Seducing Cindy – Chapter 2 – from Cindy’s perspective


Introduction:After spending the week in Palo Alto with my stepson and his fiancé, I arrived back in New York City, deeply conflicted and confused. The wheels of United flight 1254 touched down at La Guardia airport shortly before six o’clock in the evening. I had been traveling for over eight hours, and in addition to being conflicted and confused, I was exhausted. I took the nearly forty minute taxi ride to my Manhattan flat deep in thought. So much had happened. It would take some time to process the emotional and psychological impacts of the events of the past week, or more accurately, the events of the past three and a half years. I called Robert to tell him I had arrived safely. Robert thanked me for making the trip. We chatted briefly. I was shocked when Robert informed me that Elizabeth had written a story on a very popular website, Lushstories, that told of the events of this past week. The article was entitled, “Seducing Cindy”. I felt an anxiety attack approaching, as I panicked at the very thought of our story being made public. Robert asked me to visit the site and critique the article. Robert was adamant that he wanted to know my reaction to the way Elizabeth told our story. I was nervous, or perhaps I should say scared, at what might be contained in Elizabeth’s story. Reluctantly, I agreed to read it. I told Robert that I would call him after reading it to tell him what I thought. I decided that I needed a good night’s sleep before addressing Robert’s request. I would read the story tomorrow. I needed to gather my thoughts and to build my courage before I faced my many debaucheries. It was the next evening, after I had enjoyed a relaxing bath, that I garnered the courage to read the story. I was sipping my second glass of merlot when I logged onto the Lushstories website and searched for the story, “Seducing Cindy”. It was listed under the category of “lesbian”, which made me think it was mainly about Elizabeth’s and my relationship. Sitting at the computer in the tiny office that sits immediately off my living area in my upscale Manhattan apartment, wearing only my robe, I started to read Elizabeth’s depiction of how she and I became lovers. I found it ironic that I was sitting at the very desk at which I accidentally stumbled upon Robert masturbating while watching porn on that fateful night, a little over three years ago. So much has happened, and so much has changed since that fateful night. I returned my attention to the story that my stepson’s fiancé had posted. I sat there, hypnotized, as I read Elizabeth’s accurate description of my sins with my stepson. Her words took me back in time, forcing a vivid mental picture of the night I got caught watching Robert stroking himself. I was forced to revisit the series of inappropriate events between my stepson and myself that culminated in Robert and me sharing my bed the entire summer before he returned to college. Robert had obviously shared some very private and intimate details of his and my relationship with his fiancé. I read on.Soon my vagina was leaking profusely, as I recalled the erotic and sensual details of my seduction at Robert’s hands. Elizabeth’s story merely opened the door to these memories, my mind took it from there as I filled in each arousing detail.  I was both mortified and flattered, as I read the events of the past week from Elizabeth’s point of view. I was flattered by the complimentary manner in which she described me. I was also touched by the affection she expressed for me in her narrative. However, I was mortified as I read the accurate description of my slutty behavior the night I allowed Elizabeth’s stepbrother stay with me in my room, and allowed him to fuck me in every conceivable position. I became terribly aroused as I read Elizabeth’s account of her seduction of me, leading me to my one and only experience with another woman. Almost involuntarily, my fingers found their way between my thighs, slowly stimulating my erect clitoris, as I read the beautiful account of how Elizabeth and I made love to each other while Robert and Gary watched. It only took a few minutes of rubbing circles on my sensitive little nubbins before I climaxed sitting there at my desk. I seldom climax from clitoral stimulation alone. I usually require some penetration, either with a penis, fingers or my vibrating dildo for me to achieve my orgasm. But tonight my climax arrived quickly and powerfully. I looked at the clock on my desk. It was fifteen minutes after ten. Therefore, it was only 7:15 p.m. on the west coast where Robert and Elizabeth were. I dialed Robert’s cellphone. “Robert, is now a good time?” I asked. “Sure, mom. Elizabeth and I were just watching some tube. What’s up?” “I did as you asked. I read the story. It is very erotic. It’s also very embarrassing to think that I did all those things, and now my sins are out there for everyone to read,” I acknowledged honestly. “Mom, no one will ever know it is you, or me, or Elizabeth in the story.” “Robert, it might not take a super sleuth to piece together the fact that I live in New York, I have a stepson at UCLA who just got engaged.” “Mom, trust me, no one who has ever met you could ever imagine that it is you in this story. Besides, the readers always assume these stories are fiction.” I had to admit that he had a point. “But other than that, how did you like the story?” “It was very arousing. I liked it a lot.” “Did you masturbate?” “Robert! You can’t ask me that!” I admonished. “Come on mom. After what you and I have shared? You did, didn’t you?” I shook my head and laughed nervously, “You know me too well. Yes, I did.” “I knew it. I knew that you would. Mom, Elizabeth and I have a favor to ask you. Would you write the same story from your perspective? You know, tell how you felt, and the emotions you experienced last week?” “Oh Robert, I couldn’t do that. I’d be too embarrassed. I just couldn’t.” “Please mom. It would mean a lot to both Elizabeth and me. It would be so fucking hot to have you put your feelings and emotions down for people to read. It would be so sexy to think that men and women all around the world were reading about your experiences and your emotions while they masturbated; that your words were making thousands of people cum.” Suddenly, I became aware of my erect clitoris again, as I had to admit to elvankent escort myself that the thought of people masturbating as they read my story was very appealing. “I’ll think about it. No promises, but I’ll consider it.” Robert thanked me for even considering writing the story. We chatted a while longer before hanging up. I awoke the next morning, and decided that I would try to fulfill Robert’s and Elizabeth’s request. I would make an attempt to capture my feelings and emotions tonight after work. It took me several days, but here is the result of that effort: Our story: Elizabeth and me:I was thrilled when Robert called me to tell me that Elizabeth had agreed to marry him. Elizabeth was everything I could hope for in Robert’s fiancé. She was beautiful, tall, statuesque, athletic, intelligent, sassy, flirtatious and charming. I could not have been more pleased that this woman would become my daughter-in-law.  This engagement meant a great deal to me personally. For the past three years, I lived in fear that my weaknesses and my sins could cause Robert irreparable harm. I feared that the emotional entanglement of Robert’s and my intimacy might interfere with Robert forming meaningful relationships with more appropriate romantic targets, closer to his own age. This engagement served to alleviate much of that fear, and with it, considerable guilt. Within a day or two of Robert telling me he was engaged, I was invited to fly to the west coast to attend an engagement party honoring the young couple. The party was being hosted by Elizabeth’s uncle, Uncle Ralph. The party would give me an opportunity to meet Elizabeth’s family, and to get to know her more intimately. I arrived at San Jose airport after midnight, early Friday morning. Robert and Elizabeth met me at the baggage claim. I receive a warm hug from Robert and then from Elizabeth. She seemed genuinely glad to see me. I could not help but like her. Although I had met her before, I was still taken by her beauty. She was strikingly attractive and charming. She had a tall, athletic figure, with long blonde hair that she wore pulled back into a ponytail. She wore a pair of form fitting jeans and a tan t-shirt. I could not help notice her nipples were erect under her bra. She had large green eyes and an engaging smile. Yes, Robert’s fiancé had a cute, wholesome appearance that any woman would envy. Yet, she was sweet and genuine. Robert appeared to have captured the “brass ring”. Robert and Elizabeth drove me to my hotel. I was suffering from severe jet lag, and I fell asleep quickly.  Elizabeth arranged for us to meet for lunch the next day. I awoke shortly before eleven o’clock, having slept a full seven hours, I felt rested and refreshed. I called Elizabeth. We arranged to meet at one o’clock, at the Character’s Sports Bar and Grill in the lobby of the Santa Clara Marriott. We ordered cocktails. I ordered a glass of merlot, Elizabeth ordered a cranberry juice and vodka cocktail.  “Elizabeth, I want you to know, I am very pleased to have you as my future daughter-in-law. I think you are a lovely young woman.” Elizabeth smiled and responded, “Thank you. I truly appreciate the compliment. I want you to know that I respect and admire you as well. Based on some things Robert has shared with me, you and I share more in common than you might expect.” I felt myself tense up at her words. Her comment both intrigued and concerned me. What had Robert shared with his fiancé? Elizabeth shocked me by revealing that she both knew and approved of the intimate relationship that Robert and I shared, and she was willing to allow it to continue. Elizabeth shocked me further when she revealed that she had fallen into a similar inappropriate relationship with her stepbrother following the death of her father, shortly following her seventeenth birthday. My head was spinning. On one hand I was mortified that someone knew my deepest secret. But in a very real sense, I was relieved. Elizabeth knew what Robert and I had done, and did not view me as a pariah. She knew the real me, and was not appalled. Not only that, she was willing to allow Robert and me to continue to be intimate on occasion. I never thought I would meet anyone with whom I could share this deep, dark secret. In a very real sense, I felt as if a burden of secrecy had been lifted from me. I cannot describe the closeness and affection I felt for this young woman at that moment. I wanted to hug her and thank her. In that instant, she became one of only two people on the planet who actually knew what I had done, and she did not recoil from me. She did not despise me. She actually understood. That evening, Elizabeth allowed Robert to spend an evening with me at my hotel. It was a marvelously fulfilling and intimate evening with my stepson. I will never be able to thank her enough. And then the evening of the big party. Elizabeth arranged for her stepbrother, Gary, to be my date and to take me back to my room. Elizabeth confided in me that she had only been intimate with two men in her life, Gary and Robert. She told me she wanted to share them both with me. The day after Elizabeth’s engagement party, Gary and I met Robert and Elizabeth for a late brunch. While we sipped Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas, Elizabeth suggested that Robert and Gary take her and me out for dinner and dancing. Normally, an evening of dinner and dancing with my stepson and his fiancé, along with Elizabeth’s stepbrother would seem innocent enough. But in the context of the various entanglements involved here, there was nothing “normal” about the four of us going out together.  I was uncomfortable with the fact that within the previous seventy two hours, I had been intimate with both Gary and Robert. Despite my embarrassment and discomfort, I agreed to accompany the group, not even knowing whether Robert or Gary was supposed to be my date for the evening.  After brunch, I excused myself and returned to my room alone. After two nights of loving making, first with Robert then with Gary, I was clearly sleep deprived. I needed a nap. After a Bloody Mary and two Mimosas, I drifted off to sleep quickly. I woke from my nap at 4:15 p.m. Robert and Cindy were due to pick me up at seven o’clock, so I had a couple of hours to get ready. I took a bath, shaved my underarms, legs emek escort bayan and vulva. I dried myself, blow dried my hair, and applied my make-up. I selected a black cocktail dress, black gladiator pumps, and a matching black bra and bikini panty set. I decided that my legs looked good enough, so I skipped the nylons. I studied myself in the mirror, I looked good. The cocktail dress was fairly low cut, exposing a fair amount of cleavage, the skirt came down to mid thigh, showing off my legs nicely. The dress accentuated my figure, showing off my thin waist nicely. Yes, this dress was quite flattering. I was standing in the lobby when I turned to see Elizabeth walking across the room. She looked absolutely stunning. She was wearing a beige dress that came down just below her knees. The skirt flared open as she walked. I could not tell if she was wearing a bra, but her nipples stood proudly under the silk material of the dress. As I said, she looked stunning. Elizabeth hugged me, pressing her perky breasts into mine, and said, “Cindy, you look lovely.” “Thank you. You look wonderful yourself. I can see why my son is so taken by you.”Hell, even I was feeling a unique attraction to this tall, slender, beautiful blonde myself! I have to admit, this is the first time in my life that I felt a sexual attraction to another female. And the attraction was more mental and emotional than it was simply physical.  We dined at an upscale restaurant in Palo Alto which Elizabeth selected. We flirted, joked, and drank over dinner. Robert and Elizabeth offered to pick up the check, but I insisted on doing so since I was the only one who was gainfully employed. Elizabeth then directed us to a local club that had a dance floor. Elizabeth and I took turns dancing with both Robert and Gary. Elizabeth also asked me to dance to a couple of songs. The alcohol consumption had lowered our inhibitions, and there was considerable kissing and touching on the dance floor as well as under our table. Elizabeth was teasing and flirting with both of the guys. I also felt like she was flirting with me somewhat. I must confess, I enjoyed her attention. I cannot describe my feelings at the time any better than to simply admit that I was developing a crush on my stepson’s fiancé. We seemed to truly connect with each other. I don’t know why the connection with this lovely young thing felt so real and so natural, but Elizabeth and I simply seemed to connect.The music was too loud, and I was having trouble hearing. Elizabeth indicted that she was getting a headache from the noise. She suggested that we take our little party back to my hotel, and test out the hot tub and spa.  I explained that I did not bring her swim suit. Elizabeth responded, “Neither did I. You and I can go in our bra and panties. The guys can wear their boxers. It’ll be a little bit naughty, but they guys will love it.” She was very convincing. But still I protested, “We can’t walk through the hotel wearing just a wet pair of panties and a bra.” “We can wrap ourselves in towels. It’ll be fun,” Elizabeth assured meI could feel myself blush at the very prospect of what she was proposing. My heart was pounding in my chest as I considered her suggestion. It was wickedly naughty. I admired her charm and self confidence. Although she was twenty years my junior, she had a poise and self assurance that I envied. I was drawn to her in a way I had never been drawn to another female before. I realized that I would do anything she suggested, I was that taken by her. “I guess that would work. Actually, I have two nice, plush Marriott robes in my room for you and me. The hotel provides them with the suite. The guys can make do with the towels,” I offered nervously.Elizabeth squeezed my hands and said, “I like the way you think, Cindy. Does your room have one king, or two double beds?”My mind raced to why the type and quantity of beds in my room was of interest to her. What did she have in mind? “I have two doubles, a couch and a little sitting area in my junior suite,” I replied. “Great. after the hot tub, if we’ve had too much wine, we can all crash in your room, if that would be okay?”With a noticeable quiver in my voice, I answered, “I suppose we could do that… all crash in my room tonight.”She was caressing my hands as we spoke. She was flirting with me shamelessly. And I loved it. I felt a unique attraction to this woman. There was something about her demeanor that prevented me from thinking of her as twenty years younger than me.  I started to ask her about the sleeping arrangements, but changed my mind. I simply could not find away to phrase the question I really wanted to ask, which was, Who am I going to be sharing a bed with tonight? I decided I would find out my fate soon enough. We arrived back at the hotel a few minutes before eleven o’clock. Robert handed the car keys to the valet attendant. Elizabeth grabbed a bag with two bottles of wine, some plastic cups and a wine opener. Robert led us through the lobby to the elevator banks. We rode the elevator to my suite.  My hands were shaking slightly as I fumbled to retrieve the electronic card key from her purse. There was something about crossing the threshold with my stepson, his fiancé and her stepbrother that felt wicked and dangerous, despite the fact that I had already slept with both these young men. Once inside her room, Elizabeth took the two bottles of wine out and set them on the coffee table that was in front of the small, two person love seat in the sitting area. She also took the plastic cups and wine opener out. I was taken aback when Elizabeth removed a tube of warming massage oil from the bag, and set it on the nightstand between the two double beds. She smiled at me and simply said, “This is for later. We can have the guys give us a massage after the hot tub.”I found her calm, quiet assertiveness and confidence very, very appealing. I wished I was more like her.Elizabeth opened one bottle of wine, and poured two large plastic glasses of wine. She handed one to me. We were both already feeling a bit light headed from the alcohol we consumed over dinner and at the dance club. But if I was going relax, and abandon all inhibitions, one or two more glasses of wine might help. Elizabeth offered the guys some wine, but Gary Escort eryaman indicated that he was going to head to the lounge and grab a couple of beers for Robert and him. Robert offered to accompany Gary, leaving Elizabeth and me alone to prepare for our hot tub adventure. “Where are those robes?” she asked, as she unzipped her dress and stepped out of it, as I stared admiringly. God, she was sexy and beautiful. Her bra and panties were a light beige or off-white and very shear. The darkness of her areolas was plainly visible through the thin, diaphanous material. I could see each bump and contour of her very erect nipples. The crotch of her panties was sufficiently transparent so that I could determine that she shaves her vulva. I liked knowing that. I handed her the robe which had not been worn yet and was still hanging in the closet. She placed the robe on the bed, and remained somewhat exposed in he shear bra and panties set. I could not stop staring at her gorgeous body. Elizabeth kicked off her shoes, and was now wearing only my bra and panties. She walked over to the closet to hang up her dress. “I don’t want to look like I slept in this dress tomorrow,” she said casually. Clearly, she was expecting to spend the night in my suite. “Let’s get you ready for the hot tub, Cindy,” she said, as she took the plastic cup of wine from my hand and set it on the dresser. She turned me so that I was facing the mirror. Standing behind me, she reached up and unzipped my dress.  I stood there, motionless, allowing her to slowly remove my dress. I could not help shivering nervously as she undressed me. I was excited and scared. I was not sure what was going to happen tonight. I was not even sure what I wanted to happen.She lowered my cocktail dress off my shoulders, and I stepped out of it. Without saying a word, she left me standing there in my black bra and panties as she hung up my dress, next to hers in the closet.I stepped out of my high heel pumps, and then stood motionless, staring at my reflection in the mirror, not quite sure what to do next.  “You really are quite lovely in your black bra and panties. You are absolutely stunningly beautiful,” Elizabeth said, as she walked back and stood next to me.  I lowered my eyes to the floor, and softly mumbled, “Thank you.” My emotions were all over the place. I was aroused, excited, embarrassed, scared, nervous and anxious. I felt like I could not move. I was frozen in place.  I glanced into the mirror, and saw Elizabeth staring at me as though she wanted to commit my image to memory. I felt her gaze burning my skin. I felt so exposed as she studied my near naked form. But more than just being exposed, the expression on her face made me feel beautiful, sexy and desirable. Elizabeth moved behind me, and our eyes met in our reflection in the mirror. At five foot ten inches in height, she was a full six inches taller than me. Elizabeth has the tall, slender, athletic frame of a model. Her long sleek legs accentuated her firm, round butt. Her perky breasts with their perpetually erect nipples seemed to be begging me to touch them. I can honestly say that I have never seen a more beautiful woman. I shuddered slightly as she reached up and began rubbing my shoulders from behind, as we both stared at the sexy image reflected back at us. She lowered the straps of my bra so she could massage my shoulders without obstruction. I was afraid the cups of my bra would fall open, exposing my breasts, but they remained in place, barely held up by my 34B breasts. Very slowly, she ran my hands over her shoulders, as her palms gently grazed over my erect nipples over the thin material of my bra, brushing against them. I started shivering ever so slightly at her touch. I could feel my pulse in my erect clitoris. My lubrication was seeping out of me, soaking the gusset of my bikini panties. “Are you okay? You’re shaking,” she asked. “I’m just a little nervous, I guess. This is uncharted territory for me,” I confessed candidly. With the palms of her hands barely touching my erect nipples through my bra, she asked, “Should I stop?” Nervously, I shook my head and softly answered, “No, I am enjoying your touch. I’m just a little scared.”She continued teasing both of my nipples between her forefinger and thumb, pinching them through the shear black material of my bra as she reassured me, “You don’t have to be scared of anything. I won’t push you into anything you don’t want to do. We can go as slowly as you need. I promise.”I nodded and closed my eyes. I laid my head back on her shoulder, and quietly moaned, as I savored her touch.  In a teasingly slow manner, she ran her hands lower, stroking my abdomen and said, “Oh my, you have a beautiful body. Your tummy is so flat, and your breasts are still so firm and perky. God, I hope I can look this good when I’m your age.” I moaned and stammered, “Thank you.” I reached around behind me and grasped both of Elizabeth’s thighs, as she continued to touch and tease me. I remember how firm and muscular her thighs felt as I squeezed them. It was the first time I had ever touched a woman in even a remotely sexual way. I was consumed with lust for this beautiful young woman. At that moment, I knew I would do anything for her. I would do anything to please her–anything. Slowly, Elizabeth moved her hands lower, down past my navel and placed the very tips of her fingers into the waistband of my bikini panties, teasing my sensitive skin with her touch. I wanted to slide my own hands up her thighs, and touch her vagina through her panties, but I was too nervous, too scared. So I just stood there, leaning back against her, allowing her to touch me however she chose. I wanted to ask her to touch me lower, to touch my clitoris. I felt like I could climax with the slightest touch. I was so aroused. But I could not force myself to utter the words asking her to touch me lower.Elizabeth withdrew her fingers from my waistband, and moved her hands back up towards m breasts. Only this time, her fingers slid inside the cups of my bra and touched my nipples, skin-to-skin. I would moan and quiver each time she traced her finger tips across my very erect nipples. She pinched them ever so gently, causing me to moan audibly. I could feel my vagina to begin to “open up”. The gusset of my panties was now soaked. The caresses were more sensual than sexual. I did not make any attempt to touch her intimately. However, I continued to massage her thighs as she continued to caress me. Suddenly, we were interrupted. The door clicked and I jerked forward, breaking our contact. I was startled by Robert’s and Gary’s return.