Wresting Team Gone Wild Ch. 04


A new coach with rather unorthodox methods is appointed to bring the University’s wresting team back to the top. Unfortunately for straight hunk Scott, the path to victory involves turning him into the team’s bitch.

The story, names, and places are entirely fictional. All characters featured are above 18. Enjoy.


Wrestling Team Gone Wild

Chapter 4: One on One training

I did not mention to anyone, not even to Travis, what had happened in the Coach’s office.

I did get more attention from the lewd picture posted on the University’s website but it only lasted a couple of days so I let it go. Unfortunately, my body being exposed online attracted more gay guys than hot girls my way, as apparently, the picture had been posted on some obscure gay forums.

Students quickly moved on to other scandals. Damian Feytons had released another sextape and it was a doozy: two twin sisters sharing Damian’s bed!

By the end of the following training, Coach Daniel informed me that I would no longer have to wear the singlet at all times. It was now sufficiently fitting. What a fucking relief!

Daniel did also mention that for my Friday’s one-on-one trainings, I would now have to go to the Coach’s office first but I was too much in my euphory to get rid of the singlet to care.

Generally speaking, the training sessions had nothing to do with what we did last season; it was may more intense.

The Coach would kick us from training if we would arrive late, he would push ourselves to the limit, making us compete with bigger weight classes. I found myself doing matches against Eli Gardener who was way stronger than I was.

Some methods of the Coach were unorthodox but I had to admit that it worked. My shape had never been that good and I could see that I was progressing on my technics.

Doctor Peterson explained to us that it would be advised to keep our testosterones at the highest level by not ejaculating, especially before competition. It was apparently a method used by Olympic athletes.

I was sceptical but I tried to implement it, keeping my masturbation session to a minimum. The first tournaments were in October anyway so the doctor specified that this was not mandatory, “for now”.

Damian did not care much about this new rule:

“For you virgin boys, I guess that’s ok, but I would be depraving so much girls from my cum. This won’t work for me guys.”

The only real problem in my life at this point was my big fat ass. Instead of losing weight and getting more comfortable with it, I was more and more self-aware. Coach Daniel and Coach Ranson kept on commenting on it during trainings.

“This was very good Russel, but again, your ass is slowing you down. We’ll work on that on Friday.”

“Harry was able to have a grip on you, I mean, given the surface of that ass, it’s not that surprising.”

Every time, I felt more and more self-conscious and ashamed.

When Friday came, I knocked at the Coach’s office 30 minutes before my training with Daniel was meant to start.

“Come in, boy.”

“Good evening, Coach. Daniel said you wanted to see me before my session with him?”

“Yes. I thought about your little problem with your body confidence. I talked it through with the staff and we came up with a solution.”

“Oh, really? I’m not sure this was necessary, Coach. I’m way more confident now.” I lied.

“I noticed that you were still very quick to shower in the locker-rooms, always covering yourself up.”

“No, no… I don’t mind, really.”

“Ok then, get naked.”

“Coach? I don’t think that’s necessary.”

“See, you’re not comfortable!”

He stood up and abruptly slid down his shorts, exposing his big dick. It was hairier than last time.

“I just don’t care.” He said, turning around. “I can show off my ass as well, I’m confident in my own skin. See.”

Sure, I could see that.

“Yes, Coach.” I mumbled.

“But that’s ok boy. You’ll get there. I think this is the last thing which keeps you from going one hundred percent on the mat. This is why I wanted for us to have these special sessions. Now, get naked, we’ll start.”

Defeated, I took my clothes off until I was left with my underwear. The Coach smiled.

“Come on, you know this is for your own good.”

I removed my boxer briefs. Once again, I was naked in the Coach office.

“Now, what do you say make you the most insecure? Your genitals or your ass?”

“My ass, Coach…”

“Ok then, turn around, face this wall, and… well, we are going to make you fully expose to your worst fear. This is the best way to overcome it. A therapist’s trick!”

“What do you mean, Coach?” This did not seem like something I would want to do.

“Pretty simple. Go on all fours and stick out your big ass, bend over really good to me.”

“Coach! I cannot do that!”

“And that’s the problem! I know this is tough, this is precisely why we are working on it. Come on boy, the quicker you get over your insecurities, the quicker we can get done with these lessons! I don’t have Escort İstanbul all day and we thought it through with Doctor Peterson, nothing works better than tackling the problem right on.”

Reluctantly, I turned around and got on all fours. For the life of me, I just could not say no to the Head Coach.

Saying no would have only made things worse anyway, it was like the more I was refusing to comply, the more he was making his point about me being too insecure about my own body. I figured the best, and maybe the only way, to get through with it was showing off I actually did not care.

“I said, bend over boy. Put your head against the floor and point your ass towards me. Come on, we’re all straight men here, what are you so sensitive about?”

I obliged; this new position was so weird to me, so degrading in a way.

“Damn, that is big!” The Coach shouted. “Did you feel bad hearing me say that?”

“Yes, Coach.” I answered truthfully.

“Well, get used to it because I’ll keep coming at your ass until you are fully comfortable with it. Maybe I should call you Kim. It’s not that the girl’s name famous for her very large butt?” He laughed it off.

I had never felt more humiliated. I did not say anything.

The next ten minutes were spent hearing the Coach talking about my ass, or rather insulting and mocking it. Sometimes, he would grab my ass or even caress it at the same time.

“This still feels like a big deal for you, right. A slap on your girl’s ass. Some would call it a fag ass, I’m sure. Does that hurt when people tell you that you have a faggot’s ass.”

“Coach, this is going too far…” I mumbled.

He slapped me hard. My ass cheeks giggled.

“Russel, I’m doing this for your own good! Now, if you manage to take this, you will surely handle people staring at you when you come to the mat. Because, I’m telling you boy, they do stare and you’ll have to live with it, embrace it, find power in their gaze!”

I knew that… People did stare at me, especially when I was wearing the singlet.

“You gotta see what we are doing here as a shock treatment. See how your fat ass is exposed now, it would be nothing when you’ll be on the mat. You’ll be able to take it. Right, boy?”

“Right, Coach.”

“See, you get it! Don’t you think it would look like nothing to be on the mat in a tight singlet after this?”

“Yes, compared to this, it will be nothing at all.”

He came near me again and fully groped my ass. For the first time, he opened my cheeks.

“Damn, you’re sure you’re not gay Russel?”

“No, Coach. I’m not, I’m swear. Why do you…”

“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a fag. It’s just that your asshole, well, it just looks so much as an open pussy. I thought only homosexuals got one like that.”

“This is not a fag asshole, Coach. I have never put anything in my ass.”

He kept my cheeks wide open.

“That’s ok, Russel. No need to defend yourself. It does look tight, but more like a tight pussy than a male bum. I guess this is possible for a straight guy to have an ass like yours. Oh, wait, are you dick getting hard while I’m touching your ass?”

At that point, I was mortified.

“No, Coach!”

Was I getting hard? I was pretty sure that I was not but I could not really see in my position, my head against the floor. I did avoid to cum as much as possible lately so I could get unwanted erections. I started to fear that the Coach may actually think that I was gay.

“It does look stiffer to me, but it is so abnormally large as it is. I must say this is a bit uncomfortable for me as well now. But the sport comes before everything else, I’ll continue the session.”

I remained silent as the coach went back to his desk. I could hear him moving and breathing behind me. For a split second, I foolishly thought he was masturbating, but that was not possible. He had just been grossed up by my ass and dick.

When I thought that I heard him moaning, someone knocked at the door.

My heart skipped a beat as the Coach said.

“Come on in.”

I immediately moved to change position but the Coach yelled at me.

“Stay exactly where you are, Russel! That’s the whole point! You getting used being seen like this, and this is someone from the team, so no need to feel embarrassed.”

Embarrassment was all that I was feeling, but it got worse.

“Thanks for coming in, Feytons.”

Damian seemed a bit destabilized when he spoke.

“Coach… You… Hum… Wanted to see me?”

“Yes, I’m working with Russel on a small problem he has with his body. Well, maybe I should rather say a big problem.”

“Oh… ok. And what do you want from me, Coach?”

“It’s pretty simple, I’ve noted you were quite confident with your body. What you lack in technique, you make up for in confidence. Our friend Scott here has the exact opposite problem.”

I proceeded to change my position but the Coach had stood up, and maintained me against the floor.

“Stop moving, Russel!”

Talking to Damian, the head Coach continued:

“I thought you İstanbul Escort Bayan could both help each other. Russel will help you out working on some moves and Feytons, you will help Russel getting more comfortable with his body.”

“Yes, Coach!”

He seemed excited.

“As you can see, I am experimenting an extreme treatment with Russel today. To overcome his insecurities, I am exposing him to his biggest fear, having his big ass exposed. Now, get naked Feytons, Russel needs to understand that there is nothing wrong with our bodies.”

Damian undressed behind me immediately as if this was the most natural thing in the world. He did not even try to protest. This was surreal.

“What do you think of Scotty’s ass, Feytons, be completely honest.”

“Well… It’s very big.”

“Does not it look like a fag’s ass?”

“Yes, it does. Totally!”

“And see, even his asshole, look how wide it opens when I spread his cheeks.”

“Oh fuck! Fucking faggot ass!” Damian was living for it as the Coach kept on working my ass.

This time, I knew this was going too far.

“Guys, stop!” I pleaded. And I tried to stand back up.

“Feytons, maintain him on the floor, you have to work on you pinning down technique and Russel has to keep on showing off his ass.”

I could not believe it.

In no way that would be authorized in wrestling rules, Feytons grabbed my shoulders and my head and pushed me against the floor. He was so much stronger than me. I had forgotten he was naked too. His big uncut dick slapped my face multiple times in the process.

“Good, boys! See, how you are both working together.”

“Guys, please!” I begged.

In a matter of seconds, with the combined efforts of Damian and the Coach, I was totally locked. I just stopped fighting.

“Yes, calm down, Russel. See, it’s not that hard. You are now totally exposed but no one gives a fuck! Look at Feytons’ dick above you, he does not care that you can stare at it.”

Face against the floor, I looked up. It’s not that Feytons did not care about me seeing his dick, he was actually very much enjoying showing off, grinning at me.

“No, I don’t mind. I’m fine with my body.” He squatted down towards me, his balls and hairy asshole coming dangerous close to my face.

Again, I tried to move, but Feytons put his bare feet over my head. They were smelling bad.

Fuck him.

Once I had calmed down, the Coach spoke again.

“On your knees, Russel.” He sighed. “This is even worse than I was expecting. You really seem unable to being watched or to watch another man’s body without panicking. I knew this is a shock treatment and no doubt I knew it would involve some resistance but you look like you are utterly terrified!”

I knelt down in silence, at least this position was better than being on the floor, bending over.

“No Coach, that’s ok… I swear. I think it worked”

The Coach had put back his shorts on but Damian Feytons was still there, stark naked.

“Can you look at your teammate’s cock?”

“Yes, I think I can.”

“Stare at it.”

I fixated my eyes on Damien’s dick hanging between his thighs, scrutinizing every little detail, he had a small moll on his long veiny dick, he had not trimmed his hair in a while, they were very dark.

“Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

I could not tell if the Coach was asking Damian or I but we both responded. I knew what I had to say now to get it over with.


‘Ok, get closer, Feytons.”

Damien moved towards me, his dick was so close now, I could smell it. He dangled it in front of my face and touched my cheeks and nose. I did not react. I knew he wanted me to break down so I would once again mess up the Coach’s instructions. My eyes followed his cock from left to right, as if I was hypnotised.

“Good!” Said the Coach. “Now turn around Feytons, you have no problem showing off your ass either?”

“Not at all, Coach!”

“Show your mate how it feels to be at ease with our bodies.”

Damian turned around and exposed his hairy ass to me. He got so close I practically had my nose up his crack. But he moved back even more until his ass touched my face.

“Come on, Damian! Fuck off!” I yelled, my mouth in his butt.

“This is just an ass! Relax! That’s the whole point dude! Loosen up a little”

He pushed his asscrack further in my semi-opened mouth.

I was about to lose it and get up to punch him, when Coach Ranson called it off.

“That’s ok, Feytons. Put your clothes back on.”

He finally got his fucking ass out of my face and bent over to pick up his underwear. I got a full view of his pink hairy asshole. Did my asshole really looked weird, like a pussy compared to his? I could not tell, I never had a close look at mine, or any other guy’s anus for the matter.

“Now, Russel, I know this has been a lot today. But now, think about it. How could it get worse than this full exposure?”

“I… I don’t know, Coach.”

“Well, I’ll tell you. After a few sessions, nothing will be able to shake your confidence! You’ll Anadolu Yakası Escort enter the mat, not caring a bit about people staring at your fat ass!”

“I guess…”

“We are not entirely done here but I think that we made great progress. Of course, you cannot see it now but trust me, this will help you out greatly in the long run. And you, Feytons, don’t get too cocky, when a sophomore who weights half of you can still get you on the mat, there is nothing to be proud of.”

I was still on my knees naked but seeing Damian’s smile disappearing from his face was a victory in itself. The Coach just admitted I was better than him.

“I’ll work harder, Coach… I’m totally dedicated to the team.” Damian stated.

Someone came in the room, Coach Daniel. I had almost forgotten I was in the nude until I felt his gaze on me.

“Hi Daniel. As you can see, I’ve started to implement our protocol to help Scott Russel’s out with his body issues.”

“Very well, Coach.”

“This method combined to the workout you already provide, soon, nothing will be able to stop our boy. Right, Russel?”

“Right, Coach.”

“See, before this session, I’m sure you would have asked to put your clothes back on as soon as Daniel entered the room but you did not, you’re not so self-aware anymore.”

I guessed this was true. Still, I was very unease at that moment but I thought it was best for the Coach not to know that.

“Coach, do you need me with anything else?”

“No, Feytons. You can go, thank you for your help.”

He passed before me without looking at me. What a fucking prick he was.

Daniel handed me a piece of fabric; I could not recognize what it was at first.

“Here’s a jockstrap. Coach Ranson and I thought it would be appropriate for you to wear it for our one-on-one session. The gym is empty at this hour and it will give me a proper view of your ass as well as getting you more at ease with it.”


“Do you see a problem with that?” Asked Coach Ranson.

“No, no… I guess that’s fine.”

I mean, it was way less embarrassing than everything that had just happened. I was determined to show I was now comfortable with my body and the gym had indeed been empty the last time I had trained with Daniel.

“Ok then, put it on.”

A second later, I was in my new grey jockstraps in the middle of the Coach’s office.

“Let’s go!” Daniel said.

“Wait, let me at least put my pants back on to go inside the gym.” I pleaded, but even that request seemed unreasonable.

“Come on, it’s one corridor to cross, you are in a sport centre, who cares?”

Defeated, I followed Daniel praying for the corridor to remain empty on my way to the gym. We did not run into anyone but the reality of what had just happened in the Coach’s office was slowly sinking in.

“Daniel, I… I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the Coach’s method.” I said, almost in a whisper.

“What do you mean Scott? I know he’s going hard on you but the whole staff thinks you are the most promising athlete of the team.”

“Really? I don’t want to complain. But it’s like he’s been fixating on my insecurities lately, on my body… And I mean, I don’t think that’s such a big deal…”

“Scott, he’s been focusing on the sole area in which you’re lacking. Confidence! You gotta learn to trust the team if you want to make progress. Remember, you thought the singlet was a terrible idea, would not fit, and now it sizes perfectly and you are about to reach your optimum weight.”

That was not entirely true, the singlet was still too small, it was just a bit more manageable.

“Yes, maybe…”

Daniel sat down on a machine and looked at me right in the eyes. I felt so silly in my jock while he was wearing a short and a tank top.

“Scott. Given the context last season, you have never been truly part of an actual college team. It does mean a lot of sacrifices. This is not highschool anymore, we are looking for the best of the best and Coach Ranson had got amazing results everywhere he went. He had an incredible eye to discover talents. Now, if this is too much for you, you can leave. No-one will stop you. Let me tell you, I like you Scott and I believe in you, but I would even encourage you to leave if you are not willing to commit one hundred percent to this.”

Damn, after all of that, being asked to leave the team would be the worst.

“No, of course I don’t want to leave the team. Wrestling is all I have. It’s just… Being naked in the Coach’s office, making me watch other people dicks, it was kind of gay…”

Daniel sighed.

“Damn, you really need to grow up. I think it would be known by now if Coach Ranson was a fag. Are you saying that?”

“No! Of course, not!”

“Are you a fag yourself?”

“No!” I almost yelled.

“Well, if no one was gay in that office, I’m not sure how you can consider that things which happened there could have been gay. You do really have a problem with your identity. Maybe you have some stuff to figure out.”

“Jesus… I have nothing to figure out! Can’t we just get done with the training now?”

“Yes, I bet it’s getting chilly in this jockstrap.” He grinned. “Oh, come on Scotty, smile a little. You are probably the best player this team has seen in years and one of the best Coach of the U.S. has got his eyes on you, enjoy yourself!”