Second Time’s a Charm


Woke up the next morning with both a hangover and a sore ass. Did I really get fucked and suck cock the night before? Did I really fuck a guy’s wife while he watched and joined in? Anyway did not hear from them for a few weeks. It was summer and I was trying to earn money for school but best I could do was a job at the Keansburg boardwalk for 1.50 an hour. Also mowing lawns but had been slow. Then one night when I got home my mom left a note on my door from Debbie and William needing some yard work done. I called and once I said who I was she said she had a bush to trim! Then I realized it was my friends from the bar. She said she also need some cleanup work. My mother was next to me so I tried to act cool. She said be there at 7:30 the next morning, come into the bedroom and strip!

The next morning I drove over and was there at 7:30. The door was open and I walked in and he was fucking her, legs on his shoulders as he slammed into her cunt. As I stripped he started screaming he was cumming. I could see his balls pulsate as he dumped his load and then pulled out, kissed her, and said he had to shower for work! As he walked by me he just said get to work! She said time to clean up! mardin escort Eat me! I wasn’t sure but I decided why not. I started to lick her dripping pussy. I did it slowly, my tongue dragging the dripping cum up to her clit, lapping her pussy as she moaned. After 5 minutes she told me to roll over on my back. She then kneeled over my mouth and held my head against her pussy as I tongue fucked her.

Now a steady stream of her husband’s cum trickled out and into my mouth and I swallowed it down. She started to grind her cunt into my face, twisting and moaning till she finally squeezed her fat thighs around my head and came. As she did so a mixture of cum and her juices filled my mouth. I was forced to swallow. I expected piss but it was sweeter. Finally she let my head go and turned around getting into a 69 with me. She put my cock on her mouth and I came in about 30 seconds as she chuckled. She then twisted around and kissed me, forcing my own cum into my mouth! Wasn’t thrilled after cumming but kind of forced to drink it.

After this I heard her hubby say bye. She told me she had the day off. She kneeled over my face again, facing away and told me to lick her marmaris escort ass. As she did this she was teasing my cock and balls. Her ass was as clean as could be and I pushed my tongue in deep, then in a motion tongue fucked her ass as she moaned. She was rubbing her own cunt with one hand as she teased my balls with her other. Every now and then she would moan and twist my balls. This hurt but not a lot. Finally she pushed back, her cunt on my mouth and told me to suck her clit. As I did I decided to see if she liked me nibbling on it. As I did this she moan and said I was a fast learner.

She was rubbing her cunt on my face. Her ass was huge and as I felt it I decided to finger her ass. Being wet from my tongue first one, then two, finally three fingers went in. She started to hump my face and hand. Her huge ass was smothering me as she came again! Finally she rolled over off of me. My cock was hard so I moved around, put her legs on my shoulders and started to fuck her hard and fast. She was very wet and loose and on one thrust I pulled out and landed in her ass! She screamed but it was so tight I stayed in and fucked even faster as she fought me but I came, nevşehir escort dumping my second load of the morning in her ass!

As I lay in her arms she pushed my head down, telling me my mess, clean up! I nibbled on her tits, still amazed at how such a big woman could have such small tits yet huge nipples! Later found out her tits were a 36 A and her ass 72 inches! As I licked her pussy and ass, lapping my tongue from her ass to clit and back again I decided I liked eating cum from a pussy or ass! This time it took a good 20 minutes before she came again. Now we laid back and talked. She explained her husband was a switch hitter, more gay than straight. She was always fat but wanted to get married. He wanted to be married so no one would know! But on the rare occasion he did fuck her he shot in less then 5 minutes and she would have to take care of herself. Also, his cock was too big for her ass. She told me to take a shower and dress as she really had yard work needed and would pay me $5.00 an hour!

We decided tho just go a straight 50.00 per day, 3 days a week for yard work, some home repair, and maintenance of her pool. Fucking her was a bonus, but her hubby would want my ass now and then. We agreed and I left, saying I would be back the next day at 9 to begin my work. If she told me to come earlier it would be for fun! She also told me that she might have a friend or two who would want some “work” done! This was going to be a fun summer!