The Milking Den Ch. 06: Chase Comes Back


“Please… Just a few more strokes.”

Chase’s muscles are all lubed up and writhing. Thickly oiled, his abs and thighs fight against his load. Just as he tips towards breaking point, I move my hands off his cock and down to his feet. I massage his soles with my barely-there grip and suck on his big toe. He keens with jagged breaths, imagining what it’d feel like if that was his shaft instead.

“Arrgh, let me cum or let me die!” He growls jovially, shaking his wrist straps in mock protest. Taking him up on his challenge, I sink my fingernails into the meat of his soles, and his gleaming body convulses.

Chase might be playing angry, but his suffering is sweet and happy. “You sure, Chase? It’s your loss.” Chase’s head sinks into his pillow with a defeated string of chuckles.

“Yow! Haha, oh god, oh god… I’m sorry, fuck, I’m sorry!”

I’m sure you remember Chase, the graphic designer dude with the scruffy beard and hot pup bod. He’s the tenant who enjoyed teasing me by hanging about the house in his underwear. (Find out about how I made him pay rent in Chapter 3 of “The Milking Den”. It’s juicy.) And he’s back! Well, for the week, anyway. He’s here on business and needs somewhere to crash.

I think Chase liked our payment plan from before very much, because this time, Chase agreed to so much more.

Chase: Hey man! I’m flying in next month for work and to visit friends. Could I stay at your place for a week or so?

Me: Hi Chase! Always happy to have you

Chase: Thanks!

Chase pauses.

Chase: How much are you charging?

Me: 150 a night

Chase: Oof. That’s steep, ngl

Another short pause, as if he’s biting his lip.

Chase: Any way I can negotiate?

Me: What’re you offering?

The air sizzles softly.

Me: Send me a pic

An image pops up on my phone screen: Chase shirtless, aiming his phone cam at a mirror. Oh, I’ve missed those abs so much. His ruffled brown hair, casual grin, and that tight milkable body…

Me: That’s nice

Me: But that’s a bit too much clothing for my house 😉

Me: Didn’t you like wearing far less than that?

Chase: Hahaha

Me: We can try working out a discount if I like what I see

Another pic. This one has Chase in something much smaller and tighter. He looks a touch embarrassed in his photo, but the way he’s flexing tells me he’s enjoying the attention.

Me: Awesome

Me: Yeah, I think we can work out a deal

Chase: That’s great

Chase: 😛

A few days later, I emailed Chase my terms.


Hey there, big boy. Here’s what I can offer:

Rent: $150 nightly


1 – Naked Dress Code: $30 off

3 – Muscle Show: $30 off

4 – Edging Nights: $40 off


To claim the naked discount, strip once you enter the main door. No clothes past the welcome mat. Tight trunks only. Clothes on at the door just before heading out. I’m sure you’ll be fine with this.

A muscle show is a performance that treats me to your body. Squats and pushups; stripteases; naked chores. I get to choose. Includes oiling up. Claimable once daily.

If you wanna do an edging night, come to the den in the evening. I get to decide how long to work you for. As usual, you must not cum. At all. Once you shoot, you lose all your discounts. Claimable once daily.

You might wonder – even if you grab all the discounts, doesn’t that still leave $50 per day? Most of all: how will you cum? That’s why we’re having…


Sign up if you dare.

You’ll be mine to play with for the whole of your last day. If you win, you cum and don’t need to pay a cent. I’ll even pay you extra. But if you lose… 😉

This will be intense. Last time was a walk in the park. Now, the rewards are much sweeter – the punishments even more so.

Personally, I think go big or go home.

And let’s be real, Chase. You’re texting me for a reason. 😉

I asked to meet Chase on Zoom to go through this contract (he was happily shirtless) just so I could see him get hard in his eyes as he read it.

“Oh boy.”

Chase didn’t disappoint. He couldn’t believe what he was reading, but his hard and throbbing gaze gave his loins voice where his mouth couldn’t. Chase blushes and giggles and spins around on his chair, covering his melting grin. He looks like a boy caught with a hand in the candy jar. He’s embarrassed he got caught… but he also really, really wants to lick his sticky fingers.

“Oh my god, what am I getting myself into?” Chase moans in disbelief, sighing and chuckling at the same time.

At his heart, Chase – like every other straight muscle boy with a streak of kink – craves male worship. Masculine adoration is so different. We respect the work he put into building that bulk, cutting to that leanness. We know how hard it is to achieve this golden physique, and we celebrate him for it. This isn’t just a torture session, it’s a reward for his strength and beauty.

“Signing up?” I poke. Chase’s face is pink like a spanked peach. He blinks Bostancı Escort a few times to ground himself, his cheeks radiating that mix of fear and lust I know too well.

“I can’t wait to come back.”

“I can’t wait to make you regret this.”


“Dude, it’s so good to see you!” Chase hollers from the elevator with that bright warm smile I love. His arms are outstretched from the start, ready to offer one of his big tight hugs.

“Hope your flight wasn’t too bad!” I gush, wrapping my arms around his thick back as he comes up to me quick and strong. He’s grown buffer from the last time we met. Appetising as his firmer shoulders might be, these are side perks to having Chase back at home. Out of all the tenants I’ve ever had, Chase was a real ray of sunshine. I wish he could stay longer. For a variety of reasons.

Chase ambles inwards with his bags hanging off his frame. He looks like he could use a quick rinse and a nap, but I can sense he’s ready to tango. Heat tingles on his skin; he walks with the bottled force of a loaded cocked gun.

I close the door behind him and make a tutting sound.

“Eh?” Chase asks innocently, but his eyebrows give him away.

I point at the welcome mat.

“Clothes or $30?” I ask. I can’t wait to watch him strip nearly naked just for me.

“Oh, come on… I just got here.” Chase blushes. He wheedles, his lips pulling into a pout, his eyes looking up at me from his head tilted down.

“No discount past the welcome mat.”

Chase sighs and chuckles.

“Alright, if you want.”

He casts his bags onto the floor.

And now, Cum or Cash begins.

Still smiling sheepishly, Chase peels his t-shirt off his body, revealing a torso even more sculpted and tighter than I remember it being before. He smells good. His shark tooth pendant rests seductively on his plump, grabbable pecs. I grope him with my eyes as I grin smugly. It’s never too early in the morning to objectify a hot man.


Looking to the side, Chase kicks his shoes off and unbuckles his belt, dragging the reluctant strip show out. He pulls his jeans down to release his bulge, packed nicely in grey briefs with dark blue linings. I’m glad he remembered: tight trunks only.

“You’ve been working out,” I marvel. Chase grins and pops his pecs. Typical straight boy psychology: all he needs to get his gear going is for another guy to compliment his body. “You’re enjoying this aren’t you? You son of an exhibitionist.” Chase grins, thinking he has me enchanted.

Thing is, he’s not wrong. I reach out to feel his thick chest, trailing my fingers down to a nipple and grazing it slowly with my thumb. Chase looks up at me with his breath in his lungs, his cheeks touched by a spanked red. I could just take him now, but I have to resist. He’s still got a whole day of sightseeing to do. And we have a whole night together.

I pull myself back into what would probably count as a polite and professional stance.

“So, the usual – bathroom’s over there; your room’s over there; that room down the hall is out of bounds. Well, until tonight, anyway. I mean, I don’t wanna assume, but… are you down for tonight?”

Chase pretends to muse over it – or is he actually weighing the pros and cons? He stands frozen for a while, his gaze fixed downwards.

“It’s $40 off,” I sing.

I see a twitch in his bulge.

Some part of Chase speaks in spite of reason, pushing him into dangerous ground.

“I’ll see you at 9pm.”

I give his chest a pat before leaving him to settle in.

That night, Chase knocks on the door to the den at precisely nine o’ clock. He looks like he’s about to visit a real kinky dentist.

“You know it – welcome to the milking den.” While Chase is still dressed in those bulge-hugging briefs, I’m wearing a tight wife-beater and jeans, showing off my popping arms. If I might say so, I look pretty milkable myself.

“Oh god, this place looks as scary as I remember it being.” Chase’s eyes widen at the toys, the ropes. The bed he knows so well.

“I’ve added more stuff,” I say as I drink in his nerves. “We’ll see how it goes. If you’re good, I’ll let you try some. If you’re bad, I’ll make you.”

Chase lets out a choked laugh. He looks so small now, standing there in his underwear as he beholds his manly demise.

I recognise this look on all of my boys. It’s one thing to agree to a cum control session when your cock is all horned up, but the reality of it is always something else.

I reach over to him and give him a tender hug.

“Don’t worry, Chase. It’s all just good fun. If you need to stop, the safe word is ‘cherry’. And you know I always take good care of you, right?”

Chase nods and relaxes into me. I reach down and knead his ample bulge. He quivers all across his body, bolting upwards in a gasp and chuckle.

“Good. Now get naked.”

Chase strips like a Greek statue in incense smoke. Under these smouldering lights, his sumptuous physique becomes a work of art. His pecs look so full, so thick, their supple bulk underlined by Ümraniye Escort strokes of shadow. I feel myself burning inside, heat consuming me inch by inch. Instinctively, Chase meekly makes for the bed, but I think of something better.

“Wait.” Chase glances up. He already has one leg on the bed.

“We’re going to use the chair.”

Chase catches sight of it: a sturdy wooden chair with padded armrests.

“Huh. This is new.”

Once he’s on the throne, he holds his breath as the straps go tight round his wrists and ankles. From behind him, I rub my lightly oiled hands along his shoulders, loosening them, settling him in. He closes his eyes and leans back, his core unfixing itself. He tries to relax.

Now that he’s all loose and limber, the fun can truly start. I move down to lick his neck and make him squirm.

“Ready or not, here we go.”

Oil cascades down his chest. Golden rivulets stream down his thick bands of muscles, catching the light like liquid bronze. Chase gasps. My hands run down across the broad sheets of his pecs, spreading the oil slick across the parts of him it missed – his sides, under his arms, all the way down to his thighs. I drizzle even more down his legs, oiling him all the way down to his calves. Chase’s eyes steam over with hot wet lust. He loves being objectified like this. Treated like a sex object to be drinked in and molested; every part of him exploited while he’s all tied up and unable to resist.

Chase’s penis twitches. I cock my chin at him.

“I’m not gonna start unless you beg me.”

Chase giggles and shakes about in his restraints.

“I’m serious… I’m just going to keep rubbing you everywhere else. Maybe your thighs… your abs…” my fingers swish across his very well lubed skin, and his mouth sears with short cursed breaths. “Just imagine if my hands were on your cock instead.”

Chase looks like he’s about to explode.

“Please edge me.”

My hands slide down to the base of his cock. Just touching the fine fuzz of his base sends a shock up his spine.

“Do you promise not to cum?”

Chase moans. The cash, the pleasure… all in exchange for giving up his cum.


Slowly, like a moon waxing, I slide my grip, finger by finger, up the base of his cock. Chase sighs painfully. It feels good to finally get your cock touched after a whole day of being teased. Once both my hands are clasped round his cock, one behind another in a long tunnel, I start corkscrewing round his head and pumping at the same time. Chase inhales sharply and pulls his core in tightly, trying to retract his legs to no avail. He’s stuck here, for me, for a long time.

“I’m going to make you work so hard for these forty bucks. I’ll keep you on the edge for a buck a minute, but each time you beg, I’ll add five minutes. Deal?

Oh, wait. You don’t get a say. I decide how Edging Nights play out.”

From my position in between his meaty thighs, it looks like I’m staring up from the base of a grand statue. Chase’s pecs are a broad, thick shelf of muscle, shining with heat and fire, and his abs a pulsing wall. His cock, sucked tenderly into an endless pull by my hands, weeps. His lips are parted, his eyes closed in tortured pleasure.

“Oh, god. Oh god. I’m so close. Please. I need to cum so bad.”

I slap his balls lightly and he yelps.

“That’s five more minutes.”

I laugh and slide a hand up to his nipples while Chase whimpers in the background.

By the end, Chase is a total wreck. Wet with sweat and oil, but still rock hard and painfully so. Edging Night Number One ran for a total of seventy-five minutes.

“Nice job, Chase.” I give his ass a final pinch as we call it a day. “Tomorrow, it’s time for the muscle show.”



In the past, Chase loved lounging about the house in nothing but his underwear. At first, I thought he was just a very body-positive guy, which was great by me in all senses. But it didn’t take a genius to realise after a while that he was getting off on the very naked, very virile power that he thought was his to wield.

Today, things seem slightly different.

“Heyya.” Chase treads out of his room in snug black briefs. He tries to shrug off my brazen stare but that cheeky grin gives it away; he loves being ogled, especially when supposedly against his will.

“I hope you didn’t jerk yourself off last night,” I quip over my coffee.

Chase looks up at the ceiling.

“Honestly, I kinda did. I edged myself a bit, just to get that taste of an orgasm. But I didn’t cum! I swear!” Chase puts his hands up, butter knife still in his grip. “I know you always know. I learned from experience.”

Smirking, I visually finger his perky nipples as I return to my mug.

“Yeah. You know it.” I know what full balls and a needy cock feel like. If there’s less pressure in the pistons, I sense it. And I punish swiftly.

Chase butters his toast. The news plays on the TV.

“Hey Chase. You know how you only got seventy bucks off last night?”

“Mm?” Chase sleepily tilts his head. Anadolu Yakası Escort His eyes narrow as he tries squaring the math in his head.

“I did the naked discount, which was thirty… and the edging, which was forty… Oh, fuck.” Chase sank back into his chair. “I didn’t get the muscle show.” He looks despondent. And in my book, despondent means desperate.

“Can I do two today?” Chase pleads. “Please?” His sincere brown eyes do a damn good job at melting my heart, but I stay strong and push on.

“Nope. If you want that thirty off after expiry, you’ll have to do a bit more.”

Chase’s heart sinks. He knows whatever follows won’t be good. He nods heavily, like a loosening hinge in his neck.

“What do I have to do?”

I lean forward.

“Give me two muscle shows today and let me edge you afterwards.”

Chase doesn’t compute.

“So… is that the same as edging night?”

“No, himbo. One muscle show in the day, and one edging right there. Then one muscle show at night before your nightly edging. Think of it as interest in the form of punishment.”

Chase grimaces and slams his head into his hands, his torso shaking with nervous laughter. How far down the objectification and exhibitionism tunnel will he go?

“Fine. I’ll do it. But I gotta head out to meet my friend, though.”

The clock strikes ten.

“Oh, that’s fine. We can squeeze in the first one now.”

Chase’s jaw drops.

“Go get your clothes. I want to see a striptease.”

For the first time this trip, Chase is allowed to put on his clothes in the living room. Rather, he was made to. He’s put on a casual work blazer and some jeans. I sink into my couch and crack open a beer.

“Isn’t it too early for drinking?” Chase laughs.

“Isn’t it too early to be selling your body for rent?”

Chase gulps. He pulls at the ends of his grey blazer.

“I’ve never done this before.”

He’s so awkward, he looks like a boy dressed in grownup clothes. The realness of the dance catches up to him like a wave.

“Trust your body. You’re such a sexy man. Let your muscles do the talking… I know you love showing off those arms. Your abs. Those tight buns.” Chase glows sinfully and his cock starts to rise.

“Do it for the money. Do it because you’re a money muscle boy.”

Chase’s penis pokes up in his briefs at the mention of that phrase. I think I found a button.

“Money muscle boy,” I taunt.

Chase perks up. His posture snaps upright and he opens up his chest, ready to put his body on display. His cheeks spread wide in this shameful grin.

I switch my phone on and cheesy synth music starts to play on my speaker system.

Chase starts bopping his hips. He’s all bouncy like a corgi but he has to work his way there, sliding slowly into the groove of the dance. He leads with his shoulders, waving them about in careful boxed motions like all straight boys do, inching his way out of his bubble.

I whistle and put an arm back over my couch.

“Come on, money muscle boy!”

Chase is roused by the verbal affirmation of his objectification. Fired up by my shameless focus on the fact that he’s selling out his body to make a quick buck, he finally gets his slutty side on. Wearing a bit of a smile and a snarl, Chase takes a step closer, his hips loose and alive. He pulls off a sleeve, showing a bit of shoulder. Almost daring me to reach out to do it myself, he slowly unsheathes his arm, and then the other slowly. His moves are bright and perky, but there’s also a sense of heat to them.

Chase’s blazer is on the floor. He unbuckles his belt and passes the end to me, rocking his hips as I pull it off. He shimmies out of his pants and stands there in just his briefs, beaming like a puppy waiting to be praised. Or a stud waiting to be worshipped.

“Look alive!’ I pull out a bottle of lube from my pocket and toss it to him, and he catches it with his hands and chest. He looks at me confused.

“Get your muscles wet and shiny for me, money boy.”

It’s one thing for me to lube Chase up. It’s another to get him to do it himself. When I run slippery stuff down his body, Chase gets to pretend he’s being violated – which, let’s be real, he loves. But making him rub himself up… that’s asking him to be a a living sex toy slutting himself up as I watch.

Chase is so, so hard. His whole torso is burning with sex ego. As he squeezes a dollop of lube onto his palms, rubs them together and spreads it all over his front, I can’t resist. I start groping myself over my sweatpants.

“Oh my god… Chase, you’re so hot. I want you all over me.” Chase starts at the nakedness of my lust for him. He rubs himself down his thighs, finishing himself off with a shine.

I sit upright on my couch.

“I want my cut of prime beef.”

Drawn in with fear and longing, but his cock full mast at the lusty attention he’s getting, Chase strides over and mounts me on the couch, kneeling over my thighs. His chest and abs, dripping wet with lube, are in snogging distance. His face is smeared with heat.

“Keep dancing.”

Obediently, Chase gyrates. His abs slide up and against my own chest, and he looks down at me with incredulity. To the world, he’s a graphic designer. Here in the den, he’s my personal gogo boy. But while his brain struggles to capture the moment, his loins pop and rock like they were made to.