Balls, Cues, , Bets (Version 2)

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You say, “And what will you ask of me if you make it?” I look around, as you’ve done and turn back to you. “You get your cock sucked by anyone while you eat my pussy right here on the table… and I mean anyone… female or male. But you cum for no one but me.” I can see your cock bulging in your jeans, can see you smile at me. “Deal.”

My shot is a long one… straight up the side to a corner pocket… a shot that looks simple but one I’m never good at. I take my time, trying to remember everything I’ve ever been taught about pool and shoot. As soon as it leaves the tip of my cue, I know it’s a true shot and don’t even bother to watch it… just turn smiling to you as I hear it hit the pocket and drop. I walk slowly over, take your pool cue and say, “Looks like I’m going to get eaten. Looks like you’re going to get your dick sucked.”

I’m smiling at you as I rest our sticks against the wall. I drop my blouse…reach behind me and unhook my bra, seeing your eyes on my swaying breasts as I let it drop too…then unzip my skirt and let it slide to the floor. Naked except for stockings and high heels, I walk over to a group of people watching from the sides and pull a couple of women out, whisper in their ears. They move to your side and together, remove the rest of your clothing. Our eyes are on each other’s as you stand naked in front of me… your dick hard and projecting from your body.

I’m sitting on the edge of the pool table, legs crossed and swinging, smiling wickedly as the women who have undressed you proceed to remove their own clothing and start to caress you… hands moving over your body, their own naked flesh brushing yours. I uncross my legs and run one hand between them, touching my soft bald pussy and one woman detaches herself from you and comes over to kneel between my legs, her hand joining mine to stroke my smooth lips. She’s stroking my thighs with her other hand and kissing her way up. You’re watching her blonde head move closer to where our hands are touching and I’m watching the lovely brunette curl her way around you, her hand stroking your cock then coming away. Your dick is even harder now and you’re waiting to see how far I’ll let the women go.

Just as she’s about to lick my pussy, I pull her head away. I lean back on my elbows on the table, feet up on the edge… my bald cunt spread open for all to see. “Eat me, Tommy,” I say softly. You go down on your knees and bury your face between my legs, your strong arms wrapping around my legs, pulling them open wider. “Oh god,” I moan, and then panting, direct you, “Not like that… stand up while you eat my cunt. I want to see your dick… I want everyone to see your hard dick.” You stand as I’ve told you to, and lean down to my waiting wet cunt.

For a sweet brief time, I do nothing but enjoy your mouth on me. The room has dropped away and I’ve forgotten everyone but you… forgotten everything but how you make me feel. My cunt is so wet and slippery… I feel like a ripe peach that you’re devouring… melting and soft. I’m having a hard time staying focused… all concentration between my legs, on that horny little hole you’re pleasing, on that hot and throbbing clit.

My poker oyna eyes open as two mouths close on my nipples… the women have moved up to touch me as you eat me… one dark, one light head bent over me, licking and sucking hard protruding nipples. As I watch them, I see you watching me from between my spread legs, feel you start to work me, intent on making me cum. For one second, I almost lose the battle and let you take me, but I regain focus, pull the brunette from my breast and kiss her hard, then say something in her ear.

I’m back up on my elbows, tummy tight as I push into your mouth, panting. I watch the woman kneel down and start to suck your cock. You moan into my cunt and the sound makes me even wetter. I watch her lick all over you… beautiful red mouth on your dick…tongue moving up and down and swirling around the tip… then those luscious lips close tight and slide down all the way. You’re still eating me, but with the distraction, aren’t as focused. We move together, all three of us… me pulsing my hips into your mouth in time with her pumping your cock with her mouth… your tongue moving in rhythm with us and oh god it’s so hot and sexy and I’m getting so ridiculously wet. The blond women has climbed onto the pool table, kneeling behind me, cupping and stroking both of my breasts and I reach up and kiss her, tell her something too. In seconds, she’s off the table and behind you and although I can’t see, I know the instant her sweet little tongue starts licking your ass.

“Oh fuck!” Your voice explodes into my cunt. Your arms are tight around me, but your mouth has slowed as you breathe hard… press an occasional hot hard kiss or lick on my clit. Your eyes are glazing and your face is so erotic and it’s such a turn on… some strange woman sucking your dick… another licking your ass… I can see her body between your legs. I’m half laughing, half panting as I say, “That’s it, ladies… make him crazy… just don’t make him cum.”

I pull away from you, smiling. As I scoot back, one hand is between my legs, rubbing my wet pussy. You say my name as you stand straight, your hands going to the head of the woman sucking you. Your body’s so tight… I can see you poised to start fucking her mouth. “Don’t you cum… don’t do it, Tommy,” I admonish you. You groan and pull your dick from her mouth with a plop and hold her off you, her tongue snaking out, still licking wildly where she can. Her hands are behind you, on your ass, pulling… and I see the other woman’s hands there too… hear her moaning softly as she continues to lick you.

“Mmmm… I need to be tasted like that,” I say as I turn, get on my hands and knees… my ass high in the air, my legs as wide open as the pool table allows, my hands sliding out in front of me… stretching… offering my softest, tenderest parts to you… knowing my tight little asshole is all exposed to your eyes… knowing my pussy lips are parted so you can see all of me. I look back over my shoulder at you, biting my lip, starting to rock gently… tits brushing the top of the table as they sway. “Mmmm god, Tommy… eat my ass… eat it like she’s eating yours.” And as you take your hands away from the woman between canlı poker oyna your legs and put them on my ass cheeks, she takes your dick all the way in her mouth again and your wet hot mouth is on me, wildly licking my cunt and my ass.

Such wildness can’t go on long… your mouth is on me in such a hard and crazy way, I know you can’t last much longer. My cunt is simply dripping… I can feel juices running down my thighs, getting the tops of my stockings wet. Briefly, some beautiful thick cock appears in front of me and I take it, sucking hungrily… thinking about your thick hard cock in that woman’s mouth, feeling like this dick feels in mine. And then I hear your voice… know you’re close… close… and I’m off the table and standing over the woman between your legs as she licks your balls… your cock in my hand… pulling… stroking… feeling it throbbing in my hand… so fucking hard… stroking it so hard… hearing myself say wild things to the other women… to lick your ass, lick your balls… telling you to cum… cum for me… cum on me… hearing you groaning and then seeing it… white cream exploding from you… spraying everywhere on me… falling in blobs on my skin… leaning in to catch what I can in my open mouth. You seem to cum and cum… streams of white stickiness everywhere. I keep my hand on you still… just holding you, as the dark-haired woman takes her mouth from you, turns and starts to lick her way up my body, licking up the drips of cum running down my skin… until she’s at my mouth and we’re kissing… tongues going back and forth, sharing the white sticky cum… passing it back and forth and then to the blonde, as she comes around, her mouth with ours… until all of us have cum dripping from our mouths, running down our chins… tongues twining in sticky wet kisses.

I pull you by your cock closer to the table, smiling… kiss you swiftly with my messy mouth and then, with the two women helping me still, guide you to lie back on the table. Your cock is still somewhat hard and I rub against it as I climb on to the table with you, press my sticky body against yours and kiss you deeply. As our mouths come apart, I look around, noticing the sounds of sex in the shadows of the pool hall. We can see people getting it on all around us, others just watching, touching themselves. I kiss you again and say, “I think we started something.”

I turn over and lie on top of you, my back against your chest… my hair falling back over your shoulder as I arch and squirm a bit, your semi-firm cock coming up between my legs to rest against the lips of my pussy. Your big strong hands enclose my breasts, squeezing them, pinching the nipples, making them harder… then move down over my body, touching me everywhere you can reach. Your hands are between my legs… touching my pussy and your cock where they are rubbing gently together. I’m pushing on the heels of my opened legs, rubbing harder against you. I feel wetness there and look down… a new woman has come over and started licking us both… mouth moving over your cock, teasing behind it at my pussy, licking up and down over your shaft and balls… touching you and rubbing you against me or pulling you away so she can internet casino lick harder. Another woman joins her and both mouths are on us, hot and heavenly. I watch them at work, feeling how my pussy is getting wetness over both of us… watching one stroke your cock, watching it get harder in her hand as the other licks my exposed clit. I can feel your body moving under mine, your chest rising and falling faster, your hands back at my tits, and I’m arching back, pulling one of your hands to my mouth to suck your fingers… feeling them moving in and out of my mouth. Then they’re pulled from me and my head turned to the side and a cock slides into my empty mouth and I suck it like some woman between our legs is sucking your dick. You’re struggling to keep your voice steady, but not succeeding, stroking my face and neck and breasts, murmuring, “Cock crazy, cum hungry little slut.” And I groan at your words, mouth full of cock, so aware of your hands on my body, of your cock between my legs… aware of mouths licking me, other hands touching me… aware of the aching emptiness of my pussy and my flaming clit. I let the cock slide out of my mouth with a groan and gasp as I squirm against you, “God, Tommy… god, I need to cum.”

Hands everywhere are on me… yours under my ass, others helping me lift up…and your cock, slick with saliva and the juices from my cunt and who knows what else is guided by strange hands to my asshole as I prop myself up on my hands and lower myself slowly down onto your cock. Moaning wildly, I feel you fill my ass, centimeter by centimeter until you’re buried in me… huge and pulsing. On my hands and heels, feeling my asshole stretched open by your thick cock, I start riding you, your hands on my ass, helping me move up and down. My tits are slapping on my chest as I move harder. A naked woman comes from the shadows with something big in her hands. Her breasts are wet, her hair wild and she smiles wickedly at me as she rubs the head of the toy against my swollen clit, making my cunt and ass contract…making the both of us cry out. She moves it down to my gaping hole and teases at the opening, saying, “You’re just a horny little cunt, aren’t you? You want this big cock in you too, don’t you?” And she starts pushing it in me as I ride you harder and wilder, gasping “God yesss!” She starts easing it into me slowly… then suddenly shoves it in, making me scream as I feel myself filled front and back as full as I can be. She pounds the dildo into me with an evil look on her face as you pound my ass… my body suddenly completely out of my control and I’m shocked to hear myself screaming “Harder… harder!” And as I look down to see her pounding my pussy even harder, I see your fingers suddenly in there, rubbing my huge swollen clit and that does it… my body feels like it’s going to break apart from the tension and then I feel the release… making me scream over and over, body shuddering, spasms deep inside around your pumping cock and the pumping dildo and then I hear you shout and feel the blast of your cum in my ass… leaking out as you cum and cum inside me.

Cock and dildo are removed from trembling, hypersensitive places and I’m lying in your arms on the hard table… sweat, cum and saliva everywhere on me, my hair damp and face flushed. My lips are trembling as I kiss you, telling you with mouth and eyes everything I’m feeling… feeling in your touch and kiss the words you won’t say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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