The Cousin

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It’s been three days since losing my virginity to my crush Kyle. After that night of hot sex, I never heard from or saw Kyle again. I called his house, only to have his parents tell me that Kyle had moved out and headed north. I was confused about the whole situation as to why would Kyle just skip town after boning me? I guess Kyle was no different then the rest of them. He only wanted me for my pussy and played with my emotions towards him.

However, I wasn’t to piss off or even depressed about it. I was happy to have lost my virginity to my crush. I was even happier to know how wonderful sex feels. I couldn’t believe on what I’ve been missing out all this time. Of course, I mostly had no choice but to be alone.

Guys were never attracted to my face. Only these huge knockers called breasts hanging from my chest, in natural sag due to the massive amount of weight each tit has. Kyle was the first boy to ever bare his eyes on my chest. And hopefully, he won’t be the last.

I met up with my best friend Amanda at the mall. Amanda is the compete opposite of me and someone I would like to be. She’s pretty, smart, and born to be wild. I was smart mostly and never got into any serious trouble. Amanda had gorgeous baby eyes, long brunette hair, which was tied in a ponytail most of the time and an hour glass body. If I was a lesbian. I would be all over her. Though, my breasts were ten times larger then Amanda’s, she still sported a pair of 36DD’s. They looked even bigger on her small frame. I was surprised that someone like Amanda would actually want to take the time out to get to know me.

We’re been friends since junior high. I was getting teased at while Amanda was teasing. One day in Math class, the teacher partner Amanda and I up and ever since then, we’re been the best of friends. I have other small friends as well but Amanda has always been there for me.

While at the mall, Amanda and I went into a party shop store. Amanda was invited to this college party and wanted me to go with her. Amanda knows that I don’t like college parties or any type of parties for that matter. Unless they’re birthday parties. They’re always harmless.

“Come on Liz. You must come with me tonight. We’re not in high school anymore. Once we start college this fall, these are the kind of parties frat houses will be having,” Amanda explained to me while inside the fitting room, trying on a couple of dresses.

“I don’t know Amanda. I don’t think any ugly girl like me would fit into your kind of people,” I replied.

“Don’t worry Liz. All those boys are going to be drunk and ogling at your huge titties,” Amanda said jokingly.

“Ha ha. Very funny,” I replied sarcastically.

“Look…Liz. I need you to go. My boyfriend Randy’s cousin is in town and he has no choice but to take him to this party. I told Randy that I would find his cousin a date. That date happens to be…you?” Amanda said with a huge grin on her face.

“Thank you Amanda. First a frat parties and now a blind date,” I responded.

“Please Liz. Don’t this for me and I promise I won’t set you up on anymore blind dates.”

“All right all right! I’ll do it. And only for tonight. And I’m not wearing a dress either. I don’t want my titties hanging out like an invitation to a dairy farm.”

Amanda and I hugged, as she was grateful that I would keep her boyfriend’s cousin occupied.

The time came for Amanda and I to head to the party. Amanda’s boyfriend Randy and his cousin, whom Amanda told me his name was Bill, are picking us up from Amanda’s house. Amanda wore a black V-neck dress, showing off some major cleavage. I swore if Amanda bended off or swayed from side to side, her tits would pop out and hang free. I simply wore a pair of blue jeans and my favorite white tee with the word “Puppies” stretched across my gigantic chest. The p in puppies started below my armpit and the s ended at my other armpit.

“Nice shirt Liz. It looks like you’re spelling uppie,” Amanda joked.

The doorbell rang and Amanda opened it to her very handsome boyfriend Randy. Behind Randy stood a very tall, pale guy with long arms, fuzzy brown hair, slightly large nose and teeth.

“Hi!” said the tall guy.

“Ladies. This is Bill. Unfortunately, he’s my cousin. When we get to the party, he is officially not my cousin,” Randy said.

The four of us took off in Randy’s car and arrived at the frat party. The music was banging so loud, that we heard it two blocks away. People were drunk and doing crazy things in the yard and in the street. One guy was totally naked Side escort and actually wanted us to drive over his frail body, calling himself a speed bump.

Once inside the party, Amanda immediately took off with Randy, leaving me to pretty much baby-sit Bill. I took Bill by the hand and searched for a quiet place for the two of us. People were staring at Bill and I like we belonged in a freak show. I heard guys commenting on my chest and shouting out obscene jesters like “I’m a baby. Come feed me” and “don’t tip over” and “I can use those as a punching bag”.

Finally, Bill and I entered a private room, which seemed to be cut off to the public. It was a nice looking library room. Bill and I sat on the couch in compete silences, except for the music.

“This is fun,” I muttered out after about 10 minutes.

Bill just looked at me and smiled.

“Why are you smiling?” I asked him.

“I’ve never been with a pretty girl before,” Bill responded.

“I hope you’re not calling me pretty?” I asked him in a shocking voice.

“Of course I am. You’re a pretty girl. I’m glad I came to this party with you,” said Bill very delighted.

Without any warning, Bill leaned forward and kissed me with everything he had. I felt his long tongue traveling down my moist throat and his hands moving up and down my back.

I immediately pushed Bill away and looked at him with in shock.

“Do you want something to drink?” I asked him as he formed a surprised look on his face. I guess he wasn’t expecting me to say that and either was I.

I got Bill and me a few beers and we drunk away. An hour had passed and the both of us were wasted. Now was a good time for me to actually want to have fun with Bill.

I started unbuttoning Bill’s long flannel shirt. I took it off his torso and began kissing and licking his rock-hard nipples on his pasty and yet hairy bird chest. I looked up at Bill’s face and saw he was very excited. His eyes were closed and his mouth hung wide open. I kissed down his stomach and around his waist. I began unzipping his jeans and pulled them all the way down, passed his hairy legs to his ankles. Bill had a huge dent in the front of his boxers.

I felt my pussy becoming wet and my nipples becoming hard. I was curious to see just how big Bill’s delicious cock was. I pulled down his boxers and out trembled a massive piece of meat, which slapped against his quivering thigh. His cock was enormous. It was thick long ways and thick all around. He was definitely larger then Kyle.

I grabbed Bill’s hanging cock with one hand and realized that I could barely get a decent grip around the thick base. I began jerking his cock and watching it rise up towards me. I formed a vacuum with my mouth and sucked up his huge swollen cockhead.

Throughout the room, nothing could be heard but my sucking and slurping sounds. Bill began moaning, adding to the sexual sounds surrounding us. Bill’s horse-like cock was now throbbing between my full lips. I began moving my mouth down his juicy shaft, taking in as much of his meat as possible. I got a good 6 1/2 inches in my mouth with a large amount of dick still outside my mouth.

“Oh god Liz. I’ve never gotten head from a girl before. None of the girls that came close to giving me head, wanted to after seeing my freakish dick,” Bill explained to me between gasping for breaths.

I continued swallowing more and more of Bill’s fat cock. 8 inches were down my throat as my tongue exploded every inch of meat in my mouth. I lifted Bill’s legs up on my shoulders and began bobbing my head up and down in his crotch.

“OH yeaaah! Oh god! Ohhhhh yeaaaaah!” moaned Bill.

I’ve only sucked dick twice and already I felt like a pro. Bill’s hands were running through my swaying hair as I increased the speed of sucking his cock. One of my hands cupped his humongous balls, swinging and bouncing beneath my chin. I massaged his plum-sized balls and bounced them in my hands as my mouth continued to slither up and down his slobbery prick.

My face became bright red as I held his cock between my lips. Savoring his throbbing member and swirling my tongue around his cockhead, soaking up the pre-cum that leaked out of his peehole. I slowly moved my mouth off half his shaft and off his cock completely. His huge cock still pointed upwards at me, drenched in my saliva

I moved up between Bill’s legs and dragged his hands up with me. I placed each one of his hands onto a breast. Bill just began squeezing and kneading my breasts through my shirt and bra. I lifted my shirt Side escort bayan up and looked down to see his face light up with joy. His eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. I just bunched my shirt up under my chin, just incase we get some unwelcome guest. I grabbed Bill’s hands and placed them on my bra cups.

“Mmmmm. They feel so smooth and creamy,” Bill moaned.

As he continued squeezing my enormous breasts through the bra, I reached in back of me and started to unfasten my bra. Once I had all the straps undone, I pulled my bra down off my chest, baring my giant jugs for Bill to see and boy was he in awe. His mouth hung open and nothing was coming out but drool. I wiped the drool of his bottom lip and Bill immediately buried his face into my cleavage. His large hands squeezed both of my even bigger breasts around his head. If I didn’t know any better, I would have though Bill was trying to suffocate himself between my hooters.

To know he was still breathing, I felt him licking and kissing my cleavage and the sides of my breasts. He cupped my mammoth melons from beneath and tried to hold them as best as he could. He buried his mouth against my right breasts, stuffing as of the flesh into his mouth as possible. He sucked my right tit savagely. Using his lips to stretch a ton of tit flesh from my chest. While holding the breast he was sucking with one hand, he used the other hand to pinch and tug at my erect nipples.

I felt Bill using his slightly overbite to chew and nibble at my nipple. Trapping my nipple between his teeth and letting his tongue flicker over it repeatedly. That send my body into an orgasmic state and I began cumming like a Dam I had broke open.

After five minutes of nearly sucking and chewing the life out of my right breast, Bill kissed and licked his way to the other breast. Then began pinching and tugging on the wet nipple he just sucked. Bill’s face was deeply implanted in my left breasts. Looking down my wet chest, I could barely see Bill’s face as he munched and devoured my left breast.

After five minutes or perhaps even seven minutes of sucking the left tit and making me cum again, Bill held both of my huge breasts in his hands again and flopped them against each other. Bill used his tongue and began lapping up and down the front surface of my breasts. Like a dog licking water from it’s bowl. Bill could taste his own saliva that he had all ready coated on my chest. My nipples were red and sore from Bill’s abuse. Both of my giant tits were bathed in saliva and I couldn’t believe that Bill was finished with my breasts and decided to work my pussy next.

Bill positioned me across a desk inside the room. He unzipped my jeans with one hand, while the other hand fondled my huge wet melons. Once he got my jeans undone, he pulled them down to my shoes. He was surprised to see how soak my panties were. He could almost see right through them to my bare skin. Instead of taking my panties off, Bill began licking and sucking the front of my panties. Tasting my sweet cum on them. He was still making me moan with the pressure his mouth was putting on my panties. It was almost like he could suck my pussy through my panties.

Bill finally pulled my panties down and buried his face into my drenching snatch. Only Kyle has been able to suck my pussy. Bill became lucky number 2. Bill savagely sucked at my pussy. Drinking the juices that flowed while reaching my g-spot and making me orgasm.

“Ohhhhhh Bill! Uhhhhhhhh! Suck…my….pussy Bill. Oohhhhhh!” I moaned as I ran my hands through his hair.

I felt his teeth chewing at my clitoris and the tip of his tongue frequently flickering at it. Bill wiggled his tongue between my vagina lips and send shock waves through my body. I was pinched and pulled at my sore nipples, throwing stuff off the desk. Just to fight the wonderful sensation Bill was delivering to me through my wet cunt.

I guessed Bill was finish with my pussy because he gave it some small kisses. He stood up and pulled off my shoes. Then my jeans and panties came off my ankles. I was left in nothing but my shirt bunched up around my neck and a pair of gray socks.

Bill spitted in his hands and started lubing up his giant dick. Only the Lord and I knew where that was going. Bill took his massive tool in his hands and began rubbing his cockhead up and down my pussy. Making circular motions around my swollen labia. He moved his cockhead to my clitoris and began rubbing at it furiously. Bill almost made me cum and he knew it. He had stopped teasing my clitoris and Escort side began easing his cockhead between my cunt walls.

As this huge monster was pushing it’s way between my tight moist cunt lips, I lifted myself up on my elbows, trying to see past my enormous sweaty melons at all the action.

“Whoa you’re huge!” I commented as I began breathing hard and heavy and Bill pushed more and more of his monstrous dong inside me.

Half of Bill’s cock was deeply implanted inside my snatch. The other half was left out in the cold. I could see the determination and sweat on Bill’s goofy face, to try and force his entire dick inside me.

“Oh God! I’ve never felt a pussy before. Never knew they were so tight and warm inside. Feels like my grandma’s warm apple pie,” Bill said.

Bill started thrusting and ramming his cock inside my cunt. I had my eye halfway closed as I was feeling the pleasures of another cock fucking me. Being fucked felt so good.

“Oohhhhh yeaaaah! Oh yeaaaah! Oh God Bill. You’re enormous! Oh God!” I cried as Bill started fucking me faster and harder.

Bill had his hands on my upper thighs as he thrusted and pounded my cunt into pieces. I felt my pussy being stretched to the breaking points. His fat cock was really loosing my labia as he tried to force more and more of his huge dick inside me.

“Ahhhhhh! It…Won’t…FIX!” I cried as Bill continued ramming me harder and deeper.

“Oh GOD! I’m fucking! I’m actually FUCKING!” Bill moaned as he was amazed at his first time of having sex.

Bill pushed me balls deep onto his cock. Our pale thighs were now slapping together and his huge balls were beating at my ass. I pressed my legs up against his chest, resting both of my feet on his shoulders. Bill turned his head from side to side, stiffing the aroma of my socks as my feet were sweating. My enormous breasts were literally leaping out from my chest and violently slapping together with each powerful thrust from Bill.

Bill climbed up onto the desk and bended my knees down to my chest. He held onto my calves and sat his ass on top of mines. I felt like a pretzel being twisted up. Bill started crashing his ass down against me, plowing his massive manhood deep inside my wet womb. His balls were beating against my ass cheeks while his ass and mines slapped against each other, making flesh noises and jiggling uncontrollably.

“OH FUCK! BILL! OH GOD! IT HURTS! IT HURTS!” I cried in pain as Bill continued crashing his body down onto mines.

My pussy was full of Bill’s cock. Straight to the thick base. If his balls wanted to come in, they could have. My pussy was stretched out wider and continued to be with each pounding.

Bill had a face full of my feet as he began kissing and stiffing my socks. Bill then repositioned me onto my side, with is huge dick still implanted in me. He held up one of my legs and resumed his vicious thrusting. His other hand had reached over my shoulder and began fondling my bouncing tits. My chest was hurting as equally to my pussy from my huge breasts bouncing against it.

I could feel my juices pouring down Bill’s thrusting meat. Even his balls were being soaked. I felt Bill’s tongue in my ear and his hot breath on my neck. My pussy had completely surrendered to his vicious assault and I kept cumming and cumming and cumming and I didn’t know when I would stop. Bill was giving me the fucking of a lifetime. One that I would never forget.

Bill gave my pussy some slow hard thrusts before pulling out of it. He kneeled next to my head with his massive glistening cock above my face. I closed my eyes as Bill began oozing his enormous load of jizz all over my face. My forehead, my nose, my eyelids, my cheeks, lips, and chin was all covered in his white milk. Some of his cum even leaked down to my neck and chest.

I engulfed Bill’s cumming cock into my mouth and swallowed the rest of his semen. Once he finished cumming, he began beating my cum-drenching face with his cock and rubbing his fabulous juices all over.

“That was awesome,” Bill and I heard a voice say.

I opened my eyes just a little bit and saw a few blurry versions thanks to the massive amount of cum on my face, I could barely open my eyes.

“Oh shit!” said Bill as he quickly pulled up his pants.

Unannounced to Bill and I, we had an audience watching us have sex. I felt embarrassed and my face quickly became flushed. Here I was, completely naked except for the socks and shirt. My face drenching in cum, in front of a bunch of horny and drunk students.

I quickly fixed myself up and found Amanda. I forced her to take me home so I could go to bed. The car ride was silence and Bill asked for my number. I gave it to him but after tonight, he ever called me. Seems even the ugliest guys never seem to want to call me back. How rude!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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