Afternoon Delight

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Funny how friendships are made. Rose and I started off on a strictly business relationship, she paid me for having sex with her. However we quickly found that we had lots on common. Not just in our sexual preferences, although that helps, but in other ways too. Living fairly close we started to see each other casually, coffee or a drink, maybe lunch. Sometimes we didn’t even have sex which given her appetite was slightly amazing!

This afternoon she was around at my flat and horny. She was asking about some of my other clients and what I did with them and I was telling her about Kimberly, not one of my favourites but then you can’t always be lucky. Kimberly likes to be tied. Not just simple handcuffs or tied to the headboard with room to move tied either. She likes to be tied tight, stretched out wide to the four corners of the bed, usually with a couple of pillows under her ass so that her pussy is the most prominent part of her. Penetration is difficult for me at that angle but that’s ok because she likes me to use a variety of objects on her while licking her clit. Last week was fairly standard, just a banana followed by a cucumber. Part of her five a day she said! In the past she has had almost anything tubular inside her, pool cue, toilet brush handle, various bottles and tubes, anything that will fit and makes her feel used and humiliated. I usually make her strip off, attach the ropes to the bed and then ask her what she has bought for me to play with. She likes to tell me what to do with it, something like “I have brought a cucumber and I want you to fuck me with it, I want you to shove it into my cunt because I’m a dirty whore.”

Once she has had enough of that I get a decent blow job, usually coming all over her face because, as she keeps saying “she’s a dirty whore.” It’s not a bad way to earn a living!

This obviously set Rose’s mind racing because she was soon standing in front of me with an ‘innocent little girl’ look on her face and sucking her thumb. “Marco, I’m a dirty little whore as well, I think you should tie me up like Kimberly and then lick my cunt before wanking off all over me.”

Seemed like a good idea to me so I told her to start taking her clothes off before leading her to the bedroom. I pulled out the ties and told her to fix them to the bed before putting a firm pillow under her ass and lying in the same position as Kimberly. I think she was surprised at how firmly I tied her because when I had finished she pulled against the ropes to no avail, she was tied down and could not move. I ran my hands all over her body before pushing first one, than two, fingers into her very wet pussy.

“Are you going to lick me Marco?” She said, moving her hips around as I pushed deep inside her. “Well I might, then again I might not, and you seem very excited as it is.” I said, pushing a third finger into her. “Ooooo, I am, I am” She said, “If you don’t want to lick me then I hope you are going to wank all over me, I love the feeling of spunk hitting my face.”

I was still fully clothed and to be honest, even though she looked undeniably sexy lying there I didn’t even have an erection. Since it had been a story of mine that had got us into this position I thought that maybe one from her would be a good way to finish this.

“Rose, if you want me to wank over you then you are going to have to excite me a little. As I told you all about Kimberly, why not tell me about one of your conquests? Tell me about a time almanbahis adresi you seduced someone or something, make it as filthy as possible and I’ll cover you in come. If you don’t, I might just leave you there!”

“Alright.” She laughed, “If you want to hear about my past then I’ll tell you about my addiction to tradesmen, starting with my pet spark Sean.”

As I slowly stripped she began her tale……

As I left work in the hot sunshine I had two reasons to be pleased. First, I was finally going to get something done about the dodgy bathroom light that had been annoying me for months and second that it was Sean, an old friend and lover that was going to do the work. The twinkle in Sean’s eye when he agreed to come around “Sure, be there about 17:15.” made me think that it wasn’t just the electrics that would be getting inspected!

Driving home I was squeezing my thighs together thinking of some of the times we had together, and I got a strange look from the man in the convenience store when I stopped to get a couple of bottles of cider. “It’s hot today Mrs Morganite, hope these cool you down, you are looking a bit flushed.”

Putting the bottles in the fridge I quickly tidied around downstairs and put clean sheets on the bed, opening the windows to let the fresh warm air into the room. In the bathroom I stripped off my work clothes and sprayed myself with my favourite perfume, enjoying the feeling of the cool spray on my skin. I tidied my hair and fixed my make up. Unsure what to wear I settled on some tiny black lace panties, grey tracksuit bottoms and a loose t-shirt.

I didn’t bother with a bra knowing how Sean loved my pierced nipples and full bust but looking in the mirror it was too obvious, I may as well have been topless so reluctantly put on the matching tracksuit top, the thicker material hiding more. No, too frumpy, I looked like a housewife. After a few more false starts I finally settled on a black plunge bra and a pale grey zip up top that fitted fairly tight around my bust. Pulling the zip as low as I decently could, I looked at a cleavage that would give the pope a hard on! Now I looked like a sexy housewife, he wouldn’t stand a chance.

The bell rang at 17:15 promptly and I let him in. He had changed from his maintenance uniform into Jeans and a crisp white polo shirt. We made small talk about the traffic and the weather as he found somewhere to put his toolbox and removed his shoes.

“Would you like I drink?” I asked “There is some cider in the fridge, should be just right by now.”

“Great,” he said “I’m parched, it’s been a hard day.” following me into the kitchen.

I opened the fridge door and was about to pick up the bottles when I felt his hands on my waist. I stopped still as he moved them up to my heavy tits, squeezing them together, his thumbs feeling for the bars through my nipples beneath my clothes. His right hand found the zip of my top and slowly pulled it down. As it parted his hand slipped into the waistband of my loose bottoms. I leaned back as his hand cupped my pussy, sure that he would be able to feel the heat spreading quickly from my throbbing clit.

“Shall we save those for afterwards?” he whispered, softly kissing the back of my neck and the lobes of my ears. I twisted round and his mouth locked against mine, his big hot tongue driving into my mouth, twisting and rolling as he sucked the breath out of my body, crushing my ribs in his almanbahis adresi strong arms as he pulled me tight against him. His kiss seemed to go on forever, I felt I was being absorbed into him he was that powerful. When it was clear I was struggling for breath he slowed down and pulled slightly way from me. I thought he was being considerate but no, he just used the space to push the open top off my shoulders and onto the floor before deftly unclipping my bra. You had to admire his work, within five minutes of entering the house I was topless and my knickers were soaking!

I didn’t want him to have it all his own way so I pushed him backwards until he was leaning against the washing machine I dropped to my knees in front on him and reached for his belt, quickly puling it free as he lifted his polo shirt off and threw it on the floor. The buttons on his jeans offered little resistance apart from the bulge behind them and they popped open as his hardening cock sprang out. I fed the bulging end into my mouth and sucked him deep inside, wrapping my hand around the base a few firm wanks had him fully hard and gasping “Jesus Rose, no one has ever sucked my cock like you, I have been thinking about this for days, I’m full of spunk, I’m going to drown you in it, deeper baby, suck it deeper..”

I was more than happy to oblige, keeping up a steady rhythm with my right hand on the base of his cock I squeezed his hairy balls with my left and swirled my tongue around his bell end, grazing the ridge with my teeth before swooping powerfully down, sucking as hard as I could, feeling the veins start to stand out proud along his shaft as my remorseless sucking brought him closer and close…backing off a little – well, I was enjoying myself – I sucked more gently, almost feather light flicks of my tongue teasing him before slowly sucking as much as possible of him into my mouth. Shaun is a decent size so it was never going to all it in but I tried, god I tried!

When my jaw began to ache I decided that enough was enough and it was time to taste some spunk so I used my hand to set up the rhythm as my mouth swooped harder and harder over his bell end, twisting my tongue into his jap’s eye as my hand moved faster and faster…I felt his thighs tremble and he suddenly became bigger and hotter than ever before he gasped and groaned, his cock pulsing and spurting, filling my mouth with hot salty spunk. I kept as much of it in my mouth as I could, letting it fill me, making my cheeks burn with the effort before letting it slowly trickle down my throat. His shrinking cock slipped out of my mouth and I ran my tongue around my lips, making sure that I hadn’t missed any before gently cleaning his cock the same way.

I sat back on my heels and looked up at him. “Christ Rose, that was amazing, if you charged there wouldn’t be enough money in the world to pay you with….good job you are just a greed slut!”

He stepped out of his jeans and pulled me up by my hands before twisting my arm behind my back playfully.

“My turn now I think.” he said with a grin. Pushing me ahead of him we went into the lounge and onto my big ‘L’shaped couch. My track-suit trousers and sopping knickers were swiftly removed and he positioned me with one leg on the couch and one on the floor, my pussy gaping open as he knelt beside me. He ran his fingers gently up and down my slit, coating me with my own juice as he spread my lips apart, his fingers moving from my clit right almanbahis adresi down to my tightly puckered asshole, making me squirm against the couch and spread my legs wider. He pushed one finger into me and then another, slightly twisting and turning them as he did so, it felt like he was screwing his hand into me as his fingers went deeper and deeper. He then lifted my leg up off the floor and ducked his head inside so that it rested on his left shoulder and his big hot tongue had free access to my pussy. With his long slim fingers thrusting and twisting inside me he began to lick my clit gently and then more firmly, little flicks that barely seemed to touch me and then hard sharp strokes….I came quite quickly and could feel my juices squirting out over his hand but it was if he didn’t notice, he just kept on and on, it was like I was being serviced by a machine, a remorseless sex machine that wouldn’t turn off…I think I came three, maybe four more times, the final time he managed to slip his little finger into my tight ass as I was coming and that really sent me to the stars, I must have bucked my hips a good foot off the sofa and his fingers went so deep I swear I could feel his wristwatch!

“Marco, please.” She said, “I think I deserve a little stimulation now, my pussy is on fire with the memory of that afternoon” “OK” I said as I started to rub her diamond hard clit “But what happened next, did he fuck you?”

God yes, he fucked me alright, Jesus, did he ever! He pulled me off the sofa and onto my knees with my arms resting on the cushion and my tits dangling down. He teased my pussy with his big cock before driving it deep inside me with one thrust. As you know, it goes in deep in that position and I felt like he was going to knock my tonsils out from the inside he was that far up me! He really was a great fuck, big cock and lots of stamina, he just pounded into me, his big balls slapping against my clit, his hands reaching to pull and squeeze my big tits, almost milking them. It went on and on and despite coming so many times on his fingers and tongue I could feel another orgasm starting deep inside…I reached under and touched my clit and felt the first tremor, just as his pounding became even more frantic…his cock swelled and I felt like my cunt was going to explode as he pumped his hot spunk deep inside me, my finger bringing me to a shattering orgasm at the same time.

The last few sentences had been almost breathless as my fingers worked against her clit, bringing her to a present day orgasm to match the one from her memory…as it subsided I stepped up onto the bed with my legs either side of her and began to wank my hard cock “Well done Rose, that was very good, and as a reward you are going to gets covered in my spunk.”

“Yes please.” she said licking her lips. Stretched out as she was she was a very appealing sight and I was tempted to just come all over her but then my gaze was caught by those big heavy tits and I knew what I wanted. Kneeling down straddling her chest I wrapped her tits around my cock and began fucking them, sliding up and down the soft valley, crushing her nipples with my thumbs as I felt my spunk begin to rise before exploding over her neck and face, coating her with thick white goo, her eager tongue licking all that she could as I drained the last drops into her mouth.

“Oh Marco, that was fantastic!” She said as I scooped the spunk off her and wiped it onto her lips. “We must do that again sometime, no wonder Kimberly keeps coming back for more.”

“Yes, I’m sure you have more tales to tell. Didn’t you once take a young gasman prisoner?”

“Not quite prisoner” She laughed, “But he serviced more than the boiler that afternoon!!!”

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