A Husband’s Fantasy

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Hi all, this is my piece that I’ve written and was mainly a way for me to get the fantasy off my own chest. Please note that this is a story about cuckolding, if that’s not your thing then you don’t need to read any further. For those that do like this type of content then I’d love to hear feedback and comments on any and every part of it. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.


Elliot pressed the start button on the dishwasher and immediately realized that he’d complete the last job he could. There was nothing left to distract himself from the coming evening. He stood up to his full 6 foot and three inches, leaning his head back to crack his neck while rolling his shoulders. Elliot was a tall man but not a broad one. He’d failed to inherit his father’s wide shoulders and thicker arms. Instead, he had a slender and athletic build. This wasn’t something that had ever bothered him, just a fact of life. His stretching was trying to relieve a bit of the tension that was building. It helped a bit but wasn’t much more than a drop in the ocean in the grand scheme of things. Exhaling deeply, he finally allowed himself to think about tonight. His wife’s boyfriend, for lack of a better term, was coming around this evening.

This was something that he’d wanted, for a very long time. The fact that Emily even had another man in her life was almost entirely down to Elliot’s own desires. At least the start of it was. He wasn’t sure where he’d picked the kink up, but the truth was that Elliot had a cuckolding kink. He loved Emily, unconditionally. They had a great sex life that was mutually pleasurable for the pair of them. His kink wasn’t driven by some missing part of a traditional sexual relationship. He just simply enjoyed the idea of her having another sexual partner. If he really dived into the rabbit hole, then maybe a part of it was born of an insecurity he held. The idea that although her sex life with him was the best she’d ever had, that didn’t mean it was the best she could possibly have. That’s how he’d pitched it to her, nearly a year ago. The couple had always been open with each other sexually and that had made the conversation easier. The trust they’d built up from the time they had spent together meant that there was no grey area of expectations or worry about hidden motives. However, she had declined, and Elliot completely accepted that.

It wasn’t until months later that Emily herself had brought the topic back up and admitted that she’d be curious for them to dip their toes into the idea. Internet browsing and role-plays led to online chatting and a dating profile. This led to more online chatting and a few coffee dates. The conclusion was Emily going on an actual date while Elliot waited at home with peaked nerves and excitement. Getting ready she’d sworn that it was just a date and even if she did go to his place she’d not go “All the way.” with him. Elliot had simply assured her that she could do what she wanted and what felt natural at the time. His small request was that she try to keep him in the loop and/or send him a picture of how things were going. Although it wasn’t a demand. After a very long and anxious evening Elliot did finally get a text from his wife, at 3 in the morning. She’d let him know that she had just gotten into a taxi and would be home soon. She didn’t have any pictures, but she did have a story to tell him.

That had been a big turning point for them. She’d very quickly fallen into a pattern of seeing her other man, Dan, a few times a week. Something that Elliot absolutely loved. She’d unfortunately been light on media to share with Elliot but had always told him everything that she got up to with Dan. Elliot had expected their own sex life to slow down but that hadn’t been the case. At least not to Elliot’s notice. Somehow Emily had enough of a sexual appetite to keep up with both men and it was likely that fact that kept her excited.

Tonight, was partially Emily’s way of making up for the lack of pictures and videos that she’d taken since seeing Dan. Elliot could recall the exact face she’d made before suggesting this to him. Cheeks flushed; lower lip bitten unconsciously. Her eyes not able to meet his for long. “Why don’t I just invite Dan over?” She’d said almost out of the blue and Elliot had had to do his best not to leave his mouth hanging open. “That way you can just watch and see.”

That was just yesterday, and time felt like it was passing at a snail’s pace since they’d arranged it. They’d talked well into the night about expectations as well as reassuring and calming each other. They’d both wanted it to be a relaxed and casual evening between the three of them. More an introduction between the two men in her life and then a show for Elliot along with the usual excitement between Emily and Dan. They didn’t want to lean too far into any of the deeper aspects of cuckolding. They very much weren’t having a threesome. But neither Emily or Dan was going to humiliate şişli escort or degrade Elliot. That said, for the first time since she’d started seeing Dan, she had declined sex. Even though their conversation and the impending evening had left them both incredibly turned on. She’d simply said that everyone would have more fun if they waited. He had felt a little humiliated because of this. But his mind had been constantly fighting to pull his attention onto this evening and he knew that a big part of that was due to her denial. Still a little jealous, Elliot could see her point.

He shook his head and blinked a few times, he needed to stop re-counting how they got here and finish getting things ready. He ran through the list of jobs that needed completing but as he’d already summarized, they were done. The bed had fresh sheets and a new box of condoms on Emily’s bedside table. The kitchen and living room were clean, they had beer in the fridge and Emily’s usual selection of gins. Elliot had even put a nicer shirt on and had trimmed his hair and beard this morning. For half a moment he thought about going and seeing how Emily was getting on before he remembered that she’d asked to get ready privately.

With nothing else to do Elliot walked to the front room. He sat on their three-seater sofa, turned the TV on and put some mindless YouTube show on. He didn’t really watch it, instead imagining what was going to happen tonight until his cock got a little too hard. At which point he tried to calm down and think of something else. He wouldn’t succeed for long though, his mind drifting back to Emily and Dan. He went through this cycle a few times over before it was broken by a loud knock at the front door. He waited a few seconds, unsure if Emily wanted to greet Dan at the door.

“Sweetheart. Can you get it please?” her voice rang out and answered Elliot’s question. His nerves hit a peak, but he got up and headed to the door all the same. Nerves aside he wanted to project some kind of confidence. At least as much as he could.

Elliot opened the door to get his first in person view of his wife’s lover. He’d seen Dan in a few photos, but he cut a much more imposing figure in person. He stood a little shorter than Elliot at 6’1″ maybe 6’2″ but he was much much wider. He had broad shoulders and a clear amount of muscle spread over his chest. His arms were similarly large, and this was only emphasized by the fact that he’d partially rolled up his shirt sleeves. However, his build wasn’t the type that you got from the gym. It wasn’t out of proportioned or overly toned and the small amount of extra weight Dan carried showed he didn’t care much for a strict diet. Elliot guessed that Dan worked hard at some physical job. “A tradie maybe?” He guessed. Dan’s facial features were parallels of his body type. Hardened by experience. Elliot knew that he was in his early forties and that age showed in the right way. He had a few wrinkles and a couple grey hairs coming in through his short brown hair. Despite the decade age gap, Dan’s hair line showed no sign or retreating, contrary to Elliot’s. Looking at the man Elliot couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated by him. Elliot knew his wife well enough to know what she liked physically in a man and Dan checked as many of those boxes as a real human could. He wondered if he was even going to be able to find the words to say hello and invite him in. Right up until his eyes met Dan’s. Like a mirror to his own he noticed that he was just as nervous as Elliot was. “And why wouldn’t he be?” Elliot realized. The man had been fucking his wife for the last four months. Many husbands would have answered the door with a carving knife in hand.

With his minor epiphany, Elliot found his feet. “Hi Dan, nice to meet you.” He said holding out his hand and offering a smile.

“Elliot right?” Dan replied and took his hand.

His grip was as firm as expected and Elliot was glad that he returned the friendly smile. “Yep, please come in and take a seat. Emily is still getting ready, but I imagine she shouldn’t be much longer.”

“Thanks for having me over. I must admit that this wasn’t what I had in mind when Emily said she wanted to do something a little different on Friday. But I can’t say I’m not looking forward to it.”

Elliot did have to take a pause. There was quite a weight to another man casually mentioning that he was looking forward to fucking his wife and he wasn’t initially sure how to respond. “Me too. Do you want a beer?” Elliot replied, agreeing and wanting a beer himself. Half as a way to take a moment to gather himself and half because a beer seemed like a good way to take the edge off.

“That would be great.” Dan replied and Elliot made his way to the kitchen. He grabbed 2 bottles of larger from the fridge, opened them and returned. Dan was waiting by the front door and Elliot lead him into the front room.

Elliot sat in the front rooms armchair and gestured for Dan to sit on the sofa. It wasn’t some kind taksim escort of thought-out choice. Elliot just tended to sit on the armchair whenever they had guests around. A few minutes into the conversation Elliot realized that he’d completely forgotten to see if Dan wanted a glass. Thankfully he seemed as comfortable as Elliot was at drinking from the bottle. The pair talked for a while. Surprisingly, or maybe not given that Emily liked both of them, they had a lot in common. It was clear that their values and opinions were similar. They shared interests in a few sports and some hobbies. As with most male conversations they spanned topics as mundane as the weather to those as deep as setting the world to rights within a span of minutes. Elliot soon found that the conversation was enjoyable, and he was laughing along. The ice fully broken and his mind off what Dan was here for tonight.

The sound of Emily coming down the stairs snapped Elliot back to the reality of this evening. His heart rate increased, and a small pit opened in his stomach. Unconsciously Elliot held his breath in anticipation of her arrival. Dan had similarly picked up on her approach and both men looked to the front room door as their woman entered.

Same as Elliot Emily was in her early thirties. She stood at 5’9″ and her build could only be described as petite. Her light brown hair was just longer than her shoulders and she rarely wore any make up. For Elliot she was perfection, and in this moment, she’d gone beyond that. She’d curled her hair for a start. Something she rarely had the time or inclination to do. This left her hair just at shoulder length and perfectly framing the delicate features of her face. Running his eyes down her she had a light pink blouse on, loose fitting by design with short sleeves and a deep neck that showed off the cleavage of her 34B chest. Not that she really needed to show off given that the black lingerie bra showed through the pale material of her top. Her blouse ended just before the top of her skirt, leaving the smallest strip of her midriff exposed. Elliot looked over the skirt and was sure that he’d never seen it before. It was a light grey mini skirt that would have been completely inappropriate to wear in a public place. It was just long enough to obscure, not hide, the fact that she was wearing stockings instead of leggings. Elliot just caught a glimpse of some clips that suggested a garter belt and some knickers were hidden under that skirt. Every part of her outfit screamed fuck me and that made him so jealous of Dan. Incredibly and overwhelmingly aroused but still jealous.

As she entered the room her eyes went straight to the armchair where she knew Elliot would be sat. This brief gesture that he was the first man she looked for provided that subtle but needed reassurance from her to him. She beamed a smile to him, clearly seeing his opinion of her outfit written across his face. She almost bounced into the room, her excitement brimming, and came to a stop stood in front of both men.

“How do I look?” She asked, facing Dan, and slowly turning from side to side. The movement showing off her outfit to both men.

“Amazing. I think I’m in for a treat tonight.” Dan praised.

The compliment hitting Elliot in two ways. His male pride was glad that someone else found his wife as sexy as he did. But seeing her seek approval from Dan did strike a chord deeper within him. It was the realization that he really wasn’t the only person in her life that she wanted to be sexy for.

Elliot watched Dan’s eye’s run up and down Emily’s body at least twice. He could see the man was looking past the outfit and piecing together what she looked like under it. Not that her naked body was in any way a mystery to Dan. The older man heisted for a second and looked like he was going to stand to greet her. Elliot wasn’t sure why he didn’t and Emily took the choice from him before he could make up his mind.

She sat on Dan’s right, the side closest to Elliot, and cuddled into the man. He placed his arm around her and pulled her that fraction closer as she adjusted herself and pulled her legs up onto the sofa. This movement showed Elliot the last few answers to the questions he held about her outfit. Her short skirt couldn’t have hoped to cover her up and as she’d been moving about Elliot had seen everything. She wasn’t wearing a fully matching lingerie set as he had guessed because she wasn’t wearing any knickers at all. Even if it was for just a moment, he knew he saw her bare and shaved pussy lips. He was even certain that he could see how aroused she was.

Her eyes met Elliot’s again and the sultry smile that crossed her lips was a thing of slutty beauty. He honestly didn’t know if her flash had been deliberate or not. Either way she played it perfectly and Elliot couldn’t hope to stop himself from starting to bulge in his jeans.

“I think we’re all in for a treat tonight.” She replied to Dan. “It sounded like you were both chatting up a storm while beşiktaş escort I was getting ready. I was tempted to stay upstairs and see which one of you came to find me first. But I think I might have been forgotten entirely.” Emily joked with them both.

“That would have never happened.” Elliot though and Dan spoke. The younger man not quite getting the words off his tongue in time. He noticed that Dan’s hand was around Emily and resting on her lower back. Fingertips just reaching the top of her ass. He left hand was in his and casually rested on his lap. It was surreal for his to see the couple sat like that. His wife so casually and naturally pushed up against her Boyfriend. Elliot wasn’t naive, he knew that they would have grown closer on more than a sexual level. It was just another step to actually see it in person.

“No, I don’t think so. The way you both looked at me gave me all the reassurance of that I needed.” She moved her hand out of Dan’s as she spoke and put it on his thigh instead. Gently caressing his leg, she looked up at him as she continued to speak. “Now I know this is a little new for us. But I’m still a little disappointed that you didn’t greet me like usual.” Emily’s head inched closer to his until he closed the gap between their lips.

The couple went straight for an open-mouthed kiss and Elliot felt like he was having an outer body experience. He knew the feeling that Dan was experiencing, intimately. The way she simply melted into those kisses. Her lips and entire body language trying to pull you in for more. He could see her pushing her chest against Dan’s as she turned into him more. Her hand not beating around the bush on his thigh and instead kneaded at his crotch. Elliot’s breathing was shallow and his heart rate high as he watched. He realized how deeply he wanted to see this but genuinely worried that the experience would be too intense for him.

He didn’t get a reprieve. When Emily wanted to be fucked, she wasn’t patient or subtle. The fact that she’d denied herself yesterday had only amplified these traits. They were also infectious. Dan’s hand pushed and kneaded at her chest as he kissed her. She was one of those rare women that could cum just from having her nipples played with and her body language betrayed just how much she was enjoying the attention. But, her impatience took over. She tugged Dan’s hand down with her own and once he got the messaged returned it to his crotch. Unable to resist teasing her he ran his hand down her side and over her ass before pushing it under her skirt.

She lifted her leg up and the tiny skirt parted to give Elliot his second view of her. Her puffy pink pussy lips were full and slightly spread; her clit was engorged and if she wasn’t wet before she was now. Wetter, possibly, then Elliot had ever seen her. Her entire pussy was screaming for attention and pleasure. Something that Dan was more than happy to oblige, and she broke off their kiss in anticipation of his fingers. He lightly ran them across her drenched lips, her body reacting with a few light and involuntary jumps and noises from how overly sensitive she was.

“Fuck, I’m so turned on.” Emily admitted, almost sounding guilty as his fingers worked their way fully between her lips.

“I can tell. No knickers and you’re soaking wet. It’s like you’re begging to be taken in front of your husband.” Dan teased her verbally while his fingers did physically. “In fact, I like that idea. Beg me to fuck you.” He added, his reservations and nerves were lifting now that things were starting in earnest.

Emily flushed red. “Embarrassment or Dan’s fingers.” Elliot though for a moment but put that aside to hang on her reply.

“Fuck me?” She said quietly, looking a little embarrassed.

“You know that’s not good enough.” Was Dan’s flat reply.

She flushed again and heisted. Dan’s fingers continued their work, and it was clear that she was getting close. Emily had always been easy to stimulate sexually and could easily cum multiple times. Dan hadn’t even touched her clit yet, deliberately, or she’d have cum already. Elliot noticed Dan slow his fingers and bring her back down before building her back up again. The edging encouraging her to speak up and answer his demand. “Beg me.” He prompted as she got close once again.

“Please fuck me. I need to feel your thick cock in me, deep and hard, as I cum on it over and over tonight.”

Elliot was dumb struck. Emily was never that vocal when they were together. She’d always found dirty talk a little embarrassing and had infrequently reciprocated it. Elliot was not complaining. He was rock solid after hearing her beg to be fucked by her boyfriend. His own thoughts mimicked her opinion on how the evening should progress.

“Good girl, I love it when you beg.” Dan praised. Surprisingly he denied her any more pleasure and moved his hand away from her, a line of her juices briefly following his fingers. He re-positioned a bit in order to make enough space to pull her top up and over her head, throwing the blouse to the side once it was free. Then quickly pulling her legs up he slid her skirt down and tossed it in the same direction as the top. Just as Elliot had suspected she wore a garter belt that matched her black bra.

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