Wake Me Please

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As I found myself coming out of my slumber this morning I was thinking of you. I imagined that I was asleep in your bed, your scent surrounding me. I felt you come into bed, my body warm and welcoming to you. You slid in beside me and I nestled into the crook of your arm, my hand coming to rest on top of your heart and my leg draped over yours.

I feel your fingers tracing a line down my spine and it sends shivers through me, making me press against you a little more. When I pull back to give you more room, your arm holds me where I am. I place a kiss above your nipple and let my hand slide down your body coming to rest on top of your leg; my fingers tracing circles up and down your leg finding their way up to your stomach.

Your left hand reaches up and pushes my hair out of my face. It slowly follows my jaw line, then my neck, pausing for a moment above my breasts. Slowly your hand caresses the top of first one then the other, my breath catches in my throat. You pull away from me to give your hand better access; your right arm still lies around me, holding me close, as if I would leave you now.

Leaning back I look up at you, my hand moving up to cup the back of your head and pull you to me. Before my eyes flutter closed, I see that grin you some times get when I am being forward. Gently my lips find yours, with a heart beat that quickens, casino oyna my tongue darts out to trace the line of your upper lip. I can’t help the little sigh that escapes my lips when your hands find their way into my hair and you press your body into mine.

Very suddenly the mood has changed; your hands are still gentle as they travel up and down my body, only now there is impatience in them. You roll over so that your body is on top of mine; you are cradled now between my thighs, pressing into me. My sigh’s turn to soft moans as I feel your passion for me; and even I am finding it hard to be gentle with you.

Your voice is deep and husky as you say my name, and I wrap my legs around you, keeping you close to me. You pull away and I arch my back wanting to stay with you. Your lips find my neck and gently bite down on the most sensitive area your can. A gasp escapes my lips and my nails run down your back. I turn my head and take the lobe of your ear between my teeth, using my tongue I suck it gently into my mouth. This time it is your turn to gasp, a smile comes to my lips and I feel you reach behind me to pull my nightgown up over my head.

I pull away from you, letting my legs drop to your sides as you free me of this barrier between us. As soon as I am free I wrap my legs and arms around you once more, I love the feel of our bodies slot oyna together. Your skin warm against mine, the only thing that is better are your lips on mine when you are buried so deep inside. I run my fingers up your spine and into your hair, pulling you down to me locking my lips with yours. Our tongues meet and our passions meld.

Reaching down you remove your shorts, and this time when I wrap my legs around you, you push up into me. The feel of you inside me takes my breath away and for a moment all that I can do is hold on to you. When I open my eyes I find you looking down at me with that intensity I have seen no where else; you smile at me and thrust ever so gently. My eyes close once again, the pleasure almost more than I can bear. My hands find there way into your hair and I pull your head down to mine sucking your lower lip into my mouth. This time it’s you who whose hands find their way into my hair. You hold on to me with such a ferocity, pushing up into me, holding me close as you try to get even closer.

I push you back to free myself, and just as your look turns to one of confusion I pull my leg up and rest it on your shoulder. That look turns to one of delight as you lean down into me. One of your hands moves down my body and cups my backside, pulling it up into you as you press down deep inside me. The other hand remains canlı casino siteleri firmly entwined in my hair, your lips battling mine, our tongues entwined.

My heart beat quickens with each thrust of your body. I wrap my ankle around your neck and press up into you just as shudders wrack my body. You feel so wonderful inside me, my body spasms and I clasp you to me.

When I open my eyes I see you smiling down at me. “Does that feel good?” you ask.

“Um, don’t stop,” is my reply as my hips press up into you once more. You groan deep in your throat and the mind blowing thrusts continue. I love to watch you as you do this with me, I can see the desire, the passion as it dances over your face. As your excitement grows so does the strength of your thrusts, you move my leg from your shoulder and bring my knees up to my chest.

Pulling out just enough to make me resist your leaving me, you laugh when I beg you not to stop. Again you thrust into me, this time not stopping for anything, and for the second time you push me over the edge. Only this time you don’t stop you keep pushing into me. The feeling of you is driving me crazy, I long to feel you come for me. I want to feel you loose all control the way that you make me loose control.

I wrap my legs around you and run my nails along your back. Your body tenses in my arms and with all the built up passion you thrust one final time. I watch your face as the pleasure envelops you. As you come back down to reality I wrap my arms around you. Looking up at you with desire still in my eyes, I ask, “Does that feel good, baby?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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