You Can Get What You Want

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****I’d like to thank Jenn for this story. It is her idea, and her words.****

He got out of his car and ran out to her side to open the door for her. Her long legs stepped one by one out of the black, sleek looking car. She adjusts her tight, red skirt as she stands up, sweeping her long brunette hair out of her way. He holds her hand as they walk briskly to the door because it’s a cold night and she isn’t really dressed for that weather. He gazes into her deep, green eyes and says “I had an amazing time. I hope we can do it sometime soon.”

She leans in as if to kiss him and whispers back, “Let’s not wait another minute. I want to be with you right now. I want to feel you inside of me.”

And with that, they open the door and start kissing; slowly at first and more passionately the closer they got the couch on the bottom floor of the luxurious house. He grabs her ass, pulling her up onto his hips and he securely locks his hands under her. She begins to kiss his neck and start to nibble slightly below his ear working her way down to his collar bone.

His cock starts to get harder in his jeans as her kisses become more passionate. He throws her down on the couch and crawls on top of her. She rips her black shirt off first, exposing her breasts as he pulls his shirt off and tosses it carelessly off to the side. He takes her breasts in his hands and starts to massage them softly. He gently bites her nipples and rubs more aggressively as she runs her long, red nails down his back leaving marks. She lets out a soft moan of pleasure the harder her nipples get in his wet mouth. She starts to push up off the couch to force him on his back. She starts to kiss his chest down to his stomach until she is face to face with his pants.

She etimesgut escort starts to unbutton his pants with her teeth and she rubs her hands all over his 6-pack. He starts to pull her long hair out of her face and she gently pulls his jeans down to his ankles. As she is pulling his pants off, she can see his cock getting harder under his tight, black boxer briefs. She starts to caress his penis as she looks up into his eyes. She finally pulls his boxers completely off and throws them behind her shoulder. She takes his huge throbbing, nine inch cock and starts to stroke it.

As she is stroking it, she starts to lick it. Softly at first, just letting him feel the pressure of her tongue around his shaft. She pays extra attention to the tip of his head and she flicks her tongue at it, still stroking him. While keeping the stroking constant, she caresses his balls as the same pace. The pace starts to speed up as he starts to pull her hair a little bit more. She slowly starts to take his throbbing cock into her mouth, inch by inch. He can feel her warm, soft lips suck on his shaft and he goes deeper and deeper into her mouth. She continues to stroke him as she finally takes him completely in her mouth. Rubbing her tongue up and down his shaft, running her nails up and down his stomach. She lets out a soft moan as she takes his cock out and licks his entire throbbing cock. He finally said, “Now it’s your turn baby,” and he pulled her off of her and got down on his knees in front of her.

He slides off her red thong but keeps her skirt on. He pulls her skirt up around her waist as he started to kiss her inner thigh. She starts to run her fingers through his hair trying to push his face deep into her pussy. He hesitates etlik escort at first, trying to tease her, but her wet, tight pussy looks too inviting. He slowly starts to slide one finger deep inside her as he takes his thumb and starts to rub her clit. He starts to rub it slowly at first but then getting faster. The faster he rubbed her, the louder her moans became. He finally slides two fingers into her and starts to nibble her clit.

The touch of his tongue to her made her entire body tremor with excitement and anticipation. He looks into her eyes and can tell how badly she wants to cum all over his face. He starts to lick her cunt more and more and she starts to grind her hips deep into his face. She starts to moan more and more the closer she gets to cumming. He can feel how close she is getting so he stops. He pulls away from her. He starts to kiss her tummy and then her breasts. While playing with her breasts, he mutters in her ear, “I want to fuck you so hard right now.”

She doesn’t even say a word. She pushes him down on the couch and she starts to straddle him. She gently rubs her wet pussy up against his hard cock, careful not to let him slip inside her just yet. She leans over so he can feel her breasts pushed up against him, and starts to nibble on his ear. She starts to moan softly right into his ear which in return makes his cock harder than it has ever been before. He reaches down to shove his cock into her awaiting pussy but she pulls his arm away. She then grabs hold of his cock and forces it into her. She moans with utter enjoyment as his cock is throbbing inside of her.

She starts to grind her hips on top of him as his huge penis slides in and out of her. He’s never felt a virgin before, ankara escort but this could be one because the muscles of her pussy just tighten hard around his shaft as he entered her deeply. She lets out a slight moan but not one he was hearing before. Almost a painful one. He grabs his hands and puts them around her waist, stopping her motion and asks if everything is okay. Her face turns completely red and she blushes as she says, “I hope this doesn’t bother you, but I’m a virgin.” And he thought his dick couldn’t get any harder. She felt him getting more aroused by this and could tell that he had no problem popping her cherry.

As his throbbing cock slides in and out of her, she bites her lip. He starts to fondle her breasts the harder and harder she rides him. She pulled his head up to her nipple so he could suck on it. This drives her insane and she threw her head back in ecstasy and moans louder than before. As she throws her head back, he sees the wall behind her and gets an idea.

He tells her to hold on for a different ride and she wraps her long legs around him. His cock still inside her, he picks her up and carries her over to the wall. He pushes her back up against the wall and starts to fuck her harder. This drives her insane. He can feel her cum running down his cock. She grasps her hands tightly around his neck as she looks down and sees his enormous cock pounding in and out of her once-virgin pussy. She starts to moan as he starts to hit her g-spot. She takes her nails and runs them down his back which sends a chill up her spine. She is getting close to cumming and he can tell.

Her muscles clench hard around his shaft as she starts to scream out her name. Her cum starts gushing down over his cock causing him to orgasm at the same exact time. He thrusts a few last times, making sure to get every last drop of cum out of his dick as she’s still cumming down his cock. He slowly lets her down on her feet and she almost falls to the ground. She’s so weak because she’s never experienced an orgasm like that before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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