The Spirit of Luce- Part 2


Kathy had always loved men and had several male partners she had sex with on a fairly regular basis. She loved the feel of a man’s chest hair pressed against her breasts; the hardness of his muscles. She loved the strength of his arms as he held her; the slight burn of facial stubble as it rubbed against her face when he kissed her and on her skin as he slowly worked his way down to her pussy. She loved the feel of her hands stroking his member to hardness; the feel of it in her mouth and the taste of the precum. She loved the way a cock felt as it entered and filled her pussy. She loved the smell of a man next to her. The thought of loving a woman or making love with a woman had never crossed her mind.  It was getting late and Kathy had an early meeting, so she went to bed a bit earlier than usual. She took a sleep aid so she would fall asleep quickly. It was a clear night, and Kathy watched the stars through the skylight just above her bed until she soon drifted off to sleep. Somewhere in the middle of the night, she awoke, feeling something gripping her wrists and stretching them outward to the bedposts. Kathy began to struggle, but to no avail. She opened her eyes wide and looked around the room, but saw nothing in the darkness. Suddenly, soft feminine fingers arose from her pillowcase covering her eyes. She felt lips on her cheeks softly kissing her. “Who are you?” she cried out. “What are you?” In response, all Kathy heard was a somehow familiar quiet laughter. More soft fingers were forming from the sheet, caressing her body all over. Touching her breasts and teasing her nipples. Fingers like feathers running up and down her legs. She struggled and tried to protest as the fear within her rose. She felt lips press gently against her ear and a voice softly whispered for her to not be afraid. Soon her protests turned to soft moans and whimpers of arousal. It felt like a thousand fingers were stimulating every inch of her skin, but just teasing the area around her pussy. Her body began squirming when the fingers pulled her legs open and restrained them like that. Suddenly, as quickly as it had begun, it stopped. Kathy’s hands and legs were no longer restrained. Her eyes were not covered, and she could once again see the stars through her skylight. The only thing that had changed was her soaking wet pussy. She quickly masturbated herself to an orgasm, then fell right back asleep. When she awoke, Kathy thought it had all been just a dream, until she saw the slight red fingerprints still around each wrist and ankle. After several days went by and it did not occur again, Kathy wrote it off as just a very vivid dream, perhaps caused by the sleep aid she had taken that night, and put it out of her mind. On Friday night, she had a date with one of her male “friends with benefits”. After dinner out and a movie, they went back to his place, where they had sex. Normally, sex with Fred was excellent, as he was a thorough and patient lover, as well as knowing her likes and dislikes quite well. He always seemed to know just what she needed at the time, be it hard and fast, or soft and slow. But somehow, it was different this time. While she did orgasm, something in her just wasn’t the same. Another week went by, and the dream had almost been forgotten. It had been a busy week of traveling for business and she still had to make some changes to a proposal to be delivered to the client on Sunday. He was presenting to a committee on Monday, so if there were additional changes to be made, she would be working on Sunday until the client was happy. They finally finished around 7:00 pm, and the client insisted she have some dinner before she set out on the three hour drive home. Kathy arrived home at about 12:30 am and after bringing in her bags and getting everything sorted out and winding down, she got to bed around 2:00 am. Kathy spent a few minutes admiring the stars before drifting off to sleep. As she lay on her stomach, Kathy dreamt she could smell coconuts, and had a feeling of warmth on her back. Soft fingers were running up and down her back, gently massaging her tense muscles. The fingers moved lower, rubbing and massaging the backs of her legs as well. She drifted into a deep sleep and woke up in the morning feeling very refreshed and relaxed though quite wet and horny. She got out one of her dildos and masturbated till she came, then jumped in the shower before heading to a clients office. The first few days of the week were uneventful, but she was still feeling quite horny, so she had made a date with Tom to meet at a hotel for a quick drink and a fuck. Tom was her “go to guy” when she just wanted some quick hard sex and nothing more. Tom did not fail to perform as he always did, with skilled foreplay and fucking her until she was fully satisfied before cumming himself. This time Ankara escort was no different, and though she did orgasm, Kathy was left with the feeling of not being quite as satisfied as she normally was. The last two days of the week were quite hectic, and she was again looking at another weekend of working out of town. After putting in a full day on Saturday, she went to the hotel bar and ordered a drink. About twenty minutes later, another patron at the bar came over and began talking to her. After they had both had a few drinks, he began whispering in her ear what he would like to do to her. Kathy was becoming quite aroused by what he was saying, and finally agreed to go to his room, where they both quickly got naked. Though he was doing exactly as he had said, Kathy was getting no satisfaction. When sometime had passed and she was no closer to an orgasm, she finally faked one, then sucked the guy off. As soon she could do so politely, she left and went to her room, where she masturbated herself to an orgasm. Kathy fell into a deep, but somewhat restless sleep, waking up with just enough time to shower and grab a quick bite at the hotel before heading to her meeting. In the eating area, she saw the guy from last night, and he smiled at her. Not wanting to encourage him, she just grabbed a bagel, some fruit, a bottle of water and left. She was really glad when the meeting went well and ended early. It was nearly a four-hour drive home, but Kathy did not have anymore work scheduled until Wednesday. She would be home at a reasonably early time, and would be able to catch up on some of the household chores that had gotten set aside over the last few weeks. Kathy arrived home a bit after 6 pm and had called ahead for takeout pizza from her favorite place. The delivery man got there fifteen minutes after she arrived, which gave her just enough time to get her bag inside, unpack the dirty clothes, change and throw in a load of laundry. She grabbed a glass of wine and settled down to watch a movie while she ate. When Kathy was done eating, she pulled a light blanket up over her and settled in to finish the movie, but fell into a deep sleep. Soon, the smell of coconut oil permeated her senses, though not waking her; but as the blanket began to tighten around her arms and legs, Kathy started to awake. As her arms and legs were stretched out and restrained against the four bedposts, she first began to struggle, then a soft whisper in her ear told her not to be afraid, no harm would come to her. Somehow, Kathy believed the vaguely familiar female voice she heard. Once again, Kathy looked around to see who was there. And once again, she asked the voice who and what they were. The response was just to cover her eyes again with soft fingers and to quiet her voice with silken lips pressed against hers. What felt like hundreds of fingers gently touched and explored her body. Some soft as feathers, while others squeezed her breasts and teased her nipples and ran up and down her thighs. Suddenly, she felt her entire body rising off the bed, and the fingers began rubbing her back side as well. Kathy began squirming – as much from arousal as from fear – though somehow, the fear was beginning to lessen and the arousal was definitely increasing. Again, she asked the presence who and what it was. This time the voice whispered softly… “I am here to help you understand”. “Understand what?” “In time, you will know the answer to that question and all the other questions you have. Now hush and relax and just let yourself feel.” Kathy could feel her arousal increasing, and her pussy getting quite wet, though the fingers had still not touched it. She had never experienced anything quite like this before. Though she had had lovers before that were very skilled in foreplay, none had come close to making her feel this way without ever touching her clit or penetrating her. She was aching to be touched, explored, and even more, to be filled by whatever was there. The thought of any of her lovers being the one to satisfy her never crossed her mind. As she softly moaned at the all the pleasure she was feeling, Kathy felt the fingers leave her eyes, but she kept them closed anyway, just enjoying the gentle caress of the fingers on her body. After a while, she realized whatever had been touching her was gone and she fell back asleep. A few hours later, she woke up feeling refreshed and well rested. And though she had not had sex, she also felt satisfied in some strange way without really knowing why, since when she woke this time, Kathy had no recollection of what had been happening to her all this time. Kathy went about the next few days catching up on mundane chores that had gotten delayed over the past several weeks. On Wednesday, she had a meeting with one of her regular clients Ankara escort bayan to discuss a new project for them and the client now said they needed it in a month instead of six weeks as originally indicated. That meant Kathy was looking at some long hours and no weekends off again. Under normal circumstances, she would have needed the release of sex with one of her fuck buddies after a week or so. But after a couple of weeks had passed, she realized she had not felt the need to have sex with one of her male friends. She had no idea why since she had always needed to be fucked by a man at least once a week, especially when she was under the gun on a project. Somehow, it seemed like she had actually had been sexually satisfied, even though she had not even been masturbating. Two weeks later, she had finished the project, and did not have another one lined up for at least a week, and that one was not even a certainty yet. Kathy was looking forward to a little time off and was even considering taking a vacation somewhere warm. She decided she would look into some resort packages, and if she found something good, would call her client in the morning and postpone the discussion on the possible project for a couple of weeks and book herself the vacation. After a few hours of researching several destinations and packages, Kathy finally settled on one that struck her fancy for some reason, though she just couldn’t quite put her finger on why that one in particular had intrigued her over all the others. She called her client and explained that she would be unable to meet with him for a couple of weeks instead of the following week, then booked the trip to leave in two days. Kathy went through her wardrobe and determined she needed a few new items of clothing, so she got dressed and went shopping. She got herself several new pairs of sexy panties and two lacy bras, as well as a new bikini. She also called for an appointment for the following day at a tanning salon to kick start her tan. After doing a few loads of laundry, pulling out her suit case and making a list of things she needed to do tomorrow, Kathy went to bed. No sooner had she hit the bed then she felt a presence. Kathy felt no fear, nor wondering what it was, though she had no idea what it might actually be. When her covers began forming fingers and hands and lips that were touching, exploring and kissing her, she still felt no fear. The feelings were somehow familiar and comforting and she let the pleasure she felt wash over her. Something inside was telling her this was not the first time this had happened. And though she felt there was no sex involved, she would be both aroused and satisfied. When she woke in the morning, Kathy remembered what had happened the night before, as well as remembering that the same thing had been happening almost every night for the last month. She remembered the last words the voice had whispered before she had drifted off to sleep. “You are ready now Kit.” No one called her Kit except a childhood friend that had tragically passed away when they were in high school. Remembering the nickname brought back a flood of memories and the day when Lucy had confided in her that she was a lesbian and how she had a small crush on Kathy. When Kathy had insisted she was not into girls, Lucy, or Luce as Kathy had always called her, had dropped the matter and they had remained the best of friends until her death. It had been sometime since Kathy had thought about her, but remembering her made Kathy both happy and sad at the same time Kathy packed her bag, called for a car service to pick her up the next morning to take her to the airport. She made a stop at the post office to put a hold on her mail, downloaded a few books to her tablet and made sure she finished or disposed of any food that would not last the two weeks she would be gone. She took her cats to a friend’s house who watched them whenever she was gone for more than three or four days, and made sure everything else was set for her trip. When Kathy printed out her itinerary, she realized the name of the resort was Del Rio Lucia and wondered if somehow the name was what had made her select that place. Her flight the next day was mid-morning, and she needed to be there at least two hours ahead of time. Because of that, plus the drive to the airport, Kathy had booked the car service to pick her up at 7:00 am. She took a long bath scented with lavender bath salts, and made an early night of it. Her alarm went off at 6:00 am, giving her plenty of time to have a small breakfast and some coffee, then get dressed before the car arrived. Even though it was rather cold, Kathy would not need her coat at the resort, and the limo would be warm enough, so she just put on a lightweight jacket. When the doorbell rang, she Escort Ankara opened the door and gave the driver her bags, then locked up and followed her to the car. After getting her boarding pass and going through security, Kathy found her gate and was soon in the air and on her way. It was going to be almost a seven hour flight, so after they served a light lunch, she put on her headphones and drifted off to sleep. On one hand, she wondered if the apparition would appear to her on the plane; on the other hand, she was scared to death it would. And Kathy wasn’t sure if she hoped if it was really happening, or if it was all a dream. After sleeping for a few hours, Kathy woke up, and since no one was staring at her, she figured nothing had happened. The plane landed and Kathy went through customs, then caught the shuttle to the resort. She settled in, unpacking her bags and putting things away. She decided to take a walk along the beach and scope the place out a bit before heading to dinner. She put on her bikini and a sarong, and slipped into a pair of flip flops. As she walked along the beach, Kathy got a lot of looks from well-tanned young men that whistled or yelled out things to her. Some were compliments; some were suggestions of their prowess and attributes, and what they wanted to do to her. She had to admit, she found it a bit flattering. After walking around for an hour or so and checking into all the various activities, even signing up for a few, Kathy headed to one of the restaurants at the resort that specialized in fresh seafood. She had a wonderful dinner, then decided to sit at the outdoor bar and have a drink before heading to her room for an early night. But as soon as she sat down, one of the young men from earlier approached her. He was wearing a pair of very tight shorts and a tank top. Neither garment left much to the imagination. He offered to buy her a drink and suggested one of the local concoctions. It sounded delicious, so Kathy agreed. After two drinks, she was beginning to feel a bit tipsy. The young man, who had introduced himself as Sean, began whispering things in her ear, and getting very touchy, rubbing his hands up and down her back and arms, and brushing against her breasts. Kathy found herself responding to his light touches and after a third drink, they headed back to her room. As soon as they got inside, Sean began kissing and touching Kathy all over, tugging off her clothes and his. He led her to the bed and pushed her down, immediately spreading her legs and planting his tongue on her clit. At first, Kathy felt herself responding. But then the feel of his stubble, which she normally loved, began to bother her. She grabbed his head and pulled him up, raising her knees and opening them further. He obliged, moving up and stroking his erect cock a few times up and down her slit before slipping it into her pussy. Though he was giving it his all, and doing a good job of it in Kathy’s opinion, she just wasn’t feeling what she normally did by now, so when he finally came, she pretended she did too. He leaned in and kissed her, then lay down next to her. When it became clear, he wanted to stay the night, Kathy told him no and showed him out. Kathy was beginning to wonder what was happening to her. Sex with men just did not seem to work for her anymore, even though it was still what she thought she wanted. Kathy no sooner fell asleep when she felt fingers stroking her body, lips kissing hers, then moving to her breasts. Her body responded to every touch, every stroke. getting her more aroused with each movement. Her hips were moving rhythmically, even though the closest the fingers came to her pussy, was just caressing her thighs. Something was whispering in her ear, and though she did not understand the words, she knew the voice was female and that they were arousing her. Despite the lack of anything actually touching her pussy, the familiar feeling was beginning to arise within her. Kathy suddenly exploded with an intense orgasm, stronger than anything she had experienced in quite some time. And while familiar, the orgasm was also so different from anything she had ever had before. Memories of Luce flooded her mind as well. And somehow, the memory was all mixed up with what had been happening to her, and what had just happened. Kathy was still in a deep sleep as she dreamt and when she awoke, the sheets were soaked with her pussy juice. She remembered the entire experience and felt completely confused by what was happening to her. But somehow, she felt no fear from the confusion, just the feeling that things were as they were meant to be. Kathy had booked a couple of activities for the first few days, and the first one was in an hour, so she wanted to have a bit of breakfast before leaving the resort. As she headed toward the dining area, a woman from the neighboring room almost ran her over. The woman apologized profusely, saying she had booked a trip to see the waterfalls and wanted to have some breakfast first. Kathy laughed and said she was also booked on that tour and was heading to breakfast too. The woman laughed as well.