The Diminishing


Janet and John had been married for about three years now, and had developed a stable relationship together. Janet ran her own small business; she ran a small convenience store in town. John worked at the local bakery, but he had recently lost his job due to the bakery having to shut down. So John was thinking of going back to school. John had been doing lots around the house including the cooking, the laundry, but he was getting quickly tired of feeling useless. Janet never seemed to notice, in fact she had told him she liked him staying at home, and she had even tried to talk him out of going to school. She said her friend Alice had told her that men had to have a job so they could feel superior and arrogant, and that she didn’t want John trying to push himself to be the head of the household. John had heard too much about Alice lately since his wife met her at a baby shower several months ago. Alice was a recently graduated student from the local university and she had studied all sorts of things including feminism, English, history, and chemistry.

John had met Alice a few times and been annoyed by her arrogant attitude, she seemed to dismiss him since he was man. Janet had told him Alice’s father had been abusive and that Alice had had nothing but trouble with men in her life. Still it didn’t make John look forward to tonight’s dinner anymore than it ever had before. Alice was coming over around seven so John was working hard to prepare a good meal to make his wife happy.

John heard the doorbell ring around the right time and he waited for his wife to answer it but heard nothing so went to the door himself. Opening it he looked down on Alice, who was quite a bit shorter than his 6’0″, standing at 5’5″. She smiled a polite cursory smile at him and said, “Janet around?”

“Yes, come in Alice.” John smiled back as she stepped in, her long brown hair swishing in the evening wind. He tried to make small talk. “So, how’s your job search going?”

She waived her hand absently at him, “Oh fine, some firms in the U.S. have expressed interest in my research.”

John felt like a piece of insignificant stupidity when she acted that way, instead of blowing up he just went back to the kitchen. It wasn’t long before he heard her come in, he could feel her eyes on his back watching him and when he turned around he noticed her smirking as she watched him work. “Something funny?” He asked.

“Oh no…just an idea.”

“Tell me what it is.”

“You wouldn’t understand, um…John is it?”

After all this time she still didn’t remember his name, he just nodded and returned to work. Before long Janet came in and took Alice away to be entertained. Janet looked lovely tonight in a long black skirt and deep blue blouse. She smiled warmly at him and he smiled back, noticing how her raven black hair was done up elegantly in a bun.

The dinner was rather monotonous for John, the women were absorbed in their own discussions; suddenly, he missed the guys from work. He cleaned up quietly after the women went into the living room and then went to watch TV while they discussed Janet’s business, gossip, and whatever other diatribe Alice was raging about tonight. Sometime around midnight Alice finally left and John went upstairs to get ready for bed, he cringed his nose at the smell of something weird, “Ugh, what’s that smell?”

Janet laughed, “Oh that’s just some incense silly.”

John chuckled back, and stuck out his tongue, his wife came up to him demurely and she kissed him on the cheek. Janet was 5’9″ and he barely had to lean his head down to meet her lips. “Thanks for the dinner sweetie,” She said and then went into the bathroom for a shower. Sitting down on the bed John picked up a magazine and flipped through it as he waited for Janet, once he heard the water stop running he put it down and pulled the covers aside. His wife soon emerged wearing a soft white pair of panties and a white bra. John smiled and said, “You sure are beautiful.”

Janet smiled and approached the bed where John sat, moving between his legs she cupped his head and pulled him to her, stroking his hair gently. John wrapped his arms around her and hugged her close; his cheek pressed to her abs. Janet’s fingers slipped under her pantywaist and she purred, “Eat me John.”

Janet kneeled on the bed over John and he leaned back slightly. She slipped down her panties and he began to lick at her warm labia. Janet made a soft moaning noise and pushed his face into her crotch. She loved the feel of his tongue inside her, making her crotch explode with tingling pleasure. After sometime of enjoying her husband’s quiet adoration between her legs she pulled back and then moved down; he had unzipped his jeans and she settled slowly down onto his hard cock. She smiled as she felt him fill her up, watching his face all the while. They began to move in the familiar rhythm of sex. Janet felt electric tonight, she didn’t know why, but she loved it. She leaned her breasts into his face and mersin escort felt him lick at her bra. She giggled and they began to move faster. Janet noticed the surprise on John’s face at her rather rough bouncing as she rode him. She licked his ear softly and he moaned in response, she felt him jerk upward and he came deep inside her pussy. She gasped and the feeling set off her own orgasm. She felt the waves of pleasure ripple through her from her crotch to her toes, like a wave of ecstasy. It had been a lovely evening. Janet and John fell asleep in each other’s arms and slept soundly through the night.

John woke the next morning to he birds chirping and noticed that Janet had already left for the store. He sighed and remembered when he had a place to go to. He decided that he would resist the TV today. He got out of bed and felt odd. Something seemed off. Shrugging he wandered downstairs and ate breakfast. He sighed and cleaned up the dishes. Janet had the car so he couldn’t go anywhere. She had convinced him to sell his after he lost his job, saying that they needed the money. She was right, but he missed the freedom. John looked at the TV and then made himself leave the room. He went outside and got lost in gardening. Hours later, as he was on his knees in behind a shrub he felt a hot breath on his ear, whirling around he found himself confronted with Janet’s smile.

“Janet! You scared me half to death!”

She laughed and kissed his cheek, “I’m on my lunch, what are you doing?”

“Oh just gardening. Think I could use the car for a bit?” John asked hopefully.

Janet looked thoughtful and then she kissed him again, and John felt a rise in his pants, he was enjoying this new sexual mood that she was displaying and gladly kissed her neck. Before he knew it she was straddling him in the dirt, her skirt hiked up and her blouse open. Janet laughed again and said, “Lunch time.”

They fucked softly in the hot sun and John knew his moans would be lost in the sounds of the birds and he gasped, as he seemed to slide deeper into her than he usually did. Purring, she squeezed her muscles and he arched his back in surprise. Janet licked her lips and then kissed him long and hard. John smelt her perfume mixed with the scent of the dirt and grass and he soon climaxed hard and shaking with pleasure along with her. She stood demurely, brushing off her skirt and buttoning up her blouse, as he lay in the dirt. Looking down at her husband lying in the dirt, she winked and then walked away enjoying the spontaneous sex they had just had.

John decided to take a shower and only once the water was running did he remember about the car. He shook his head and decided to try again tomorrow. He needed to get down to the local college to see what was available for someone like him. As he washed himself he felt the bar of soap was bigger. Funny, the showerhead seemed to be at a nice level. Instead of always having to stoop under it he had no trouble now. Something wasn’t right.

After drying himself he stepped on the scale to see he weighed only 170 pounds. He was at first delighted but then started thinking. He found Janet’s measuring tape in the sewing box and stepped on the end, pulling it to his face and then his eyes went wide. “5’6?!” He couldn’t believe it. This had to be wrong. He sat on the bed and tried to figure out what this meant, or if he was just mistaken. But things began to make sense like Janet’s seemingly deeper pussy and the big soap.

When she got home he wondered if she would notice, he nervously tried to hide it from her, thinking she would only laugh if he told her. He would go to the doctor’s tomorrow he told himself. John cooked dinner and tried to act as though nothing was different. He even went out of his way and opened some wine. He kept filling her glass. If she was tipsy, he reasoned, surely she wouldn’t think about his height.

After the meal he stood with her and she smiled, she had had enough to make her happy and she quickly grabbed his hand and smiled. “Thank you John, I love you.”

John smiled back and pulled his hand back, but her grip was rather tight, “You’re welcome Janet, I love you too.”

She pulled him to her roughly and blinked, her smile faded for a moment, as she seemed to realize something wasn’t the same. John discreetly rose on his tiptoes and kissed her. Janet moaned and grabbed his ass in her hands and squeezed it. He felt his erection rise; it seemed to be doing that much more these days. Moving her mouth to his ear she whispered hotly, “Lick my pussy love. I’m so horny.”

John knelt, trying to keep her mind occupied, he pushed up her skirt and she pulled her panty aside. John slipped his tongue inside of her and she moaned, she grabbed his hair and pushed him to the floor. Janet sat down on his face and squeezed her thighs on his head. This was new for John and he began to lick furiously at her wet vagina. She began to buck and squirm on his kocaeli escort face. He tasted her juices running down his throat and they were sweet and hot. John suddenly felt himself cum and heard her coo softly. He felt her run her hands over him and knew she was eating it. Suddenly he felt a strangely soft feeling wash over him, and he shivered. She seemed heavier. Pounding on her thighs lightly he wanted out, but she laughed, thinking he was playing and said saucily, “Now, now, John, lick it all up.”

Rather than fight her, he just obeyed and she softly laughed, crawling off of him and then standing. He stood up and found himself smaller. He was sure of it now as he looked straight ahead at her open blouse, her bra level with his gaze. He watched as her chest heaved and her soft black hair cascaded down her shoulders. She suddenly gasped and her hand covered her lips demurely. “John you’re…so small.”

He blushed and then realized she had grown, she was at least 6’0″ now. Her eyes went wide and she said, “Oh my god, Alice.”

John asked, “What?”

“Alice put a spell on you. I sent her home when she started talking about how men should be nothing but servants…well slaves actually. You know how she gets. And before I left she said she had put a spell on you to make you “a more pleasing pet”. I thought she was joking.

“Holy shit!” John blurted out. “Do you realize what she’s done? How small will I get?”

“Calm down sweetie, I’m sure I can get her to reverse it.”

John was panting in rage and fear, “I hope so! Look at me!’

“Well you’re actually kind of well…” She bit her lip and smiled. “I think you’re cute.” Stepping closer Janet smiled at his erection.

“Oh god.” John moaned as he realized he was aroused by his wife’s formidable height. She softly laughed, and leaned over to kiss his forehead the way he used to for her. His erection raged higher. Janet grinned and he felt her wet panty brush his pelvis. Her fingers softly guided his cock into her and she sighed in pleasure. She undid her brassiere and he began to suckle tenderly at her nipple. He orgasmed again and she giggled when he felt the strange feeling again. He pulled out of her reluctantly and watched as her breasts rose over his head. He felt her hand on his head, stroking his hair gently. “Oh god, you’re so small and…and…” She trailed off and he watched in amazement as she climaxed on her own, without him. She gasped and quivered, soft liquid running down her silky thighs. He knelt and lapped it up and she moaned, “Oh she was right, you are a much better pet now!”

John stopped, “What did you say? Do you think I’m your pet?”

“What? No sweetie of course not, you’re my husband.”

“I’m going to go back to school.”

“We’ll see. Tomorrow I’ll talk to Alice.”

He woke up late again and he dropped to the floor from the bed. He had never dropped to the floor from their bed, but now he was much shorter. He had a cold shower, trying to ignore the fact hat he was now much shorter than the showerhead and the bar of soap was slightly too big. John found that boxers were the best things he could wear with out looking like a freak and so he ate a breakfast/lunch in the living room and sighed, hoping Janet was having success.

Around two o’clock there was a knock at the door and he padded softly to it, he stood on his tiptoes trying to see out the peephole. He finally gave up and swung the door open. There stood Alice in tight pink polyester bike shorts and a white tank top. Her body was glistening with sweat from running and her long brown hair was done up neatly in a braid. John was eye-level with the curve of her breasts under her tank top and he jumped in surprise. “Janet is looking for you, do you know-“

He was cut off by her wide grin and her soft mocking laughter.

“This isn’t funny Alice, you have to reverse this.”

“Oh do I?” Alice mocked, smirking. “I think that I don’t have to do anything.” She stepped into the house, pushing John aside and pushed the door closed.

“Hey, that’s not polite!” John exclaimed.

Alice locked the door and raised an eyebrow. “A man who cares about being polite. I think it’s time to teach you what it’s like to be the submissive sex.”

“What are you talking about Alice? You have no authority over me.”

“Oh but I do little brat. All women deserve authority over men. You’re all worthless. I was abused and now it’s payback time for women.”

John backed away, “I think you should leave now.”

She reached for him and he ran down the hall. Bounding after him she chased him into the kitchen. He slipped and fell on the floor and she grabbed his collar. Struggling wildly he tried to escape but she was too well toned and too big for him. Her strong muscles held him down and she mounted his small frame, her sneer chilling. “At last a man the size he deserves to be…well, almost.” Feeling his erection under her she smiled samsun escort coldly, “Yes little man, that’s all your good for.”

“Your damn spell is making me a human dildo!”

Alice’s eyes lit up and she grinned chillingly, “You don’t know how right you are.” She slowly spit onto his face enjoying it as he tried to turn away from it. “Now, I want to be bigger, slut. So you’re going to give me some of yourself, help me be a bigger woman so I can dominate more little bitches like you.”

“No fucking way!”

“No?” She slapped him hard across the face and yanked down his boxers to reveal his hard cock. “How do you plan to stop me?”

“You…You’re going to rape me?!” John screamed.

She laughed and nodded and talked as if explaining to a three year old, “Yes, very smart. In fact big Alice is going to do worse than rape, she’s going to take more than just cum, but inches from widdle Johnny.”

Slowly peeling down her skintight shorts she began to pant with excitement of what she was about to do, rape a man. He struggled to get free, pounding her thighs with his small fists until she grabbed them. She slowly settled down onto his cock, the tip pushing into her. “Noooo!!!” John screamed, watching as his own cock was forced into her tight pussy.

She laughed and said, “Yes…oh yes. Welcome inside Alice.”

She slid down to the base of his shaft and began to rape him, ramming her pussy down on his cock over and over laughing, her brown braid slapping his face and her sweat dripping on him. He suddenly exploded, even though he was trying so hard to resist her. Her face turned into an image of elation as she felt it, she purred, “So easy, oh yes…so very easy.”

John felt her vagina pulsing as it took his cum, his energy. He felt the feeling, like a sickening sinking in his stomach as he watched her grow and felt himself diminish. Her thighs visibly increased in girth as her legs lengthened, her shorts strained against the skin and her bosom pressed tighter against her top. She must have grown to at least 5’9. John knew he was shorter; he was scared to find out just how much. Rising on her knees, John felt with relief as his cock slipped out of her wet pussy. But then he felt a warm liquid on his stomach. She was pissing on him! She held him down and grunted as her hot piss splattered over his torso. She moved and the piss hit his neck and cheek. John blushed and felt so humiliated and ashamed. He had been raped and now she was further degrading him. He struggled wildly to get free but she was far too strong. Standing, and pulling up her shorts, she left him on the floor laughing her way out.

John just managed to clean up all the mess when Janet came home, softly singing to her self. She caught him on the floor with the sponge on his knees and she smiled at the sight of the small man with the large sponge cleaning her floor. His little body made her crotch wet already.

“I tried to contact Alice.” She lied. Janet figured she could get at least one more day of fun out of this, and then surely Alice would reverse it.

John cringed at the name and then stood, his face level with her belly button. Janet’s mouth opened slightly as she looked down at him and she licked her lips. The silence began to feel dense to John as she stared down at him breathing deeply, her eyes flicking over his small body. Janet looked at the small proportioned man below her, his little body so exact and cute. She felt new feelings of power and possessiveness wash over her. She had enjoyed having him at home, dependant on her income. Now she knew that it was for more sexual reasons she wanted him to stay that way. He was like a pet, and really…he had never made much money before. Her pussy grew warm and she looked at his face, just inches above the fly on her jeans.

“Where’s supper?” She softly whispered.

John seemed to grow tense at the words, and stuttered, “Well I, I…”

How his mannerisms have changed, she thought. Then she softly soothed him, “It’s okay, but I mean next time please try. I already do all the bill paying around here, if you do any less you’ll be nothing more than a…”


“Child.” She smiled richly and then giggled. “Unzip me, I need to get out of these clothes, I’m beat.”

John didn’t want to disappoint her further. His small hands tugged at her button, he had to use both hands to undo it and then he pulled down the little golden fly on her blue jeans. Underneath a deep crimson silk panty was revealed, he looked down at it and now he could smell her faint aroma, wafting up. Looking up he saw her fixated on his head, her eyes met his and she smiled slowly. She was having strange feelings of desire now, the desire she used to feel at the sight of his cock, now she felt at his whole body. Like a little compact unit for her pleasure. She wiggled out of the jeans and her hand went behind his head.

“Janet, I don’t know. This could be dangerous.” John blurted out, his cock hard.

“Don’t know about what darling?”

John felt trapped, he had played into her game, now it would seem like he was the one thinking of eating her. He noticed she had called him ‘darling’, like she called the young paperboy, who had an obvious crush on her. John swallowed hard and said, “If…if we should get sexual.”