her legs over her shoulders.

The next day we relaxed naked on the nude beach and enjoyed flaunting our bodies for both sexes. Later in the afternoon we had a long relaxing bath together while we discussed our sexual fantasies and making some of them happen during our stay.

That night with six other couples we watched another most attractive couple fucking. Simone was in her fifties, someone whispered. Mick is half her age. Both of them very attractive.

When we arrived they izmit sınırsız escort were sitting on a leather couch with overhead lighting in the middle of dimply lit room. Simone was wearing heels, jeans and a man’s shirt with just one button fastened. You could hear a pin drop as they passionately tongue kissed before she helped him remove the blouse and he commenced licking and sucking her nipples to her obvious delight – and all those watching.

“Love her tits,” Sarah whispered to me as topless, she dragged down Mick’s trousers and commenced sucking his erection. “And his cock, he is huge,” Sarah told me with her hand on my cock.

They were both naked as Mick sat on the couch teasing his erection before Simone lowered herself onto it facing the audience. The look of pleasure and ecstasy on her face as she slid up and down his cock was a turn on for all watching.

A few minutes later the couch was replaced by a high stool and a tall, chocolate skinned lady appeared holding hands with a much older, though very attractive woman. “June and July for your entertainment and pleasure ladies and gentlemen. For those of you who age is important, June is thirty and July is forty-five. And they are old friends,” someone announces.

June is wearing heels, skin tight, black silk slacks and a matching blouse. July is wearing a heels and short black cocktail dress.

“Oh wow, how exciting, we are going to watch some interracial lesbians,” Sarah whispers as they commence tongue kissing passionately.

July removes June’s blouse to expose her glorious tits. “Thirty-six C, her nipples are like bullets,” Sarah tells me, obviously aroused and agitated as July licks and sucks her nipples.

Huge sexual tension as June turns around and July slowly slides her slacks down to her ankles as they kiss passionately and she rakes her nails over her glorious ass. “Wonderful legs, magnificent hips, must be forty-inches,” Sarah says loud enough for everyone to hear.

“So pleased you like it, forty-one and half,” June smiles at Sarah as July turns her around to face the audience.

“Oh fuck, a trannie with a huge cock,” one of the women mutters as everyone gasps and ogles June’s cock, Sarah included.

“Ten inches and thick, very thick,” in case you were wondering July tells us as she and June tongue kiss as she slides her clenched hand along it.

“Do you want me naked while I blow you?,” July asks with a timbre in her voice.

“Yes, you know I do,” June tells her as a man appears and removes her dress leaving her naked.

“Wonderful body for forty-five and I love the way she shaves her cunt,” Sarah whispers as June sits on the stool, spreads her legs and teases her erection with a fingertip.

Sarah always gets a buzz watching a blow job and comparing their technique to hers. This time she is absolutely rapt as a woman a little older than her is demonstrating her technique on her trannie lover.

An hour later Sarah and I were teasing each others oily, naked bodies with our fingertips. Those two have done wonderful things to my libido,” she whispers as a much younger anonymous couple watch.

“I love being licked and teased,” she tells the couple watching as we edge each other.

“We are here for a few more days if you want to catch up,” Sarah tells them as they leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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