The Nurse’s Uniform Pt. 17


Part 17 ‘Some Unfinished Business’

The last but one part, the penultimate episode.

I started this in September 2007 and 16 parts, 90000 words later we are nearing the end. Is there anyone who has been with me throughout this journey? Mad fools. If this is your first visit to ‘the uniform’ you can see you have missed a lot; it might be worth reading a few earlier parts.

Those who have been following the events unfold will know there are some relationships that haven’t yet been fulfilled, yes there is some unfinished business to attend to.

Read on.


Chapter 1

It seemed so natural, but then it was natural. Kissing someone to whom you are attracted is natural. Kissing them lip squirmingly and tongue plungingly deeply is natural when you fancy them. And when you have worked with them and have lusted after them for a year it is natural to take them in your arms, kiss them long and passionately and grind your body against yours.

So at last, at long, long last Sammi and Mike kissed. They kissed deeply and passionately, they held each other in their arms and they ground their bodies together. Sammi’s tits were squashed against Mike’s chest; Mike’s erection was pressed into Sammi’s stomach.

“Someone might come, Mike,” Sammi said as Mike pushed her back into the corner of the black leather settee, half-laying on top of her, half beside her.

“There’s no one here, I sent them all home.” Mike replied kissing Sammi again and pressing his hand on her breast through the material.

“What about the cleaners?” Sammi replied pressing herself against Mike’s hand.

“It’s too early for them, but just in case and to put your mind at rest.”

He got up, walked across the consulting room and locked the door. His erection, most obviously and to Sammi also most enticingly, bobbling against the thin material of his trousers, he returned to the settee. He sat beside where she was stretched out almost flat, took her hand in his, looked deeply into her eyes and whispered.

“Ok now?”

“Yes, Mike, I’m fine now,” she replied, returning his stare and realising as she said it that she was effectively agreeing to have sex with him there and then.

“I have wanted to be with you like this from the moment I first saw you.” He said tenderly.

“Yes, yes,” Sammi said quickly the words rushing out of her mouth. “So have I Mike.

“I want you so very badly, Sammi, you do know that don’t you?” He asked just before once more taking the blonde into his arms and kissing her deeply and very passionately.

It was a great, very meaningful and hugely instrumental kiss. It was a kiss that acknowledged to both of them that they were going to make love. Yes, a kiss that told them they were about to fuck.

They were both so involved in the kiss: squelching their widely opened mouths together, squirming their lips, pushing their tongues into the other’s mouth, crushing their bodies together and running their hands over their lover.

The short sleeves of Sammi’s uniform were pushed down her arms.

Mike’s shirt was opened.

Her breasts were squeezed outside her dress and his erection was rubbed outside his trousers.

Mike put his hand on Sammi’s stocking covered knee. His heart was pounding with anticipation of what he was about see and feel as he moved it slowly upwards. That made Sammi’s body tremble with the expectation of the sensations she would shortly receive.

Over her knee, onto her upper leg his hand travelled as their mouths continued the wondrous kissing.

Sammi was kissing Mike back as hard as she could. She was trying to use her mouth, lips and tongue to transmit to him the messages her body wanted to communicate: I want you; I want you to undress me and fuck me. I want your hand up my skirt, I want your fingers in me, I want to be naked for you and have your mouth on my breasts, your fingers in my pussy.

Mike’s hand reached that glorious place that older men so love and relish, but which few of those who were not sexually active before tights became popular have experienced: that patch of skin between her stocking tops and her panties. As his fingertips brushed across those amazing few inches and the side of his hand grazed against the gusset of her thong, Sammi’s body indicated that it wanted her to transmit another message. This time, though she didn’t need to use her kissing to indicate it. She didn’t need to hint or imply, she didn’t need to be subtle or coy. No, this message could be transmitted in a very different manner. Feeling his hardness on her fingers and hand inside his thin trousers was glorious. Sending the message that she wanted his cock was so easy and stirring for both her and him.

Mike had imagined this scene and, indeed, had masturbated thinking about it many times. Feeling Sammi’s hand on his cock lived up to everything he had imagined. Her hand closed round the gorgeous bulge outside the material of his trousers while he pumped himself against it as his hand reached its tecavüz hikayeleri destination, Sammi’s panties.

The combination of having Mike’s cock in her hand and his fingers touching her pussy lips through her thong, made her break her lips from his, gasp with pleasure, push herself against his fingers and let her thighs fall open. His fingers went straight to the soaked centre of the gusset. He pushed against it almost immediately finding her clit. That caused an explosion of sensations inside her. She felt a searing heat in her stomach and a huge tingling in her breasts. She rubbed his erection more firmly as his fingers pushed the material slightly inside her gaping lips. At the same time, seemingly effortlessly, his finger found her clit. He pressed it and sent an avalanche of feelings through her. Once again, Sammi thought how much more satisfying older men are thinking back to the numerous fingers that had searched through her folds to no avail: fucking kids, she thought pushing back against the finger, using her pussy to try to say ‘well done and thanks Mike.’

Mike felt an overpowering need to look at Sammi. He lifted his head up and looked down. God what a sight greeted him. He had pushed her skirt up so it was bunched around her hips. Her legs were open, not splayed lewdly apart, but wide enough to provide his hand the access it needed to her most intimate place. Her long, shapely legs were encased in the black nylon. That ended about three inches from the top of her legs leaving that evocative patch of white skin between them and her panties, which were quite clearly very damp.

“You look amazing,” he groaned watching his fingers slither inside the thong. He touched her warm wetness for the first time. Her body shuddered and Sammi groaned with a combination of pleasure, delight and want.

“Oh Mike,” Sammi sighed, loving the touch of his fingers on her.

“I want you Sammi, now.”

“Yes, Mike yes,” Sammi sighed as usual finding the right words at such a time difficult to find.

With his spare hand, Mike started to undo his belt. Sammi sat up.

“Let me?” She asked.

With shaking fingers she undid his belt, then the button at waist of his trousers, then his zip. At the same time he began undoing the buttons on the front of her uniform. Sammi wiggled her hand inside Mike’s trousers. She parted the folds of his shirt and slipped into his boxers as he undid the last of the buttons at the waist of her dress. Her tits were encased in an erotically flimsy, diaphanous bra that hid nothing. Her pert, pink nipples were clearly on show and were clearly very erect. Mike groaned at the sight of the younger woman’s breasts and the feel of her hand on his bare hardness inside his boxers.

Their eyes locked, he moved away and stood up, he undid his shirt, Sammi sat up and wiggled her dress down over the flare of her hips. Mike removed his shirt and trousers,

They didn’t need to speak; their eyes said all that was necessary, their gaze told the other what they had to do.

Staring deeply into Mike’s eyes, Sammi slid her arms behind her, a moments fumbling and they returned to her side holding the bra strap. A shrug or two of her shoulders and the thin shoulder strap slid down her arms.

Staring deeply into Sammi’s eyes, Mike slid his hands inside the waistband of his boxers. A slight push and they had slipped down to beneath his hips, the front getting caught on his erection, making Sammi smile a little.

“How smooth eh? How to look a prat without even trying.” Mike smiled. Nodding down to where his erection reared up covered by his boxers.

Sammi smiled back and leaning forward as she said. “Not a prat at all Mike, it looks lovely,” as she lifted the material of his pants away from his erection, pulled them over the top of it and slid them down his legs. “In fact,” she went on, her face just inches away from his rampant manhood. “It looks great.”

Leaning forward as she was, it was easy for Mike to take hold of her bra straps and ease the garment away from her body. He put his hands on her head, his fingers going into her long, blonde tresses as he pushed her back. Further and further until once more she was reclined in the corner of the settee. His eyes roamed over her stocking covered legs, her thong covered pubis area and her bare breasts, particularly her bare breasts. Though only modest in size, they had an almost perfect roundness, no sag whatsoever, a delightful jiggle as she moved and gorgeously, coral pink nipples that were standing up so invitingly.

As Mike pushed her back on the settee, the coldness of the leather surprising her for a moment or two, Sammi’s eyes were on what she had masturbated about many times, what she had visualised in her hand, against her stomach and inside her; Mike’s cock. At last it was here, at last she had felt it, at last she was seeing it, at last it was going to be hers and at last it was going to fuck her.

Lying back, Sammi felt brave and confident, wanton and so sex hikayeleri incredibly aroused as she slipped her hands into the elasticised waist of her thong. Mike guessed what she was going to do so he simply stood watching, it was her show, he thought. Raising her bottom a little Sammi pushed her panties down until nearly her knee then, bending them and raising her legs, she slid them right off. It was quite a show for Mike. As she raised her knees, bent her legs and turned them so he saw what she had between them. Even in the dimmish light of the consulting room he could see her delicious pinkness, her encouraging wetness and the sublime attraction of her wet, open cunt.

He could wait no longer.

Kneeling on the floor beside the low couch, he pushed Sammi’s closed legs further onto the cushions, so that she was on her side. Her bum and pussy were hanging over the edge of the settee. Half turning the top part of her body so that part of her was on her back, her face welcomed his as they kissed. He squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples as she reached out for his erection. She stroked it lovingly and wondered whether he would go down on her or offer his cock to her mouth. But he didn’t. This was not the time for long, languid foreplay that could come later; now, called for hard, raw dirty sex. So, instead, he raised one knee, so that one foot was on the floor. He leaned forward, causing Sammi to lose contact with his cock, which he then held as he moved it towards her pussy. He pressed it against her lips which were easily accessible between the rears of her thighs. And then, in a sort of ‘on her side doggy fashion’ he slid his cock into Sammi’s waiting, available and so ready cunt.

She was a little surprised. She had thought there would be more foreplay, maybe a quick, small orgasm from his fingers or mouth, possibly a different position. As he surged up inside her giving those typically wonderful sensations of being filled, so, she thought, I have never been fucked in this position before.

Mike hadn’t selected the position. It had just happened. It was a little awkward for, to get his angle of entry correct, he had to turn his body quite a bit and that isn’t easy when kneeling on one knee. Nevertheless, he managed and thus, avoided the embarrassment of not being able to enter his new lover, as he had experienced in the past, but he realised, Sammi was so wet he could have slid in from any angle.

As it happened, it turned out to be a good position; well for Mike certainly. Not only did it seem to give him a deep penetration as entry from the rear usually does, but also they were able to kiss and he could get his hands to both of Sammi’s breasts. For Sammi it wasn’t quite so good from an involvement point of view. Being on her back, with her legs drawn up and turned and with Mike thrusting firmly and deeply into her, she couldn’t move very much and thus couldn’t touch him. But that was more than made up for by the deepness of his cock inside her, the ease with which he surged up and down, his tongue deep in her mouth and his hands all over her tits.

He had to keep moving his foot and knee to remain quite so far in her and to build up the pace whilst, at the same time continuing to kiss her.

Deeper, faster and harder, he went with his thrusts.

She couldn’t kiss him any more. It was hard for her to get her breath and she had to break their mouths apart.

She let a deep moan, it was almost animalistic, but it made her feel better as the sexual tension built up towards boiling point.

“Oh fuck Sammi, this is amazing,” Mike moaned pressing and squeezing her boobs, his passion probably making that a little too hard.

“Oh yes Mike, yes,” Sammi sighed back as her cunt seemed to explode with sensations. Her body was tingling everywhere. Her tits were on fire, her nipples about to burst. She was cumming and cumming very hard: every bit as hard as she had each time Mike had fucked her in her masturbations.

He could feel it starting. His balls tightened, his cock stiffened even more, he thrust as far into her as he could get and held himself there rigid. He clung to her, his mouth on her neck, kissing that, her hair falling all over his face, his hands squeezing her tits. She moaned deep and loud as her orgasm broke over her, now as good as oblivious to anything other than the extreme sensations roaring through her mind and body.

He didn’t know how much he shot, it didn’t matter, who cared? A little or a lot have no indication, it was the feelings that count, both the physical sensations and the emotional outpouring. And on those measurements he scored very highly indeed.

Her on her back, his arms round her body, their eyes tightly clenched, their mouths open, Sammi’s tits in Mike’s hands his cock buried deeply inside her they enjoyed exactly what they each had hoped for, What both had dreamed about, what they needed and deserved, A hugely powerful mutual orgasm.

Chapter 2.

Mike had seen Emma’s bare tits before, sex hikaye in fact he had seen her nearly naked and, in even more fact, he had seen her being given a climax. But he hadn’t had sex with her, well technically, dependent on how you interpret the ‘with’, he may have done. Yes, may have had it with her, but they hadn’t had sex with each other. Confused? Well join the club.

“Was it really almost a year ago?” Mike wondered as, for the second time he saw Emma’s glorious bare breasts.

Then, he had been lying on the floor of her villa in the grounds of a hospital in Saudi.

Now, he was sitting in the living room of her house in Windlesham, Berkshire, England.

Then, he was with two Thai hookers who Emma had provided while she visited the ageing and ailing Sheikh Abdullah Al Khorensi.

Now it was just her and him.

Then, she had returned early and had joined in, but had respected, or taunted, Mike’s determination not to have sex with business colleagues, for she was the go between the various parties involved in setting up the new clinic Mike was starting in Windsor, England.

Now, they had all the time in the world and, as the clinic had been forced to shut, they were no longer business colleagues.

Then, Emma had been wearing a long, floor length, baggy dress she wore to hide her curves, as demanded by Muslim custom.

Now, she was wearing a simple, grey, silk, knee length, wrap round dress with a tie at her waist.

Then, she had looked at the two girls then at Mike and, holding his gaze, she had lifted the dress up and over her head as she said “Can anyone join in?”

Now, she walked across the thick pile, cream carpet of the massive lounge with floor to ceiling windows on two sides and stood before Mike looking into his eyes. Slowly she undid the tie at her waist, saying quietly “Here’s my, I am very sorry for the problem with the clinic present,” as the horrendously expensive silk, designer dress fell open.

Then, she had been wearing nothing under the dress, having come almost straight from Abdullah’s bed.

Now, she was wearing stunningly erotic Janet Regar underwear, worn especially for him.

Then, she had shown Mike her bi side by ordering one of her Thai whores to give her oral sex as Mike fucked that girl and sucked the other.

Now, she was showing Mike her straight side by seducing him.

Emma had been determined to have sex with Mike. Not just because usually, sooner or later, she had sex with most men, and some women, she met, mainly to give her power over them, but also because she genuinely did find Mike attractive and was immensely impressed by the way he had resisted her. Over the year or so they had known each other, she had offered herself to him several times. It had become almost a joke between them that he would not mix business with pleasure that way.

Since the new venture had collapsed due to the scandal surrounding Mike’s ex, long-term, live in lover, Clare and his eminent, medical director , Mike and Emma were no longer business colleagues, just as Mike and Sammi were no longer involved that way. And just as Mike and Sammi had shagged each other a couple of days ago in the new clinic, so Emma and Mike were now going to shag each other. In Emma’s spectacular house, given to her by her Saudi partners.

He knew it, she knew it and they both knew the other knew it.

Immediately Emma had heard that the snooty Swedes who owned the licence to the new style of sexual therapy that was at heart of the new clinic, had rescinded Mike’s right to use it and thus the business would go bust, she knew she would fuck Mike.

As soon as Mike had put the phone down to her after telling her about the licence and had agreed to “lunch at my apartment” after she had said “maybe there’s a silver lining” he had known he would have sex with her.

And now, as Emma stood before where he was seated with her dress undone, her gorgeous breasts flimsily covered in a mid-grey, see-through bra that was cut deep across each orb only just about covering her stupendous nipples, they both knew it was going to happen right here and now. And it did.

Their fuck didn’t have the tenderness of that between Mike and Sammi. It also didn’t have the adventure of those between Emma and Sammi. What it did have though, was raw and dirty passion. There was no pretence at anything other than fulfilling their pent-up lust for each other. Emma had no idea what love was and only vague concepts of tenderness and caring. Mike had loved and lost so many time that he had given up on it and now simply sought sexual delight and erotic adventure with his women, both of which Emma offered ‘in spades.’

“I knew we would fuck sooner or later,” Emma said lifting up her leg and putting her high-heeled shoe covered foot on Mike’s knee.

Mike smiled. “I thought you did.”

“Didn’t you?” She asked sipping the champagne she had poured earlier.

“Well I hoped so in some ways, but you knew my reservations.”

“Yes and in many ways then, I am sorry we are going to fuck for that means we no longer work together doesn’t it?” She said running the shiny, black patent leather toecap of her Jimmy Shoo shoe along the inside of Mike’s thigh.