Swinging Party Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

I hold her close to me and we roll on our sides, my cock still firmly embedded in her pussy. She gives me little kisses all over my face, snuggling close to me.

It feels good to hold a woman this close to me. Tammi has drifted off to sleep. She looks so contented in my arms. I hear a soft knock on the door. Jill pops her head in and said things were slowly winding down. If we wanted to crash there for the night, it was ok with her and Brad. I gave her a thumbs up and drifted off to sleep.


I awoke suddenly. The sun is shining in the windows thru an opening in the blinds. I am alone. Was I dreaming last night? The smell of bacon and eggs cooking permeates the air. I find my pirate costume in the master bedroom and put on the pants. I hear the shower running, so I retreat to the kitchen.

I follow the smell and find Jill cooking some eggs, naked except for the apron that kept the bacon grease from searing her skin. Brad is sitting at the table nursing his coffee, only wearing a pair of boxers.

“Coffee,” Jill looks at me?

“Please. I could have swore I slept with Tammi last night,” I replied while trying to clear the cobwebs out of my brain.

“Yes, that really happened. She had to be into work early, she expressed her remorse for not being able to see you this morning. She did ask me pass along a kiss and expressed her thanks for a good time.”

Jill put the eggs on the table, then sauntered up to me and plastered her body to mine. She kisses me with a kiss that could melt metal.

“That was for Tammi.”

Then she blows my mind with another kiss that curled my toes. She grabs my ass and pulls my stiff cock into her mons. Grinding against my stiffness.

“That was from me, for showing me a good time!”

I looked at Brad, expecting him to punch me. Instead he smiles.

“Your in trouble Bob, you have unleashed the tigress in her,” Brad laughed.

“Good morning kids,” Pam said sweetly as she enters the room.

She is wearing a towel on her head and nothing else. She glides up to Brad and laid a sexy kiss on him. He reaches up and palms her nipple while they kiss. Pam then goes over to Jill, they lock lips like two teenagers. She reaches thru the sides of the apron and grasps Jill’s breasts while Jill takes both nipples and tweak them as they release each others lips.

Pam gets close to me saying, “I hope you had a good time last night fucking me.”

“I enjoyed the whole evening, but especially plowing your tight snatch,” I replied.

She leans in and latches onto my lips, while grasping my cock thru the pirate pants.

“Maybe round two this afternoon, big boy,” Pam sneered at me.

Jill had already brought my coffee to the table, so I sat down with my coffee across from Brad. Pam grabs her a cup of coffee and sits beside me.

Jill explained, “Pam and Gary stayed the night with her and Brad, even though there was not much sleeping going on. Pam’s husband Gary had to work bright and early. Pam stayed to help clean up the party today. Gary gave her full permission today to enjoy herself, he said he might stop by after work.”

I have trouble concentrating on my breakfast, with two large breasts sitting next to me. I keep sneaking glances, and Brad snickers at me. Jill laughs.

“What,” I look at them both? “Do you all spend your weekends naked?”

“Especially after a party, but when we have like minded people over to play, it makes it so much easier to get started again. We are hyper-sexual most of us, we spend a lot of time pleasuring each other,” Jill replied.

We finished breakfast. Pam grabs my hand and pulls me toward the guest room. I look back at Jill and she shrugs her shoulders, Brad gives me a thumbs up.

Pam pulls me into the guest room as I partially shut the door. She presses me up against the wall with those awesome boobs. We lock lips, as I bring my hands slowly up her sides to cup her breasts. I tweak her nipples while our tongues start their love dance. She moans into my mouth. I feel her slide her hand down and slowly stroke my cock thru my pants. She crouches down, sliding my pants down slowly. My cock springs free when she pulls my pants to the floor.

She grabs the base of my cock, engulfing the head. Her warm mouth brings my cock to maximum hardness. She bobs back and forth on my cock, placing her hand on my root and slowly stroking my cock. I ease her back up with my hands on shoulders. I love the feeling, but want more of her luscious body. I guide her to the bed as she positions herself in the middle of the bed. I lower myself over her and start smothering her face with light sexy kisses.

I kiss her lightly beneath her ear and she moans. She reaches for my cock and slowly strokes it. I kiss beneath the other ear and work my lips to hers. We start passionately kissing, our tongues performing a love dance. I break away to kiss her neck area, then slowly move toward her breasts. She lost her grip on my cock, but its all about her pleasure canlı bahis right now.

I kiss in the valley of her large breasts, moving upward and around her left breast working my way down the side. Getting close to her nipple, she shivers, my light kisses tickling her. I flick her nipple with my tongue, lightly guiding my tongue around her areola. Engulfing her nipple, sucking and nipping at her hard nipple, she slightly arches her back and moans. She places her hand on my head while I make love to her nipple.

“Oh babe, my tits are tied right to my pussy, you are making me so wet,” she exclaimed.

While kissing over to her other breast, I reach toward her wetness with my finger. I tease her other nipple with just as much loving as the first one. I can feel the heat as my finger gets close to her pussy. I slowly slide my finger down her outer labia, and drag my finger back up thru her wetness. I flick her rock hard clit while bringing my finger to my mouth to taste her sweetness. Mmmm, I can wait to taste it from the source.

I slowly kiss lightly down her stomach, getting ever so close to her heated snatch. The sweet smell of her excitement overwhelming my senses. I nudge her legs open as I begin my descent. When I get close to her outer labia, I use my tongue to drag lightly thru the valley. Another moan. I bring my tongue up the other side.

“Oh Bob, eat my cunt. Stick your tongue in my pussy and make love to it,” she said exasperated.

I stiffened my tongue and shoved it into her pussy. Her body quivered, as I jabbed my tongue back and forth. I felt more wetness on my tongue as her excitement was building. I pulled back and shoved a finger into her hot wetness. I curled it upward to locate her G-spot. I knew I had found it, when she jumped and I elicited another moan from her.

“Oh Bob, that feels so good, you are going to make me cum.”

I continued stroking her G-spot, I watched as her stomach muscles contract slightly, she is close. While continuing to stroke my finger, I leaned in and circled the tip of my tongue around her clit. She twitched and moaned. I pulled her little pleasure nub in my mouth and started to suck on it. She grabbed my hair and held my head tightly against her pussy.

“Oh Bob, don’t stop, I am almost there,” she pleaded.

While stroking her pussy and sucking on her clit, I reached up with my free hand and pinched her nipple. That was all it took. Her back arched, and she squirted her cum on my face.

“Ahhhhh fffuuuccckk, oh shit, fuck,” she cried out.

Her hips were twitching up and down as she rode out her orgasm. She continued to squirt, not nearly as much as at her peak, but I could feel her cream coating us both. While she was still in the throes of her orgasm, I put her legs on my shoulders. I grabbed my cock and aimed it at her pussy. I buried my cock in her cunt and starting stroking. Her pussy was slick from her juices, but I could feel her tight walls contracting around my cock. She started to crest again to another orgasm, as I continued to pound my fat cock into her.

“Oh babe, drive your fat cock into my pussy,” she cried out. “Your going to make me cum again.”

I can feel her thrusting back at me, my balls slapping against her ass while thrusting deep into her. Our thighs smacking together is like music to my ears. She is close, she is bending her knees, trying to pull me as deep as she can. I can feel her Kegel muscles clamp down on my cock as he second orgasm strikes her hard.

“Ahhhhhhh, fuck, oh ram your cock in me, I’m cumming.”

Her whole body tenses up, then drops like a rock onto the bed. I pull out, rolling her over on her stomach. I gently lift her hips from the bed. She weakly try to help, but is still feeling her pussy spasm from her last orgasm. I slide my head thru her lips collecting more moisture, then slam my cock into her tight quim. I fill my hand with her hair and pull her back onto my cock.

Her pussy is quivering from her last orgasm still. I can not hold out much longer. She grabs the sheets with her fists, and turns her head towards the side. I grab her thighs and start pumping furiously.

“Oh, I’m close Pam, where do you want it?”

“Fill my pussy with your hot cream, cum in my hot pussy. I want to carry your cream around with me today.”

That was what I wanted to hear. I starting pumping faster and faster, then bury my cock to the hilt.

“Ah, fuck yea.”

My cock starts pulsing, shooting thick ropes of cum against her womb. She collapses under me as I follow her to the bed. I roll us slightly to the side, as my cum continues to fill her, pushing her cream and then our cream together. Our combined juices flowing out of her pussy. My cock starts to soften as I reach my arm around her and hold her close.

“That was wonderful lover,” she whispered softly.

I hear a moan, just outside the door. I lift my head up slightly and look at the door. I can see Jill holding onto the open edge of the door frame, bent at bahis siteleri the waist. Brad is pounding her cunt for all he is worth.

“Fuck that was hot, cum in my pussy Brad, cum NOW.”

Brad pumps her a few more strokes and slams his meat into her pussy and holds. Buried deep, delivering a load of his hot cream into her pussy.

“Watching new people fuck never gets old,” Jill states emphatically when she can catch her breath. “Lets go to our room and finish this.”

I slide toward the edge of the bed still on my side. Pam turns to lay on her back, cuddling closer to me and avoiding the wet spot. I lay my arm across her chest resting my hand on her massive boobs. We lay there silently.

“Any regrets,” Pam looks at me questioningly?

“I was just thinking, I have been laid more in the last 12 hours, than I have been for the last 5 months,” I replied smiling.

“It is a lot to take in, your first time at a party like this. Being around like minded people, who enjoy sex. There is a deep trust between Gary and I. As with all the couples. We don’t get jealous, it makes us feel good that our spouse is enjoying themselves. We talk a lot about our feelings, and if anything bothers us. Both husbands and wives enjoy seeing there spouse having a good time. At the end of the day, we know who we are going home with. As you know, no means no, but other than that pretty much anything goes,” Pam explained.

“I will be enjoying Brad later after he recovers from Jill. Jill may approach you later today, looking for some loving. If you feel like it, nothing will be said by Brad, no questions asked. There may be parties where three or four couples stay the night. Don’t be surprised if a few of the women want to have sex with you the next day, if you spend the night. If you feel like it, go for it. If your not in the mood, politely decline and no offense taken.

“If you decide this is something your interested in, just start coming to our parties. Enjoy yourself, just don’t become exclusive with anyone at the party. Share your love with all of us. If things work out, we will extend an offer for you to become a permanent member of the group. If you get close with someone single and decide to get married, its not the end of the world. We would still love you and hope that your spouse would be like minded that she could someday join us as well.”

“I really enjoyed myself,” I replied. “I could see myself becoming a part of your group. I did not get to meet everyone last night, but hope I get invited to the next party. Jill did kind of monopolize my time last night, but it was nice to have someone I was familiar with close to me until I got more comfortable. And I had a great time with you and Tammi as well,” I smiled.

Brad pops his head in the door. “I have a pair of sweatpants that will probably fit you, if you don’t mind helping clean up?”

“Sure be glad to help. I could use a quick shower if you don’t mind,” I asked?

“Pam will show you where everything is, while I dig out those sweats,” he replied.

We both showered together, playfully washing each other. Once we got down to cleanup, it didn’t take long at all. It was real distracting with the girls wearing their thongs and nothing else. But at least it gave me some recovery time. I thanked Brad and Jill profusely for inviting me to the party. I gave Jill a sultry goodbye kiss, Pam was standing in line for hers as well.

Time for a little rest and relaxation before work the next day. I headed home.


Brad stopped by around lunch at work the next day, and wanted to see if I wanted to get a bite to eat with him. It would be a nice distraction, since all I could think about that morning was the party.

“So what did you think about the party,” Brad asked?

“I really had a good time! Was not sure if you and I would still be talking afterward. Jill and I had a good time.”

“So I hear. She enjoyed herself a lot with you. I told you no hard feelings,” he smiled. “We enjoy relating our experiences to each other the next day, always end up humping our brains out we get so excited. Pam enjoyed herself with you as well.”

“The girls thought you would be a good fit for our group. They asked me to invite you to the next group get together. I already checked with Matt and Taylor, they are hosting next time, the second Saturday in November. They were fine with it,” he explained.

“We have a diverse group. We have many professional people in the group. Matt and Taylor are successful realtors and own a large house just on the outskirts of the city. The have a indoor pool and jacuzzi and many bedrooms to play in. We have firefighters, doctors, nurses, lawyers, a guy who owns his own car lots, electricians. Many backgrounds, just like minded people who love sex, are usually exhibitionist and non exclusive,” he described in more detail for me.

“So, do any of you meet outside of the group setting,” I questioned?

“Sure, we have some couples we swing bahis şirketleri with outside of group activities. Most of the women are bi-sexual, but the men are all straight. So we get into some diverse situations. Pam and Greg are some regulars, and Tammi stops by for some loving. Over the years, we have gotten close to them. We have other activities we share. Like baseball, camping, hiking, fishing. Normal things many friends share, only most of the time, we end up in bed after many activities,” he laughed.

“Tammi and Jill have been friends for a long time now, we see her more on the weekends, but occasionally they get together on a weekday. Especially if the girls are horny. Maybe I can enlist some help from you in some of those days. These girls can wear me out somedays,” he chuckled.

“I’m sure at great sacrifice I could ease some of your burden on days like that. Just give me a call,” I offered.

“I am scheduled this weekend to work on a software issue in our northern office. They have been fighting this bug in the system for a couple weeks. The big boss wants me to fly up there and lend them a hand and see if we can get this software issue resolved. I am flying up Friday night, that way we can get started on it Saturday morning and will not make it back until Monday sometime,” Brad said.

“Tammi is staying all weekend with Jill, but if the girls need anything, ANYTHING, do you think you can help them out,” he stated with a lot of innuendo.

“Sure, I think I can handle it,” I replied enthusiastically.

“You have not been with the two of them together,” he smiled.

“I guess I will die trying!”

The rest of the week seemed to crawl by. There was no question in my mind of what Brad was implying. After Jill’s warm welcome at the party, and spending time with Tammi, I knew I was in for a interesting weekend.

I was glad for the weekend to finally be near. It was Friday afternoon and I was cruising into the weekend. I had just finished up some difficult software code and sent it to the testing dept.

“Hey buddy, I’m on my way to the airport. Jill was talking about going out to eat tonight, I would feel better if you went with them. I asked her to call you in a hour or so, to see if you had anything planned,” Brad hinted. “If you guys are out late, your welcome to stay at the house, no drinking and driving.”

“Have a safe trip, see you Monday,” I replied.

Every time my phone rang, I jumped. John from testing department called. Then Renee from shipping and receiving called to inform me I had a Fedex envelope just delivered. Finally about 3:00pm, the phone rang and it was Jill.

“Hey Bob, Tammi and I were going to eat out at an Italian restaurant a couple of blocks from the house. We would feel safer if you wouldn’t mind having dinner with us,” Jill questioned? “We will just walk from the house.”

“I would be delighted to escort two beautiful ladies to dinner tonight.”

“Ok, meet us at my house at 7pm, business casual.”

I arrived at Brad and Jill’s house about 6:55 and rang the bell. Jill opened the door and my jaw dropped. She was wearing a blue silky evening dress that stopped mid-thigh, v-cut top ending just above her waist, that accented her nice breasts. A simple gold chain necklace around her neck. She wore light black hosiery and 3 inch heels. The dress hugged all her curves and instantly caused my cock to go from a 0 to an 8 on the hardness scale.

Tammi stepped out from behind her and to the side. She was wearing a red evening dress, mid -thigh, shimmering in the light. Her dress was low-cut in the top and she was wearing a half bra that really accented her breasts. She completed the outfit with a pearl necklace, natural color hosiery and 3 inch heels that matched her dress.

Seeing Tammi brought my cock to 10 out of 10. I’m sure my boner was evident thru my pants. I was wearing dress pants, a nice button down shirt with the top buttons open, and black shoes.

“You might want to wear a light jacket, the night air is a little cool,” I suggested.

They put on their jackets and we head off down the street to the restaurant. I was in the middle and the girls slid up to me and I crooked my arms to give them something to hold on to.

“This will get the neighbors talking,” I suggested.

“Nah,” Jill replied. “Only the old neighbor lady two doors down will notice, she has nothing to do but look out her window all the time!”

I was hard the entire walk to the restaurant. These two beauties were teasing me unmercilessly. They had their jackets on, but they were unbuttoned and loose. Every time I would look at who ever was talking, all I could focus on was nice cleavage. The night air also had their nipples hard as rocks. They would pull me closer to them and rub the side of their breast against my arm. By the time we got to the restaurant, I was ready to take these beauties back to the house.

Jill knew the maitre d’ and we were shown to a nice booth in a more secluded area of the restaurant. I caught her wink at Jill and knew something interesting was on the menu. This was an old style Italian restaurant, full of ambiance, well established, with nice tablecloths, candles lighting the table.

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