“T” is for Tied Teased Tormented

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Revised Introductory Comments

Hello reader(s) – I have not submitted any stories for a few months so decided to give a bit of new background to the latest batch which will be coming along in the coming weeks. (February 06).

I have really appreciated all the comments and personal emails received and would still encourage anyone who reads my stories to give me feedback or to contact me by email.

All the stories (including this one) continue to be based on real situations – read my Bio to learn more about me if you wish. If you want to ask me any questions or even to convince yourself my stories are real, feel free to contact me or ask me any questions.

The reason for the break has been to introduce some of the new characters in my and my master’s sexual exploits – one male and one female – I have also experimented with writing in the 2nd person to make ‘you’ the main focus of the storyline – the ‘you’ is the real male person but I hope it adds to your (the reader’s) enjoyment (if you are male!) – my male character is Kroma and the female is Emma.

“T” is for Tied Teased Tormented part 1

Part 1

Suddenly you are awake and disorientated – did you dream that some masked intruders kidnapped you during the night? But you can only move your right arm and where are you?

You are lying face down in what can best be described as a fence net hammock, suspended about 6 feet above a bare warehouse floor; bright lights illuminate the vast space around you but the warehouse is empty. Your naked body is supported firmly in the hammock, there is a gap for your face so that you enjoy an unrestricted view to the front and side below you – and your cock and balls are hanging free through one of the large gaps in the fence net; your left arm is taped firmly to your side, your knees and ankles taped together but your right arm is free. You cannot move very much as you seem to be tied to the hammock. Your mouth is also taped closed but you can breathe freely through your nose. On the floor in front of you is a large white card with some large black letters handwritten on it in capitals …

“Welcome Kroma. Do not be alarmed. Emma has organised for us to provide for some sexual pleasure for you; while you are at work, she has been attending Chantelle and Mr Butt’s advanced slut development course and she wanted to show you how much she has learned.

Emma and Chantelle will be checking this warehouse every hour on the hour until you wake up. If they find you awake, they will tease you for 2 minutes to help you reach an erect state; then you will have 2 minutes within which to empty the spunk in your ball sack down Emma’s throat. If you succeed, the proceedings will begin. Fail and the girls will leave the room precisely 4 minutes güvenilir bahis after they enter regardless of what you have achieved. My suggestion would be that you prepare your self for their arrival by considering your favourite sexual fantasies and stroking your dick to hardness.”

Now you realise why your right hand is free but can you believe what you have read? No time to think as you are startled by the door opening – have they been secretly watching you? Emma and Chantelle enter and walk briskly towards you, their steel stiletto heels clicking noisily on the smooth concrete floor. Your cock twitches with the beginnings of arousal as your eyes drink in the vision before you.

Each girl is identically dressed: their blonde hair oiled and slicked back, gathered into a high pony tail which protrudes from the top of a channel in the shiny black rubber hood that each wears – their faces are revealed and their pony tails but the hood covers their head and down their neck. Each girl is heavily and sexily made up and wearing bright shiny red lipstick. They are both naked to the waist except for a pair of black shiny rubber gloves reaching right to the tops of their arms. Both are also wearing extremely tight fitting black lycra footless tights and red patent 6.5″ heeled stilettos with steel heels.

As you watch, Chantelle moves behind Emma although both still face towards you – Emma opens her legs and crouches slightly grinding her ass cheeks into Chantelle’s pussy area. Chantelle reaches her right hand round and slips it inside the hem of Emma’s tights at the front and Emma gasps as Chantelle’s cold fingers slide inside her hot wet pussy.

“Come for me Kroma, come for me baby?” pleads Emma, staring you straight in the eyes as you listen to the squelch squelch of Chantelle’s fingers thrusting deep in and out of her pussy. You have been so mesmerised that you forgot the instructions on the card and the 4 minute deadline – how much time have you left?

Quickly you grab your stiffening dick in your right hand and start to wank it, flushed with lust at the sight of your girlfriend dressed as she is and being pleasured by the gorgeous sexy slut Chantelle! The girls move closer towards you still locked together in their horny embrace both squirming and moaning with pleasure and murmuring encouragement to you…

“Good boy, Kroma. Wank that stiffy. Isn’t he a big boy?”

“Not long now baby; keep wanking for me.” Emma encourages as her face moves ever closer to your bursting purple knob end. You are still furiously wanking the shaft, overcome with lustful desires as she closes her ruby red lips around the tip, forming an ‘O’ shape within which the end of your cock is enclosed. Chantelle grabs Emma’s head and moves it back and forward güvenilir bahis siteleri over your dick in a slow wanking motion complementing the rhythm of your right hand stokes.

You feel the pressure build up in your balls; you can’t believe how good this feels as Chantelle takes up the commentary

“Good boy Kroma. Fill up young Emma with your hot sticky spunk. She’s waiting”

In the distance a buzzer sounds and the two girls break off and turn to walk side by side back to the door.

“Bastards! I’m coming” you think, trying desperately to communicate through the tape on your mouth. You watch their wiggling asses through the lycra tights as your massive load of seed spurts forth from the end of your rigid rock hard shaft. Fuck! What a load and all gone to waste on the floor.

At the door, Chantelle turns round to see the last few drops of semen drip from the end of your dick and walks back towards you. Kneeling she bends to lick the tasty pool of spunk off the cold concrete floor. She stands again, right in front of you and opens her mouth to show you her catch – she has most of your recently spent ball contents in her mouth. Then she swallows and moves under you to lick the end of your still throbbing dick dry.

“Nice try Kroma” she says “Pity you were just a few seconds late. Never mind, we’ll be back in 55 minutes and you can try again?”

Now you are determined to be ready for their next visit, but the effects of having such a powerful orgasm have left you a little light headed and drained so despite yourself, you fall asleep.

Again you awake with a start, not sure how much time has passed since you drifted off. As your eyes focus, you see on the floor in front of you is a computer monitor on which a message is looping across the screen – a new message in large black letters. You watch for a few seconds until the start of the message scrolls round……

“It’s me Emma. I’m sorry you shot your load too early last time. It’s Mr Butt who makes the rules and he insisted it was a test you had to pass. Chantelle (she’s great) and me came back again and you were asleep so Chantelle persuaded Mr Butt to let us move onto the next stage anyway. This slut training is absolutely fantastic! I am really enjoying it! I hope you know what’s coming your way when they’ve finished with me!”

Your attention is fixed on the words scrolling across the screen and your right hand drifts down to your cock as you feel a slight re-awakening of your flaccid member. Emma’s narrative continues….

“We had a session once in where you are now where Chantelle was tied up and her arms suspended from a beam on the ceiling – her arms and legs spreadeagled and her feet chained to posts in the floor. She was naked except iddaa siteleri for her white knee boots (apparently they’re her favourites – and Mr Butt’s too) and my job was to get her warmed up for Mr Butt.

All I was allowed to wear was ridiculously high heeled shoes with a platform sole and 8″ heels and I had to lick out her pussy and ass and slap her big titties while Mr Butt looked on and told me what to do. She fucking loved it and so did I except that I was getting really turned on but he never touched me and she couldn’t and if I tried to play with myself he told me not to.

Anyway, Chantelle was eventually begging for his cock inside her – any hole she said, didn’t matter and then he got a bucket of cold water and threw it all over her! She was drenched but it seemed to make her even hornier. Then he told me to stand right close in front of her. He gave me a huge dildo to fuck myself with and said I could use her mouth to wet it up a bit. He also told me to slap her face hard and spit a lot in her mouth while I stood in front of her fucking myself with the dildo.

Meantime he was kneeling behind her licking her ass out to get her even wetter for his finale. When she was right ready for a good fucking, he came round beside me! He got me bent over to touch my toes and spread my legs right in front of where Chan was watching. He stuffed three fingers inside my soaking wet snatch and pumped them in and out hard so I was squelching really loud and he used the pussy juice to lube up my tight little asshole.

At that point I guessed what was coming and I wasn’t disappointed.

Chan was screaming “No! Not her ass! Fuck my ass Mr Butt! PLEEZ! Fuck my ass!” But of course, he didn’t. Instead he stretched my cheeks wide with his hands and slid his funny thick knobbly dick inside my butthole. It’s not quite as long as yours but ‘Fuck Me’ it’s really thick and it stretched me to my limit.

Once he was balls deep in me I relaxed a bit and started to enjoy the sensations. He sensed me relaxing and started up a thrusting motion.

He had me bent over double and he was spitting on my back and saying gently to me “Emma, you are fucking hot my dear. I’m gonna fill your ass with my hot spunk as that’s what a slut needs to learn, OK my dear?”

I heard myself say “Yes, please, Mr Butt” just a second before he thrust deep into me and unleashed a fucking torrent of hot semen deep into my bowels. It just kept coming out of his fully expanded and incredibly hard cock and felt so amazing that I had a shuddering orgasm of my own.

He eventually pulled out and backed me over to Chan so my ass fitted onto her face and she obviously knew what was required as she started to greedily lick out all the spunk from between my ass crack and every drop that ran out my asshole! Man, that girl loves spunk and she’ll eat it anytime from anywhere.”

Mr Butt seemed satisfied as he turned to face me and asked “Well, Emma, did you enjoy that my dear?”

..to be continued in Part 2.

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