Teasing Brooke Ch. 02

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Big Tits

I slipped on my dark sunglasses and waited for one of the city buses with the taste of Professor Bond’s cum still fresh in my mouth. I let my tongue run slowly around my lips to make sure I got it all. I swallowed as I savored the warm salty flavor of his manly cream lingering on my taste-buds. He’d shot a pretty good load and I could feel it making a nice warm spot in the pit of my stomach. Now that I had him hooked, I figured an A+ in his class wasn’t going to be a problem.

The bus arrived at the campus centre and I made my way towards the back. There were a couple of young guys sitting in the back right-hand corner and I saw them both try to be subtle as they eyed me up as I made towards them. Other than those two young guys at the very back, the few other people that were on the bus were all sitting near the front. I took a place in one of the long sideways seats a little in front and across from them. They were talking quietly and looking surreptitiously through the corner of my sunglasses, I saw one look at the other and say something under his breath. The other one then looked over at me and said something back to his friend which caused them both to smile broadly. It wouldn’t have been too hard to guess what they were thinking about. I decided to make the bus ride a little more interesting for all of us. I set my knapsack down beside me to my left and turned in my seat towards it as I opened the top. This brought the front of my body almost directly facing the two of them.

“Now, where is that book,” I mumbled to myself as I pretended to search inside my knapsack. The book I actually was looking for was sitting right on top. When I had shifted around in my seat, my miniskirt had risen further up to expose most of my thighs. I brought my left knee up partially on the seat while I left my right leg where it was as I reached into my knapsack. I looked over through my dark sunglasses and saw their eyes drawn hypnotically to my smooth athletic legs. They had stopped talking and were looking on wide-eyed as I searched for my book. As I struggled to search inside my bag, I let my legs fall even further apart; I knew now they were getting a delicious view right up to my snug white panties. And after the session I’d just had with Professor Bond, I was willing to bet they were looking at a damp little stain as I had felt myself getting wetter and wetter while I’d been sucking him off.

“Aaaah, here it is,” I said softly as I grabbed the book. I pretended the book was stuck beneath some others and I yanked and pulled at it. Their eyes flicked up to my chest in my tight white top as the pulling action I was making was causing my heavy round tits to jiggle and wobble inside my top. I kept this up for a few more seconds and I could feel my nipples swelling and extending as my movements had caused them to rub sensitively against the tight fabric of my top. I finally pulled the book free of my knapsack and turned myself back around in my seat. I pretended I hadn’t noticed that my movements had caused my skirt to sit much higher on my thighs now and just left it where it was as I opened my book and pretended to be reading. I slowly crossed one leg over the other and from the corner of my eye, I saw both sets of their eyes follow the sensuous movement of my legs. Through my sunglasses, I peered over the top of my book and saw the noticeable bulges in each of their laps. I smiled to myself when I saw that both of them seemed to be somewhat flushed with a little bit of sweat glistening off their foreheads.

“DING….DING….” Somebody had pulled the bell on the bus indicating it was their stop. Although I knew exactly where we were, I acted as if I had been alerted by the bell and I quickly sat and leaned forward to look out the front window of the bus as if I was trying to determine if this was my stop too. As I sat forward, I kept my bum pushed down hard against the seat so my body moved forward while my skirt stayed right where it was. The hem of my skirt was now almost up to my panties; looking down from above, it probably only covered about an inch beyond the juncture of my thighs. From their position across from me and just a little further back, they were quickly becoming best friends with my damp panties. I wrapped my hand around one of those chrome upright poles and leaned forwards as I turned to look out the front window. As I leaned forwards, I knew I was giving them a good view right into the deep scoop neck of my white tank top. Without a bra, my 36 D’s were hanging nice and full and heavy downwards. They’d be able to see deep into my cleavage and probably most of the creamy swells of both breasts as well. Probably the dark pebbly surface of my areola and swollen nipples was about all they’d be missing.

“Nope, not my stop yet,” I said aloud as I gave them a quick smile. They both grinned sheepishly and nodded to me. Obviously they were happy that I wasn’t getting off yet. The noticeable bulges in their pants told güvenilir bahis me that as well. I sat back in my seat and brought my book up with one hand while I kept my other hand wrapped around the upright pole. I crossed my legs back over the other way this time so they could see right up into that tiny triangle at the top of my legs. As I pretended to read, I took my other hand and slowly started to slide it up and down the pole. I could see them watching me as I slid my hand slowly up and down about eight to ten inches in a suggestive cork-screwing motion. I saw one of the boys pull his jacket over his lap and then his other hand disappeared beneath his coat.

“Rob!” the other one hissed out a warning as I saw him glance down towards his friend’s lap and then quickly up to his flushed face.

“Sssshhh,” the one who was ‘Rob’ hushed his friend in a hurried whisper. I pretended I hadn’t heard them and that I was absorbed in my book but through the corner of my dark sunglasses, I could see the muscles in Rob’s arm below his T-shirt moving and I knew he was jerking off under his coat. With everybody else on the bus sitting up near the front, I guess Rob had seen a little too much and decided to take things into his own hands…..literally!! His friend quickly pulled his big knapsack from beside him and set it on his thighs so it blocked the view of his crotch as well. His hand disappeared behind the knapsack and I could have sworn I heard the raspy metallic sound of a zipper being undone. I peered through the corner of my sunglasses again and saw the rippling repetitive movement of the muscles in his arm as well. Oh fuck, was this ever hot! I could feel my juices oozing out of my dripping cunt as I thought about those two hidden cocks getting stroked just a few feet away from me.

“Hhhhhmmmm,” I gave out a little sound as if I’d just read something interesting and wasn’t aware of their actions at all. I uncrossed my legs again at the same time as I stopped my provocative jacking motion of the pole. As I let go of the bar, I brought my hand across my chest on the outside of my book until I had it poised over the heavy round breast that was closest to them. My long blood-red fingernails would be standing out brilliantly against the white material of my tank top and the smooth mocha coloring of my skin. I casually let my fingernails trace along the side of my big tit as if I had a slight itch there. I kept my gaze focused on my book as I seemed to absentmindedly let my scratching fingers move slowly across the stretched surface of my top until my nails flicked teasingly over the stiff bud of my erect nipple.

“Unnnnnggggh,” I heard a little groan and peering stealthily over the top of my book through my sunglasses, I saw Rob’s face totally flushed now and he was gasping for air as quietly as he could. As I traced my fingertip in a slow circle around my long thick nipple, I saw his eyes close and his head fall back against the seat and knew he was cumming. He looked back at my chest again and I finally saw his arm stop moving as he sat contentedly with a look of pure bliss on his face. I flicked my eyes over to the other guy and saw him still working frantically on his rigid cock. I watched his eyes follow my hand as I moved it from my breast, down over my stomach and across the front of my skirt. As I let my fingers settle on my leg, I let my thighs roll slightly further apart as I took my index finger and casually scratched the inside of my creamy thigh just a couple of inches below my pussy. I could see his wide eyes simply glued to the teasing display going right in front of him so I casually let my fingers slide slowly higher until I flicked my index finger just under the leg opening of my panties and scratched up and down along one of my wet pouting pussy-lips.

“Oh fuck…..” I heard a muffled gasp from him and once again pretended I hadn’t heard anything but with the corner of my eye peering through my sunglasses, I looked over at him. His face was even more flushed than his friend’s and I could see his arm working furiously and then he let out another low moan and I watched as a big gob of cum shot up from behind his backpack about four feet in the air. The pearly gob of viscous seed seemed to hang in the air for a long time before it fell with a little splat onto the vinyl covering of the seat right next to his leg. The initial shot was quickly followed by about four more shots which didn’t shoot as high but were still visible above the cover of his knapsack. His jacking grip must have been aimed slightly to the side because each spewing gob came to rest in milky gobs on the cover of the seat right at his side, not directly down into his lap. As I casually traced my fingernail just inside the leg opening of my panties, his arm kept stroking and he seemed to cum for a long time before he was finally done. Like his friend, he sat there quietly basking in pleasure. Both of them had shit-eating grins on their face like türkçe bahis kids on Christmas morning. I guess I’d given them both a nice present and an interesting story to tell their friends about.

“DING…..DING….” The bell rang again and this time I knew it was my stop. I quickly withdrew my hand from beneath my skirt, shoved my book back into my knapsack and got to my feet just as the bus rolled to a stop. I took one step forwards, then turned and took a couple of quick steps back towards them, reached down and with my fingers scooped up as much cum off the seat as I could get in one swipe. They both watched me as if mesmerized as I brought the warm gob of creamy semen up to my face and then slipped my fingers into my mouth. Their jaws were both gaping open as I slowly withdrew my clean fingers from my mouth and noisily swallowed.

“Mmmmmmm, that’s nice. See you next time, guys,” I said with a smile as I turned on my heel and walked off the bus. As the bus pulled away, I saw both of them turn around and look at me out the back window with big grins on their faces. I just kept walking with a big smile on my face as the bus followed a curve in the road and sped away.

As I walked up the road to the big new house we’d moved into once my mom got re-married, I realized I needed to get off in a big way. I’d just sucked off Professor Bond and now I’d teased those two guys mercilessly on the bus and fortunately, I’d gotten two good mouthfuls of cum out of it; but I still needed to cum myself. I had already made plans for tonight and I figured that problem would get taken care of perfectly. After all, it was Friday night and I was going out with Alice.

Alice and I had been friends since kindergarten. We had gone through school together and lived just down the street from each other until we moved to this more expensive neighborhood a few years ago. Alice and I had stayed close even after we moved. She had “come out” as a lesbian early in high school. A number of her friends had deserted her but her choice of lifestyle never bothered me. I could see how upset she had been in the little while before she had let everybody know. Many times I had asked her to tell me what was bothering her, but she always refused to tell me. Finally she confessed to me how she had been having an affair with an older woman and had realized that was the lifestyle she wanted. She was fantastically relieved that I stuck by her side and let her know I’d always be her friend. I was with her when she told her parents and after getting over their initial shock, they now accepted her choice. When we started kindergarten, she was a sweet skinny little white girl with dark brown hair and a big smile. She looked just the same today. She was a couple of inches shorter than me and still skinny as a rail. We had that mutual envy thing going all the time; I liked the way she could wear the latest fashions like a runway model, and she liked the way my voluptuous curvy body gave all my clothes an alluring sexy look.

The good thing about going out with Alice was……we were going to her favorite lesbian bar. Alice knew intimately my likes and dislikes. One drunken night she had tried to seduce me and I let her. She had eaten me through a number of orgasms but it was just a little weird for both of us. We talked about it the next day and decided for the sake of our strong friendship that we should find our sexual outlets elsewhere. Ever since that time, things had been really good between us. Alice knew that I liked both men and women and she seemed to get a big kick out of the times I would go to the lesbian bar with her. I had never been there when I hadn’t been hit on and taken home by a pussy-hungry sweet thing that wanted to pleasure me. I hoped tonight would be no exception. That’s the one thing about going to a lesbian or gay bar; when you meet someone of the same sex and you hit it off, you know you are going to have sex that night. There are no mind games or other superfluous shit that you sometimes get in a mixed environment. Yeah, Alice and I were going out a little later to the place known as “The Lickity-Split” and I hoped to find someone there to service that needy black pussy of mine.

I turned and walked up our long driveway and saw my step-father’s Mercedes parked in front of the three-car garage. He was a big executive with a company that provided software services to other companies. I never knew exactly what he did on a day-to-day basis, but he seemed to spend a lot of time schmoozing with clients. He wined and dined them if they were here from out of town; he played golf with them a lot and always seemed to be doing things to make sure his clients were satisfied and happy. It seemed like a pretty sweet job to me and he made good money. Like I said, he took good care of my mom and I and we felt lucky to have this nice big house and all the toys and little extras. The only thing missing was I still didn’t have my own car. I’d been bugging güvenilir bahis siteleri them for close to a year now and still there’d been no action on that front. I think I needed to turn it up a notch.

“Hey Daddy,” I yelled as I breezed into the house.

“I’m in here, sweetie,” he called back from the den. I dropped my purse and knapsack at the bottom of the stairwell and grabbed an ice tea from the fridge before going into the den. My stepfather was sitting behind his big wooden desk, working at his computer. He must have had a meeting that day and not a golf game because I saw his suit jacket thrown over the back of a chair and he was working with his shirt sleeves rolled up and his tie pulled down with the first button of his shirt open.

“Hi, honey. How was school today?” he asked as he kept typing on his keyboard.

“Pretty good, Daddy,” I said as I sidled up to his desk and perched on the corner of it to his side. I crossed one leg over the other and let my leg swing casually back and forth. My step-father’s name was really Kevin but since he and my mom got married, I had taken to calling him Daddy. He sometimes pretended it bothered him, but deep down, I knew he loved it. He was such a nice man, and extremely good-looking too. My mom had done a good job in catching this one alright. My mom was now 43 and Kevin was a year older at 44. He had been through a bad marriage when he was much younger and had been divorced for many years before meeting my mom. He’d had no kids from his own marriage and had generously taken me under his wing as his own daughter. We got along great.

As he stopped typing and turned to look at me, I was reminded once again of how much I thought he looked like Denzel Washington. He had that same charming smile and a genuinely honest face. He was bigger than Denzel though. He was probably about 6′-4″ and I would guess around 225. He had played some football in college and although golf was about the most strenuous sport he participated in these days, he still kept in shape by working out about three or four days a week in the home gym they’d set up in the basement.

I knew he and my mom still had a very active sex life. Although our rooms were in different wings of the house, I would sometimes sneak up and listen outside their door. As an only child, I could get away with that kind of thing. Many times I’d hear low moans and groans from Kevin and the louder squeals of pleasure from my mother as well as the squeaking sound of their bed. As I listened close at the door, I’d hear her say things out loud like “it’s so big”, “deeper….yeah….all the way in”, “fuck me hard”, or my favorite, “I want you to cum on my face.” I’d sometimes hear Kevin say things like “work that ass for me”, “that’s it…..get those lips further down”, “how many inches do you want this time?”, or “open wide honey, here’s a nice creamy treat for you.” I’d quite often play with myself as I sat outside their door and listened to them making love, often picturing it was me Kevin was making love to instead of my mother.

I remembered a number of Saturday or Sunday mornings when I’d be eating my breakfast in the big kitchen and my mom would wonder in and grab a coffee with her big curvy body wrapped in a robe. She’d have that contented look on her face that told me she just gotten fucked. A few times I even noticed gobs of wet cum still in her hair. As she sat casually sipping away at her coffee, Kevin would usually wonder in a short time later in pajama pants and a t-shirt and give her a loving kiss on the head and then grab his own coffee. I kept trying to get a look at his cock to see if it was in proportion to the rest of his big body, but I’d never been successful. From the look on my mom’s face most of the time though, I figured that on the off chance it wasn’t big, at least he knew how to use it.

“So tell me more about school,” he said as he playfully reached out and tapped the side of my hip. “How are you doing in your classes?”

“Well, I found out today I got an A on that Shakespeare essay I did.”

“An A? That’s excellent! I’m proud of you, sweetie.”

“”Where’s mom?” I asked as I looked back to the door leading to the rest of the house.

“Oh, she called and said her sister had called her at work today all upset. Apparently, your aunt and uncle aren’t getting along too well right now. I guess she was even crying on the phone. She wanted your mom to come over. I think she just needed a shoulder to cry on.”

“Oh, okay. So I guess we’re on our own for dinner?”

“Yeah, she said she’d probably be there for quite awhile so we can probably scrounge some leftovers in there. Are you hungry right now?” he asked. I was hungry for more cum but I couldn’t tell him that.

“I can wait awhile. I want to take a shower first. I’m going out with Alice tonight.” My parents had always been proud that I’d been such a good friend to Alice and they always made her feel welcome when she came to our house.

“Okay, I can wait awhile too. I’ve got a bit more work I want to get done,” he said as he gestured towards the computer, “so whenever you’re ready and want to come down, I’ll see what we can fix up to eat.”

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