The Newlin’s, Marcie , Mark Pt. 08A

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Paris Waterman

Samira Shows up at School

It was ten after two on a rainy Friday afternoon. Mark was sitting at his desk which was covered with several architectural drawings he was studying. Rana was taking the first of two mid-term exams. Mark had no classes on Fridays, a quirk in scheduling, and one he loved to lord over Rana every chance he got.

At that particular moment he was staring at the nice leather-covered ottoman he and Rana had bought at a yard sale the day before. He stood up and moved the ottoman so that it was in front of his battered leather couch along with a quilted moving blanket they had also purchased at the yard sale.

He’d been thinking about fucking Rana down on the padded leather cushion of the ottoman, rather than on the couch as they usually did for varieties sake, and to ‘break in the newest acquisition–the ottoman because of its unique size. He got up from his chair took a tape measure and found that the piece was almost four feet long and two feet wide.

Just then, he heard someone knocking on the front door. Thinking it was probably Rana returning between exams for something, he felt himself growing hard, for the vision of him fucking her on the ottoman were still fresh in his mind.

Rana’s forgotten her key, he thought; they must have postponed the exam. He opened the door to find her cousin, Samira smiling shyly at him.

“Ummm, Mark?” she said uncertainly.

“Oh, hi Samira,” Mark replied and smiled back at her. “This is a surprise. Does Rana know you were coming?”

“Um, well … she knew I was coming, but, um you know, not when. I … um, had an opportunity to head this way. Ummm, I’m not interrupting anything, um … am I?”

“No, Samira,” Mark reassured her. He was, in fact, delighted to see the youthful teen. “Come in, Come in! Rana’s off taking her mid-terms.”

Samira finished pushing the door open and moved into what passed for the living room, closing the door behind her. She was looking very sophisticated and attractive. She had his full attention; all five foot, four inches of her.

She was wearing a light gray raincoat over a cream colored vee-neck sweater. The tight sweater was tucked into a pleated light gray knee length skirt. Samira wore sliver hose and two-inch navy heels which seemed to be doing wonderful things to her nicely shaped calves.

Mark realized she seemed to be preening without really moving very much under his gaze. But, when he took a longer look he noticed that she stood straighter, and held her shoulders back, causing her breasts to push out her sweater even further. Her tummy seemed flat going down into her pleated skirt. And seeing where he was looking, a subtle Mona Lisa grin slowly creased the edges of her dark red, lipsticked mouth. She laughed and shook her blonde head, making the shoulder length hair sort of dance.

Dressed as she was Samira looked more like a stylish young assistant dean than the high school girl she actually was.

Mark wasn’t a fool and suspected something was going on, and asked bluntly, “You and Rana talk on the phone most every day don’t you?”

“Um, yeah …”

“So you must have known about the mid-terms. I mean, that’s all Rana’s talked about for the last couple days now.”

“Yeah, well … mmmm, I just, you know … thought I might just, umm …” To Mark, Samira words spilled out of her mouth like she’d just hurried up a flight of stairs. “… Stop by.”

Mark decided not to mention that just stopping by entailed a drive of some forty miles on a rainy day. Instead he chose to compliment her–recalling how eagerly she’d accepted his cock in her mouth on the ride home from the wedding.

He gave her his best smile, and said, “I have to say that you look very attractive and … what’s the word I want? Ah, yes, sophisticated.” Mark had a sudden possessive feeling for her come over him as he continued to study her body in her nice clothes. “I mean you are really sensational looking in that attire. Are you meeting relatives later to go out to dinner, or something like that?”

She turned beet-red before his eyes before stammering, “Ahh, noooo; in fact, I have the weekend free. I mean … that is … if you and Rana have room for me to stay with you.”

She held his gaze. By her whole demeanor, it seemed she was anxiously waiting for Mark to say something else. Her aura was emoting an almost hunger for companionship. It was as if he could actually read those emotions in her blue eyes. The tip of her tongue momentarily appeared and touched her dark red glossed lips, both of which looked moist and luscious.

“Well, you didn’t get dressed up so beautifully just to stop by us did you?” he asked with a slight tease in his voice.

Samira studied Mark, her blonde combed-over bangs covering her eyebrows and now her right eye, making her look a little like a young Veronica Lake, the sexy movie star from the forties.

“Mmmmm,” Samira said. He could see she was thinking about how to answer him as she drew out the Manavgat escort sound. Then her delicate blonde eyebrows went up almost in surprise, her right one partially hidden by her swept-over hair. “Well I guess …”

Mark was fighting off a smile watching Samira’s reaction as she struggled to answer his question. “… I did get dressed up, that is …” Samira said in her sweet, soft voice. She grinned at him as she brushed her hair away from her right eye with her smallish right hand. “I um, thought I … might take you guys … you know, out for dinner,” her words beginning to come out faster as she tried to explain herself.

“And you decided to wear this very sexy outfit … just for me?”

“Oh, no, both of … well, you know …” She replied her voice all breathy and her eyes got bigger. “Yes … well I thought I could, like I said, ask you both out to dinner … and then later, um, maybe we could, you know … go for drinks and ahh, talk … If you wanted …”

“Like we did in the back of the limo–you and Rana and me,” I said firmly.

“Um, yeah … so I, ummm, dressed-up, um … for you, Mark.”

She came here to get laid! He couldn’t believe it! Suddenly he was touched by her vulnerability and did not want to reject her in any way. But how was he to handle Rana when she returned?

“You don’t have any … um, plans, do you?” Samira asked; suddenly sounding worried; her face reflected her uncertainty.

“Oh, no … No, I don’t,” he told her and smiled.

“Oh, oh, good,” Samira said and smiled in relief. The shoulders of her raincoat relaxed a bit and she bent her left knee as her hips canted slightly to that side while the tension in her posture seemed lessen somewhat.

The fact that Samira obviously wanted attention–sexual attention, he was sure–had caused him to react by getting an erection.

“So, you picked out your outfit to please me?” Mark asked her, wanting Samira to examine her motives for what she seemed to be doing.

“Mmmm, well yes and no. I mean, I wanted to show off for Rana too, you know?” Samira said, putting her right high heel in front of and a little to the left of her left shoe and taking a step. She did the same with her other shoe, placing it in front of and beyond her right high heel.

He realized walking that way made her hips sway quite invitingly. He’d seen runway models walk the same way. Very un-Samira like, he thought. She must practice it. And what else has she been practicing? He asked himself, recalling her mouth on his cock in the backseat of the limo.

After four steps she stopped at the edge of his desk and leaned the right hip of her pleated skirt against edge of its fake wood top.

“So you, umm, like my outfit?” she asked, her eyebrows went up with the question and her body posture and aura telling him she was eager to hear a positive answer.

“Yes, Samira … I do,” Mark slowly told her, looking straight at her and deciding to press his luck.

“So, Samira, did you also choose equally sexy things to wear for me under that skirt and sweater?”

Samira gasped, and her vulnerable eyes widened as she stared at him. Then she blushed and broke off eye contact. She put her hands in front of her slim waist and started picking at the fingernails of her left hand with the fingernails of her dainty right hand.

Mark’s penis grew even harder.

“Mmmmm, I …” Samira said in a low, innocent sounding voice as her cheeks bloomed with pink coloring. “Um, I … guess, ahhh, I did …”

“Was it to specifically please me?” he asked, feeling jubilant at her quiet, embarrassed admission.

“Ummm…” Samira began, slightly wiggled her hips and shoulders like a nervous kid, which in fact, she was. “Well …”

Then it hit him. Samira had a really big streak of submissiveness in her. And apparently she had no one to submit to.

He glanced at his wristwatch. He had at least an hour and a half before Rana returned.

“So,” he asked Samira, “you came here to see if you could please me?”

“Uh-huh …” Samira said softly.

“What about Rana, want to please her too?”

“Uh-huh,” she replied even softer.

Whoa, now that was a surprise, Mark thought, recalling the time he and Rana had discussed threesome possibilities with Samira.

“Okay, Samira, let’s see about pleasing me, okay?”

“Okay,” she promptly answered, her voice filled with relief as she put her purse on the end table in front of the floor lamp and turned around and shyly smiled at him. Mark returned the smile as he in turn maneuvered the rectangular shaped ottoman out from under the layout table.

With the ottoman where he wanted it, Mark got the folded movers’ blanket off the shelf under the light table and partially unfolded it. He put the quilt down on the carpet in front of Samira then stood back and looked at Samira who now stood in front of him facing the ottoman.

“We bought this nice old piece of furniture at a garage sale on our way home yesterday Manavgat escort bayan afternoon, Samira.”

Samira looked down at the ottoman and then back at me, “Umm, it is a nice color. And, oh, it is, ummm … big, isn’t it?”

Samira looked down at the folded moving blanket and her eyebrows and cheeks momentarily screwed up before she looked back to her right and caught his gaze again; her right eye was half-hidden by her hair, almost making her look like an even younger girl playing dress-up if it weren’t for her full, ripe, woman’s body.

“You know, Rana and I were going to christen the ottoman this afternoon … but as you’re here now …”

“Oh … I’m sorry,” Samira said quickly, sounding and looking like she was very concerned at my disappointment. When in fact she wasn’t, for she followed with: “So, you said there … umm … might be some things … I can do to … ahhh, help?”

He didn’t hesitate in the slightest, saying: “Yes. Come here please,” and reached his right hand across her stomach and motioned to her left arm.

Samira looked down and took his fingers in her left hand, and followed Mark over the carpet to the quilted blanket and the ottoman on the area carpet near the big light table.

He continued holding her hand and stood close to her right side. They gazed into each other’s eyes letting the tension between them grow.

“I want you to kneel down on the blanket for me, Samira,” Mark told her, giving her a gentle tug downward with his hand in hers. “I want to check something out I wasn’t able to confirm earlier today.”

Samira hesitated, a nervous expression crossed her young face as she looked down at the blanket next to the ottoman and then at him before looking over her shoulder at her only means of escape–the door diagonally across from her.

“It’s locked,” he told her. “No one can get in unless I open it for them. Now, kneel down for me.”

“Ummm, okay …” Samira said, sounding unsure but bobbing her head, and then knelt gracefully, releasing his hand and folding both legs at once, putting her hose-covered knees down on the thick folds of the moving blanket. She rested her hands on the leather of the ottoman cushion in front of her. Then she looked back up over the right shoulder of her sweater at Mark as her silky blonde hair sort of slowly swished to a rest.

Her eyebrows went up asking him what was next, and saw him ogling her jiggling breasts as she moved about. She lowered her head so that she saw only his feet and the floor. “Is this how you want me?”

“That’s good, but if you would, please bend over the ottoman and rest your hands on the carpet on the other side. Lean forward so your breasts are not on the cushion. Do you understand what I’m telling you to do?”

His cock felt like it was about to burst through his pants. He hoped she saw the effect she was having on him.

“Mmmmm … now what?” Samira asked after complying; then her face and neck turned crimson on seeing the bulge at the front of his slacks, but she didn’t avert her eyes.

She stuttered, “Ohh—ohhhh,” took a deep breath and bent over the oxblood-colored leather ottoman and put her small hands down on the carpet on the other side of the foot rest.

When her large breasts were crushed into the far edge of the cushion Samira let out a quiet, “Okay?”

“Not quite, Samira, “If you would move up so that those lovely breasts are not on the cushion.”

“Oh, sorry, Mark!”

“Not a problem,” he replied as she pushed her body forward over the short width of the leather-covered cushion, her bottom going up slightly and her thighs moving back a bit as she complied with the request. Her cream colored sweater slipped over the leather until her breasts dropped down free of the cushion and hung a good six or seven inches below her chest.

From where he was standing over her, Mark could see most of Samira’s thighs under her skirt on the blanket. Seeing her in that vulnerable posture gave him another firm jolt of lust and desire for her. Both of them felt the sexual tension building around them.

“So, Samira,” Mark said, wanting to accelerate matters between them, “What’s the first thing that pops into your mind that I can do with you in this position?”

“Mmmmm,” Samira mumbled, he could hear embarrassment and uncertainty growing in her soft, sweet voice. “I, um, I’m not sure …”

“Can you envision a sexual act?”

Samira answered with two quick affirmative nods of her head; causing her silky blonde hair to shift so that it now hung down over her face.

“Have you ever done it this way before?”

“I’ve never done it at all, Mark. Only …um that night in the car–with you and Rana.”

“Are my questions making you uncomfortable?”

“Ummm, well I think–I think … some do, but I don’t mind, not really.”

“Have you and Rana done things?”

“Ummm … I’ll tell, but … I’ve never told on her … before.”

“Let’s keep it a secret for now, shall we?”

“Yeah Escort manavgat … okay, Mark.”

“I have other questions for you,” he said easily. “Not as difficult I’d say.”


“Did you pick your panties out with me in mind?”

Samira giggled, “Yes!”

He could hear her breathing grow heavier and could see her shoulders and the sides of her top moving.

“Do your panties match your bra?”

“Mmmm,” she mumbled, barely nodding her head.

“Spread your knees apart so I can kneel behind you.”

Her body stiffened and she took a deep breath, but she did as he had asked her too. His cock was hard and hot against the moist skin of his left thigh.

“Do you want to have sex like this, Samira?”

“Ahhh … have … mmmm…” Her meek voice spoke softly into the carpet, “sex with you?”


Samira settled for nodding her blonde head, the rest of her body remained motionless.

“Then rest your weight on the cushion and reach back with your hands and raise that skirt so I can see those nice panties.”

“Uhhhhh, okay…” Samira said hesitantly as she slowly lowered her shoulders down, putting all of the weight of her upper body on the leather ottoman. “I’m wearing ahh, you know, a full slip too.”

“You have sophisticated tastes for your age,” he told her, certain she could hear the pleasure in his voice. “You should dress up more often, because you look very attractive and appealing when you do. Both Rana and I will be proud to be in your company when we go to dinner this evening. Now … pull just your skirt up on your lower back for right now.”

“Well …” She said, drawing it out much longer than she should have. Mark could almost hear her thought process going on as she was decided if she should continue the game.

“You told me you picked out your under things with me in mind, am I right?”

“Um, yeah …”

“So … I think we both want me to see what you’re wearing underneath there.”

“Ummm …”

“Samira, correct me if I’m wrong, but you came here to get fucked, didn’t you? We both know it. Pulling your skirt up is just the first step in the process of being seduced.”

“I guess …” she finally replied, and the stiffness went out of her body as she brought her arms around and back next to the sides of her sweater, and with both of her fists gripping the material just below her hips, slowly raised the pleated skirt up the backs of her thighs, revealing the bottom part her thin silk slip.

Slowly the hem of her skirt followed as her elbows moved out on either side of her ribcage and Samira brought her hands up. When the material of the skirt was just above her lower back, she sort of froze in place; her neck stiff and her blonde head looking toward the small light table and the wall.

Now she was breathing faster and deeper, and Mark could see it in the movement of her back; he could also hear it as she inhaled and exhaled. Under the very thin silk material of her slip that seemed almost molded to her derrière he could see the slightly raised outline of not only her very low cut brief panties but also made out the outline of a garter belt that wrapped around her thin waist about five inches above the outline of the waist band of her sexy low cut underwear.

He could also saw traces of her garters that seemed to be running under her panties and down the backs of her thighs, although draped by her clinging slip.

He had never seen a woman dressed like this, and for it to be one as young and inexperienced as Samira he found mind-boggling.

“You’re so beautiful draped over the ottoman like that. I mean, you’re beautiful just standing in front of me, but now–like that—it seems to add even more beauty to you; making you even more desirable.” Mark could hear the suppressed excitement in his own voice.

“I, ohhhh,” Samira managed, her voice muffled by her hair and the fact she was facing away from him and her heart pounded wildly as she could think of nothing but the words that he’d just uttered.

“Well … ah,” Samira said to the floor in her sweet low voice, and sounding even more embarrassed as she continued. “You know, ahhh … Rana says…”

Rana! Mark thought, but said, “And … what does Rana say. Hmmm, won’t you tell me?”

“Well, ahhh … you,” Samira whispered, her chest was starting to heave against the cushion of the ottoman with her increased breathing, which he could hear even more audibly as she talked. “You … don’t like a girl … wearing, ahhh, pantyhose.”

“She told you that did she? Okay, now it’s past show time, Samira,” he said softly.

She nodded her blonde head yes, but her hands were trembling, holding the silk of her slip up just below her crotch; her thighs opened and angling out and down to her stocking covered knees and lower legs on either side of Mark’s own knees.

“Mmmmm, you said … ahhh, you think … I came here too… you know…” Samira said, still holding her slip up to just below the cheeks of her ripe, heart-shaped bottom. It sounded to Mark that she might be starting to give into her highly emotional state and perhaps call everything off by crying.

“To fuck me?” he quietly softly asked her, feeling an up-rushing of affection for her as he spoke into her hair.

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