Working Saturday

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I used to work as a contractor for a company that does the clean up after another company makes a mess in people’s homes installing new fiber optic lines. The clean up that I typically did was repairing the in ground sprinkler system. It was summer in North Texas. I drove out to my first job that morning. My helper called in sick that morning so I was completely alone.

I parked the work truck and rang the door bell. I called the home the day before to let them know that I’d be working on their sprinklers today. It was by their request. I even gave them my best ETA. The door opened and standing there was a woman about my age, still wearing her night gown. I liked the view, but I didn’t say anything.

“I’m sorry if I woke you. I’m here to fix your sprinkler system.” I said, “My name’s Jason.”

“Hi.” she said, “My name’s Stacy and the damage is in the back yard.”

I walked around the house to the back, and she met me out there. I walked around the yard looking at the damage that I could see.

“They didn’t plan this very well.” she explained, “They just picked a spot and dug, hit the valve box. Then they dug a new trench, caused more damage, then found out that they put the cable on the wrong side of the house, so they had to dig a third trench.” she explained. It was over a week ago since this happened and she was still not too happy.

I explained to her that the company doing the installs have been screwing up like this on all the homes which is why it took me a week to get out to see her. I told her that I needed to get to the control panel for the sprinklers and that was it.

About fifteen later she came back out, she was now dressed, sadly. “How is it going?” she asked. I told her about the repairs I had done up to that point. I was digging a new hole to repair the obviously damaged valve. She gave me her sympathies on having to work alone, then she offered me some thing to drink. The temperature was over 100 degrees, so I gladly took what she offered.

She didn’t leave while I was working, she hung around, we talked while I worked. I noticed her freshly pedicured feet, and I could smell the perfume that she was wearing. Her shirt was low cut, giving me a nice view of her cleavage whenever I stood up.

After I patched up all the damage that I could find without turning on the system I turned to Stacy and asked about the control panel.

“That’s just inside the back door.” she said pointing in that direction. She lead the way into house and I toggled my view from where we were going to her ass and back. She pointed to the control panel and went to it and tested the system. Success, it all worked.

I then proceeded to put away my tools and trash, she and I continued to talk while I was doing so. It was close to eleven a.m. now. It was very hot, I was very sweaty, I had dug and filled over seven holes, patched probably two feet of pipe, patched the sprinkler wire, replaced 2 sprinkler heads and a valve. I was ready to get indoors, out of my sweaty clothes, and do just about anything else.

The conversation kızılay escort turned from casual to kind of flirty. I don’t know how or when it did. I didn’t even notice it. I don’t even know if it was me or her who started it. I didn’t care either. She was cute and it was fun.

“So, what are you up to now?” she asked.

“Well, it’s Saturday, I hate working 6 day weeks, and here’s how I see it. I gave the boss 10 hours or more each day this week, and he still demands Saturday. I’ll give him Saturday, just not a full day.”

She smiled at that. “Yeah, I can understand that.”

I closed the back of the truck and we talked a bit more. We were now inches from each other. I think about what I have to go home to and it hits me that her company is better then going home alone. The boss is in another city and there is no chance that he’s going to check up on me. I might as well milk the clock a bit. I’ll just charge the company that messed up Stacy’s yard to begin with, no harm in that. They’re a major telecommunications firm, they can handle it.

I find myself now having to fight myself from putting my hand on Stacy. My dick is hard with the thoughts of her and I fucking on her kitchen floor.

The conversation has died down, and now I’m having to come up with some reason to stay just a bit longer. “Here, let me give your sprinkler system one last check. Just to make sure that I got everything.” I say. Yeah, I know I’m lying. I hope that she doesn’t realize it’s a lie, and I also hope that I didn’t miss something and have to spend more time fixing what I missed.

She escorts me back around the house to the back door, into the house and I test the system. Good, it all works. Now I can’t think of another reason to hang around, so I head towards the back door.

“Here,” she says pointing, “why not go through the front door?” she suggests.

I take her suggestion. She leads me through the house and I stop and say, “Do you mind if I use your bathroom to wash up?” I show her my hands, covered in mud and dirt. I’ve been good about not touching anything, and when I was at the control panel, I used a paper towel on it so the controls didn’t get dirty.

I walk into the bathroom and she points me to the soap and a towel that I can use. As I’m washing up she asks, “If you’re going to be heading home from here, why not just go ahead and shower?”

“That’s not a problem?”

“No.” she answered, “it’s just me and there’s no since in you heading home dirty and sweaty just to shower there.”

“Yeah, but my clothes are extremely dirty also.”

“I can wash them.”

I turn down the offer. “That’s nice, but I can’t accept that offer.”

“Why not?” she asked, almost disappointed.

“I don’t have any other clothes to wear until my clothes are washed and dried.”

She left and then returned with a bathrobe. I take it, and realize that there is no way out of this, and this may lead to what I’ve been thinking about all morning.

I strip off my clothes, leave them outside the bathroom kolej escort door and hop into the shower. I take a quick shower. I’m clean, smelling good, but to the point that it looks like I just showered. I don’t want my boss to know what I did if he’s at the shop when I get back. I also took a quick shower in case the boss called. I know that at this point if I got caught I’d get fired. I don’t care.

After the shower, I walk out of the bathroom in the bathrobe. Stacy’s in the dining room, at the table, with some tea prepared. I say “thank you.” and sit down next to her at the table.

“It shouldn’t take too long to wash your clothes.” she says.

“That’s alright.” I say as I take a drink of the tea. “Thank you.” I say. We talk for awhile. The table is a glass table, something that I noticed but didn’t think about until it occurred to me that I was just wearing the robe and if I got excited then Stacy would see just about everything. That thought was probably not the one to have. My dick got hard almost instantly and the robe opened up to expose myself to Stacy. I tried to pull the robe over myself but it was no good. The front of the robe couldn’t contain me.

Stacy smiled at what she say. “So, what’s got you excited.”

I decide to come clean. I tell her that all day I’ve been having dirty thoughts about her.

“What kind of thoughts did you have?”

I pointed to the kitchen floor and said, “I’m sure our bodies would put a nice buff on that floor.”

She smiled, “Yeah, but I haven’t cleaned that floor in awhile, but I just put clean sheets on the bed.” she said as she stood up walking towards the hallway. I stood up, and as I did, the company cell phone rang. “Shit.” I said picking it up. “it’s my boss.” I answered it, glad that the television wasn’t turned on. She continues on her way.

“Where are you at?”

“I’m still at the first house.” I answer.


“Yeah, they did a number on this lady’s yard. I’m probably going to be here all day.”

He then proceeded to yell at me for not working fast enough. I point out to him that the yard is extremely messed up and I didn’t have my helper for today. This is a losing argument. I know it, I’m not even going to fight it. I just want him to finish so I can have my fun.

I hang the phone up and walk to the bedroom. Stacy is in the bed, the blankets and pillows are already on the floor and she’s in the bed wearing the nightie that she had on when I showed up this morning. I sit the cell phone on the night stand. It read 12:00 pm. I remove my bathrobe and crawl onto the bed towards Stacy. I lean forward and kiss her. As we’re kissing we wrap our arms and legs around each other and roll around on the bed. The nightie is just long enough to keep me from entering her, but thin enough that I can see the outline of her breasts.

She breaks the kiss and leans me back. I watch as she moves to my hard dick. She sticks out her tongue and runs it over the head of my dick a few times, then she puts it into her mouth. I moan softly as she ankara escort bobs her head up and down on me. Oh damn she’s good. I move my hand down to her, reach under her nightie and rub her very wet pussy. I run my fingers up and down the opening, tease the clit, then I finger her with one, then two, then three fingers. Finally I move my body over (but not taking my dick out of her mouth) so that my head is now between her legs. I rub her ass cheeks while I lick eat her pussy.

I lick the lips, I suck the clit into my mouth, I probe her with my tongue. I reached under her nightie and rubbed her nipple between my thumb and finger.

She took my dick out of her mouth and I watched as she removed the nightie. Damn she looked good naked. She put a leg over me and slowly lowered herself down onto me. I put my hands on her legs and enjoyed the feeling of the head of my dick sliding into her. We both moaned in unison. Once I was completely inside of her, I took her by the wrists and pulled her down to me. I kissed her lips and began to thrust my hips.

I rolled us over so that she was on her back. I sat up, continued to thrust in and out of her while sucking on her nipples. I was sweating and she was moaning and the bed was squeaking while slamming repeatedly against the bedroom wall.

I looked down at her naked body. Her breasts swaying as I pounded her pussy. I could feel my cum building. I tried to fight it as much as I could. Finally I couldn’t hold it back any more and I came deep inside of her.

I pulled out of her and collapsed on top of her. We kissed again then I rolled onto the bed next to her. I had just closed my eyes when the company cell phone rang. I asked Stacy to remain quiet while I answered the phone. “Hello?” It was the boss.

“Jason, how is it going?”

“Things here are going good. It’s mostly done, I just need to do the clean up and I’ll be finished.”

“Well, I just turned onto the street to where you’re at. I should be there very soon. We can’t spend all day on one job.”

“Okay.” I answered, “But at this point you’re really not needed.”

“I’m here, I’m going to see you at least work a bit.”

“Okay.” I said, “Well, I have to go.”

“See you soon.” he said.

I hung up the phone, then said, “Shit!”

“What?” Stacy asked.

I told her how the boss was very close and how he was coming to help me out. I jumped out of the bed and started to get dressed as fast as I could. I had just pulled my pants up when I heard his truck door slam. I was dead. I looked out of the bedroom window, into the backyard to see him looking for me. I put on my shirt and slid my shoes on (didn’t worry about my socks or tying my shoes). He knocked on the door then rang the door bell.

Stacy answered the door while I tried to sneak out of the back door. She had him talking while I tried to sneak to the truck. That’s when I noticed that he’s truck was blocking mine in. He turned from Stacy to me. He didn’t hold back in what he said to me in front of her. He used every cuss word he could think of. He took my time book and docked me the entire day’s pay.

I wasn’t fired. I was made his assistant, and he made my life a living hell. Getting fired would have been a better fate,but he wanted to really punish me. Less then a week later I quit and went looking for a new job.

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