Beach Party


Looking around I smiled to myself in anticipation, everything looked perfect. I had been planning this ever since I had learned about the party the week before and now even the weather was co-operating. As I glanced around at my co-workers I self consciously checked to make sure my Do-Rag was in place. You wouldn’t think I would be worried about how I looked among this group but I was.

The people at the party on the beach that evening were my fellow nurses and doctors from the local hospital. After along, hot and extremely busy summer the administrator had decided we needed a break and had planned this party for us. I had learned about this while recovering and had decided that I would try to make it. As the time got shorter and I felt stronger and more able to carry on I had become more and more intent on showing up.

Standing there feeling the warm sand under my bare feet and hearing the muted hiss of the small waves breaking on the beach I looked for my husband in the darkness. The night was moonless with the stars hidden only slightly by the faint sky glow from the city to our west. Finally I spotted Dave walking past the small campfire and chatting with Lynn, a new nurse on my floor. (She seemed to have attached herself to us for the evening after several of the doctors and one of the nurses had hit on her.) Catching his eye I waited until he came over to where I was standing before asking him if he was up for a swim. Wiping the sweat from his face he agreed that a swim would feel nice and taking my hand headed back to where we had left our towels.

Without hesitation he dropped his shorts revealing his bathing suit. I was a bit more circumspect as I peeled out of my T-Shirt and unwrapped my skirt to reveal my bikini underneath. While I appreciated his quiet Wolf Whistle I was still embarrassed by my new scar and tried to hide it with my hands as we walked to the waters edge. Willing myself to relax as the warm waters slid over my body we waded out until the water was at the level of my breasts. Standing there I watched as Dave did a surface dive and swam further out underwater, coming up sputtering the salt water from his lips he turned until he could see me. His smile radiating across the short distance between us he called for me to get wet, the water was great. Taking a deep breath I ducked my head under and pushing off from the sandy bottom swam out to where he was waiting for me.

Rising to the surface I was surprised to find the water didn’t quite reach my chin where we were standing. As I stood there enjoying the feeling of the water on my body for the first time in several months Dave came up behind me. Slipping his arms around my waist he just stood there holding me as I rested. Leaning back against him I felt my skin slide against his as the slight ocean sex hikayeleri swell gently moved our bodies. Not saying anything we just stood there enjoying the feel of the water and the peace of the evening. After a bit I decided the time was right for what I had planned. Reaching back and down between our bodies I gently pressed my hand against his crotch. I could feel his body tighten when I did this but I also felt him starting to respond.

As he slowly hardened under my gentle ministrations I turned to face him. I knew he was hesitant about this, he didn’t know if I was ready after my surgery and the follow up treatments but I felt I was ready. This was something I wanted to do and I had even cleared it with my doctor the week before. Slowly I slid my legs around his waist until they were resting on his hips. Moving my hand I started rubbing myself against him feeling myself becoming aroused as he got harder. I couldn’t believe how excited I was getting. Maybe it was because this was the first time in a couple of months, maybe it was because I was doing this less than fifty feet from my co-workers but whatever the cause I found myself more sexually excited than I had been in a long time.

By the time I was ready I could feel Dave’s erection straining against the front of his bathing suit. Lowering my legs so I was again standing I told him to take off his shorts. I made sure he could see it in the faint light as I pulled the strings holding the sides of my bikini together then pulled the bottom of my bathing suit between my legs before holding it up so he could clearly see them. While I was doing this I watched as he quickly removed his own swim suit. Holding my suit in one hand I stepped closer and pressed my body against his. I could feel him pressing against my belly as I held him close for a minute before pulling away slightly.

Slipping my arms around his neck I easily lifted myself before wrapping my legs around his waist. When he felt me doing this my husband gently gripped my waist and helped support me while I let go with one arm and reached down between us. Carefully I guided him until I could feel him pressing against me. Holding him like this I gently pushed my hips against him until he slipped inside. With a sigh I pulled my hand away and pulled myself against him, gasping as I felt him slide deeply into my body. Holding his shoulders and feeling his hands as they shifted to cup my buttocks I started sliding myself along his length. Both of us moaned each time I impaled myself on him, sighing in delight as our bodies joined as though they were one.

David shifted his hands until he was supporting me with one hand spread over my ass. His other hand he lifted up my body until he could reach between us to play with my breasts. At first he just rubbed porno hikayeleri my tits through the thin material of my bathing suit. Quickly tiring of this I felt him gently ease the material up and over my breasts until they were exposed to his exploring hand. Now he could cup and knead them with nothing between his skin and mine. I loved the feel of his hands on me as I rode his cock, it excited me. The sounds of the people not far from us, their laughter floating across the water, as well as the slight motion imposed on our bodies as we made love in the ocean just added to what I was experiencing.

I could feel it growing inside me, that feeling of emotional and physical release slowly building deep in my body as Dave stroked into me. As his motions became more insistent he shifted his hands to again hold my ass. His fingers grazed my crack as he pushed himself deep inside of me. Tightening my grip around his neck and shoulders I felt my now hard nipples rubbing against the oil slicked skin of his chest. As we gently thrust our bodies against each other I stopped noticing anything going on around us. My mind, my entire being concentrated just on what I was feeling. All I could feel was my body against his as he slid in and out of me.

Slowly at first then faster and faster my orgasm built inside of me. Too soon I knew I couldn’t take it any more. Muffling my cries against his shoulder as my orgasm broke over me I felt him thrust even deeper inside of me once, then once more before he held himself still. Even through the feelings rushing through my body I felt him swell slightly before his cock started twitching slightly inside of me as he came.

Holding our bodies tightly against each other we relaxed. As I came down from my high I could feel him gradually shrinking until he slid out of me. We stood like this for a while, just enjoying the feel of our bodies touching as we listened to the party going on nearby. After about ten minutes of this we slowly broke apart. Holding hands we slowly turned to look at the small fire on the beach and the people around it. As we did this we were startled by a quiet “Wow you guys were incredible” from right in front of us.

Startled by the voice I jerked in response and losing my balance fell backwards in the water. Struggling for a moment I got my feet under me and stood spitting out water and shaking my head only to see the concerned look on both my husbands and Lynn’s faces. Seeing I was okay they both started giggling quietly. The breaking of the tension built by Dave and myself by being startled then falling into the water had me giggling along with them. Wading towards the beach my laughter was stopped only by Lynn mentioning I should cover up.

Reaching up to pull my top back down over my breasts my hands found only seks hikayeleri bare skin. Fumbling franticly around I realized my top must have come off when I fell into the water, likewise I had accidentally let go of my bottoms. Reaching higher with the idea of using my Do-Rag to cover myself even slightly during the short walk to my towel and clothes I found it too had vanished. Now I was faced with the prospect of crossing the beach wearing just an anklet and an embarrassed smile.

I didn’t know what embarrassed me more about this situation, my lack of clothes or my head being uncovered. Lynn bless her heart came quickly to my aide. Turning away from my husband and myself she ducked down in the water for a moment. Standing again she revealed that she too had stripped and was holding her bathing suit in her hands. Understanding what she was doing came to me a minute later. Not knowing why I was so hesitant to be seen like this she had decided to share the embarrassment of being seen in the nude by my co-workers.

Taking one of her hands in one of mine and grasping my husbands hand in my other I turned back to the beach and started wading again. Reaching the edge of the water I paused for a moment to look at my husband and my friend before heading into the light. As I walked across the sand I could hear the noise slowly stopping as people saw us and turned to watch. To my surprise instead of the catcalls and rude comments I was expecting I instead heard first one person then others start to applaud. Lifting my downcast eyes from the sand I stopped and looked around at my co-workers as they stood and watched while clapping. The smiles and looks of encouragement made me feel incredible.

These were the people who had taken care of me during my surgery. They were the people who had given me the drugs during my treatment. They had cleaned me when I needed cleaning and slowly nursed me back to health during my long fight. That though had been professional while this was intensely personal. Now I stood in front of them not as a patient but as a friend and colleague. The fact that my belly was scarred and I was completely hairless from the treatments added to my need for their approval. Standing there I heard a quiet murmur run through the group as their gaze shifted off me to a point to the side. Looking where they were looking I saw something I couldn’t believe at first.

Mary, the head of my department was slowly and methodically removing her bathing suit until she too stood there clothed only in her skin. Dropping her suit she faced me and with a shy smile on her face stepped over to stand beside me. Stopping at my side she whispered how she was proud of me. Looking around I was startled to see almost every one of my co-workers slowly and quietly stripping to their skin. With tears in my eyes I watched as they dropped their clothing and walked towards me with smiles on their faces. Their acceptance and my husbands love showed me that even having cancer hadn’t made me less of a person, if anything it had made me more of one.