Vacation with Sgt. Samantha

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“Baby, this is great!” Samantha exclaimed as she threw her hands up into the air into the rushing wind of our rented convertible, “Oh. I can smell the ocean already.” Glancing over at her as I drove down the roads of San Diego heading East, Sergeant Samantha, my lover, was basking in the warm rays of the sun as she looked straight ahead, leaning back in her seat clad in a loose fitting green t-shirt and tight blue jeans held up by a wide, smooth, sable leather belt and square brass buckle, and well-worn black tennis shoes. Her long strawberry-blonde hair was gently waving behind her as we went and her gray eyes were covered by a pair of cheap sunglasses we picked up outside the airport. In the backseat were out baggage as well as some food for our four week stay out here. We had planned this, saved up our deployment money, and got off base as quickly as possible leaving the regulations and all of that behind us. We had been through Iraq for over a year and now we wanted to forget all of that and get on with our lives together for the time being. “Smell it” she replied reaching over with her left arm and rubbing my thigh with her hand, “Smell it, baby. It smells like ‘freedom'” inhaling deeply.

I was in hailing it as well, but I was also driving so my eyes were fixed to everything going on in front of me. As we drew closer I could see glimpses of the ocean between the buildings, the blue vastness against a light blue sky my skin was warm and my short brown hair rustling from the wind. We were finally free! Free from the Army and our deployment and could spend our time together. I felt strange. Yes, I was with the woman I loved and she loved me, but it felt so strange being back in the States from Iraq and being now free from the Army. It was like wearing clothes that you hadn’t worn in years and finding out you were too small for them. We didn’t have to report to anyone, I had a cell phone with only her number in it, and I would be waking up to her beautiful face and smoky voice each morning and her boundless energy. Glancing over at her face that lit up in the southern California sun she seemed so different and yet alike at the same time. The first time we met we bumped into each other at a party and got it on. She was loose and free that night, but afterwards she dedicated her love to me and it was unexpected that a hard faced sergeant would do that for a man she just met, but as she said, she liked me for many reasons and one of them was I was a tender lover.

Samantha was reading the directions to the rented beach house we got and fortunately we found it without difficulty. Pulling up to the side of the place there was a wood staircase to our left that led up to ours. As we got out Samantha saw that underneath the stairs there was a tall shower-head and three walls around it that people could use to remove salt from their bodies.

“Oh,” she smiled drawing in and breathing out with her smoky voice, “That will come in handy.” She rented the place so she went and knocked on the door of the owner and quickly got the key as I took out the baggage. Surprisingly, she only packed two bags, one a roll-away suitcase and the other a large duffel bag. I had a backpack and a roll-away and putting the lighter bag straps around my shoulders and the roll-away in each hand I began my ascent on the stairs. Just ahead of me Samantha thrust the brass key into the deadbolt and turned the knob. When she stepped inside her feet touched the polished hardwood floors and the large open bay windows to her right and her jaws dropped. I wasn’t inside yet when she exclaimed, “Oh God, baby. It’s beautiful!” then went down the hall to her front. Going down a few steps and to the left was the bathroom and on the opposite side of the hall was the bedroom with a king sized bed facing towards one large bay window aimed towards the ocean and she felt her body turn cold.

When I got inside and looked at the living room there were two black leather couches arranged in an ‘L’ facing towards a wall bordering the bedroom where a large television sat. I sat the baggage down and looked about but could not find her.

“Samantha?” I called out.

“In here, babe” she called out from the back.

Going down the hall I saw her pretty little head laying on the bed. When I was beside the bed and looking down at her body, chest gently rising and falling with each breath, limbs limp and a thin smile on her lips I asked, “You like it?”

“Mmmmm” she cooed with eyes closed and her sunglasses on the floor, “Baby, this is better than I ever imagined.” Flickering her eyes open and glancing over at me she smiled with her half pursed lips and scooted to the far end and patted the empty space, “come lay by me and take it all in.”

Kicking off my shoes I flopped down beside her and my lover scooted back and threw her left arm over my chest and nuzzled in close, giving me a kiss to the cheek. The bed was bigger than her twin size at her apartment, plenty to roll around in with a thick cotton comforter of blue and many decorative throw pillows of various dark colors to match. “Thank you london escorts for coming with me,” she whispered.

“No problem,” I said and kissed her in return. She was warm and breathing hot against my face as I threw an arm around her and pulled her in closer.

“Think about it,” she whispered with her eyes closed dreaming of what she spoke, “No PT, no chow hall, no drills, no paperwork, no bullshit for a whole month and we have the warm sun and the cold water of the ocean, the sandy beach….and I have you.” It was a trip we’d been planning on, but Samantha was more eager to get away and put down most of the money for this trip. On the flight here she thought wanted to get out and run to San Diego because she was so eager to see the beach and thought the plane was going too slow.

The thought of being with my lover for a whole month, just the two of us made me beam from ear to ear. I love Samantha. I love to cuddle with her. To hear her smoky voice and her moans and to feel her as we touched and kissed and right now I was savoring this moment. We held this for what felt like hours with our eyes closed just holding each other and feeling our chests rise and fall with each breath before Samantha kissed my cheek again and said, “What do you want to do on our first night?”

“I’m not sure” I replied pulling back slightly and opening my brown eyes and looking her full in the face. I was a bit troubled despite wanting, craving to be out here with her and she could sense it.

“Baby” reaching with a slender left arm and placing the tip of the extended index finger against my shirt covered flat stomach and carefully drawing a line up to my chest, “We’re here to relax. Remember?” I nodded slightly. “Leave the Army and all of that shit behind. For a month we’re going to so many things to each other, so don’t be afraid of anything” Moving that index finger to my face and holding it off just a couple inches from my nose I looked at it as she started bending it rapidly at the second digit. Her lips peeled back into a sinister smile, “and this little baby is going right inside of your ass,” giggling. She had been teasing about sticking her finger inside of my ass saying that it would make my orgasms bigger but I was rather reluctant about having anything go up that hole. “Oh relax,” she began to giggle, “you big baby. It doesn’t hurt. You just feel a bit of pressure. That’s it. It’s not going to turn you gay or anything.”

“Fine then,” I replied before wrapping my hands around that hand of hers’ and lowering it down to my crouch and having the palm rub against it, “This is going into your ass.”

Biting her lower lip in a smile Samantha flicked her eyes down there then back to mine and her cheeks blushed red. She had done anal before but we had not with each other which was rather surprising now all things considering.

“You’re going to have to lube it up,” she replied patting it softly.

“I got some of that,” I whispered. Before we left I went to a porn shop to pick a few…presents.

Samantha snickered and patted my forearm before clearing her throat. “So. What do you want to do first?” she asked before flicking her eyes towards the brilliant beach. There was still plenty of time left in the day to go out and walk along its length, feeling the rushing surf and the fine sand between your toes and see what shops they had out here. This was my first time to the beach and I was all of wonder.

“Why don’t we play a game?” I said to have her look at me again.

“Yeah?” smiling, “I love games. What kind?”

“It’s called ‘Have you ever'”

“Not familiar with that one, babe,” brushing a few strands of hair away from her face and putting it over one ear.

“Goes like this; I ask you a question ‘have you ever…gotten a ticket’ and you tell me ‘yes or no’ and if ‘yes’ then you have to tell what happened.’

“What kind of questions?” she asked slowly sitting up and drawing her legs in.

“Any kind you want”

“Okay! You go first,” holding her upper body with her bent right arm.

Looking around the room with my eyes I drew a breath. Normally it would go right into a sexual thing but I didn’t want to pervert it just yet so I started with a simple one; have you ever cheated on a test?”

“Gosh” giggling, “One time I did. It was senior year of high school and I hated my mathematics teacher so much because he always mumbled when he spoke so no one could understand him. It drive me insane and I couldn’t understand anything in the class so when we took our last test I sat next to this smart guy and I copied off of him just enough to get a C at least.”

“Wow” buckling my eyebrows in surprise.

“Yeah,” snapping her thumb and index finger together, “this close to failing” holding up those same two fingers just a hair’s width apart, “but I got it.”

“Okay” nodding and moving to an Indian style sitting position beside her, “Your turn.”

She did the same thing and brushed her hair over her shoulders and blinked several times before looking at my face and asking, “Have you ever…masturbated Escort Girl Dubai thinking of women in your unit?”

Right away my cheeks blushed red and turned away and she squealed. She got me and she knew it. “Yes” nodding, “about who and when?”

“Well…” beginning slowly, “well, there’s you…”

“I know that, babe” she smiled and patted one of my knees, “but I mean in Iraq did you ever jerk off to the women there?”



At the time I barely knew Samantha, I saw her but didn’t know her name, but there were several women that I was attracted to. There was O’Brien a spunky brunette specialist with a small chest but a hot bubble butt, but she was married and there was Valerie, a Hispanic woman in her thirties with an hour glass figure, light skin and long black hair and also a specialist and also married. They were beautiful, even the guys were surprised because in the Army most women were not so good looking, at least they thought so. I worked them with and we knew each other, but it didn’t go anywhere, but because of the tensions of deployment I needed to rub one out every now and again and since I didn’t have any movies or pictures in which to help me I pictures those two.

“Awwww” Samantha giggle before tickling my stomach that made me shift away, “You little devil” before giving me another kiss to the lips.

“Alright. My turn again. Have you ever…used a toy while at work?”

“Yes” she nodded, “I use to take a pocket vibrator with me but stopped when several of the girls got shit taken from them by some thief so I didn’t want that kind of embarrassment. I would take it into the bathroom sometimes during lunch or after final formation and use it to help me relax.”

“Well…I got something for you then,” I replied. I wanted to kiss her but in looking at her grey eyes I felt that I had to do some other things first and I swallowed hard and said, “I have a present for you,” and sat up.

“Baby, you didn’t need to get me anything,” I heard her say as I threw my legs over the side of bed and stood up before kneeling down and taking out my bag from underneath the bed. She said that but I knew she wanted a gift, something that made her feel like a woman and knowing Samantha as well as I did she wanted stuff that would make our sex more fun. Unzipping my case and going through a couple layers of folded clothes I found the wrapped present and lifted my eyes towards my beauty whom was still lying there. “Close your eyes” I said and she did so even rolling onto her back and cupping her eyes over her eye shadow covered lids. She felt some weight gently lay itself on her stomach then I laid in bed next to her. “Open them”. Propping her head up and looking down she saw a long, rectangular box there covered in blue wrapping paper and a bright red bow.

“Baby, you didn’t have to…” she tried to say reaching down and holding it up with her hands. Lifting her shoulders to move her body into a sitting position against the pillows she removed the bow and placed it on top of my head and snickered before going at the paper. In a couple of strokes she cast the paper onto the bedding and she exclaimed, “Oh God!” and her cheeks blushed red. It was a giant dildo, but not just any dildo. This one shoots fake sperm. Ripping open the plastic case she wanted to get at it as quickly as possible. The advertisement says that it was a model made with life like flesh material. It measured ten inches in length and three in diameter with a light complexion and many bugling veins crisscrossing along the shaft from sac to tip. Samantha didn’t need any scissors her sharp nails did the work in ripping out of its holding and when she grasped the shaft in both hands and felt the weight and marveled at it her jaw dropped. In her excitement several packets fell onto her thighs and I picked them up. As I said, this toy shoots fake cum from a reservoir in the sac. When squeezed it shoots it up the shaft and out the tip. The packets were cum mixes that said they were of ‘pina colata’ flavor. “Sweet Jesus,” Samantha gasped as she continued to gawk at her toy before turning to me and brushing a strand of strawberry-blonde hair over her right ear, “How did you know? How did you know this is what I wanted?”

“Well” blushing a bit myself, “remember maybe a month or so ago when we spent all that Saturday watching dirty movies?” She nodded. I remember it because Samantha picked me up and drove me to her place. Along the way all she kept talking about were these new guys to our unit. She liked them, they were tall, powerfully built, but they were married. This made me a bit left out, but she said that she wanted to get all of that out of her system so she picked up a bunch of movies, at least a dozen from her friends, and we sat down going through them. A lot of it was amateur stuff, I hated the camera work because some just couldn’t keep still with the constant shifting and zooming in and out and Samantha did like it either, but we finally found one where it pictured Jenna Haze, a very lovely woman with almond shaped eyes that independent escort dubai were very seductive and elegant brunette hair and she started the video by playing with her tight pussy with a toy that began to grow in size. First it was her fingers, then it was a pocket vibrator, then it was a larger one and then it was a beast like this. I was turned on by Jenna and Samantha liked the idea of toys, but she could never go to a porn store for some reason. I believe it was fear of being caught by others from base but throughout the rest of the day we were going at it as she broke out the dildo that she did have that was well worn by its use, the sides nearly smooth and this new toy shoots splooge.

“I want to try this out,” she said hopping off of the bed and going to the kitchen to complete the mixture. Going back inside of my luggage I found my digital camera and turned it on. One thing that she also enjoyed doing was having pictures taken and I would have something to jerk off to when I’m back in the barracks, something that none of the other guys had. They had their wives or their girlfriends but I had an intense lover.

I snuck down the hall, one foot in front of the other, hunched forward so she would see me then I slipped into the kitchen. She had soaked the toy in warm, soapy water to remove any packaging chemicals and sat it on its sac on the counter where it stood rigid like a flag pole and ripped open one of the packets and dumped it into glass and a splash of water before mixing it with her index finger. It was a little thin at first but it started to thicken then it reached the right proportion and began filling it into the reservoir. She was eager and smiling brightly until it was full then I got behind her and placed my hands on her hips. The sergeant jumped at first as she slurped on that mixture covered finger and turned her head over her right shoulder and smiled, “Oh. Hi!” giggling before easing into me. Brushing away her hair over her shoulder I kissed the back of her neck and she sighed and moaned, “Ooooh yes. You know what I like” reaching back with her left arm and ran her thin fingers through my dark, bristling hair and her right hand gripped her new cock toy. “You….you had it set up like this on purpose, didn’t you?” moaning and pushing back with her tight backside and grinding into my crouch. “You wanted me to have two cocks” pushing back gently with her nice backside and grinding into me.

“Well,” I replied in a whispered into her ear with a bit of determination, “It’s not a gang bang, but it’ll do.”

Turning about Samantha wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me, leaning back against the counter, drawing up her left leg till it wrapped around my hip. I cupped her backside and hoisted her up. She yelped in surprise as I placed her backside onto the flat surface, knocking the toy back and kissing her sweet lips. “You got the camera?” she asked. Holding up my left wrist it dangled from the rope wrapped around it. “Good” she smiled, “I wanted to see what my face looks like with cum from two studs.”

We continued kissing, sliding our tongues into each other as her hands stroked my shoulders and moved down the flanks and began lifting up my shirt showing my flat stomach. I wasn’t well built but I was fit with a flat stomach and a bit of biceps and no hair there. Holding up my arms my shirt went up and she cast it aside and she smiled more giving soft kisses onto my nipples, running her tongue over them and pinching them lightly between her teeth. The sergeant giggled before kissing my stomach and going back up to my chest and running the flat of it across the skin. It was cold and I shivered, tilting my head back and moaning as my hands held onto her shoulders.

“Fuck yes”.

“You getting hard for me, Cole?” she asked running a hand down and gently cupping my crouch. It was clearly evident, but she didn’t go straight for it. Instead she continued to tease me, running her hands along my hips, along the waist line and the fingers brushing over the tip of my rod and I quivered. She sensed it and knew that it was building up and wanted to go on further. Her kisses began going up my chest and then up the front of my neck, sucking very lightly and lathering up the flesh. God she was incredibly sexy and talented in how to use every part of her body. She had many lovers and was a veteran of this compared to me and I was feeling her doing things to me right now with my eyes closed. I didn’t do anything except standing before her, hands on her shoulders as she kissed me and ran her fingers all over and it was working me up then her palms went round and squeezed my butt cheeks and she said, “It’s going in you,” continuing to tease me about her finger. “It’s going in youuuuuu, hehehehe”

Chuckling lightly I kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes and pulled back. “You want me to keep my clothes on this time?” I liked her clothes being on. Don’t know why but there was a bit of mystery having her clothes stay on hiding most of her body as one hand reached behind and felt around for her new toy. Grasping it and bringing it back around I took up the camera and nodded affirmatively to her question then held up the camera and she held the giant flesh like cock tip to her lips and nibbled on it and gave a wink. “mmmm” moistening her lips, “So, how do you want me, sir?”

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