Who’s Your Daddy?

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So, where does one begin a tale such as this? I’ve known Aidan for years, though he’s my best friend I have even been curious about him if you know what I mean, but I never in a million years thought I would actually find out.

Over the years he has had many a girlfriend and though I haven’t had many a man the timing has never been right. Not to mention the fastest way to kill a friendship is to start doing – er – unfriendly things to each other. Now, by unfriendly I do not mean not being nice, I mean things that you normally do not do with friends. Things that require the removal of clothing…

Now, let’s describe Aidan to get a good mental image. He’s 6′ even. Has brown eyes and golden-red skin. Those eyes. They are the first pair of brown eyes I have ever been enamored of. So expressive. When the charm is turned on, that gaze alone could get me to do anything at anytime in any place. He is broad shouldered. Indeed I have spent many a moment appreciating the girth of his back and the strength it exudes. His hair is short, straight, buzzed, brown and starting to gray. He hates it, I love it. Go figure.

His bottom half is narrower. He has the typical body of a quarterback. He claims that he used to have an ass but that the Marines marched it off of him during boot camp all those years ago.

I should also tell you about his voice. I have only met 2 men in my life that had a voice like his and he’s one of them. Deep, bordering on Barry White-dom. So melodic and calculated. Everything about Aidan is calculated. Everything.

I am 5’2″ a little on the chubby side and adorable if you were to listen to Aidan. I have light brown hair and blue eyes. My breasts are average little breasts. 38b’s for me. I have a fat ass that screams Sicilian and a voice that makes the cockles on a man’s neck go on alert. At least, that’s what a few have told me…

I think that’s good for describing two perfectly average looking people with a few not so average things about them. You know, not so different from the rest of the human race.

In the past few months, Aidan and I have been spending an awful lot of time together, now don’t get me wrong, he’s my best friend, but we’re talking almost everyday. He recently went through a breakup and I think he just wanted me to help him lick his wounds. Check that one off the list ladies and gentlemen.

We hosted a party a couple of weeks ago and that’s when it happened. After everyone had left he sat down at the computer and started watching porn. It wasn’t the first time he had turned on porn and had me watch it with him which I’ll admit is weird if you aren’t having sex or relieving yourself. I don’t know about you guys, but I use porn as a stimulant to self induced incredipleasure, as I like to call it. Or at least in the background while you’re fucking and you just want that extra something to spurn you on. I haven’t ever met anyone who liked to watch it for sport with friends who were of the opposite sex but maybe that’s just me. As I said, we’ve watched porn together before but usually we aren’t sitting on the same couch or very near each other. He never comes on to me and my clever little responses that I have become famous for in these parts of course elude me because I’m so fucking turned on by it but I don’t dare say anything because we’re friends blah blah blah…Well, this particular evening he said something I’d never heard come out of his mouth before when we had partaken in this past time.

“Wow, that one was arousing.” I was acutely aware of the beat of the music that was still on suddenly.

And there, before I could register the voice I heard someone say “What? Are you trying to tell me something?” Yeah, it was me.

He turned himself half around in his office chair and shot me that raw wolf look that he has. I immediately felt myself getting hotter and wetter for that matter.

“I could be.” He slyly smiled.

I rolled my eyes and started to get up from my chair and he grabbed my wrist.

“What if I was?” He asked.

“I think you need to tell me before I’m going to respond to that loaded question.” I shot him a little girl smile filled with innocence that was anything but.

“Come on Michele, aren’t you even a little curious?” With his Midwestern accent my name came out sounding like ‘Mishayle’ and I loved the way he said it.

“No.” Now that really wasn’t a lie because I wasn’t the least bit curious, I HAD BEEN DYING TO KNOW FOR ALMOST A DECADE.

“No?” His eyes bored into mine and again, I heard that voice that couldn’t possibly have been mine (but of course was) say “Do you really need to ask? Haven’t you figured it out yet?”

He stood up over me then and looked down at me. I broke his gaze but he put his finger under my chin.

“Look at me.” So soft, gentle and hypnotic was his voice. “Why won’t you look at me?”

I blushed and smiled up at him. He could see my body struggling against my mind.

He slowly lowered his head to mine and kissed me. Gently at first, just lips sucking on lips. cebeci escort I was a teensy bit aware of the fact that my feet were starting to move toward his room as he was nudging me in that direction. ‘No turning back now.’ I thought and prepared for something I had fantasized about for a very long time.

As soon as we crossed over the threshold he closed the door, turned to me and picked me up under my arms and threw me back on the bed. He was on me in a flash and kissed me deeper this time. His tongue tasted good and felt like hot velvet. There was something urgent taking over him. He was becoming less gentle and more beastly. He lowered his face into my neck and bit me hard. I yelped a little and he just laughed into my neck which tickled deliciously.

“Listen, before this goes any further if there’s something you don’t like or something hurts you, just gently tug on my ear, all right?” He said.

“Tug on your ear, got it.” I grabbed his face to pull him in a kiss and he gripped my wrists and pinned them.

“Oh no, Bitch, I’m in control tonight.” That wasn’t as brutal sounding as you think, we call each other bitch all the time. It’s part of our sexual tension banter.

“Sure you are.” I laughed.

“Oh ho, are you challenging me, Miss?” He asked me just daring me to say yes. “You know how I love a good challenge.”

“I believe I am Mr. Samuels.” I said just daring him to do his worst. I’ve always been a bit of a submissive but you have to break me first. And hey, I welcome that.

“All right, I see how it’s gonna be.” He chuckled like he knew something I didn’t. “Wait till you get a load of me. In more ways than one tonight it would seem.” He laughed and went back to biting my neck. He still held my wrists down but now they were above my head held by only one hand.

He reached down with the other and lifted my skirt up. He found my panties and ripped them right off of me. The pulled fabric burned my thighs and of course, ever the ball buster I had to say something.

“Hey! I just got those and they weren’t cheap.” Man I was just digging my hole deeper, wasn’t I?

“So I’ll get you new ones. Now, I’m only going to say this once, you’d better be a good little girl.”

“Or what?”

“Oh, you’ll find out. Something tells me you’re REALLY going to find out with that lip of yours.”

“Shut up and kiss me Big Boy.” I taunted him.

“What did you just call me?”

“You heard me, Boy.” I sassed.

“That’s two.” He sing songed to me as he did indeed kiss me.

Next he raised up a bit and grabbed hold of my blouse…

“No, don-” PING PING PING went all the buttons as he tore it open and exposed my breasts which were already free as I had taken off my bra earlier when the last person had left. He took that blouse and in one swift motion lifted me up pulled the blouse down behind me and pushed me back down so that now I was bound by my own blouse.

“Clever…” I said laughing.

“Oh you have no idea. But you will after tonight.”

With the skirt he was actually gentle, with the SKIRT. He unbuttoned the little button, unzipped the little zipper and when he curled his fingers around the hem to pull it down and off he made sure that he also curled his fingers cruelly into my thighs. It was delicious, thank you very much.

He got back over me and attacked my breasts. He started out softly licking them with a firm tongue teasing my nipple with lightning fast flickers.. I reached up and touched his head as much as I could considering my somewhat bound predicament. He alternated between the two and then nibbled, then bit and ground. I moaned unwilling to admit that it hurt even a little. It did, but I get off on pain so I just enjoyed it.

He reached down and grabbed my pussy, cupped it and I felt one of his fingers rubbing my clit. The electric shock of it was heaven after all this build up for so long.

“My my you’re wet. I won’t even need the astroglide for your little pussy will I?” He said. I moaned.

He rubbed faster and I hate to be a cheap date, but I had so much desire for him built up for so long, a few more strokes and I was cumming all over his hand. His HAND. I couldn’t believe that his hand felt that good.

With his other hand I could hear him fumbling with his jeans and I rose up a little to get that blouse off me. I wanted to touch him and I wanted to take his damn shirt off of him.

He smacked my thigh. “Who said you could take that blouse off, Miss?”

“I need to feel you.” I stated while trying to catch my breath.

“Patience, Michele.” He said as I started to tear off his shirt. “I plan to take my time.”

He got back over me and I felt that hot hard cock against my leg. It was like hot iron with a soft coating of skin.

“Are you ready, Michele?” He asked as I felt him rubbing it up and down my pussy lips.

I moaned again.

He slowly started to push that cock into me. It wasn’t the longest dick in the world but he was thick. My tight little pussy çukurambar escort walls strained to take him in. I guess I was a little vocal at that point because he had a bit to say to me.

“What’s the matter, Bitch? A little too much for your ass? Aw – too late now.” We both laughed at that and I ran my fingers through his hair and pulled his head down to mine. This time when he kissed me he bit my lip as I felt him slowly pumping that fat cock in and out of me trying to make a space to churn that fucking tool and a half into.

“My God, this fucking pussy is so tight.” He rasped in my ear. “Nice and hot too.”

I raised my legs up so that my feet were flat on the bed and I pushed up to meet him and get him in a little more.

“Brave little girl aren’t you?” He taunted me. “Let’s see just what you can take then…” He pounded me a few times and slapped right into my cervix. I grunted that time. “You know my ears are right here, right?” He teased, knowing I would never give him the satisfaction.

Since I wouldn’t he of course pounded right on. I wrapped my arms around his back and dug into him.

“Oh, you want to play like that?” He asked. I scratched him too. “All right, bitch, tear away.” He pounded me harder and faster and I clawed his back and his ass all the while pushing back against him, fucking back and getting lost in something very animalistic.

After awhile he pulled back and hooked his elbows under my legs and folded me in half. I didn’t think he could go deeper but I was wrong. He stopped pumping for a minute and just stayed there looking at me. I felt him pulse inside me. It felt incredible!

“You like that don’t you little girl?”

“Yes, I do.” I moaned.

“Yes, what?” he demanded.

“Yes I do very much.” I taunted him.

“No, you say ‘Yes, Daddy.’ Or else.”

“Or else what?” I grabbed him by the neck and dug my nails in as I pulled him down for a kiss.

“Keep it up, Bitch. I’ll show you who you’re Daddy is.”

“Mmmhmmm.” He grabbed my ankles at that and stretched them over my head, he slammed down hard into me and I yelled out in a mix of pleasure and pain.

“You’ll see, but don’t say I didn’t warn you…” He put his hand over my mouth and let 2 fingers dig inside. I greedily sucked and bit them a little harder than necessary.

He shifted his body so that he was fucking into me almost sideways. Nice long, brutal, irresistible strokes. I so wanted to ride him like a Clydesdale. I tried to sit up and he shoved me right back into the mattress.

“I don’t believe I gave you permission to move, Miss.”

“I want-“

“What do you want?” He teased.

“I want to ride your cock.”

“What do you say?”

“Let me ride your fucking cock, now.”

He laughed loudly like he couldn’t believe what I just said. I was refusing to let him control me and he was plotting my demise, oh was he plotting my demise. How lucky can a girl get?

He finally me go. I’d like to think I flipped him over, and if you were just a bystander, that’s exactly what it looked like I did too, but I’m sure he helped me there. I got on top of him and started writhing over him to the beat of the music. I was belly danced on his dick. My hips rocked spasmodically back and forth side to side, gyrated around and shivered on his dick.

“Oh MY GOD.” He said evenly and emphatically. “I like that.” He laughed.

“Yeah? You like that?” I asked him. “Do you like this too?” I raised up and down while twirling my hips for an effect that made his eyes roll into the back of his head.

He lifted his hands to play with my breasts, but I took his hands in mine, laced our fingers and used him for leverage while I ground my pussy against him. I felt an orgasm coming for me and gripped his hands even harder.

“Oh my God I’m gonna fuckin’ cum.”

“That’s it Bitch, cum all over my cock. Show me how much you love it.” I could feel his hips thrusting up everytime I came back down. I could feel the heat building in my toes as my moans became cries of sheer pleasure. As I was indeed cumming all over his dick he raised up, hands still locked and held my arms behind my back. He suckled my breasts and bit them too all of it adding to the waves of pleasure that were crashing over me under me and right on through me.

He stayed right where I needed him to as I gripped and milked his cock with my tight little pussy. Though, for all the squeezing I gave him, he still hadn’t cum and I’d cum twice already. I was starting to be a little impressed.

I bent my head down for a kiss and cradled his head in my arms. “Oh jesus.” I said. “Oh I needed that.”

He handed me a glass of water off his nightstand never leaving my body. “You’re going to need this too.” He said.

I greedily drank the water. I could feel him flex that cock of his in my body every few seconds and it sent after shocks throughout.

“I feel bad, you still haven’t cum yet.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’m not finished with you by a long shot. ankara escort And I’ll cum just fine.” I smiled coyly at him and handed him back the water which he gently set down. That was the last time gentle would enter into this scenario. “Get on your stomach.” He commanded. I did. “Now, it’s my turn, I hope you’re prepared. Once I start, I don’t stop till I’m finished.”

He started rubbing my shoulders and neck. “How does that feel?”

“MMM nice.” I said.

“Good, I want you to be nice and relaxed.” He rasped in my ear.

“No problem there.” I breathed.

After a few minutes of that he lifted me onto my knees. We were facing this huge mirror he had against the wall. He slowly placed his cock back in my pussy as he reached around my front and squeezed my tits. “Look at that.” He said. “Look at us in the mirror.” I did. I looked at him in the mirror and he at me. I could just make out this glimmer of mischief and knew I was in for it very soon.

I smiled sweetly at him through the glass and that seemed to be enough to set him off. I heard a maniacal chuckle in my ear as I felt my body being pushed down onto all fours and he slammed himself into me hard.

“Oh shit, Michele, I don’t know, you think you can handle this?”

I started to challenge him with a laugh and that’s when it happened. He smacked my ass so hard I almost fell off his dick.

“Oh no you don’t.” He said as he steadied me by hooking an arm about my waist. He slapped me again and again. “I told you to be good.” He said. “I warned you. And what did you do? You laughed at me, disobeyed me, teased me and tore up my back, well, now I’m going to tear up this ass in oh so many more ways than one…BITCH.” SMACK SMACK SMACK.

“Shit Aidan, take it easy.” I said. My ass felt like it was on fire. And my thighs too, they weren’t left out.

“Ah ah ah, what did I tell you if you didn’t like something or something hurt you?” He asked.

I realized for the first time that he trapped me. How the fuck was I going to gently tug his ear from this fucking position?!?

I could hear him laughing his champion laugh, the one that means he had won this time. “I told ya, but you didn’t believe me.” With every syllable I heard and felt another thunderous clap against my body all the while he was shoving that fat cock in and out. My cervix felt like a punching bag and I didn’t know if I wanted to cum or cry.

I’d had a spanking or two in my life, but really nothing very long or drawn out. A few slaps here or there and certainly nothing ever this hard. Hell, my Sicilian mother’s beatings weren’t even as bad as this. He just kept on hitting me over and over and when it wasn’t the clapping of his hand against my body I heard it was the smack of his hips cracking against my ass as he pounded my pussy good and raw from behind. I felt every sensation in my TEETH it was so primal.

While I dug my fingers into the mattress he stopped hitting me for a second. I looked to see what he was doing but wasn’t fast enough, then I felt it. He was pouring astroglide in the crack of my ass.

“What are you doing?” I asked. He slapped me hard and it hurt really bad as he now had something wet on his hand. I felt his finger slide in my ass while he was still fucking the shit out of me. Then two.

“Aidan…” I said. I wanted to tell him to stop sticking fingers in my ass that he wasn’t allowed to fuck me in the ass but I just gave up as he kept beating my ass into submission. ‘Well,’ I thought ‘I certainly asked for this.’

He stopped fucking and spanking for a second. I felt his cock leave my now gaping cunt as he repositioned it against my ass. He gripped my thighs as he started to apply firm steady pressure. I felt the head pop in as I was so slippery, there was nothing I could do. He started fucking in and out of my ass with just the first few inches for a minute and then he started going deeper and deeper. Finally he slammed the whole thing in and I screamed.

“How’s that feel bitch?” He asked. He slammed into me again. I whimpered loudly. The beating resumed. “Look at us, look at your face in the mirror.” I lifted my head for a second and saw his face as well as mine contorted in pain and pleasure. I dropped my head back down to concentrate on taking this pounding in my ass and that’s when he grabbed me by the hair and yanked me upright. “I said to look at your fucking face.” He pounded me slowly and so much harder now as my back arched at such an angle as to allow him to penetrate my ass even deeper.

Small strangled screams escaped my throat and I could see the pain on my face, I could see the pleasure on my face, I could see the unwillingness to accept that he could break me so I pushed back against him and squeezed him with my ass.

“nnnnghghg” He grunted. With every pound he grunted like a wild animal and the sound was making me hot all over again. I began that climb one more time…

He started rubbing my clit now and slapping me with his other hand. The combination of all these sensations was explosive.

“Now, Bitch, you tell me, who’s your Daddy?” I didn’t answer, I just grunted and moaned.

He slapped me a few times harder than ever if that’s even possible, it felt possible, slammed my ass so hard I really thought he’d hurt something inside me he went so deep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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