The Way It Started

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I moved town when I started university. I could not get the degree I wanted to in my state, so I ended moving to the next quality university offering that particular course of study. This was good for me, but expectedly very bad for the relationship I was in at the time. Sarah and I had a snuggly, warm, caring relationship, and suddenly there was a two-hour flight between us, constituting a major change.

Looking back now, I must also admit that moving away represented a slight relief at the time. My girlfriend was two years younger and all we had in our lives was each other. We spent all our free time together, adding a perplexed frustration to my relationship to her. Namely, we had been together for three years, but we had never slept with each other.

Oh, we wanted to, and it was anything but an asexual relationship. It was just that she could not relax when we attempted penetration. I could not bear causing her pain, so after every unsuccessful attempt I backed down. After all, there were other things we could do with each other and we did them quite a lot. In all things excluding penetration, we were lovers par excellence. We also enjoyed grooming ourselves for each other. I had seen every kind of intimate hairstyle on my girlfriend’s shapely body one could ever think of. I did the same for her.

Still, the longer we were together, the more nagging the frustration got. Moving away provided me a chance to clear my head and discover what I really wanted. This, of course, meant I was flirting with other girls at the university and started feeling sorry for myself for the sexual experiences I was probably missing.

At one student party at the end of a term, I made out with a girl. We did not get sexual, but I knew at that moment it was over between my girlfriend and me. A couple of days later, I travelled back home with the intent of ending it with her.

My brother picked me up, and dropped me off home. One of the first things I did was call Sarah up and arranged a time to meet with her that evening. She remarked I did not sound enthusiastic, but I defended myself by tiredness. When I hung up, I felt a knot in my stomach.

We met up later in our favorite pizza place. I was genuinely happy to see her. I always felt good around her. Still, my mind was set.

“We need to talk,” I announced awkwardly.

“Aren’t we doing that right now?”

“No, I meant, you know, privately”

“I know just the place” she said, smiling at me, uncovering a string of pearly hiding in her mouth. She was a pretty girl, there was no denying that.

We drove to her place. Her parents were out of town. When we stepped inside, my mind was in a frenzy. When should I talk to her? How will she react? Should I even tell her today? Maybe we could have one last nice evening and I would only hurt her and spoil it. I quickly decided not telling her would not be fair and it would be like using her.

She took me up to her room. On the way over there, we were holding hands. She was so warm, her hand was so soft. I will miss those hands, I thought.

“Sarah, there is something I need to talk to you about.” I said as soon as we entered her room.

“Yes, I want to talk to you as well…”

The way she said talk made my heart stop. I wanted her. Just looking at her, touching her hand, seeing the way she moved in front of me, it all made me horny.

She kissed me. I kissed her back. But there was something different in this kiss. She started off softly, but soon held me quite rigidly, as if she wanted to control me. We made our way to her bed.

“I missed you so much” she said, with a sigh and a smile on her lips. Once again, I felt guilty. Before I got a word out, she pushed me down and climbed on top of me. She was kissing me very hard, very wet. Her tongue was all over my mouth.

My mind was a blur, the only thing clear was how good it was to kiss her. I was immediately erect. I was holding her ass, and pulled her closer to me. She could feel my erection. She pushed my head away and smiled at me. I attempted to kiss her, but she playfully pushed me back.


“Shhh. Today I’m the boss, Robert. I want to try some things with you.” She always called me Bobby. Hearing her call me Robert disoriented me for a moment.

“I’m the boss, she whispered in my ear.” She got up and left bahis firmaları the room.

I was left there hard as a rock, my mind spinning again — was this the right thing to do? Shouldn’t I… At that moment she came back inside in a see-through lace camisole and a thong. She looked great. The soft light in the room outlined her hips and the narrow sides of her stomach. Her breasts were neatly pressed together by the top, and her legs looked smooth and shiny.

“Take off your clothes.”

I adhered to her request within a second. She chuckled.

“Stand up!” I did as told. She sat on the bed, and my pulsating cock was in front of her face. She gently ran her fingers across it. She noticed I hadn’t shaved in several weeks.

“We’ve let ourselves go, haven’t we? I will forgive you today.” She squeezed my cock and pre-cum came out plentifully. She ran her finger over the tip of my penis, lubricating it with the pre-cum. I moaned and automatically put my hands on her head planning, I guess, to bring her closer, so she can suck it and make me cum.

She pushed my hands away.

“I’m the boss tonight!” she said.

“If you don’t listen to me…”- she slapped my ass quite hard – “I will punish you.” I snapped out of it because the slap even hurt a little. I looked at her face. She smiled back at me. There was reassuring warmth in her eyes and the smile that I had loved so long on her lips. Was I crazy? I wanted to end it with her? How could I live without her? When my brain started working again, she ran her fingers over my cock once more. I was immediately back in the moment.

She was breathing hot air on my penis. I moaned again. I was afraid I would come before we even started fooling around. Suddenly, the tip of her tongue was on the tip of my penis. She playfully and gently licked it. She squeezed once again and more pre-cum was dripping. At this point she took the entire tip in her mouth and licked all the pre-cum off. She sucked on it generously and squeezed my balls. I couldn’t help but tell her how good it was and how much I enjoyed her sucking me off. I did not have the habit of talking during sexual games, but I was aroused beyond all reason.

She let her shoulder straps slip and exposed her breasts. She placed a pillow under her ass, so she could sit higher and pulled my penis down to rub it over her breasts. Pretty soon, her breasts were quite shiny and sticky from little drops coming out of my cock.

“Lie down.” The lady commanded me.

She knelt beside me and looked at my body. Her hands and fingers were running up and down my skin. I felt exposed, I felt vulnerable, I felt horny. She straddled me and sat on my chest. She placed my hands on her breasts and showed me how to massage them. She leant back and put one hand on my dick, massaging it gently. Now it was her turn to moan. She began jerking me off quickly, and my breathing accelerated.

Then she stopped. She took off her camisole, and sat nearer to my head. She looked at me and then moved her thong closer to my mouth. She rubbed herself against my face and I automatically started breathing on her, licking her thong and kissing the inside of her thighs.

“Are you ready?” she said.


“Are you ready to please me?”

“Yeah” I whispered.

“I’m gonna fuck your face” she said. I had never heard her talk like that before.

She ran her hand through my hair and pulled my mouth back to her hidden pussy. I licked the smooth cloth. I was so excited, I started jerking myself off.

“No! You don’t do anything I don’t tell you.” She even gently slapped my cheek. I was completely in her hands. She climbed off the bed, turned around, caressed her butt cheeks in front of my eyes, and bent over to slip down her thong. She went down to the bottom of the bed and started kissing me up the legs. She was moving closer and closer to the center of my tension. She kissed my knee, then up the inside of my thigh and she generously took one of my balls in her mouth. She sucked on it and made sounds, the vibrations of which ran up my shaft. She took the other one in her mouth and sucked it even harder. It almost


She massaged the tip of my penis, first with her left nipple, then with her right one. She kissed my cock then and slid it in her mouth. She was attempting to put as much of it inside kaçak iddaa her mouth as possible. I could feel the back of her throat. She frowned, and then moved back two inches. She gently sucked it a few times, and then moved her mouth up to my nipples. Though it was usually not the case, this time every lick of her tongue on my nipple produced stings of excitement throughout my body down to my poor, throbbing cock.

She pulled herself up and sat back on my chest where she was before, but this time I could see her pussy. What a sight that was! Usually, she had always shaved herself, but this time she had it done by a professional. She had the thinnest of lines leading down to her pussy, and her lips and all surrounding area was completely smooth. It was the most beautiful, arousing sight I had ever seen. I completely lost control.

“Wow… I love your pussy. Please let me lick it. Let me lick that fucking pussy, come on” I muttered, horny out of my mind. Sarah responded as well. She was excited by knowing how much I liked her new style. She had fantasized about showing it to me for a week. She grabbed me by the neck.

“Are you ready now?” She said.

“Oh, yes, come here” I begged.

She put two fingers in my mouth and I licked them like my life depended on it. I could see her open her mouth, and lick the corner of her lips — she was clearly as excited as I was. She grabbed me by the hair and sat on my face, full on. I was so grateful. I approached her pussy like it was a fresh water spring in a desert. I fucked her with my tongue, I sucked on her clitoris, I moved my head around, rubbed my nose, my cheeks, my chin, everything I could in her wet, fabulous pussy. I wanted to drink her juice, I wanted to put my whole tongue inside of her and I wanted to keep doing it forever.

Sarah tossed her head back and moved her hips back to front, in circles — she was fucking my face, she wanted it as much as I wanted to give it to her. She jumped up, and turned around. She put her pussy and asshole right in front of my face, and then bent down to suck my cock. I tried to reach for her breasts to pinch her nipples, but she said “No!” and slapped my thigh. She put my arms under her legs and resumed position.

In the reverse position I could tongue-fuck her even deeper. I looked at her ass and wanted to lick it too. I felt I wanted to stay in that position forever. I was so excited, I could barely feel her blowing me on the other side. She was moaning so hard, it turned into muffled screaming soon. I spread my legs, trying to support myself, to enter her mouth more deeply. Then she stopped sucking me, and moved away from my mouth.

“I learned something new” she said. “You know what feels so good?” From the back, it looked like she put one hand in her mouth and with the other one she touched herself. Then she reached behind with the hand from her mouth and went straight for her asshole. She rubbed the sphincter, and gently put the tip of her finger inside. Just the tip. She screamed at this moment. I was speechless, excited as I’ve never been before. She rubbed her asshole more and then moved it closer to my face.

“Spit on it!”

My mouth was dry from the breathing and the excitement, but all the saliva I could muster, I spat on her asshole. She used it as a lubricant and slid one of her fingers inside. This was accompanied by a short scream.


I spat on her finger, and she tried fucking her ass with two fingers.

“Oh, that feels so gooood” she screamed. The one finger that was inside, she moved back to front, while trying to stretch her ass with the second finger. High pitched yelps filled the room. She seemed to be coming, and then she stopped.

“You know how good that feels? Huh, do you?!” she talked to me.

She bent down her head toward my dick, and grabbed the shaft. She sucked me generously and wetly. She moved her hand from my shaft, down to my ass. I was shocked, excited, and afraid. As my legs were spread, she quickly found my asshole and started rubbing the sphincter. She did it gently and it felt great – once my thinking mind retreated and I just focused on the feeling.

“I’m gonna cum!” I yelled and she immediately stopped.

“Go on!” I begged. But she jumped off the bed and told me to calm down. I had no other choice. She left the room and went to kaçak bahis the bathroom. I could hear her washing her hands. She came back and looked at me in my pleasurable agony. She seemed pleased with herself.

She climbed on top of me once again, sat on my chest.

“You don’t come before me, mister.” She started rubbing her pussy while looking at me. Within a second, we were both horny as before. In her face I could see that she was crazy with lust.

“You’re gonna make me cume, you’re gonna make me cum!” She said, and I nodded, unable to speak.

“Lick my pussy, lick my fucking pussy!” she said this with more anger, with aggressive desire and she was back on my face. She moved her hips like she was penetrating my face. She pressed herself on me, she squeezed her thighs, she grabbed my hair.

“Come on, yeah, come on you bastard, yeah, bitch, fuck me! Fuuuck me!” She screamed at me. Then she surprised me again — she moved away just outside of my reach and she spat on me. She spat on my face three times. I went berserk with desire. She slapped me, not hard but enough to get a red cheek and then she sat on my face again, for the last time that evening.

I felt like I was suffocating. I had her spit on me, her juices all over my face, her divine smell up my nostrils and her thighs wrapped around my head! She went silent, I felt her muscles convulsing, my tongue was deep inside her vagina, at the source of her divine spasm. Everything felt still for a second and then she screamed like there was alone in the world. It was a cry of relief. I had never heard anyone scream like that before — only a person who forgot about the world and everyone in it could scream like that. I was still tongue-fucking her, but she pushed my head away and collapsed backwards. She was motionless.

“That was sooo good” was her first comment.

“That was amazing.” I agreed. She did not move for almost a minute, but I was still horny. I was unsure if she was still the boss and what my rights were, but I needed to come so badly.

“What about you?” she asked.

She sat up and saw my cock hard, a begging expression on my face.

“I know what you need.” She grabbed my shaft and started stroking it gently. That would’ve been enough, I was ready to come, I needed to come like never before.

“I’m gonna suck your dick, baby. You know how much I love to suck it, right?”

“Yeeaah” was all I could comment.

“And I want you to come in my mouth. Cum is great, right?”


“You know how I love your cum. You know how great it feels to have that sticky, thick cum in my mouth…”

I was just moaning, I was getting closer and closer. She slid my dick in her mouth and it only took two big strokes, and one deep suck and I was filling her mouth like it was my first time, like I had never come before. She patiently kept me in her mouth, while I was giving her every last drop I had in me. She squeezed my shaft to make sure there was nothing left in me anymore.

I felt relieved, tired, and amazed. I was lying flat on my back and trying to recuperate enough to be able to stand up. Sarah came up next to me and I looked at her. She was still keeping the cum in her mouth. I smiled at her, and she grabbed my neck, squeezed it a little and kissed me. I felt panic for a moment, but I could not resist her. And she was the boss. She gave me half of my load and I could not do anything but swallow. I swallowed, like she had many times before.

“Now you do know how that feels,” she laughed.

I smiled at her, and we lay there in silence for a few moments, just holding each other.

“I hope it was OK for you” she said after the silence.

I admitted “That was the best sex ever. You are absolutely amazing. Truly amazing. “

A few months later, we finally started having sex. Sarah was feeling ever more comfortable in her own body. She started exploring it, and we explored many things together as well. I realized that true excitement and great sex were not about spreading yourself thin with a number of partners, but in going to incredible depths with one partner. Even in this modern, sex-obsessed world, we did things together way outside the norms. Through the sexual experiences we shared together, our respect for each other and for our partnership only grew. I was never tempted to stray, because I just know that she is the best lover I could ever find.

We are married now. It’s all thanks to the night I managed to keep my mouth shut — or rather, when she made me keep my mouth shut.

She is the boss.

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