The Supermarket Ch. 04

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“Vance,” the P.A. system crackled, “Delivery service to the front.”

Vance was relaxing in the break room, his Vans up on the table, his fingers laced behind his neck. He took his feet down and stood up, checking his pockets for wallet and keys. He’d been about to return to the front anyway, to bag groceries. A smile crept across his handsome features. A delivery order was always a very good thing.

Most people didn’t know it, but the market, and many supermarkets, would put together an order taken by phone and deliver it to a home, for a nominal charge. It was the way many shut-ins and elderly people did their shopping. Vance was the king of home delivery, but for some reason his customers were all women. Women between the ages of thirty and fifty-five, mostly.

Vance ambled to the front and Mr. Willis, the store manager, handed him the list. Vance took a moment to check Mr. Willis out, seeing something different about him. His hair seemed better, but then it had just been kind of greasy and flat before. He also had better skin, and he was friendlier. Vance took off to start gathering the items on the list, and thought that Mr. Willis had probably found a honey. Nothing makes a man clean up like a new piece of ass.

Thinking of which, Vance noticed that new girl, Erin. She was downright hot. She was Vance’s height and had a fine body, solid but thin and curvy. He liked the way she looked, and wondered how long it’d be before she joined the Vance’s Angels club.

“Vance!” Mr. Willis shouted, sounding pissed. “Get to work!” Jeez, Vance thought, what was his problem? He knew Vance liked to look at the ladies. Oh well.

He moved efficiently through the store, assembling the small order. He thought about stopping at the deli counter to tease that little cutie, Aimee. She was a certified rug-muncher sure, but he could usually get a rise out of her. He changed his mind when he saw her crouching behind the counter. It looked like she was busy checking out a hot little blonde reading magazines, and lesbo or not, Vance respected the privacy of a good checking-out.

After he’d gathered everything on the list, Vance pushed the cart to Monique’s lane for check out. Vance liked Monique. The young woman was friendly, cute as a button, and had a skinny little body with big tits and an ass he imagined falling back into with his arms outstretched. Her husband was a Navy Seal and he kept her pretty happy, but he didn’t like to go down on her, and Vance had sampled that trim and it was good.

He chatted Monique up for a bit while he bagged the groceries, and then brought them out to his truck to drive over to the Tomkins home. Vance was glad to be going to the Tomkins house. Judy Tomkins was forty-two, brunette, and had a smoking hot body. Her husband had died a few years before, and Judy was the type of woman who had a hard time meeting men. She dated, she had said, mostly men from her church, but she hadn’t met one that she had become serious enough about to take into her bed.

Vance was nineteen, five-ten, and weighed one-ninety. He had long, dark blond hair that casino oyna was wild and wavy, and big, expressive soft blue eyes. His face was thin and handsome, reminding many of a very young Matthew McConaughey, and his lean, hard surfer’s body elicited sighs of desire from many customers.

Six months earlier, Vance had delivered groceries to her home and had caught her fresh from the shower. It had been easy going seducing the hot, naked woman, and he’d done her on her kitchen floor. Since then, he’d been over about a half dozen times, and had her routine down.

Vance pulled into the driveway of the large house and drove right up to the garage doors, in the back yard. Grabbing the heaviest of the bags, he went to the kitchen door and found it open a bit. He went inside and set the bag on the kitchen table, then ran back and forth, bringing bags in from his truck. He paused to put away the milk and a couple of other things that needed refrigeration, and then walked through the house and up the stairs, pulling off his shirt as he went.

He walked into Judy’s bedroom, kicking off his Vans. Judy was in her bed, her dark brown hair held with a hair band across her crown. She was pink, freshly scrubbed, and she had the covers tucked under her arms, modestly hiding her body. She smiled and Vance dropped his board shorts and bent to pull his boxers down and off.

He approached the bed and took hold of the covers, pulling them back and uncovering Judy’s body. She had soft, slender shoulders, a gorgeous rack (C-cups) with large, prominent nipples and red areolae, and a tight, firm belly. Judy had a neatly kept tangle of black curls over her red lipped pussy, and he knew she would blush deeply and try to cover herself if she thought he was looking there. Her legs were fantastic, reminding Vance of a Barbie doll’s legs. She had gasped when he exposed her body, but she melted in his arms when he put them around her, and willingly returned his kiss.

Vance grabbed her big, firm ass in his hand and squeezed. Of all of his deliveries, he loved Judy’s ass the best. He massaged her cheek in his hand, and before long her hips were pressing to him wantonly. He kissed her neck as she breathed hard, and his hand moved from her ass to roughly grab her tit, making her gasp.

He took her nipple between his teeth and flickered his tongue against it even while he set his lips to her breast and sucked her tightly to his mouth. Judy grabbed his head and hugged him, whining with lustful pleasure. He could smell her, he knew without touching her that she was wet and ready, ripe for fucking.

Vance released Judy and rolled from the bed and stood a few steps away. Judy moaned her disappointment, and Vance grinned. “You know what you’ve got to do first,” he said.

“Do I have to?” Judy said, moving to sit on the edge of the bed. “I’ll do it next time, I promise!”

“Now,” Vance said, and Judy sighed and went to him, getting to her knees in front of him and putting her lips around the end of his impressive rod. Vance held the back of her head and fucked her mouth with slow, slot oyna shallow strokes, watching her face grow redder and hearing her breath exploding from her nose.

When he pulled free and slapped his hardness across her cheek, Judy whined, “Please, Vance, it’s so demeaning and it’s wrong. I don’t like it.” But she took it into her mouth when he pressed against her lips again and continued to fuck her mouth softly. She felt good, but she didn’t really do much. Vance just liked the fact that she disliked it and felt dirty by doing it, so he dragged it out as long as he could.

Actually, he wasn’t all that sure that she really disliked it that much, giving head. He knew she felt it demeaning, and he had an idea that she was ashamed of doing it. Maybe her Mom had told her not to, or somebody at her church or something. Vance didn’t really care about that, since the fun of being with Judy was tearing through her inhibitions and giving her a rocking good time.

Finally he pulled free and went to the bed and after he lay down, Judy rose from her knees and walked self-consciously to him. He could tell she wanted very much to crawl under the covers, but being naked, exposed to him in the presence of his nakedness was dirty to Judy, nasty and therefore sexy. He knew she’d say a lot of penance for today, however that worked.

She laid on her back next to him, and he pressed his palm to her pussy. “Open your legs wide,” he said, and she did. “Wider,” he coaxed, and she stretched them further, blushing more deeply. He rubbed her wet pussy, listening to her stifled moans and cries, feeling her grow wetter and wetter as he rubbed. He teased the entrance of her pussy with a finger and she pressed against him, trying to capture it. “You are a little slut, aren’t you?”

“No!” Judy cried, her eyes tightly shut. Vance knew that there was absolutely nothing wrong or even strange about Judy, but she thought she was acting like a wanton whore, so he played to her perception.

“Yeah you are,” Vance said, letting his finger dip slightly into her and rimming, her sharp yelp of pleasure making him smile. “You’re a little slut! You’re a fucking,” he paused after emphasizing that word, “little slut!”

“No I’m not!” Judy cried, and Vance slid two fingers into her, feeling her cunt explode around his fingers as her body shook and Judy cried out loudly. She thrashed hard as she came, and Vance thought that the only thing that felt better than a coming pussy on his fingers was a coming pussy on his cock. Judy thrashed and moaned and Vance felt her cunt grab his fingers in a last, powerful contraction before she collapsed and was still, breathing hard.

“I’m not a slut,” Judy whispered, and Vance saw she was looking at his cock. He grabbed it and stroked it slowly, watching her eyes fill with wonder and lust.

“Do you want this?” Vance asked, and he watched Judy carefully. “Do you want me to give you this?” She nodded almost imperceptibly, and he asked, “Do you want me to stick my cock,” he emphasized the word, “into your little cunt?” emphasizing the last word. She had canlı casino siteleri winced at the use of both words, but still came the slight, tired nod. “Then tell me what you want.”

“I want you to make love to me,” Judy said, and when she saw his unimpressed expression she said, “I want for you to take me, like a woman.” Again, Vance didn’t react, and Judy began to tremble. “Please, will you…fuck…me?” she asked timidly. Vance smiled, but didn’t move, other than to continue stroking himself slowly.

Judy let loose a loud groan of frustration and begged, “I’m a…s-slut…a little slut, and I want-no, I need your…cock in my (god help me)…wet cunt.”

“That’s a good girl,” Vance said, rolling over and taking Judy into his arms. He kissed her, and again she melted in his arms. She’d be a hell of a wife or girlfriend, Vance thought, for somebody. And then effortlessly, softly, Vance slid his cock into Judy, and she moaned into his mouth, her cunt starting almost immediately to contract on him as he slowly filled her completely.

Vance was a connoisseur of pussy, and he loved the feel of Judy’s. Her whole body was soft and warm, inviting hugs and tender caresses, but her pussy could be harsh, strong and passionate, even when she was herself soft and pliable. As she milked him, probably coming softly the whole time, the sensations she created quickly became hard to bear.

He kissed her lips softly and whispered, “Do you want me to make love to you, Judy? Or do you want to be fucked?” Judy kissed him deeply, passionately, and whispered her response.

“Fuck me.”

“I couldn’t hear you,” Vance moaned, her cunt clasping hard on him, “Say it louder.”

“Fuck me!” Judy screamed, and her cunt exploded again, crushing against his cock with power, with force, contracting hard for several seconds before releasing briefly and then contracting hard again.

Vance threw her body down and rolled on top of her, slamming his cock into the vise of her pussy as forcefully as possible, feeling like he was fucking a young virgin. Judy’s screams were loud and crazed as Vance pounded roughly into her, losing his breath. He was close himself, and he thought, christ she’s a great fuck!

Judy raised her hips high and grabbed Vance’s ass hard with both hands, digging her nails in painfully, and she shouted, “Fuck my cunt you son of a bitch! Shoot your jizz deep in my slutty twat you fuckingsonofabitchmotherfucker!” Vance shouted his release, creaming her insides, his balls feeling like a trap had closed on them. They shook together in shared orgasm for several long moments, and then collapsed together, their hot, sweaty bodies sticking to one another.

They lay panting for a while, and then Judy kissed Vance hard, finishing with an animal bite to his lip, before collapsing completely, closing her eyes. Vance got up and slowly dressed, watching one of Judy’s hands run her nails softly up and down her belly while the fingers of her other hand curled in her hair and pulled loose, over and over.

Vance left her without a word, his work finished, and he tromped down the stairs. He grabbed a soda out of her refrigerator and finished it before he had his seatbelt buckled. Sometimes he had two or even three deliveries on any given day, and he found himself hoping there wouldn’t be any more today.

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