The Cabin


We take a long drive into the mountains. You never once tell me where we are going. I am eager, and excited, waiting to see what the weekend holds for me. We finally arrive at a cozy, warm, and rustic cabin. I can instantly tell that you have planned the weekend perfectly.

After carrying our bags inside, and ensuring that we have all that we need, you kiss me deeply. Your hands tangle in my hair. I go slightly up on tip-toe, breathing in deeply through my nose while I taste your tongue deep in my mouth. We gradually, reluctantly, pull apart. You start the fire, getting it roaring and crackling so nicely. I go to the bed area, and organize our bags.

You have stepped out the door for a moment to get more firewood. While you are out, I quickly make a few adjustments. I move a chair in front of the fire (which has just been fed, so it’s blazing beautifully). I turn out all other lights, and get naked. I wait quietly for your return. My pussy began clenching, in excitement, as I hear your boots crunching up the walk.

As soon as you enter, you set down the load adana escort of wood…take off your jacket…and that’s when you see me. Your eyes widen and you start to speak. I smile, and place a finger against your lips…shaking my head no. You grin and nod.

I take you by the hand, and lead you to the chair. Bringing you to the front of it…I gently ease you back until you are sitting. I notice the bulge growing in your pants…and I grin. Trailing one hand along your arm…I make my way around behind you. When I get there, I start teasing your neck with little sucking kisses…tickling with little flicks of my tongue.

I slowly make my way around to the side of you…kissing, sucking, and licking all the exposed skin. When I get back to the front of you…I kneel just to the side of your knees. I reach up, and slowly start to release each button down the front if your shirt. I taste every inch of skin with my greedy tongue as I expose it.

Pushing the shirt aside, I take in a hard little bud of nipple between my teeth, eskişehir escort ever so gently, licking with my tongue, blazing a trail across your tummy, moving myself between your legs as I go. I start tugging at your jeans with my teeth, opening the button after a moment. The feat made more difficult by the bulge straining under it. I push open the jeans.

Much to my delight, your cock is popping up – eager to escape the final boundary. I help free you…clasping my hand around your girth, and guiding the treasure into my waiting, hungry mouth. Slowly trailing my tongue around the rim…down the shaft, and over and around your balls (after a brief moment where I manage to slide your jeans further off you).

With light sucking and licking, I bring one delicious ball into my mouth…then swap it for the other. I lightly kiss your bag, and then trail my tongue back up your shaft…around the rim. I open wide, and take you in, a deep groan of satisfaction escaping me. Oh yeah…that’s what I was looking for. I have sakarya escort found my treasure, my treat.

Relaxing my throat, I take as much of you as I can. Sliding and slurping all along. Fast, slow. I keep thumping my tongue hard against your shaft as I slide up and down. I look up at your face, and see that you have your head thrown back. I sense you are near the brink, and pick up the pace. Wanting to taste what you have to offer. My pussy is now so wet that juices are soaking my thighs.

As I continue to suck, I take one hand away…and guide it between my own legs. Parting the lips, I slide my finger along my clit…causing my body to jump…and my sucking to grow more intense. I slide two fingers inside of me…and feverishly start to ride them as I suck slurp and slide on you. I feel you suddenly grow thicker in my mouth, and know that I’m about to receive my prize.

Your hand reaches out, grasps my braid firmly, tugging me harder onto your cock. I take you fully in, sliding as deep as I can. Suddenly you are pulsating in my mouth, your heated juice hitting the back of my mouth, and being sucked down my throat. I moan…and keep sucking…I don’t want to miss a drop. As I feel you relax back into the chair…I use my tongue to thoroughly clean you.

Then sit back and smile. You reach toward me…running your fingers along my jaw…and tell me that now it is your turn.