Sister Mary’s Charity

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A swirl of black and the steady click of hard shoes on stone pavement marked the swift and determined passage of the young Thai nun as she whisked around a street corner in the shabby part of the town. The locals hardly paid Sister Mary Atchara notice, as they were all familiar with seeing her bustling around their community, darting here and there, doing the Lord’s work for the Catholic Church. What they didn’t know or would even suspect was that the industrious Thai Nun was completely nude underneath her heavy woolen clothing due to the unusually hot summer they had been enduring. She was certain that the Mother Superior would not approve, but if Sister Mary were to be out in the sweltering heat all day in a jet-black habit doing the Church’s work, she had to take drastic measures to ensure she wouldn’t pass out. She smiled inwardly at the thought of Father Mahara taking her Confession later today, wondering if the kindly man would be shocked or excited by her bold yet necessary form of dress. Still, such thoughts would have to wait, as Sister Mary continued on her newest crusade; searching for a particular address in the back streets of this run-down section of town.

Once a thriving copper mining operation, this entire region had been crowded by many businesses, factories and had been home to many immigrants from Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, any many countries who seeking the new opportunities for their life in this country, making it an attractive place to live. Atchara’s parents lived and worked here, making a good living until the fateful year when the copper mine ran dry and plunged the whole area into economic ruin. Those who could leave did so, but those who remained behind had to scrape out a living as best they could. Atchara was moved by the generosity and spirit of the Catholic Church that had built here when the town was booming and refused to abandon its members when disaster struck.

Attending Mass regularly with her parents, the young Thai was filled with awe at the ceremony and peace offered by the Church. The blossoming young girl also found herself confused by her seemingly inappropriate arousal that swept over her whenever she attended services. She couldn’t explain it, but being around the Nuns, the Father, the symbols and ceremonies; it all made her extremely horny. At first Atchara would cry herself to sleep at night after furiously masturbating with her crucifix, ashamed at how hard she came thinking of the Priest or Nuns touching her. Her shame continued as she was helpless to stop, becoming wet as she knelt in Church, receiving Communion and later touching herself in the Confessional. It was only when she became a woman of 19 did she have an epiphany, a blinding realization that she was indeed in love with the Church and that she expressed her love for it in a physical and sexual way.

Resolving herself to her own sexual nature and her desire to help others, she submitted to what she felt was Divine Guidance and moved to join their Holy Order. Soon she became Sister Mary Atchara and was able to stay in her own home town, giving back to the town that needed help. Soon her parents moved away for better opportunities, begging her to request transfer away from this blighted town, but she insisted on staying. Sister Mary was particularly moved by and anxious to help the elderly and mentally handicapped, feeling that they were an ignored and abused part of society and she worked diligently to aid them, all the while satisfying her own burning fetish for the Catholic Church.

Now this town have only few hundred people(less than 300) and remaining only few necessary facilities, and although the Church was small, with only Father Mahara, the Mother Superior and two other Sisters besides herself, Sister Mary confidently believed that they could ease any suffering, cure any ill and help kaçak iddaa anyone who needed them; today was a particular case that seemingly shouted for her attention.

Only this morning, Father Mahara had gotten word of a recently abandoned mentally retarded man whose sole surviving family member had died, leaving this simple man-boy in his poor rundown house, all alone. Directed by the priest to check in on him and to bring him a hot meal, Sister Mary was to once again try to entice him into coming to the Church for shelter and safety. He had been on his own for almost 3 weeks and was a pathetic site, barely able to find food and shelter for himself. Sister Mary Atchara had heard that others had tried to take him to the Church to care for him, but he was afraid of leaving what was left of his home and was frightened by the with the strangely-dressed Priest and Nuns. Sister Sister Mary Atchara was determined that this lost little lamb would not suffer alone any longer and decided to show him that the Church had indeed a great deal of love to share with him.

She gently called his name as she stepped in to his hovel through a broken, open door and he looked at her with a frightened, puzzled expression on his pink fat face, watching her black presence as she came through the door like a fearful child and not as the 46 year old man he actually was. Speaking in a soothing tone, Sister Mary Atchara introduced herself and asked him if he would like to enjoy a meal with her. Sitting on the dirty floor of his rundown living room playing with a discarded doll, whole all of his house is in quite poor condition and have only few really necessary furnitures, he looked at the food basket she carried and back to Sister Mary Atchara’s tender face and slowly nodded his head, still showing some reluctance but desperate for a friend. As she took the containers of food she had cooked for him out of her basket, Sister Mary let him know that he could eat every day at the Church if he would come home with her, but he shook his fat head vigorously, sending his dirty hair flying, saying, “Noooo…scary people there, nobody love me. Noooo!” as tears welled up in his eyes.

Crouching down to his level a little away from him, she took his big hand in her own and patted it, looking sincerely into his wet, childlike eyes,

“Oh no baby, no one wants to hurt you! The Church is the home of Jesus, Joseph and Mary and they all love you; we all love you. We want to take care of you and keep you safe. Don’t you want to come home with me?”

As she held his trembling hand, she could still see the doubt in his face but also something else. She realized that her Habit had ridden up and was bunched between her thighs, baring her thick brown legs. The man-child’s gaze was riveted on her legs and his simple, innocent expression of fascination with her made she feel a flicker of heat in her loins. Despite his mental impairment, he was after all a full-grown man and she, although a nun, was also a woman. she quickly resolved to use whatever gifts God had given her to save this poor soul from even one more night’s misery.

She rose and turned her back to him as she set the food out on the wobbly wooden table. She paused in that position for a few long seconds, bending over the table slightly, her full, lush ass jutting out, covered in the jet black Habit but outlined by the heavy fabric. Sighing to herself as he struggled with the blessing offered right in his face, Mary shifted her weight slowly from one foot to the next, rotating her curvy ass back and forth before the mesmerized man-boy. Finally a dim spark lit in his mind and she sucked in a sharp breath of air as two meaty ham-hands fell on her upthrust cheeks. Up and down the hands rubbed the coarse black fabric on her big cheeks, laughing and babbling nonsense words as he gave her ass a thorough illegal bahis rub-down. she had begun to breathe harder as her pussy became wet.

Standing and turning to look down at the now grinning face of her charge, she stepped forward a step and stood with her legs apart on either side of his knees. Looking down and speaking in a very low and sexy tone, she got him to raise his befuddled gaze upward to look at her. However, once his eyes locked onto the pointing nipples that outlined the front of her black Habit and the shiny gold crucifix that hung in a gold chain between her heavy cleavage, he began smiling broader, his simple mind now seeing something else to play with. Two big, hairy hands shot up and began kneading her big tits, mauling them with his unintentionally strong grip.

“Oh Lord Jesus, let me help this poor confused child!” she groaned as she hiked up her black skirt and sank her fleshy brown legs on either side of the giggling man-child. With his hands still grinding her tits, she began rotating her pelvis back and forth, around and around on the thick lump that bulged in his filthy, faded blue jeans. Delicate hands took his greasy hair in her grip and tilted his head up as she hungrily kissed him deeply, sucking his tongue into her mouth and lavishing her affections on his thick, dreamy-eyed face. The simple-minded behemoth just relaxed and let the nun do to him what she wanted. He didn’t know exactly what the nun was doing, but it made him feel all funny and tingly in his pants and he definitely knew that he liked it.

He started making strangled cries deep in his throat as she reached under her Habit and undid his fly, a small gasp of pleasure escaping her kissing lips as she felt his unusually large meat pop free. Nevertheless, her face remained calm and pleasant as she looked him into his watery, droopy eyes and began talking low to him.

“Come on my big boy, see how the Church loves her children, how Sister Mary loves you? All of the Saints want you to feel the love of the Church, sweetheart” she cooed tenderly as she stroked and jacked the hardening cock between her legs. “Don’t you want to stay in the nice warm Church with Sister Mary?”

At that the drooling idiot nodded his head rapidly, his stringy hair flying and sticking to his feverish face. Giving his thick fat dick a few more strokes, Sister Mary aimed the sticky hot tip to her pussy lips and began sliding down on its length, hissing as she descended. Sitting fully down on his jeaned lap, Mary wrapped her black-sleeved arms around the simpleton’s neck and began rocking back and forth, loving the feel of his hot fuck-stick as it sawed into her tight wet cunt. Although she regularly masturbated using all manner of icons and devices of the Church, Sister Mary Atchara had never known the touch of a man and technically this was her first time. Whatever vows of celibacy she had sworn were well and truly shattered now, but in her mind it was in a noble cause, to comfort one of God’s children.

“A-huh a-huh a-huh” the retarded man stammered, unable to express the amazing pleasure of having his neglected dick being enveloped in the Holy woman’s molten hot, gripping pussy. Looking deeply into his eyes and having him staring dumbly back, Mary’s face was loving and beautiful to him in the white frame of her wimple, beads of sweat forming on her flushed cheeks as she increased her gyrations, her large frame becoming hot under the thick cloak of her Habit, soaking her body in perspiration. Leaning forward, her expression broke into one of passion and lust as she began rubbing her full breasts against the flabby, hulking form that sat before her, rasping her tender nipples on the rough fabric, making them tingle and burn delightfully.

“Oh Mary, oh Joseph, oh Jesus!” she wailed, calling out to the Holy Ones as she felt her belly clench bahis siteleri and flutter as the panting retarded man began pushing his hips up against hers, plunging more of his abnormally large dick into her sacred, beautiful Thai cunt. Diving forward, She knocked the surprised man-child backward as she kissed him again, deeply and hot. Purely by animal instinct the dullard tried to kiss her back, but only managed to sloppily lick and slobber on her face which actually increased the Mary’s desire. The simpleton lost himself in the pure sensation of what he was doing and began bellowing “Aaaaggghhh!” as his thick tongue slid over her face, licking and exploring and tasting her cheeks, her eyelids, her nose and her mouth as if she were some candy that he couldn’t get enough of. His big hands locked around her ample waist and from under her draping gown the wet sounds of their two loins wetly slapping together could easily be heard.

The grunting man pulled his head back from hers, his child-like face contorted in a grimace of pain and fear as he pitifully cried out, “Nooo Miss Mary, gonna Pee-Pee! Pee-Pee!” he stammered in horror, feeling the undeniable rise of pressure in his hammering cock.

Her gentle hands caressing his sweaty fat cheeks, She smiled down on him like an Angel and never stopped a stroke as she moved her hips in time with his, saying, “Shh…shhhh…that’s okay, let it go, give your Mary all your pretty Pee-Pee baby.”

Relaxing, his dim face filled with gratitude at her loving words, he grunted and pounded up into her harder, sending himself over the edge of pleasure. Unable to understand the difference, what shot out of his cock with molten fury wasn’t “Pee” but the thick, potent seed of his built-up cum, a truly magnificent load of white, creamy semen that had been stored inside of him for years, unwanted by any woman until now.

Sister Mary sobbed in ecstasy and sat upright, her fat tits straining at the black, sweat-stained fabric of her Habit as she slammed her thick brown thighs down on his pasty white cock, cumming so hard and long as waves of orgasm washed through her quivering body. She began babbling nonsense words, “Oh Holy Father, God DAMN so hot, oh FUCK MY CUNT, yeeeessssss…OOOOH! OH! OH!…aggrrrgghh! Thank you, thank you, thank you Jesus, thank you Mary…oh…so sweet baby…”

Her body convulsed and shook on top of the huge clothed body of the humping man, his own incredibly long orgasm consuming him as well as her words filled his ears. He almost understood that some of what she said was “naughty” but it somehow made him feel even hotter inside when he heard her sexy words, making him push into her even harder and faster, as if he wanted to pump every ounce of his juices into her clenching hot hole. Looking up at the writhing, groaning Mary that made him feel so good, the dull brute could almost see a divine glow about her, as if a light were shining from within. She was the most beautiful, wonderful thing he had ever seen and in his dim mind he fell completely in love with her.

Soon, he lay back panting like a dog, sweating from his exertions as the black-shrouded nun lay on top of him, a dark puddle of cloth with a flash of brown arms and a leg only visible from under her clothing, her head turned to the side and nestled on the giant’s chest which rose and fell with each breath. Underneath her robe, She could feel the semi-hard cock still lodged up her cunt, twitching occasionally but safely held in her soppy, creamy embrace as a mother would hold a child. She smiled now, a languid, sexy smile as she turned to look into the baffled but happy face of her retarded friend. Squeezing his cock with her pussy walls, she twinkled a smile at him and said, “Now do you want to come live at the Church with us? You’re going to let me take care of you from now on, aren’t you?”

His eyes shone like two bright blue lights as he looked into the glowing face of his angel who had rescued him and said in a child-like voice, “Yes Miss Mary, I be good! Church love me, Church good!”

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