Silhouette Sinner

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“Tell you what bud, I need a fucking drink! Hey, let’s go down to that titty bar we passed on the way up here.” Scott shouted, while throwing his gear in the back of Alex’s truck.

“Sure, but you got first round. I literally had to drag your drunk ass out of bed for this storm call. You owe me.” Alex said.

“Fair enough! Let’s roll!” Scott said, roaring with joy.

Alex and Scott worked as linemen for a power company. Being pulled hours, or states, away to fix whatever power line mother nature seemed fit to break is just part of the job. This was their last night up state, before heading back home.

As Alex pulled into the parking lot of Club Leather it was clearly slow night by any gentlemens club standards. A barrel chested bouncer stopped them at the entrance.

“Twenty dollar cover gentlemen.” The bouncer said in a two packs a day for twenty years gravelly voice.

“A cover for a titty bar?” Scott said with a chuckle. “Big cities man, nickel and dime you every step of the goddamn way.” The bouncer took their money and gave them each two drink tokens.

“You gentlemen enjoy your night.” Finally letting them pass. The club was as dead as they suspected, but louder than a construction site. The music blared, drowning out any conversation below a yell. A lone dancer idly walking around a pole on center stage, with a look of disdain plastered across her face, spotted the guys and shook her bare chest in their direction. A handful of older men were spread around the club, few with dancers draped across their laps, others just enjoying a drink and seeing some tits.

As Alex and Scott make their way to the bar, the bartender is already waiting for them.

“What can I get you?” She yelled over the loud music.

“Two jack and cokes.” Scott yelled back, sliding her his two drink tokens.

“This place is almost sad.” Alex said.

“What do you expect, it’s a Wednesday at six. No one is going to be here for at least three more hours. Here” Scott said, handing Alex his drink. The first sip was pure Jack Daniels; the guys both let out a “Ohhh weee.” at the same time.

“Bottoms up!” güvenilir bahis Alex shouts, raising his glass to cheer Scott. They both down their drinks in unison. Alex turns back to the bar, pushing his two drink tokens over. “Two more, please.” She gives him a wide grin and began pouring. The song finally ended and Alex recognizes the song starting up next as Adenilize by In This Moment.

“Gentlemen, pop a couple of those heart meds and put away the viagra, you won’t be needing it as I bring out the lovely, the sinister, queen of the damned Miss Lilith.” The DJ announces to the mostly dead room.

The music drops, the bass vibrating the floor under Alex’s feet. Lilith struts on stage, her silhouette rear light by a dew stage lights. Wrapping her legs around the pole, her head flings back as she slowly spins. The bright silhouette of her arching back slowly moves into Alex’s view. He found himself enthralled and aroused by her movements. Her hips bouncing back side to side when the music punctuates. The way her shadowy hands slide, and accent every curve of her naked silhouette. His cock grew stiff as he watched.

The stage lights blazed on as the song reached a climax. Lilith’s tattooed adorn body arching backwards on the pole, almost as if she’s basking in the stage lights. Pink nipples tipped heavy round breasts, crowned by a stag skull tattoo stretching from shoulder to shoulder. Her porcelain hourglass figure, tone and tight, showed every muscle as she danced. Her ass bounced with a turn of her hip, stepping around the pole. Long blonde hair, almost hiding the wings tattooed on her back, swings freely as she danced. Finally seeing her face Alex recognizes her instantly.

“Holy shit!” Alex said to himself.

The shock of seeing his brother ex wife stark naked, dancing on stage sent a flood of mixed emotions coursing through his body, and mostly settling in his cock. She was always one of the most attentive, attractive, and fun people to be around; but seeing her in this atmosphere, dancing, lust took over and his cock was running the show tonight. Alex grabbed his drink and moved closer to the stage, türkçe bahis leaving Scott at the bar, to flirt with the random stripper that was occupying his time. Grabbing a seat directly in front of the stage to ensure she could clearly see him, Alex sat back and enjoyed the show. Lilith’s body moved with grace and sexually charged energy he had never witnessed before.

When Lilith finally recognized Alex she practically tripped off the stage. Luckily catching herself with a moderate amount of grace. The song ended and Lilith quickly grabbed the few scattered bills off the stage, and jumped down to greet Alex.

“Alex! It’s been years! How are you?” She said joyfully, giving him a huge hug. Alex’s hand waved awkwardly over her at first, not sure where he could touch her, given she was still stark naked. The little voice in his head said “Fuck it” and he rested his hand low on her back, giving her a big hug in return.

“I am doing a whole hell of a lot better seeing you!” He said, emphasizing his enthusiasm. Her body grew rosey as she slightly blushed. Grabbing his hand she lead him to a quieter spot. They both sat for a time reminiscing over trips and gatherings from years back.

“You know, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen you naked. Remember camp at devil peak?” Alex said with a mischievous grin.

“I knew that was in the bushes, you fucking pervert!” She said laughing. “I hope you like what you saw.”

“Ooo I did and still do!” He said looking her naked body over. “Some nights, back to back.” Alex teased, grabbing his erection and adjusting it in his pants. Lilith, watched his bulge move as she bite her lip.

“Would you like to buy Lilith a drink, or maybe a lap? A woman suggested from over Alex’s shoulder. Pushing him to spend some money.

“Actually, I could use little stress relief. Up for putting in some work.” Alex asked Lilith playfully. Grabbing Alexs’ hand, Lilith rushed him to the lapdance room for some privacy. The room was practically silent as they entered except the moderate sound of dance music coming from the speakers.

Pushing him into a seat, Lilith excitedly straddled güvenilir bahis siteleri Alex’s lap. Her pussy wet enough to soak into his jeans. Her tits slapped his face as Lilith began grinding over his bulging jeans. Soft moans spilled from Lilth as her clit slide across the course material. Quickly he pulled her closer, engulfing her tit in his mouth. Letting out a satisfied moan she throw her head back and relished in the satisfaction as he sucked harder. Lilith continued to roll her hips to the beat of the music, grinding increasingly harder against his cock. Alex’s deep muffled growls grow, as she grinds harder against him. Grabbing her hips his is rough claused hands, he moves her faster and harder.

“Fuck!” She loudly exclaimed as she tried to keep up with his movements. Her dripping pussy gliding across the front of his jeans causing her sensitive clit to scream out. His mouth sucked in her nipple again and she moaned with delight. Reaching down low, Lilith deftly undoes Alexs belt and jeans, pulling his throbbing hard cock free. Hot and desperate for release, Lilith slid his length inside her with ease, releasing a loud satified moan from them both.

“Shit, you’re thick. Just how I thought it would be.” She commented causing Alex to smile.

Her warm wet cunt felt tight around his girth as he took a moment to enjoy the sensation and her comment. Slowly and greedly, Lilith moved back and forth along the length of his cock. Their breathing grew heavier as they fucked. Looking him in the eyes, Lilth watched as his cock filled her again and again. Their combined growls and moan drowned out the music, as the sound of flesh against flesh and pace to their pleasure. Alex grabbed her hips roughly and speeded up. The seat creaked under them as they fucked faster. His hand smacked down hard on her ass, making her scream a moan. Alex felt his orgasm build as she bucked away on top of him.

“Fuck! I am going to cum.” He grunted out between breaths. She replied with.


Her pussy tightened around his cock, sending him over the edge. Grabbing her tight around the hip, Alex felt his cum shoot deep inside her. Waves of pleasure rushed through his entire body. With every wave of her orgasm he felt her tighten and milk another shot of cum out of him. Breathless and sweaty, Lilith laid into Alexs’ chest as he held her.

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