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It seemed like an eternity I had been waiting there – knelt on the hard wooden floorboards with my hands tied behind my back. A soft silken scarf wound around my head voided me of all sight so that all I could do was wait. The suspender straps from the crotchless baby-doll I was wearing digging fiercely into the soft flesh of my thighs and the cold metal that pressed so cruelly into my wrists were all I had to distract me from my perception of time and how long I had been sat there, waiting obediently for what was to come.

I had come to his house to apologise- apologise for the argument over, what turned out to be absolutely nothing that I had started a few days previous. Wanting to make an impact and not be the first to back down, I hadn’t answered his calls or texts since. But, the truth is, I missed him. I missed his smile, his laugh. I missed his hands on my body, the way his body felt pressed up against mine, and the way he made me feel when his flesh was inside me. I shivered deliciously at the thought. So I finally gave in and he’d let me in the door but one thing stood in my way of apologising in the most animalistic way I knew how — and I was certainly dressed, or shall we say, suitable undressed, for the occasion – he told me he wasn’t going to let me off without some punishment first.

Knelt there on the floor, every nerve ending was alert to even the slightest of sounds and movements, my insides churned with excited anticipation and were molten in response to the sexual tension I felt just being restrained like this. Eventually a sixth sense, not un-helped by the slight creak of the floorboards told me that he had finally returned to the room. The sound of bare feet padding across wood of the floor towards my submissive figure made my heart pound. The electricity in the atmosphere told me that he was stood no more than a foot away from my face, I could feel the heat of his body radiating out from him and I wanted so much to reach out and touch him. To kiss every inch of him before joining in unison to create such pleasure that any argument was forgotten about.

He stood there watching me squirm beneath what I could feel was his intense gaze. I was getting wetter and wetter with the anticipation and I knew he could tell. Heck, I knew he could see! Again he waited, watching me writhing carelessly to try and reach my hands to his hot, heady flesh, not caring for the pain the metal handcuffs were causing as they sank ever deeper into my skin. The pain only aroused me more. He walked around behind me and, as he did, planted a chaste kiss on my neck. Involuntarily I groaned aloud. He repeated the process twice more, each kiss becoming more feverent and demanding until he took my earlobe in his mouth and gently nibbled it, his breath tickling my ear at the same time. At this new sensation I practically convulsed on the spot and a throaty moan clung to my lips until he finally released my ear. I groaned again, if this time only for the emptiness I felt at the loss of stimulation. This was no time to be greedy, I told myself, I was meant to be apologising to him.

Once again he moved to stand in front of me. Still silent, I could feel the heat from his body scorching my skin, stoking the fire that was building between my thighs. This time, closer than he was before, I could tell that in the time he had left me on the floor he had stripped naked, his smooth, hard illegal bahis cock head was bumping gently into my lips. I took it greedily into my mouth, savouring his taste and the feel of him between my lips. Gently licking and suckling I finally heard a noise from him, a soft groan escaped his lips as both our breathing rapidly increased. I urged to get him deeper into my hungry mouth but, with my hands restrained behind my back, it was impossible and I knew that he didn’t want to rush things this evening. With all the self control within him I felt him pull away from me.

Unexpectedly his hands came to my chest, just under my armpits to pull me to standing. My legs now shaking with desire were only just able to hold my weight as he took my hand and led me, carefully, to another room. His bedroom, I guessed. He pushed me face down onto the bed, gently yet forcefully, just to make sure I knew who was in charge. Here he uncuffed my hands and, knowing better than to risk trying to catch a grasp of his wonderful flesh in my hand, I allowed him to manoeuvre my hands up either side of my head, once again restraining them with more metal around the posts of the headboard.

In this position I felt truly vulnerable, my legs of their own accord squeezed together in a vain attempt of regaining some dignity. But, one by one, my ankles were seized and, as with my hands, restrained around the bottom posts of the bed. Now I was spread-eagled, cuffed, blindfolded and truly at the mercy of this wonderful man that I so dearly loved. I had never experienced him like this before, I never knew he could be so….dominating. This was the kind of thing my fantasies were made up of but now, in real life, I was anxious. Scared — for his touch, for his punishment and for his forgiveness. And as much as the thought of punishment scared me, it also excited me deeply.

I felt his eyes wash over every contour of my overturned body and I wondered what was to come next. All sorts of images raced through my mind as I tried to reason between body and mind the exact line between fear and excitement. Crack. I gasped and cried out involuntarily. The snap of his palm that had been bought down across my buttocks had bought me very much back to reality. The pain was unfathomable but somehow my mind betrayed my body and I heard my own voice sing out across the room, begging for more. Begging to be punished. And it came. Crack. Another grunt-like moan escaped me. Then three more stinging blown in quick succession.

‘Argh!’ I cried out. I felt his hand soothing the raging skin of my behind, stroking slowly, caressing where he had just now been thrashing. Without warning I felt two fingers violently thrust inside me, probing deeply as if desperately searching out hidden treasure. Gasping and writhing against my binds I heard him speak for the first time.

‘So you enjoyed that did you? I can tell. You’re very wet’. All I could do was moan and beg.

‘Please! Please!’ I didn’t even know what I was begging for. All I wanted was him. I was begging for his touch, in whatever form it took.

‘What do you want?’ he questioned slyly. ‘Do you want more punishment? Or maybe this…’ Suddenly he plunged himself fully into me, spearing me on his magnificent cock, opening me excruciatingly wide and filling me deep. He thrust once then pulled out, leaving me empty.

‘Huh? What do you want? Answer me!’ He demanded. illegal bahis siteleri I could barely muster up the words.

‘You’ was all I could manage to gasp into the pillow beneath me. His assault on my loins had taken every ounce of energy from me. I was ready to give my body up in the face of pure pleasure but he was holding me on the brink and wouldn’t let me go.

I felt his weight shift on the bed, between my legs his beautiful cock was moving further away from me.

‘Noooooo!’ I protested, only to feel the sharp sting of his palm once again across my already battered buttocks. Then, just as before, the pain was replaced by intense pleasure as, simultaneously, I felt his tongue on my clit and his fingers thrusting deep inside me. Over and over again.

The tide of pleasure that had been ebbing and flowing through my groin was now pouring in and raising me further and further towards an explosive climax. The heat from my red-raw behind was eminating to my pleasure core and the feeling was almost too much. I was on the brink once more when suddenly he stopped.

‘Ngghhhhhh!’ I managed between panting breaths that had taken over my lungs.

‘Not nice to be kept waiting is it?’ It was a rhetorical question but I felt the need to answer.

‘I’m sorry for everything and I promise never to keep you waiting again. Just please, please let me cum! Please?’ Why did it feel like I was asking for his permission? Was I just outright begging him? What had happened to me?

‘Too right you won’t.’ He quipped mainly talking to himself, and with that he deftly untied all my binds and flipped me over. I reached out to caress where I knew his face was but he interrupted me —

‘No you don’t. I just wanted you on your back so I can ravish this side of you too. Claim this side as mine like I did the other.’

More moans of protest escaped my mouth but I knew they were in vain, he was very much in charge tonight and there was nothing I could do about it. I felt his hands lift my head and, all of a sudden, the light poured into my eyes as the silk scarf was removed. The light from what must have been over 100 candles dotted around the room. In this light I realised how truly beautiful he looked although the wild glint in his eyes scared me slightly yet excited me tremendously.

‘I want to see you beg…’ He supplied as a reason for removing the blindfold, ‘….and I want you to watch me cum without you…’ For a moment I hated him for this, I was so close and not only wanted, but needed to cum so badly. ‘…so, keep your eyes open’.

With these final orders he reached beneath the thin material of the baby-doll and twisted each of my nipples in turn until I cried out in both ecstasy and pain as the sensation travelled all the way down to my pussy. As soon as I shut my eyes with my mouth open as I cried out, he filled me with his cock, sliding it in to the hilt at the back of my throat and stifling my screams. Immediately I began to suckle, swirling the tip of my tongue round the head of his cock as he plunged in and out of my mouth.

‘Open your eyes.’ He commanded. ‘Else I won’t let you cum at all’.

Immediately at this threat, my eyes flew open as he continued his assault on my avid mouth. I could feel that with all the excitement of the evening that he was getting close and just as I was getting ready to swallow all he had to offer, canlı bahis siteleri he pulled out and plunged straight into my now-dripping pussy. With just one thrust I watched as his face contorted in sheer pleasure as he emptied himself inside me, claiming me, just using my body as I lay there, still wanting and needing more.

‘Please?’ I begged, yet again. ‘I need to cum! Please don’t leave me like this!’

‘Do it yourself.’ Shocked I looked into his eyes, he was now sat back on his heels, cock still hard but looking deadly serious. He leaned over and undid the remaining handcuffs. ‘Go on, do it yourself.’

‘But……’ I began to protest. I had never touched myself with him there, I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of doing something that seemed so private in front of someone else. Why couldn’t he just carry on spearing me with that delicious piece of flesh that still jutted so temptingly out from his groin? I didn’t care any more, I needed this orgasm more than I needed my dignity at this precise moment in time and so, closing my eyes, my hands began the slow decent down my body making a detour at my breasts as I pulled and twisted the nipples until they were taut and hard and stood out from my chest.

‘Remember what I said — open your eyes or you don’t cum at all. I want you to look at me all the time you are touching yourself for me, like a wanton whore.’

Again my eyes flew open as my right hand sought out my clit, the pleasure this bought almost momentarily made my eyes shut once more but I just about managed to keep eye contact with my animalistic lover and, through hooded eyes, felt the pleasure begin to build once more. Being called a whore somehow heighted everything that I was feeling yet I let the thought wash right over me; in this exquisite moment I didn’t want to dwell too much on why exactly that was.

Now I could see him, stroking his cock up and down furiously in time with the stroking of my clit as my left hand now plunged two fingers deep inside my sopping channel. His eyes were glazed over yet an unquashed fire still smouldered in them. I was sweating now and so close to release when my arms were once more thrown above my head. This time he had no time for handcuffs — he held me tightly, against my moans of protest, pinning my hands down into the bed with his left hand whilst his body, now between my legs pinned me to the mattress. I could feel him, hard and ready, at my entrance. But he wasn’t moving.

‘Tell me what you want.’ He ordered.

‘Fuck me. Hard. Now.’ He didn’t need any more encouragement. With agonising slowness he inched himself into me, letting out a slow groan as he did before covering my mouth with his and kissing me fiercely. I was writhing under his grasp and his weight when he stilled inside me momentarily as he sought out my earlobe once more with his teeth and bit down gently.

‘Arrrrggggghhhhhh, ah fuck, oh god, that feels so good. But fuck me HARDER!’ I was yelling now and finally he began to viciously thrust as hard and as deep as he could inside me.

After just a few thrusts of his hips I knew I couldn’t contain my orgasm any more and, without warning, spasmed around him, convulsing, massaging his cock until it too erupted deep inside me sending us both into moaning ecstasy. Panting he rolled off my body and lay down on the bed beside me.

‘Was that worth the wait!?’ He asked wolfishly, with an infectious smile on his face.

‘We should argue more often’ I suggested, giving him a wide grin before he grabbed me in a tight embrace, planted a kiss on my forehead and together, reunited again, we lay there in content and comfortable silence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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