The Boston Pee Party


I couldn’t believe my big sister Lexi was getting married and especially so young. She was only 21, had just finished her junior year in college but met Bob her freshmen year and it was love at first sight. They were inseparable, the same age and wanted to spend their senior year living together in married housing. I was three years younger, still in high school and was honored and excited to be her maid of honor. The only problem was the wedding was to take place in a small Boston suburb where Bob had grown up.

Bob’s parents were very wealthy and made a deal with my parents that if they would have it across the county from our California home, they would pay for it. Even though traditionally the bride’s family pays for the wedding, my parents agreed. In addition to financing the ceremony, they also paid for of our family’s flights and hotel rooms.

It was late July and the wedding was nearing. We flew out on a Thursday and landed late afternoon. Even though my parents and other family members stayed at the hotel, the four of us girls in the bridal party, got to stay in Bob’s parents’ guest house. Even that guest house was immaculate with its loft, in-ground pool, granite and custom everything. There were three bedrooms and Lexi got her own room while we four shared the other two.

I was somewhat shy and intimidated because the other three bridesmaids where Lexi’s friends from college and her age. I really didn’t know them very well except from a few visits to the house over the years. I shared my room with Jordan who was tall, thin, very pretty, with long legs and flowing brunette hair. Staying in the other room were Reygan and Elise. Reygan was a little petite 5 foot brunette with beautiful brown eyes while Elise was also tall with a muscular build and she was a college volleyball player. Elise had shoulder length blonde hair which was very similar to my color except my hair was much longer. Elise had a great figure but not the prettiest of faces as it was slightly long looking with a larger nose.

My plan was just to get to know these girls and follow along for a weekend of fun until the Saturday afternoon wedding, followed by the reception. By the time everyone arrived and settled in, Thursday evening was mainly us mixing drinks in the blender, sitting around talking and reminiscing. Of course it was my sister and her friends’ stories so I mostly just listened. They were talking about mischief, past sexual experiences, different guys, the size of their cocks, who was a good lover and all of it was pretty interesting to me. I found out a lot about these girls and wow were they wild. Because they were in college and I was still in high school, I looked up to them immensely.

We were all pretty buzzed, including Lexi but we were having breakfast at 9 am so we needed to get to bed. As Jordan and I went into our room, she had no qualms about changing in front of me as she quickly dropped her clothing including her bra and stood showing her bare breasts and panties before slipping on her long night shirt. I was shy, so I changed in the small half bathroom connected to the room. I put on my shorts and tank and after washing my face, I step out and that is when I see Jordan.

She was sitting up in the bed, her shirt up around her waist, knees up, panties sitting on the bed and her finger playing with her clit when she asked, “I am so effing horny. Do you and your friends, jill?

I was confused when I responded, “I…I don’t know what that is. What does jill mean?”

Jordan giggled, “Jilling off. It’s a slang term for masturbating in front of each other. You know, because guys jack off so we jill off.”

I thought she did look hot in that positon and I got a twitch deep inside my own vagina. I had only had sex with two guys to that point and have never thought of a girl in a sexual way. I was still dating my second lover but this was different. This seemed so taboo, so different, and so…erotic.

I smiled, “I will have to admit, I have never done anything with or in front of a girl.”

As Jordan’s finger disappeared between her pussy lips, her eyes drooped and her head tilted back in pleasure as she whimpered, “Oh shit, this feels good. Take your pants off and do it with me. You will love it. Your sister and I used do this all the time in our dorm room.”

Her finger began moving very fast allowing me to hear the sloshing of her wet pussy finger bang. I was soaking wet! I couldn’t believe how turned on I had become. I locked our door, dropped my shorts and panties and began to step up into my bed.

“No, no. Come over here. We need to be able to see each other. Sit with me. Right here in front of me,” Jordan directed as she now had two fingers buried in her pussy.

I climbed up into her bed with her. I sat facing Jordan as our bare feet touched each other’s. I was able to get a great view of her large vaginal lips hugging her fingers. They were inserted up to the first knuckle and her soft brown patch of pubic mardin escort hair behind her wrist seemed so mature to me.

As I reached down and gently touched my own wet slit, Jordan moaned, “Oh my, you shave all of it. It is so smooth and hot looking. I bet your boyfriend loves it.”

Her seductive talk just made me hornier and I started rubbing my clit quickly up and down when I gasped, “Yes he does. You’re right, this does feel good. You look so pretty doing that in front of me. I kinda like it.”

Jordan then closed her eyes tightly, raised her ass off the ground, arched her back, and began rubbing her own clit like she was erasing a mistake on a piece of paper, “Ohhhh! I’m cummin, Britt! Oooooo! Augghhhh! Cum with me! Augghhhh!”

I was so aroused. I was getting closer and closer when Jordan had ceased orgasming. She suddenly jumped forward onto her knees and sat up face to face with me.

She immediately stuck her finger in my mouth and began sliding it in and out while offering, “Here, taste me. Mmmm. Isn’t it good? You will love the taste of my pussy.”

With my lips wrapped around her pumping, wet, salty finger, I came so hard, “Mmmmmm! Ohhhhh! Ungghhhh!”

When I stopped cumming, Jordan flipped around facing the opposite direction where her ass was only about an arm length away from me and while looking at me from under her legs, she seductively warned, “Watch this. I think you will enjoy it.”

She reached between her legs, squished her 4 maroon nail colored fingers together in a cluster and began sliding them inside her vagina. Once they had penetrated far enough, she added her thumb into the group and slowly kept sliding her hand inward. With my mouth hanging open in amazement, her entire hand disappeared inside her pussy, up to her wrist and without much resistance.

As Jordan began to fist herself, she gasped, “I love doing this. It feels like a huge cock fucking me. You like watching it?”

With my pussy watering even more, I muttered, “Uh huh!”

She was really plunging her pussy right there in front of me. I was surprised by how easily her fist fit inside it and also realized this was definitely not her first time. She was moaning loudly and I was worried the other girls would hear her from the next room. I really wanted to mimic her but I could only fit three fingers into my own pussy. We were both fucking ourselves and building up to an incredible climax.

Jordan screamed, “Ah, there it is! Yessssss! Oh, fuck that feeeels sooooo goooood!”

I was about 5 seconds later, then my entire body seized up in my own orgasmic bliss, only I was much quieter. I clenched my mouth while stifling a loud grunt. Damn if felt good watching this girl I barely knew, fist herself to orgasm. We were then spent and I crawled back into my bed for a night of slumber but not without thinking about what we had just done.

The next morning, we all met for breakfast and reviewed the agenda. We were going to lay out in the sun by the pool for a few hours, then attend the wedding rehearsal and dinner, and afterwards have the bachelorette party at a male strip club. Thank goodness my sis was sweet enough to get me a fake ID so I could get in. It was going to be a busy day.

We were all wearing our two piece bathing suits and mine was a baby blue Wicked Weasel with a bandeau top so not to leave tan lines. We were listening to music, sipping on wine coolers and taking an occasional dip in the water.

Jordan was sitting in her lawn chair when she pulled her sunglasses down and blurted out, “Look at this nice fence around this entire pool. Why are we even wearing bikinis? I don’t want tan lines so fuck it, mine is coming off.”

As Jordan unhooked her bikini top and slid her bottoms off onto the concrete, Reygan shrugged, “You know, she does have a point. We are the only ones here so I say let’s do it.”

Reygan slipped her bathing suit off, showing the most perfect breasts I had ever seen. Lexi was the next to strip and immediately followed by Elise. I was still wearing my bathing suit and even though I had a tight body, I was a little hesitant.

Jordan giggled referring to me, “I don’t know girls but it seems as though somebody looks out of place here. C’mon Britt, go ahead and take it off. I’ve already seen everything.”

Jordan then looked at Lexi, “We jilled last night.”

My sister shook her head and jokingly replied, “I swear girl, you corrupted me and now my little sister?”

Jordan laughed, “What can I say. I am just horny girl trying to have some fun. And if I remember correctly, you certainly didn’t mind doing it with me, among other things.”

Reygan led the chant as the other girls chimed in, “Take it off! Take it off! Take it off!”

I smiled, pulled my bikini top over my head and my boobs snapped out. I stepped out of my bottoms and kicked them across the pool area. I then took my sunglasses off and van escort dove into the pool. The cool water felt amazing on my nude skin. As my face rose from the water’s surface, and after slinging my long wet hair back behind my head, I put my elbows on the side of the pool to catch Jordan already diddling her own twat.

“Come on girls, everyone join in. Let’s just have a big ole masturbation party while we tan,” Jordan pleaded.

Lexi was the next girl to stick her finger inside her box. Within minutes, all the girls were masturbating alongside each other. I lifted out of the pool and walked while dripping to my chair. The girls were moaning and using the visual situation as erotic motivation. Reygan was the first to announce, “I’m cummin!”

Lexi was patting her vaginal lips instead of fingering herself. That must have been all those sounds I heard in the other room while growing up. It sounded like slapping and I had always wondered what that was. This got her off in minutes while her head thrashed back and forth. Elise and I were using identical techniques as we alternated between rubbing our clits at lightning speed before finger banging ourselves. I think we mirrored each other and even switched at the same time.

I orgasmed first and my jaws clenched. Just as I finished up, Reygan was already started her second one simultaneously as Elise let out her first one. The sun beating down on 5 girls masturbating along with the smell of chorine and sun tanning oil was just too sensual to handle. Ironically, Jordan who started it all, hadn’t cum yet but was working her pussy over quite forcefully. All of us were enjoying ourselves when Elise got up.

Elise said as she walked over to the pool room door, “Hold that thought. I gotta pee.” As the handle clicked back and forth, she blurted, “Damn. It’s locked.”

“Really? You are at a pool. Piss in the pool if you have to go that bad,” exclaimed Lexi.

Jordan stopped diddling herself for a second and requested, “Better yet, come over here and piss on me. That will put me over the edge.”

Elise, wrinkled one eyebrow, “Are you serious? That’s disgusting.”

Jordan smirked, “I know and that is why I want you to do it. Now get over here and pee on me so I can cum.”

Elise had just enough to drink, shrugged her shoulders and said, “Ok, you asked for it girlie and now you’re gonna get it.”

Jordan got up and spread a beach towel on the concrete. She laid flat on her back when Elise stood directly over top with her legs straddling Jordan’s waist.

Elise warned, “I hope you’re ready, cause I gotta go.”

For some reason, all of us girls were wanting to see if they would really go through with it. Elise stood there for a moment without anything happening as she was probably in stage fright. All of a sudden, this huge stream of clear pee began raining down, splashing forcefully onto Jordan’s stomach and breasts.

“OH MY GOD, THIS FEELS SO FUCKING AMAZING! I’M CUUUUMMMMING!” Jordan screamed. “It’s so warm. Do it all over me. Piss in my face,” she added while settling down to a soothing bliss.

“Alright, it’s all yours,” said Elise as she began scooting back and forth, allowing her pee to splat all over Jordan from her face to her toes.

Jordan continued screaming while having multiple orgasms. Finally, when the last little bit dripped from Elise’s vagina, she grunted to expel a couple more squirts.

Elise laughed, “There you go. Now we both feel better.”

Jordan was panting, “Oh my god, that was intense. Lexi, we should have been doing this all along. I want all you girls to go on me. Please!”

Reygan looked at us said, “Hmmm, I do have to go. Why not? Jordan get ready girl for some more.”

Reygan stood over top Jordan, leaned back, used two fingers to spread her lips and launched a high arching clear stream of urine that was a direct hit onto Jordan’s face. With her eyes clenched tight, she finger fucked herself while writhing on the ground.

“I’m cumming again! Do it all over me. I want to feel it everywhere,” moaned Jordan.

Reygan obliged Jordan and mimicked Elise by peeing all over Jordan while she masturbated herself to another incredible climax.

Elise gave us an evil grin, “I have a great idea. Why don’t the two sisters give Jordan a double dose at the same time? Let’s keep it in the family.”

As Reygan finished using Jordan as her toilet, she rubbed the remaining liquid from her slit with her fingers and flicked it on Jordan, “Great idea! Do it girls.”

Both Lexi and I stood up. I stood over Jordan’s head while Lexi stood over her legs. I was reluctant but Lexi started peeing all over Jordan’s legs and I then let loose on her neck. When my sister moved up, her stream was landing directly on her moving hand and pussy. Jordan was moaning which turned into a gurgle after I reposition myself so that my flow was splashing directly on her face. Her entire ankara escort body began convulsing in what looked the most powerful orgasm I had ever seen. It wouldn’t have been surprising if she had passed out.

Lexi finished before I did but when we stopped, Jordan was a mess. Her hair was soaked and not from the pool and her entire body was covered in girl pee. She sat up and shook her head like a dog trying to dry themselves.

While using her hands to clear the liquid from her eyes, Jordan gasped, “Whew. That was intense. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. I’m telling you, it was hot, hot, hot.”

She jumped into the pool and we all continued drinking, masturbating, and having a good time as we did before the “show” started. We stayed nude the entire time and thank goodness we lathered each other up with sunscreen or we would have been burnt in areas that aren’t supposed to get burnt.

Later on in the afternoon, we showered and dressed slightly formal for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It was family time and we enjoyed ourselves but couldn’t wait for it to end so we could head out to the male review strip club. Finally, we were back at the guest house around 8pm and we were all excited as we began dressing up with a touch of slutty. Everyone wore heavy makeup, skirts, high heels, tight tops that showed a lot of skin, and totally blinged ourselves out with jewelry. We might have looked like 5 prostitutes but we didn’t care because we were in it to rock a great time.

Bob’s family had loaned us their brand new, fully loaded, Cadillac Escalade, so Elise agreed not to drink and be our designated driver. We were warned several times to take very good care of it. At the club, I was mesmerized. Guys with incredible muscular bodies were dancing, stripping and grinding up against all us girls. We were drinking and when the guys started shedding their brief hammocks, I was loving all the big cocks flopping out. We were all groping and jerking them as they danced. Even at one point, Lexi was sucking a dancer who became totally erect while performing and my pussy was soaking wet witnessing it.

I think we were even past the point of tipsy when we staggered out to the vehicle at 2 am. Lexi sat in the front while Jordan, Reygan and I filled the back. Elise was driving and we were on the freeway when the traffic began to slow down. Eventually it was totally stopped and 8 lanes of Boston traffic became gridlocked. We could see flashing lights which indicated an accident up ahead. As we sat in the vehicle, we discussed the evening and how much fun we had. Lexi’s alcohol had ran through her again and she was squirming in the front seat.

“We need to get going, because I need to pee, bad,” Lexi warned.

Elise responded, “What do you want me to do because there are cars everywhere?”

After a couple of minutes, Lexi’s warnings transformed into pleas, “Oh my god, I have to go right now! I’m not kidding. Is there a bottle or cup or anything back there? If we don’t get going, I’m going to pee my pants and I can’t mess this vehicle up!”

We all scrambled around just to find something but we could find nothing. No cups, no bottles, no nothing.

Now almost in a desperate cry, “Oh, I can’t hold it! I have to go right now! I’m gonna jump out and find a place.”

Elise replied, “Don’t be crazy. There is nowhere. You don’t need to get arrested the day before your wedding.”

Reygan gave her idea, “Jordan, you loved us peeing on you today and we do have tinted windows. Why don’t you just have her…well…you know…pee in your mouth. Just drink it. It’s not like it’s the nasty yellow kind. It’s all alcohol and it will be clear as a bell.”

Lexi yelled, “We have to do something and do it quick! OH MY GOD, HURRY!”

Jordan clinched her fists and jerked them trying to psych herself up, “Ok, let’s do this. Come up over the front seat.”

Before Lexi started climbing, Elise cautioned her, “Hold on. Your shoes are going to poke a hole in the seats.”

Elise was helping her take off her spiked stilettoes before Lexi put one foot up over the middle of the two front seats. She then brought her second leg with her and was basically sitting up on the thin space in between them. Almost pressed up against the roof, Lexi had to lean back in a prone position while Elise then helped hold her upper body from bending downward. With her legs pointing toward us in the back seat, Jordan hopped over me who was sitting in the middle. Reygan held one of Lexi’s legs steady as I held the other.

Jordan pushed Lexi’s skirt back over her waist, exposing her thong covered crotch while Lexi was screaming, “HURRY, HURRY!”

Jordan then used both hands to yank Lexi’s panties off and tossed them to the floor before giving her instructions, “When you start going, you have to give me time to swallow. When I tap your thigh, you need to stop and when I tap again you can start back up.”

Lexi gave her desperate reply, “Ok, ok, hurry up!”

Lexi’s exposed pussy looked very similar to mine and she even kept it smooth like I did. Jordan used her fingers to spread my sister’s lips like she was peering out of curtains covering a window. Jordan then moved her opened mouth in until she latched on, completely covering Lexi’s opening.