Aunt Helen Ch. 03

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This was the third day Scott Andrews would be spending with his aunt. The ride over to her house was excruciatingly long, and terribly tense for Scott. The casts on his arms were causing his skin to become rather itchy, but more importantly, because his aunt had become a sexual dynamo, his penis was constantly erect.

It was almost like being high on an illegal drug. He was exceedingly aroused, but he couldn’t let his parents know what was happening because he knew he’d be denied the sexual antics that only his aunt could provide.

Finally the car stopped, and his father helped him out of the car. As soon he was standing, he heard his aunt calling to his father a cheerful “Good morning, Tom,” but there was really no reply as his father was already running a little late for work

As Scott walked toward his aunt, he quickly saw a devilish grin spread across her face. When he was close to her, she whispered in a very husky tone, “Well, big boy, are you ready for more fun today?”

All he could do was nod, and thank his lucky stars that he’d be spending yet another day completely in the hands of his Aunt Helen.

She ushered him through the front door, and as soon as it was closed, she immediately stripped him of his clothes. Taking a long look up and down his body, with extra attention on his twitching cock. Finally, she took a grip on his cock, and led him to the couch. After helping him sit down, she calmly turned on the television, making sure that he’d be watching the morning edition of Sportscenter, and left him there.

The rest of the morning was almost like torture for Scott. Helen spent just enough time with him to keep him thinking that she would drop everything and fuck his brains out, but actually did no such thing.

After a while, he realized that he was at the total mercy of his aunt; she was in complete charge. Just when he started showing some interest in what was on the TV, she’d appear out of nowhere and gently tickle his balls. About the time that his erection would begin to fade, she’d sit on his lap, rub up against his cock, and nibble on his earlobe. Then in a fit of pure spite, she’d twirl around right in front of him so he could get a quick glance at her pink panties. He loved it, and was frustrated by it at the same time.

A little before 11:00, she sat down next to him, and did the earlobe nibble again. He was actually surprised at how good this felt. Then she used the back of her hand to rub up and down on his cock. He was getting more and more sure that she was about to go all the way when the doorbell rang.

“Don’t move a muscle, sugar,” she said with a grin as she hurried to the door.

Expecting her to get rid of whoever was at the door, he was flabbergasted when he heard not one, but two voices coming from the hallway. Since both of his arms were in casts, he had no way to cover his cock, and even standing up was sort of an inconvenience at this point, all he could do was grin and bear it.

The woman who appeared next to his aunt was slightly familiar. She was just a bit shorter than his aunt, and about ten years younger. She was wearing a bright red shirt, with very white pants. Her dark hair was up in a ponytail, and reached past her shoulders. The fact that she was Japanese really excited Scott, as he’d always thought that exotic look of Japanese women to be very special.

“Scott,” Aunt Helen began, “I’m not sure that you’ve been introduced to my neighbor, Janet Tanaka.”

Janet had a wicked grin on her face when she said, “I don’t remember meeting Scott before, but based on what I’m seeing now, we’re going to have lots of fun today.”

“You see,” Helen said, ” I was talking with Janet after you left last night, and the thing is, her husband has been on a business trip all week, and poker oyna he’s not due back till next Wednesday.”

“And that’s way too long for me to go without a good fucking,” Janet giggled.

Turning to face Helen, Janet said, “I think it’s your turn to go first.”

All a baffled Scott could think to himself was “Your Turn?” Obviously they had played with each other before, and he was going to play with them very soon.

With that, Janet began undressing his aunt. She wasn’t really in a hurry, but she didn’t dawdle at it either. She started with Helen’s top, and Scott wasn’t too surprised that Helen wasn’t wearing a bra. Janet continued by unzipping Helen’s skirt, before helping her out of it. She was rather forceful when it came to pulling down Helen’s panties, but Helen didn’t seem to mind.

When she was done, Janet reached for his aunt’s tits and gave her nipples a little squeeze.

Helen then began undressing Janet. Unlike Janet, Helen was slower in her removal of Janet’s clothes; there was something very seductive about her manner.

She started by carefully unbuttoning Janet’s shirt. When she reached Janet’s waist, she stopped, but left the shirt tucked into her pants. Helen finished by unbuttoning Janet’s shirtsleeves. From Scott’s vantage point, he could clearly see Janet’s golden toned belly, and a glimpse of her purple bra.

Helen continued by unclasping her pants, and lowering the zipper. There was absolutely no sound in the room except for the zipper, and for some reason, this caused Scott’s dick to twitch just a little.

With almost well practiced motions, Helen lowered Janet’s pants, so that she could just step out of them. After placing the pants on the couch, Helen moved behind Janet, took hold of her shirt at the shoulders and carefully took it off of Janet.

Scott was now in total lust. Janet was definitely the most beautiful woman he had ever seen wearing so little. Janet saw the look on his face and had to laugh a little.

At this moment, Helen unsnapped Janet’s bra at the back, then grasping Janet’s straps, she gingerly lifted her bra up and off. “Oh Fuck,” was all Scott could say. He desperately wanted to fondle Janet’s incredible breasts, but due to his casts, this was not possible.

Helen placed her head on Janet’s right shoulder while she reached around massage Janet’s firm melons. “See,” she whispered into Janet’s ear, “I told you that he’d like you.”

“Fuck ‘like’,” Janet replied, “he looks like he’s ready to screw my brains out.”

After a few moments of fondling, Helen let her arms trace their way down Janet’s ribs until her hands reached Janet’s panties. Helen then knelt down, and Scott lost sight of Helen’s hands. He quickly realized that Helen was using them to pull down on the panties, but she was only doing this to expose Janet’s cheeks.

Janet’s eyes glazed over because Helen was now using her tongue to lick Janet’s ass cheeks, and every now and then, up and down her crack.

“Fuck yeah,” Janet almost moaned. Then she looked at Scott and said, “You probably already know this, but your Aunt has the best tongue in the whole world.” She sort of leaned back into Helen, and continued “That’s it honey, cover my ass with your fuckin tongue.”

It was obvious that Janet was trying very hard to remain still, but every time Helen’s tongue swiped at the crack of Janet’s ass, she just couldn’t control herself. Scott appreciated this because Janet’s breasts wiggled and jiggled whenever Helen’s tongue ventured near Janet’s asshole. The longer this went on, the bigger Janet’s nipples got. After a while, they looked to be the size of cherries.

Finally, Helen knew that Janet couldn’t take anymore, so she pulled away from her ass. Then she slid those fabulous purple panties down Janet’s canlı poker oyna legs so that she could step out of them. Now that she had Janet completely naked, Helen stood up, and walked around her so that she was facing her.

Not saying anything, Helen leaned down just a bit and started to suckle on Janet’s tits; first the right one, then the left. Scott was absolutely sure that this was better than any porno he’d seen.

“Oh honey,” Janet moaned, “you’re driving me crazzzzyyyyy.”

Helen then knelt down, placed her hands on Janet’s hips, and began licking and nibbling at Janet’s pussy. Very quickly, Janet shut her eyes and had to put her hands on Helen’s shoulder’s to steady herself.

Janet started saying things that Scott didn’t understand. She was definitely enjoying herself, and whatever she was saying was making him hotter too.

Helen seemed to sense this, and pulled her mouth off of Janet’s muff. “She’s saying ‘eat me’ in Japanese,” she said looking over at Scott. “Isn’t that fuckin’ great.”

“Fuck that,” Janet yelled, “just put you tongue back on my twat and finish me off.”

Reapplying her mouth to Janet’s pussy, Helen aimed to please Janet.

Janet’s legs went a little weak, and she had to support herself on Helen’s shoulders again. Helen squeezed even tighter on Janet’s hips to hold her in place. After a little while longer, Janet threw her head back, and screamed in ecstasy as an incredible orgasm thundered through her body.

Scott sat in utter amazement at what he was witnessing. His aunt continued to nuzzle at Janet’s clit, as Janet returned to normal. Soon Janet released her hands from Helen’s shoulders, and used them to massage her great tits.

Finally, she looked over at Scott and grinned as she saw his incredibly erect cock. “Honey,” she said, “I do believe that your dick needs some attention right now.”

Janet then slowly walked toward Scott. Each step caused her tits to sway back and forth; the effect on Scott was astonishing. When Janet was finally standing between his legs, she had to reach down, and wipe away some of the drool that was leaking out of his mouth.

When she knelt down, her tits brushed against his penis, and a short gasp escaped from his lips. This was definitely an intentional act on her part because she then started moving her chest so that her tits bounced off of his cock. She winked at him and said, “You look like you’re ready to explode real soon.”

“Oh yes,” Scott replied, “I’m so close that almost anything is going to set me off.”

Janet then moved herself so that his cock was between her tits, and used her hands to squeeze them together so that his dick was enveloped between her pillow-like breasts. It didn’t take very long; in fact, the speed of Scott’s ejaculation surprised even him. He didn’t have time to let Janet know that it was about to spurt.

The first stream of cum hit her on her lower jaw, followed closely by four other spurts. Scott grunted with each stream of cum, and felt pure elation as his cock throbbed in orgasmic delight.

When he finally calmed down, Scott opened his eyes, and saw Judy sitting back on her heals with a sly grin on her face. “You really squirt hard when you cum, sweetie,” she said.

A sense of pride filled Scott, but he was equally thrilled as he saw his aunt sit down next to Judy, then lean around her so that she could lick up his cum from her tits, chest, and neck. Judy’s eyes closed as she felt Helen’s tongue work its magic again. Eventually, both women moaned in pleasure as Judy was cleaned of cum.

When she was finished, Helen sat up and looked at Scott’s still erect cock. “Honey, you’re still ready for more, huh,” Helen said.

“Well,” Judy continued, “we’ll just have to find something to do with that internet casino fine cock.” She then stood up, and helped Scott to his feet. They moved to the middle of the room where Judy and Helen were able to get him to lay on his back.

Judy didn’t wait for an invitation. She just said, “I think that I need that cock deep inside my cunt.” With that said, she got on the floor, swung her right leg Scott so that her pussy was directly over Scott’s cock.

Judy looked at Scott and said, “Are you ready for more?”

“I can hardly wait,” he replied.

Using her right hand to keep his cock in place, Judy nestled herself down until it was firmly planted in her pussy. When his cock was in, they both groaned in pleasure. Scott was totally entranced as he looked up and saw Judy grinning at him. She was casually fondling her tits and used her thumbs to flick at her nipples.

After a few moments, Judy began to move herself around on Scott’s groin. She wasn’t moving up and down on his cock, but she was able to use her pussy on Scott’s cock so that the sexual tension between the two of them increased exponentially. Very soon, Judy was again moaning, and speaking in short Japanese phrases, further increasing Scott’s pleasure index.

“Hey,” Aunt Helen said, “I need to join you two right now.”

Helen moved toward them, so that she was standing directly over Scott, one foot on each side of his chest. Scott could see right up her legs, all the way to her very moist cunt. Helen had a sly grin on her face as she looked down at him. Then, slowly buy surely, she knelt down so that her feet were on one side of his restricted arms, her knees on the other, and she pussy just above his mouth.

“Have you ever eaten pussy before?” she asked.

“Nope,” was all he could say.

“Well then pumpkin,” Helen said, “you’re about to have your first lesson. I just need you to stick your tongue out for me.”

She laughed as he immediately complied with her request, then she nestled herself down on his tongue. ” Just keep it in place, and I’ll do most of the work,” Helen said.

Soon she was moving her cunt all over his tongue. While this was a new taste for Scott, he quickly learned to like it. He especially enjoyed the wonderful aroma that was emanating from her pussy.

Because of the attention that Helen was giving him, Scott had actually forgotten that Judy was sitting on his cock. She too had been entranced by the sight of Helen’s pussy eating lessons, but quickly she reconvened with her slow motion on his cock.

With the action on his cock, Scott began to moan. Judy was soon groaning in Japanese, and Helen was saying things like, “yeah baby, that’s how to eat pussy,” and “oohhh, fuck that’s good.”

After a few moments of this, Helen moved her hips so that her clit was not at Scott’s tongue. “Honey,” she said, “now I need you to nibble a little on my snatch.”

Knowing that he didn’t want to hurt her, Scott gently began to play with her clit with his teeth. He had to be very careful because Judy started bouncing on his prick. This further intensified his pleasure, which resulted in him moaning in earnest. His lips were now vibrating on Helen’s clit causing her to shriek in joy.

They were all fucking in unison now, but it couldn’t last for long. Scott’s cock erupted first, sending streams of cum into Judy’s cunt. Judy was not far behind, and screamed when her orgasm ripped through her pussy.

Helen was last, but she had by far the most intense orgasm of the bunch. She fell forward because her body could not support her. Her hips wriggled in ecstasy, and her cunt almost enveloped Scott’s whole face.

When she finally recovered, Helen sat back up. When Scott opened his eyes, he saw Judy massaging Helen’s tits. Looking up farther, he saw Helen had turned her head so that she could share a spit-swapping kiss with Judy.

When they finished their kiss, Judy said, “You’ve convinced me, Helen. We’ll have to play lots more this summer.”

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