A New Way to Ride

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I had always been a fan of toys, vibrators, etc. and during a trip to the local adult store, I saw it for the first time. I had seen them written about, I had heard about them, but I never seen a “feel doe” in real life. I had to buy it, not sure when or how I was going to use it, but I knew that opportunity would come one day.

I do love a woman that loves to ride cowgirl. There is nothing hotter to me than a woman giving me a nice wet dick sucking, where she has been sucking my cock, playing with my balls, then getting on top and riding my dick like a rodeo cowgirl.

Veronica was going to come visit tonight, definitely cute, with nice full tits that just make you want to suck them. She was a good girl, not really sure what her freak level was, what she might like, and what she might be open to. As she arrived, she gave me a big hug, letting me feel those breasts against me, I was read to pull them out right then, but I didn’t want to be aggressive, I wanted to her to feel her own way toward me. I got her a glass of wine, she liked the white zin, but I am not sure it mattered; she wanted to be ready to enjoy herself and the moment.

She was a very attractive and I did love looking at that cleavage of hers. I remember the days, when I would see cleavage like that and just want rub my dick right through the middle.

With that I asked her upstairs and brought the wine with me. I was starting to feel the bahis siteleri alcohol, maybe she was too, but we were all of a sudden in a long tongue twisting embrace. I realize with that, I just haven’t kissed enough of the recent years, I do love to kiss, I am very oral in general, so it was a good feeling to have a woman want to kiss me and hold the embrace for a kiss quenching length of time. As we kissed, I rubbed, tugged and squeezed her breasts, and I could do nothing but coo as she rubbed and grabbed my cock. She wanted a taste of my cock and I love a woman who loves my cock. Nothing feeds my ego better than a woman wanting my cock, and she was going to keep it well fed. She loved sucking it, playing with it, keeping it hard. There is nothing like a woman sucking and swallowing me, but she wasn’t ready for that, she wanted it to last and last for her own personal enjoyment.

We emerged naked and in bed from the embrace with her head down in my loins, she stroked, she sucked and licked as I laid back enjoying the feeling and the view. This was better than just getting head, because this woman loved giving me head, I have missed that feeling so much, a woman just wanting to please me and by pleasing me she was pleasing herself. I was getting this mouth watering feeling myself, and I was hungry to take the plunge, I moved around a dove deep down into licking and sucking her pussy. I do love a fresh pussy, not shaved, but canlı bahis siteleri trimmed, short enough not to get in the way, but not to short so that I feel stubble. Stubble on the pussy, just don’t seem right.

I reached out and found my “feel doe’ now you can hear more about this, it is a kind of two headed vibrator, but each head is different, one is like a regular cock, maybe 6-7 inches and the other is like a handle or a short bulbous cock of about 4-5 inches. I am licking her pussy and I can feel it starting to get wet, but as I touch it with the feeldoe, it is still too dry to enter. I lick the cool silicone to warm and wet it and and take it all between my lips to make sure it is wet enough to enter and slowly work it in as I lick and suck with my tongue. It is vibrating and I feel her hips move underneath me as her pleasure is rising. She has grabbed my cock as it dangled down in front of her and sucked it in more with every breath as her lips wrapped around my cock again.

Mmmmm, the vibrations hummed and I devoured her clit as I could feel her writhe beneath me. She is hot, her pussy is dripping and I pull the feeldoe out and smell the nectar of her pussy as I run it under my nose. She is wet and slippery and now she is able to take the short thicker side of the feeldoe in. It is almost like a handle for her pussy to grip, and she continues to writhe with pleasure as now the longer cock of the feeldoe canlı bahis is now out and lying upon her body like a blue vibrating cock. The bulb end now is held tight within her pussy it needs no holding to stay in place. As I move up to kiss her, and rub her tits, the feeldoe now rubs against my own balls and cock, hmmm, the vibration feels good, as I kiss her and grind against her body.

Slowly we embrace and feel the heat of our bodies, the vibration of the feeldoe deep within her and against my balls and cock. As I inch forward, I can feel as the feeldoe rests first against the outside of my prostate and then the tip touches the rim of my ass and then finds its way to the center. I am hesitant, I feel it there, what is she thinking, does she feel the pressure of it against her pussy too. Then slowly, I work backwards, bit by bit as the feeldoe works its way inside of me. The vibration feels intense as it fills me whole, it is in, it feels deep, but it is still only in some. I move my hips and sit up as it slides the rest of the way in me. And now I am riding cowgirl on her vibrating blue cock. As I say, do you like fucking me in the ass, she says yes yes yes. She sucks my tongue as she moves her hips up to meet my ass.

She now wants her turn to ride and now I am on the bottom as lowers herself on top of my hard and waiting cock. She knows how I love to feel her body on top of mine, how I love to feel her ass ride me, feel her push down against my hips and shoulders as her tits bounce in front of me. I want her to cum and cum again as she bounces on top of me. It isn’t long before we are both exhausted and collapse onto the bed side by side.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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